tagErotic HorrorA Crack in The Wall Ch. 01

A Crack in The Wall Ch. 01


This is only the first half of the first chapter of an erotic novel I'm working on. Not all the chapters will find their way to posting, but the juiciest parts I hope to get out for your comment and suggest. There isn't much horror in this first chapter, but I put it in this category based off of what is coming up in the near future. Hope you enjoy!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

'What a shame...' Maria thought to herself. Today was supposed to be the last nice day before a storm front moved in from the Great Lakes, bringing with it a nearly week long stretch of thunderstorms. She'd always loved the rain, especially during the summer, but it still seemed a shame to be wasting a beautiful sunny day like today inside a classroom, on a gen ed class at that. She let her mind wander to the day she spent laying out in the park with her room mate Sarah last weekend, and her encounter with Brandon, the cute punk from her art history class.

Her mind drifted to watching him and some of the other guys skating in the small concrete area of the park. She wasn't sure why Sarah always liked to lay out near it, or at all. Maria wasn't one for the girlier practices of tanning or manicures or any of that, and cared very little for weather the cloths she wore had a brand stamped on them. Mostly she believed in beauty through care of the body, not through what you put on it, and preferred a yoga class to a tanning bed, and morning run over a manicure, but today she'd given in to the relentless whining of her obnoxious room mate. Once they'd gotten there, she started to at least appreciate the view.

"Ooh, Mare!" Maria hated being called that, but her short stubby room mate never seemed to care. "Look at that one, doesn't he go to school with us? I never took him for a skater. Ooohh, look at those tattoos! They must cover half his body. Ooooh he's yummy!" the little pudgy girl squealed.

"Yeah, he's not bad. I think I have a class with him. Art History, maybe, but its always dark in there, and he sits way in the back so I could be wrong." she hated to admit it, and tried to feigned a lack of interest, but she couldn't help but agree with Sarah, he was 'yummy'.

"Oh I'd sit in the back of a dark classroom with him any day! Your such a nerd! Why do you always sit up front anyway, you cant see anyone but the professor up there." Sarah flopped back down onto the blanket in the bikini that Maria found frighteningly small for the pudgy girls disproportionately shaped body. "You need to put on more lotion, your starting to turn pink"

"I told you I don't tan well, auburn is still a shade of red you know." Reluctantly she sat up in her blue and black tie-dye bikini and began applying the tanning lotion to her legs. At 5'7" she wasn't an overly tall girl, but had always had long, shapely legs. She'd played soccer and run track all through high school, and kept her own running and yoga regiment now in college since their small art school didn't have anything in way of collegiate sports.

She messaged the coconut smelling cream into her skin starting at the ankles and working in small circular motions up across her calves and thighs, being sure to get it just under the edge of her bikini across her ass and between her legs. The process then moved to her mid section, working the lotion into the skin across her stomach and abs, up along her sides, and across her rib cage, lifting each breast with her free hand in turn to get the skin directly under where her ample bosoms managed to fall, even with the tightened support of the bikini straps. A larger than average chest was another 'gift' Maria had been cursed with from a young age. By the time she entered high school, she was already into a D cup, and having to custom order her bra's or shop at the few higher end lingerie stores that would carry her size.

As she moved her hands to work the lotion into the exposed skin of her chest and shoulder, she lightly worked it into the cleavage the top emphasized so nicely, and around the exposed portions of each breast, up across her collar bone, and around her neck and shoulders. She'd just finished her arms and was beginning to gently work on her face when she noticed someone standing in front of her. The skater boy Sarah had pointed out earlier was leaning against the street light just in front of the left side of their blanket, smiling down at her.

"Can I help you?" Maria stammered, trying not to sound startled, as she coolly finished working the tanning lotion into her face.

"Just waiting to say hi, didn't want to interrupt. Besides, I was enjoying the view a little." He came forward and sat down on the grass next to their blanket. "I'm Brandon. I think we have the same art history class. Hi." he gave a coy smile as he extended his hand.

Before Maria could offer a response, Sarah's hand shot passed her. Maria groaned as she heard her room mate begin to yammer.

"Hi! I'm Sarah, and this is Mare!"

"Maria, actually. I hate..." Sarah cut off her imposition and blathered on

"I was watching you skate earlier. I love your tattoo's! Did you design them yourself?" Maria quit listening as Sarah went on, and it was apparent to her the their new friend was barely listening to her either.

She couldn't help but look over the tattooed body that Sarah so promptly commented on. Various strange symbols, tribal art, and morbid looking scenes covered the majority of his arms and chest. Without realizing she was doing it, she let her eyes find their way down over the smooth build of the boys upper body. He wasn't overly muscled, but what muscle he did have was toned. Like a thoroughbred race horse, he seemed built for speed and agility, not pure brute strength. Her eyes traced along the lines of his defined pecks, and down across the subtle six pack abs. Before she processed it she found herself glancing down to the fly of his cut off Dickies. With a quick shot she brought her eyes back up to his face, only to flush beet red when he met her gaze.

'Oh god! Has he been watching me the whole time? Did his see me look at his crotch?' she flushed red again as his lips pursed into a smug smile, as though he could tell she was embarrassed at being caught. Without a word or even so much as asking if he could, he picked up the lotion, shot some into his hands, and shifted himself to behind her. Still answering Sarah and engaging her in conversation enough to keep her appeased, Brandon boldly began to massage the tanning lotion into the Maria's back and shoulders.

With his lotion free hand he ran his fingers up under her hair, lifting it out of the way. He worked gently along the straps of her top, and down across the middle of her back to the top of her ass, then back up along her sides. As his hands came back up, Maria couldn't help but find herself breathing a little heavier. In her mind she imagined his hands finding there way between her arms and sides, sliding forward to slip under the fabric of her bikini top to work their way around her breasts. She imagined the tips of his fingers grazing her nipples, and then coming back to trace around them, lightly pressing on them and pinching them ever so slightly. She bit her lip at the thought, and pulled herself back to reality. She wanted him already... The thought made her blush. Brandon was practically a stranger, and here she was fantasizing about him.

Brandon, however, proved to be a gentleman, and took his hands off her with a soft sweeping graze across her lower back that sent a shiver up her spine. She was a little embarrassed to look down and find that the shiver combined with the excitement from her fantasy had left her nipples stiff and pointed, which was something the thin material of her swim suit did little to hide. She wondered if he'd notices, and looked over to study his face. Once again, as if he knew exactly what she was wondering, he ran his eyes down across her body, pausing at her tie-dye covered breasts. With that same smug smile shooting back across his lips he brought his gaze back to her eyes.

"You know you'll never tan evenly sitting up, Maria." he broke in conversation from Sarah and extended his hand, gently placing it on her rib cage, just below her swimsuit top, barely grazing one still stiffened nipple, and gently pushed her backwards. She didn't fight it, though she wasn't sure if she maybe should have. Her heart was thundering in her chest already, growing even louder as he leaned over top of her to look her in the eyes again. His face wasn't more than 6 inches from hers now, and his hand was still pressing lightly on her chest as he moved his thumb ever so slightly back and forth at the edge of the bottom strap of her top. "Besides, you missed one other place..."

Maria's mind raced as his hand traced lightly down across her stomach. She imagined his fingers sliding under the bikini bottom, and working their way down between her legs. The thought of him caressing her down there, and fingering her right here in the middle of the park turned her on more than she'd imagined it would. She knew she was blushing again, and tried to focus on the present. He'd paused at navel area, and was admiring the skull shaped charm hanging from her belly button ring. As he begin to raise himself up to his knees and move towards her legs, he smiled at her again.

"You, pretty lady, forgot to put lotion on your feet. I know it sounds silly, but they burn to. Trust me, a good sunburn on top of your feet and you wont even want to wear those cute black flip flops with the green alien heads on them you wore the last 2 weeks, let alone those sexy little black heels with the tie up straps you had on that day you came to class in the black dress with the red pin stripes." Noting her surprised look he added, "What, did you really think no one notices you?" He shifted to sitting at her feet, and resumed his conversation with Sarah, who sat gawking in awe. With a gentle motion he picked up each foot in turn and worked the lotion across them, then paused to carefully massage them. Maria got lost in the amazing sensation of it, and let her mind wander to what his hands could do else where.

She was so lost in her own fantasies that she barely heard Sarah when she suggested they leave so she could get ready for class. A quick poke to the ribs from her friends stubby finger snapped her back.

"Mare! Did you fall asleep or something?" Sarah was staring at her intently, as was Brandon, who had stopped massaging her feet. "We gotta get going, I have that late class on photoshop at 6:30, its already a quarter after 5, and I still have to get back to the dorms, get changed, and get all my shit together in time to catch the trolley back over to the institute at 6 to get to class on time. So can we move please? It takes forever to walk across that damn bridge." Sarah stood up and started packing up her stuff. "I don't know who's idea it was to build a school in down town, then stick its housing way out it north shore, but they obviously never had to walk it."

"Tell you what, why don't you go on ahead. I still haven't gotten much sun on my back yet, I think I'm gonna stay for a while. I'll bring the blanket and the lotion back with me when I'm done." Propping her body up on her elbows she squinted up at her now standing room mate. Sarah began to protest, saying something about how it wasn't safe to be downtown by yourself, but Brandon quickly cut her off.

"She'll be fine. Its nice out, everyones in a good mood, plus she looks like she can take care of herself. Besides, I live in the dorms to, so if it makes you feel better, Ill keep an eye on your friend and walk her home later." He stood up and extended his hand to her without ever giving her a chance to argue again. "It was a pleasure meeting you Sarah, I'm sure I'll see you again sometime."

Without further argument she shook his hand, then picked up her giant pink purse and shuffled off, looking back a few times as she went. Brandon smiled again and walked past Maria to take Sarah's spot on the blanket.

"I hope I'm not out of line, but god am I happy she left. Does she ever stop talking?" Without really waiting for the answer, the punky boy lay back beside her and continued. "Besides, I'm much more interested in what you have to say." Turning onto his side on the blanket, he reached out and again played with the small charm on Maria's belly button ring.

Her heart raced as his fingers touched her skin. She wanted to pull him over to her, kiss his lips, feel the weight of his body on top of hers. She'd never kissed anyone with a lip piercing before, and this boy had one on each side, snake bites. She found herself staring at his lips wondering what it would be like. Once again the boy responded as though he knew what she'd wanted.

Sliding closer to her and pulling her closer to his body with the hand on her waist, Brandon leaned in and brought his lips to hers. The kiss was sweet, almost innocent, at first, but after a few moments, he deepened it. As he parted her lips with his tung, she brought her hand up to touch the back of his neck. Her tung found his as she ran her fingers through his semi scruffy dark brown hair. After a few long lip locked moments her more rational side woke up, and she pulled back a little. He leaned back from her, still smiling, and rested on his side next to her, never letting go of the hold he had on her body.

"I'm sorry. I hope that wasn't out of line either."

"No..." her own voice sounded shaky to her. "No, I was... I was just wondering how you knew I was hoping you'd do that?"

Brandon chuckled and began to trace shapes on the smooth skin of her stomach. His fingers fallowed the curves of her midsection up to just below her round breasts, and then back down to the place right above her suits bottom where the skin dipped down in front of her hip bones. Leaning down he nipped lightly at her earlobe before whispering in her ear.

"Its your body language. I could see it from all the way over there. You're starving for attention and affection, but to self conscious to ask for it, so your body does it for you." he kissed her lips again before continuing. "You think I'm bold enough to just walk up to any gorgeous sun bathing women and pull the cool and suave James Bond routine? I'm usually just the clown that tries to make the pretty girls laugh, but with you, your body was just screaming for someone to touch it. How could I not answer?"

She rolled over onto her side to face him directly. Their bodies were now only a few inches apart. He relaxed his hold on her just enough to feel her body move under his hand, but then grasped her hip just as firmly instead. Maria gently touched his chest, tracing along a few of his tattoos, then locked her eyes onto his.

"This really isn't like me. I don't usually find myself making out in public, let alone with random people I just met"

"You shouldn't look so guilty. Not like this is my normal routine either. Now, I don't know about you..." He pulled her body in tight against his own, and fought a moan as she automatically entwined her long slender legs with his and bringing her hips forward into his. He had to remind himself to finish his sentence. "...but, I'm certainly glad we decided to step out of our norms today."

Maria couldn't think of anything to say, so she did what her body seemed to be wanting her to do, and pulled him in tighter. She brought her lips to his and initiated the kiss this time. His hand found its way up her body to slip gently over one bikini clad breast, his fingers kneading at it tenderly. Maria let out a quiet breath and pushed her hips forward against his. She wanted to feel so much more than his hands through the fabric of her swim wear. She wanted his fingers against the bare skin underneath, his lips wrapping around her nipples with tung gliding across the tip. Brandon responded to the feeling of her hips grinding against his by instinctively pull her in tighter, and leaning forward to put himself more above her than beside, then firmly rocked his pelvic region in against hers. He was already hard as a rock, and found himself not caring if she noticed it grinding against her body.

To both of their dismay the moment didn't last. One of Brandon's friends kicked him in the ass out of no where and laughed as he pretended to trip and fall on top of them.

"Dude! What the fuck!" Brandon yelled at him and punched him hard in the arm before shoving him off, all the while keeping Maria tucked safely in against his body. "What the hell is your problem man?"

"Chill out Marksy, it was just a joke. Besides I had to do something to get you two to off each other. You look like two dogs in heat over hear. Christ I almost wanted to take a hose to you." The kid got up and laughed as he walked back over to the rest of the group, who all stood watching, practically doubled over in laughter. "Get a fucking room you guys, this is a public park. People got families and shit."

"You ok?" Brandon asked as he brought his full attention back to the young women in his arms. "Sorry about those guys, they can be real assholes sometimes."

"Yeah, I'm fine. I grew up with a step brother thats only a year younger than me, and then acquired an older one with my dads third marriage. Both of them are named Matt, believe it or not." Maria laughed to try and lighten the mood, she could tell he was thrown off by the sudden playful attack of his friends. "So don't worry, I'm used to this shit. The first one started using random wrestling matches as an excuse to cop a feel of some boob around the time his voice started to change, and the other was just an asshole that liked to drink a lot and shove everyone around"

"That sounds... terrible actually." Brandon laughed back, glad she was still real after all. Maybe it wasn't just a dream. "Do you still have to put up with them?" His stomach growled as the last few words came out.

"Not so much. The younger one isn't so bad now. He always tried to watch out for me, regardless of what his hormones made him do from time to time, so we stayed pretty good friends even after my dad and his mom split. The older one I still see at holidays and family events but he's married now and has his own family to push around, so he's not as intolerable." She paused for a moment before proceeding. "You sound like your starving." Maria poked him in the stomach for emphasis as she said this, pausing a moment to run her fingers across his abs, enjoying the firmness of his skin. "And I know I'm pretty hungry myself. Wanna grab some dinner? Theres an Arby's a few blocks up in the downtown area."

"Yeah sure, but only if you let me buy. You need to change first? I'm pretty sure most of the places around here don't allow you in without more than a swimsuit on. Then again I doubt anyone in their right mind would complain about seeing you like this." The last point he ended with one more kiss.

"Got that covered already, or at least I will in a minute." Maria kissed him back then nimbly sprang to her feet and grabbed the plain black courier bag that held half of her life. She pulled out a short black skirt that came down to about mid thy and slipped it on over top of the suit bottom, then fallowed with a white, loose fitting, see-through fishnet shirt, the kind with the really wide holes to the knitting, which she tossed on over the still highly visible swimsuit. "See, all set."

The few hours were a blur to Maria. The two sat talking long after they'd finished their meals. It was almost dusk when the manager politely told them they had to leave so the store could close. They walked along up and down the various shop lined streets of the city for a while, watching as the street lights came on. Finally, as the sun was loosing its hold on the day, they walked by one of Maria's favorite places to sit and draw during.

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