tagGroup SexA Crime Saga Ch. 08

A Crime Saga Ch. 08


Rosy felt an immense pressure against her ass hole. The big black cock pressed at the entrance of her butt grew even bigger at the anticipation of reaming that beautiful ass hole. Even though Rosy had taken in a lot of big black cock up her ass lately she still couldn't get used to it, and she sure wasn't proud of it, either.

Every time a big black cock entered her butt she would feel stretched out and full. Her entire body would stiffen, her back taut and her face would grimace. Her sphincter would involuntarily squeeze tight to prevent the invading shaft but it never worked. Rosy wondered if it was just her body that functioned so oddly. It was always easy for big black cock to enter her ass hole and ream it out but her butt would always be tight, it would always recover. She could feel every inch of cock in her ass hole. She could feel every ridge, every vein, sliding in and out her butt.

Even though Rosy endured the reaming at Club Deep, her anal tissue recovered after being fucked raw. Rosy thought back to that night and felt glad that her body could take it and was able to recover. Her thoughts were shattered when Jerome's cock head entered her butt. Rosy had trouble taking Jerome's cock in as it was extremely thick. Her pussy began to stretch out along with her ass hole. She just closed her eyes and waited.

Rosy looked back at Jerome to see if he was enjoying reaming her ass hole but he seemed too busy trying to force his way in. Rosy looked down between her legs to see that there was still a lot of dark meat sticking out. She instinctively reached for his balls; they felt heavy and very big. Rosy then cupped her breast and played with her nipple.

Jerome started pushing the thick organ in Rosy's butt. "You got a nice big butt. Nothing turns me on more than stuffing big butt."

Rosy decided to let Jerome fuck her in the ass. She thought maybe she would be on his good side after this. "Really? Well, my big butt can really take a stuffing. There's nothing I want more than a really THICK, BLACK, COCK stuffing my ass hole."

That was music to Jerome's ears. Without saying another word, he grabbed her hips and thrust his cock all the way in her butt. Rosy winced and bit her lower lip. She didn't quite expect that. Rosy felt stuffed for sure.

"Ow, it's so thick, I feel so full." Rosy's eyes widened as the big black cock slid in and out of her ass. "Oh gawd, your cock is so big. Ow, FUCK! Your cock is so fucking THICK!"

"Yeah, you like taking big black cock up your ass don't you?" Jerome said breathing heavily.

"Oh gawd, yes! I love BIG BLACK COCK fucking my ass hole! Your fucking big black cock feels so FUCKING BIG!"

Jerome fucked Rosy good and hard with deep long strokes from balls to cock head. Jerome pushed Rosy's head down while he slammed his shaft straight in her ass. Just then, the door opened.

Standing in front of the door was a big black man with dreadlocks. Rosy looked up at him with frightened eyes.

"Rosy, meet my partner in crime, Rambull."

Rosy was ashamed and confused. She could only smile shyly as if there was any dignity left inside her.

Without saying a word, Rambull dropped his pants and left a tremendous thick black cock hanging in front of Rosy.

Rosy knew she was in for a double team.

"Rambull is the backdoor specialist. He's gonna test to see if you got potential!" Jerome said laughing.

Rambull held his thick tube cock up for Rosy to stare at. She gazed in awe at the size of it. A really thick vein ran the length of the shaft. Rosy swore the cock grew even thicker right in front of her eyes.

Jerome fucked her ass relentlessly, but Rosy took it like a pro. Mainly because she was focusing on how she was going to suck that huge Rambull cock. Rosy opened up her mouth and Rambull proceeded to put it in. The cock head was extremely thick and Rosy had to really open up wide to take it in.

Without giving her anytime to adjust, Rambull started sinking his big black cock down her throat. Soon, he had his cock in her throat balls deep. Jerome's balls slapped at Rosy's swollen pussy while Rambull's balls slapped against her chin.

Oh my gawd, Rosy thought, since no words could come out of her mouth. Rosy was going to pass out from the brutal penetration. Rosy was mashed between these two massive men with equally huge cocks. Jerome and Rambull were hard at work plunging their big black cocks deep into Rosy.

Their cocks are so thick, Rosy thought. Her throat and ass were thoroughly stretched out.

"Mmrph! Ccrrk!" Rosy choked on Rambull's thick black cock.

Rambull grabbed the back of Rosy's head started fucking her mouth raw. On the other end Jerome was really giving Rosy's ass hole a reaming. Her sphincter muscle was too tired to fight and gave way to the thick black meat's invasion. Her anal tissue turned swollen and red and tender and started to hurt at the continued anal assault.

They were really putting it to her at both ends. Rosy really started feeling hazy. She thought about giving up everything if all this would end. Rosy never signed up for this and she never thought this would happen to her. She wondered if Britney, Christina, and Shania actually went through all this.

She felt both their cocks grow thicker inside her and really tried to protest for them to stop. It was impossible. There was no going back now. Rambull and Jerome put it in high-gear and really slammed it into her from head to hilt. They filled her to the max; she felt so full from their tremendous thick cocks.

"Ccrrk!" Rambull pulled his cock out of Rosy's mouth to let her catch some air. But Jerome continued to ream Rosy's ass.

"OW, my gawd, oh FUCK! Oh gawd! OW FUCK, Jerome! Your cock feels so big in my ass! Fuck my ass with your big black cock! It feels so fucking big! Mmrph! Ccrrk!"

Rambull shoved his cock back in Rosy's mouth and started fucking her throat again. Rosy's throat was a very tight fit, stroking the thick shaft as it pistoned in and out. Her throat was getting tired though as Rambull was giving her a severe stretching.

Rosy wrapped her lips around the thick black cock. The steel tube of engorged man meat expanded in her mouth. The big black cock on the other end stretched out her ass hole.

Sweat, spit, and juices were flying all over the place. Rosy didn't know what was going on. Rosy felt like a fuck-toy made just for taking in big black cock; just holes to be stuffed.

And Rosy was stuffed indeed. Big black cock plunged into her ass and mouth like a machine.

Rosy's ass burned raw while her throat felt bloated and sore. Her whole body felt like she was going to explode. Jerome's big black cock assaulted Rosy's ass hole; her gaping ass hole gripping the rigid black shaft as if holding on for dear life. The friction from the rock-hard cock skin rubbing against her rectum felt tender, and Rosy could feel the heat from the cum boiling in his balls. Rosy felt an explosion coming from the two black men fucking her.

Rambull and Jerome shot copious amounts of semen inside Rosy. They unloaded load after heavy load of hot cum; they unleashed so much cum it overflowed out of Rosy's ass and mouth.

Jerome pulled his thick black cock out of Rosy's ass. Gooey white cum bubbled out of her gaping ass hole.

As Rambull unloaded his semen in her throat, Rosy started choking and gagging. Rambull's big black cock was still buried in Rosy's throat to the hilt when he shot his load straight down her throat. Rosy felt the cum churning in his heavy balls. Rosy swallowed the first load but her mouth filled quickly as Rambull continued to shoot cum in her mouth. Rosy's throat was clogged with the gooey thick cum.

Rosy choked on his cum, a continuous flow of sperm flooding her mouth and throat. Her body was completely filled with cum. Rosy was coughing out cum since there was so much stuffing her throat. Rosy could feel hot cum running down her chin and boiling out her ass hole down to her pussy.

All that cum was distracting Rosy, as she didn't realize the two large black men lifted her and changed positions. Rosy didn't fight; she was too worn-out to resist. Plus, she was too busy trying to swallow all his cum down her throat. Rosy finally found herself being lowered down on top of Jerome's raging hard thick black cock. Jerome's shining big black cock was well lubricated from fucking and cumming in Rosy's ass.

Rosy's pussy lips parted to take in Jerome's huge shaft. Rosy let out a gasp as her eyes rolled back. Her pussy lips swallowed the black meat to the base. Jerome's massive black cock not only stretched her pussy, but her ass as well. From behind Rambull pushed Rosy down and aimed his black meat at her ass. Rosy's body went stiff immediately as the big black cock began to sink into her butt.

"Oh gawd... oh my gawd..."

Rosy felt bloated from taking two tremendous large black cocks in her pussy and ass at the same time.

"Take it slow... please..." Rosy pleaded.

Jerome and Rambull didn't listen to her. They started to piston in and out of her with force. The thin wall membrane between her pussy and ass hole was sore and wearing down. Rosy could feel the intense friction coming from the big black cocks in between the thin membrane as it was a highly sensitive and stimulated area.

Rambull pawed at her ass cheeks as he plunged that enormous black cock top down into her rectum while Jerome squeezed and gnawed at Rosy's tits.

The double penetration was intense and shocking. The two big black cocks penetrated her pussy and ass with a vengeance. The engorged tube organs ripped into her like a saw. Rosy's red gaping ass hole and pink pussy were stretched out to the max. Even then she was a tight fit because the big black cocks were just too thick.

"Ow gawd, your big black cocks are so big, so thick..." Rosy gasped.

Rosy was panting and moaning and screaming altogether. She had forgotten about the slut of a blonde in the other room and she didn't realize this was all on tape. There was a hidden camera on the wall that captured everything.

"Aw yeah, BITCH! You gonna be a star!"

Rosy's eyes and mouth widened. The thought made her happy. But the big black cock hurt like hell.

Jerome and Rambull took turns slamming into her holes. Their heavy balls slapped against the thin membrane between her pussy and ass.

Rosy was really taking it hard. She was thoroughly stretched out as much as possible. Rosy had fifteen inches of big black cock buried in her ass and pussy at the same time.

The big black cocks pounded into her, fucking her tender pussy and ass hole raw. Rambull was actually on her ass, pounding down into her rectum. He pulled out of her ass hole, and her sphincter made a loud popping sound. Rosy thought for a moment that he pulled out to cum on her ass, but that thought was shattered when Rambull plowed into her ass.

"OW! MY FUCK! GAWD YOUR COCK IS SO FUCKING BIG!" Rosy screamed as she gasped for air.

The big black cocks only seemed to grow even harder.

"Oh gawd, slow down please, it fucking hurts..." Rosy panted.

Hearing those words only made Jerome and Rambull fuck Rosy even deeper.


Rosy took in as much as she could. Rosy fainted shortly after that.


"Why did you drag me out here?" Kim asked Omar.

"I think we might have found the ones who shot Dittel."

"Really? Then what are we waiting for? Let's bust them. Oh, wait, shouldn't we call for back up?"

"You have ME here; do you think we need back up?" Omar retorted.

"No offense, but, their black. They could be dangerous."

"You'll get plenty of back up alright." Omar smirked.

"What is that suppose to mean?" Kim rolled her eyes at Omar.

"Look there." Omar pointed at an alleyway. It was pitch black as there were no lights and no one around for that matter.

As Kim turned her head, Omar undressed her with his eyes. She was wearing a tight red corset and a revealing mini-skirt. Her garter and thigh-high stockings could be seen under her skirt. Omar stared at her full round breasts, her cleavage thrusting out of the corset.

He licked his big thick lips and his eyes traveled down her body, imagining the shape of her nipples, the soft skin of her flat stomach, those long legs in sheer black stockings and stiletto high-heels.

"I don't see anything." Kim looked at Omar.

"There." Omar pointed again at the alleyway.

Two large black men ran turned the corner and ran into the alley.

"That's Tyrone and Jamal. They work for Brock. If we catch them maybe we can force a confession."

"How do you know this?" Kim asked intriguingly.

"I've been tracking them for a long time now. I finally found out they've been hiding here. Let's surround them. You go in the front, I'll come around back."


Kim and Omar got out of their unmarked police car parked on the corner and ran towards the alley. They drew their guns from their holsters as they charged in. Omar disappeared around the corner and that made Kim a little uncomfortable. Nevertheless she charged in the dark alleyway.

The path was littered with garbage, broken items, and useless junk. Kim proceeded with caution. The breeze hit her across the chest, her nipples feeling the effect of the cold. They jutted out from her red leather corset, her breasts straining to release themselves. Kim walked slowly down the path, her gun pointed in front of her. She was never really good with aiming and chasing down criminals.

Kim felt more and more afraid of the dark as she approached without back up. Her skin was covered with goose bumps. As she appeared from the fog, Tyrone and Jamal were surprisingly just standing there unalarmed, as if they knew she was coming.

"Freeze! Police! Hands in the air!" Kim shouted as she pointed the gun at the two large black men. Kim didn't feel at all powerful with the gun in her hand as her arms began to tremble.

"I said hands in the air!" The two black men just stood there looking at her. Just then she felt a large presence standing behind her. It was a trap. Kim hoped Omar would show up.

Omar reached from behind her and took her gun away. Kim turned around and was shocked to see Omar standing behind her. She took a step back and right into the arms of Tyrone and Jamal.

Their large hands gripped her shoulders and held her in place. Kim couldn't believe Omar would betray her. Kim's face carried a shocked look as Omar started to unbuckle his belt.

"Omar..." Kim didn't even want to ask him what he was doing. She knew, but she couldn't believe it. Tyrone and Jamal did the same thing.

"Oh my gawd..." Kim stared in awe as the huge black men stood in front her with their cocks swaying between their legs. They all had really large cocks and they were extremely thick, too. The skin was dark black, with veins crossing over the top. There was a dark purple ring around the edge where the shaft connects to the cock head.

The cock heads themselves were dreadfully large. The ridge curved around the shaft; the head fully engorged.

Nothing quite prepared her for this.

Kim could tell the huge black men were staring at her body, their big black cocks growing to its maximum potential. The rigid shafts steel rock-hard, the cock heads thickening with hot blood.

There wasn't a soul around to save her. Kim didn't try to defend herself in any way as she knew what they were going to do to her. Kim just stood there with her back against the wall, the three black men approaching closer to her. She stared at their well defined muscles and their shiny jet-black charcoal skin. There was an obvious expression on Kim's face; a mixture of lust and fear. Kim always wondered about the Big Black Cock phenomenon, now she was staring at it. Three tremendously large black cocks were ready to fuck her.

Kim was afraid about how much she could take in. The black men exuded such confidence, their broad shoulders and buff torsos looked filled with animalistic desires, and they were on the verge of pouncing their prey.

The three black men surrounded her. Their towering stature loomed over her. She felt overwhelmed by their size. Kim felt it was only natural to lower down to her knees.

Kim was now kneeling in front of them, and she had a better view of those monstrous cocks.

"Omar..." A look of helplessness glowing in Kim's eyes.

The big black cocks were pulsing with lust, engorged to their thickest circumference. The thick shafts jumped and beat wildly as the swollen cock heads twitched and throbbed with desire.

Kim felt a strange sensation inside her mouth and pussy. She wanted to suck those big black cocks and she wanted the big black cocks to fuck her pussy, to fill her to the max. She wanted to feel full of big black cock.

Kim began to feel a tingle in her ass. The thick heavy organ of black meat pounced on Kim's face. The musky smell of black cock disoriented her.

Kim's 36D sized breasts swelled up and spilled out of her red leather corset. Her nipples shriveled up and were sticking out either from the cold or from the shocking sight of awfully large black cocks.

Kim was kneeling down waiting for them to make the first move. They were awfully patient with those big black cocks. They were gawking at her exposed breasts, and she was staring at their black cocks. To her amazement, the already impossibly large cocks grew bigger till the cock head poked her mouth. That was her cue she thought as she opened her mouth to receive the engorged cock head.

"Suck it." Tyrone's cock had the pleasure of being serviced first as Kim's lips wrapped around the ridge of his cock. She licked the underside of the head with her wet tongue, then she swirled her tongue all over it. Her hands each grabbed a big black cock next to her. She began to stroke the shafts slowly.

The black men mauled and tore at her firm large breasts. They pinched and pulled her taut nipples, sending waves of intense pleasure and pain through Kim's body.

Tyrone began thrusting into her mouth before he put his hands on her head to guide her effort. Conveniently, there was a mattress on the floor as Jamal laid down on top of it. Kim realized they had put it there for this occasion.

Jamal's huge cock stood straight up in the air beckoning for her to climb on top of it. Without taking her mouth off Tyrone's man-meat, Kim positioned herself over Jamal, and sank her pussy down on his thick organ. Kim shuddered from the engorged cock entering her tight cunt. Without skipping a second Omar disappeared behind Kim. Kim knew where he was going to go.

Omar aimed his big black cock at Kim's inviting ass hole. Having Jamal's cock in her pussy caused her ass hole to expand.

Kim's butt was naturally spread apart, so her puckered anus was clearly exposed. Kim backed-off from sucking Tyrone's cock momentarily to look behind at Omar; she gave him a disgusted look as she prepared herself to take big black cock up the ass.

Kim turned her head around to have her mouth forced open by Tyrone's bulbous cock head. Tyrone was already sawing into her mouth, driving the thick black cock head to the back of her throat.

Kim's ass hole tensed up as it gave way to Omar's black cock. Jamal had already filled her pussy to the limit, and Tyrone was looking to do the same to her throat. Omar pushed on, the dark purple head powering through her anal sphincter. Kim frowned as she looked up at Tyrone, thick black cock forcing in her outstretched lips. She looked as if she was hoping Tyrone would save her from getting buttfucked. Instead, Tyrone helped her by shoving his entire cock down her throat. She choked instantly, momentarily relaxing her anus for Omar to push through. And he pushed in to the hilt.

"CCRRK! MMRPH!!!" Kim's eyes first widened, then expressed a painful grimace as she realized she had become a victim of a black gang rape gangbang. Getting buttfucked was the hardest to swallow.

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