A Cruel Son


"Spread your legs Mother Dearest. Lift your pretty ass up for a second," he directed.

As instructed she draped her legs over the top of his thighs, and dropped her feet to the bottom of the tub. Bracing her toes there, she lifted herself just enough that he could slide a hand under her groin. She could feel him fumbling at her bottom, and for a moment she was puzzled at what he was about, but then came understanding.

"Ah yes! God yes!" She recognized his preparation. Under her raised hips, his hand had shifted his erection from flat between her buttocks to an upright pole probing the lips of her pussy, seeking to enter her female center. Gladly she relaxed her thighs, and dropped her cunt over his member, swallowing the full length of his long rod in one smooth downward slide.

She wanted badly to rock her hips and jack herself off over the penis that filled her, but Arnold had other ideas. She may have captured his manhood inside her pussy, but her son made it clear that she was the one who was the prisoner here. His arms locked around her body, holding her fully impaled upon his penis, refusing to allow her to move.

"Don't slut!" Arnold commanded. "Don't move! Only your cunt! Squeeze me with the inside of your cunt. Think about it! You can do it. A snapping pussy just requires a little effort and concentration. Close your eyes and feel how filled you are. Think about how good it is to be bred. Concentrate on how you will cum when I shoot inside you. Let the muscles in your pussy walls takeover. "

It was true. Once Evita focused on the cock inside her, she could feel her vagina gradually taking hold, gripping and then releasing, massaging the great male member that stuffed her. Momentarily, in the throes of her excitement, her eyes fluttered open. A servant was intently staring at her, his attention attracted by the low moans that Evita could not suppress. Although mother and son were partially hidden under the bubbling water, the servant could see Arnold's hands cupping Evita's breasts, and he must have guessed that beneath the surface their sexes were joined in an incestuous union. The butler, George, however, saw the servant gawking, and quickly shooed him away whispering in his ear that none of this was any of his business.

For perhaps 30 minutes Evita struggled to squeeze the erection of her son with the insides of her sex. So sensitive did she become to the male meat filling her that before long she could feel the throb of his pulse beating against the walls of her stretched pussy. In time Arnold could withstand her grip no more, and the spasms of his ejaculation sprayed the entrance to her womb with his seed.

Evita needed her own orgasm, and needed it badly. Nevertheless, still another concern about what she was doing popped into her head. "What if her son made her pregnant?"

Her husband had been fixed after Arnold was born. Since then Evita had not been on the pill. That her son might impregnate her was a fear that had nagged at Evita ever since 'that night', but always, as now, it was a fear secondary to her addiction to Arnold's cock and the pleasure waiting for her if only her son would permit it.

"Please," she begged him. "Please son! May I cum with you. Let me be your woman. Do with me is you will, but please, let me cum while your cock is still hard and inside me."

"Yes mother! Yes, you may cum! Cum on my cock like the slut you are. Show me how much a slut loves taking cock."

The explosion that shook Evita's body was massive and prolonged, but at last her passion waned, and she was able to open her eyes. The servants were gone, leaving behind a buffet of shrimp, sandwiches, soup and salad, and of course more champagne. Arnold's three friends were still soaking in the tub grinning at her. Obviously they had enjoyed watching the pornographic show of a woman riding her son's cock to orgasm.

Evita blushed even though she told herself she was being silly. After all, she had been on naked display before these strangers all afternoon, and been fucked in the ass by one of them. Anyway, Arnold and been so tender and loving, and his cock had felt so good inside her, it was worth any embarrassment to be fucked so well.

Arnold's attitude as a tender lover disappeared. "Out of the tub slut," he ordered his mother. "Get some towels and dry my friends and I off." The servants had laid out dressing gowns for the men to use after they had finished their soak, but there was none for Evita.

Arnold laughed at her when she asked for a robe. The dirty smirk on his face was echoed in his answer. "Of what use is a slut with clothes on?"

Speaking slowly as if talking to a child, Arnold explained to his mother her next humiliation, her next horror.

"A robe would be a waste of time. You see mother, my friends here have each paid me $10 for a blowjob from you tonight. I believe the 50-50 split between the whorehouse and the whore is customary. Your $15 is all there on the table. Take it! It officially certifies you as a whore. That's what you've always wanted isn't it mother..., to be a whore I mean?"

Evita was stunned, unable to answer this son of hers who seem to have no limits to his arrogant cruelty.

"Answer me slut. Just think of all the cock that whores get, and now you'll be paid for it instead of just giving it away. Fun and profit too! Tell me! Aren't you glad I have made you into a whore?" The hard edge to his voice made it clear what answer he expected.

What else could she say to this son who now owned her so completely? "Yes Arnold, I'm glad you have made a whore of me."

"Good because you are going to get each of my friends off before you turn in for tonight. The quicker you suck them dry, the sooner you can go to bed, and you're going to need your sleep. I expect you to be in my bed ready to service my cock tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. And Oh Yes, I almost forgot. Since you are now a whore, I want you to look like one. From now on you will go naked and wear this dog collar around your pretty neck. We want your potential customers to know you are a prostitute ready to sell your ass."

For Evita this was the final humiliation, but there was nothing she could do, and she knew it. Arnold pointed to the floor in front of his chair, and his mother knelt submissively between his thighs as he buckled a broad black dog collar around her neck.

"Show me was a good whore you are mother," Arnold ordered. "Kiss my cock!'

Defeated, Evita dropped her head into his crotch and tongue kissed the end of his soft penis. "It was true," Evita thought. "As he said, she was now indelibly marked not just as an incestuous slut but as a whore as well.

Twenty minutes later she knocked on the bedroom door of her first 'customer'. Joe was sprawled across the bed flat on his back masturbating the fleshy male peg that was sticking straight up from his groin. He told her "Get with it woman! My balls need to be emptied. Give me some good head, and maybe I'll give you a tip."

Evita dutifully laid down between his legs, and took him into her mouth. She could feel her pussy moisten from the realization that she was a collared whore sent by her pimp to suck a man off for money. All her life she had heard about $10 whores, and now she was one.

"Come on whore! Take it down your throat! Deep throat me! Joe emphasized his commands by grabbing her hair and pulling her down on to his erection, shoving its hard length down her throat. Evita gagged and struggled to breathe, but before her situation became serious, Joe jerked her head upward.

"Now give my hard some real attention bitch. Wrap your tongue around it. Suck Damn you!"

Evita did her best, but Joe refused to be satisfied with her effort. He had paid $10 for this woman's mouth, and he meant to have his money's worth. After a minute, or perhaps two, of sucking on his cock head, Joe yanked her head back down again, plunging his prick even deeper into her throat than before.

For the next 5 minutes, or was it 15, Evita had no way to tell, he fucked her mouth. First he would drive his member down her throat, then pullout until just the tip end remained between her lips to be fiercely sucked and licked. Thankfully, at last, he gripped her ears and pulling her deep into his crotch, he filled her throat and demanded that she swallow his load.

Each of her other two 'customers' was an experience similar to Joe's brutal rape of her mouth, except that when Fred ejaculated, he pulled himself from her lips and shot his load into her face. By midnight Evita was finished earning her $15, free to shower and fall into bed for a mercifully deep sleep.

It was 5:55 a.m. and dawn was just breaking when she opened the door into her bedroom. Arnold was on his back in bed, and seated on his cock facing his feet was his sister, Evita's daughter, Delores.

"Good Morning momma," Delores called out to her mother. "God but your son has a wonderful cock, but you know that already don't you Mother."

It had been the evening after 'that night' when Delores first joined Evita and Arnold in bed. Without the slightest concern about her mother watching, Evita's daughter had knelt before her brother, removed his soft cock from his jockey shorts, and sucked it into an erection. She then lay on the bed with her legs spread, playing with her pussy, and pleading with him to fuck her.

Arnold had crawled between those inviting thighs, slid his hard-on into that wet pussy, and with her legs wrapped around his back, he had fucked his sister long and hard. After he had ejaculated, Arnold demanded that Evita clean his cum from his sister's pussy. Evita had refused, but Arnold closed his fist in her hair, and yanked her mouth down onto Delores' pussy. With his other hand he twisted his mother's arm behind her back, pressing it upward against the shoulder blade in a wrestler's hammer lock, until the pain forced Evita to lick her daughter's clit, and tongue fuck her slit.

The next day Evita learned that Arnold had been fucking his sister almost from the day of his first erection. "Delores is also my slut," he told her. "Now I will have both of you to enjoy at the same time, and I expect the two of you to pleasure each other while I watch."

At first Evita was overwhelmed with guilt at the very idea of having lesbian sex with Delores. To caress another woman's privates was demeaning enough, but to do so incestuously with her own daughter was unforgivable.

Under the erotic pressure from her son, however, Evita's resolve waned, and with it her guilt. Indeed, sex with her daughter had opened a whole new horizon of extraordinary pleasure for Evita. Absolute surrender into decadence had come on their third night together. Delores had eaten her pussy and made her cum..., three times. Later the same night, Evita had spread her legs and begged shamelessly for her daughter to fuck her with a strap-on dildo. Her orgasm on that artificial penis had been shattering, and Arnold would never again need to twist his mother's arm to have sex with Delores.

"Would you like to have a little help from our mother? " Arnold asked Delores. He didn't wait for an answer, however, before ordering Evita to join them.

"On the bed mother! On your knees! Between my legs! Suck your daughter's nipples! Do it bitch! Now!"

Evita was willing. There was even a hungry glint in her eyes as she stared at the pert young tits of the pretty girl impaled on her son's cock. Delores was obviously in ecstasy from riding her brother, and the expression of pure delight on her face set Evita on fire as well. Without further encouragement she buried her face in the valley between her daughter's breasts. Sensually she walked her tongue up the slope of the left tit until at its peak her lips seized a defenseless nipple and pulled it taut inside her mouth. The tortured teat swelled with blood as Evita first caressed it with her tongue, and then drew it between her teeth. Ever so gently she bit down on that sensitive female nub.

Delores whimpered with pain and pleasure. What else? Her pussy was stuffed full with her brother's cock, and her nipple was suffering the tender torture of her mother's teeth. Delores trembled and shook as the explosion of her orgasm sent flashes of searing flame from her abused teat down to her clit, and then on deep into her ovaries, sending her rocking back-and-forth on the rod inside her while shouting unnecessary orders.

"Oh God yes Arnie dear, fuck me! I want it! More! More! Deeper! Give it to me! Give me your cock! All of it! God how I want it! Fuck me Arnie! Fuck me!

Arnold answered by grabbing her hair and pulling her upper body backward. Delores dropped her hands behind her, bracing to insure the angle at their union would not become so great as to separate her from the prize inside her pussy. Arnold interrupted his sister's babble with instructions of his own.

"Now mother! Lick her clit and my cock. Keep her going until I cum."

Evita knew what to do. This was not the first time she had used her mouth on the junction between her son's penis and her daughter's vagina. As Evita's tongue touched her clit, Delores dissolved as she always did into a continuous rolling climax. Arnold too was ready, unable to resist his mother's tongue and his sister's quivering grabbing pussy. Evita felt his hard-on pulse under her tongue, and she knew he had filled his sister's cunt with his seed.

Nevertheless Evita stayed with her task, licking at the seal of Delores' stretched pussy around her son's shrinking prick. Conclusive proof of Arnold orgasm soon followed. From the junction between the two sexes seeped his male seed that Evita licked away, savoring every drop. Delores shuddered as Arnold withdrew from her pussy at rolled her onto her back beside him.

"Clean us!" Arnold commanded his mother.

Evita understood. Regardless of which of his women he had just fucked, Arnold always insisted that one of the other clean his penis and balls with her mouth and tongue, and then lick his cum from the cunt he had just filled. Evita no longer resisted the ritual of eating her daughter. She had even begun to enjoy her taste, and the way Delores would squirm as Evita's tongue explored the insides of her pussy.

"My God!" Evita thought as she buried her head in her daughter's crotch. "Arnold is right. I can't get enough! What a slut he has made of me!

For the next three days Evita adjusted without protest to her new role as a naked collared whore in her own house. She still slept with her son every night, but during the day she was required to sexually service to anyone who wished to use her, including the servants, both male and female. Addicted by her son to sexual excess, she hardly minded her degradation. As chance would have it, she was on her knees sucking the cock of George the butler when her husband opened a telegram in his London hotel room.


* * * * *

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