tagLoving WivesA Cruise for Kira Ch. 01

A Cruise for Kira Ch. 01


For the background of my stories, have a look at the series : Good morning India and Kira's adventures.

There had been just another major crisis in Kashmir between India and Pakistan while the prime minister was abroad in visit to the USA. Kyrhan had been appointed to replace him during his travel. With the turmoil, he had had to stay at his office for two weeks, sleeping when he could, eating what his assistants brought him. He remembered fondly the first months of his association with his wife Kira when he had used her as his personnal assistant. She would have provided him decent food, at least. Kyrhan looked totally exhausted when he arrived at his wife's palace. She scolded him as soon as he entered.

- Kyrhan! How could you get so haggard, darling?

- With the crisis and with the prime min. . .

- With you in the emergency ward or even dead, the crisis would have been even worse. Do you know that you are no more young enough for such hardship?

- Yes, I know it, the prime minister told me so and sent me home on a one month leave.

- I will have to invite him as soon as you have recovered. He loved to see me and my group of bellydancers at our last performance. . . A one month leave??

- I am so tired that I will let you organize it. Oh there is a problem, there. You were to fly to France in a fortnight, weren't you?

- Yes, I was but you may have an idea there.

- Ganesh! What has my devious wife schemed?

- Too late! you told me to organize a one month vacation for you, Mister the vice prime minister, my love.

So three days later, a bewildered Kyrhan found himself at the arrival of the Bora Bora tiny airport in the French Pacific islands. He had pested Kira until she had told him that they would cruise between the islands on a small sloop, stopping on one island when they decided.

- But I don't know how to navigate on a ship!

- Don't worry, Dan is a good skipper and we often made cruises together. You will have to rely on our skills for this occasion.

Kira already knew that Ranu would not accompany them : Her dear aunt was terminally ill in Bangalore. She had flewn to India to see her most likely for the last time. Kira would be alone to keep for the needs of both her husbands together. Usually, it was Kyrhan, her Indian husband, who had the upper hand on Dan, her French husband but this time they would be on Dan's grounds with a diminished Khyran. There would be an interesting battle on the boat with herself as the ultimate prize : she should ovulate in around a week and the first one to take advantage of her afterward will be likely to sire her next offspring. The four previous pregnancies had been preempted by Kyrhan. She would bet that he wanted the next breeding too but Dan wanted it badly too.

At the exit airport, Dan waited for them with flower necklaces he hanged around their necks with a laugh. He shook hands with Kyrhan and kissed Kira on the lips.

- You look still dejected, prince. A little cruise will be revitalizing for you. For the next fortnight, just take as much sleep as you can.

- This time, I will follow your advice. Where is my bunk?

- A bunk, you are kidding! you will have a full size cabin. There are two on this boat with a bath room, in fact just a shower and a sink that we will have to share. There is also a small fully supplied galley with a small table if the weather is not good enough to have dinner on the deck.

- Fine but where will Kira sleep? With you or with me?

- Do you get jealous, Kyrhan, when you are tired? We will let her decide for this special occasion, don't you think so?

- I do. You are my two husbands and I don't want any problems during this cruise. On even days, I will be Mrs Keyrah F., Dan's wife and sleep in his cabin and on odd days, I will be Mrs Kira Chowdhury-Singh and share my husband's cabin. So nobody will have an advantage

Their boat was already provisioned. They went directly to the wharf and shortly after sailed away from the harbor. Kira put a part of her belongings in Kyrhan's cabin and the rest in Dan's. It was an odd day so she went to help Kyrhan. He was slower than usual.

- Perhaps you should take a nap on the deck in a hammock. I will see what I can prepare for our first lunch.

- OK, pet. You are the boss but just as long as I need to recover.

- Sure! What does my Lord and master wants me to put on on board?

- You have the choice : a saree as usual or a bikini but the skimpiest you have for sure. I would like to see you with nothing at all but there are too many boats hereby to stay naked. If you think I am jealous, I allow you to tease our poor Dan as much as you want but nothing more than a pat on your bottom or a small kiss on the lips.

The weather was warm with just enough wind to propel them at a proper speed. Kira was peeling carrots and potatoes on the deck, wearing a red form fitting Lycra bikini that barely covered her nipples for the top. The string completely disappeared between her ass cheeks and the front barely covered her slit. The two men could see her cunt was perfectly shaven. Kira had creamed herself profusely to protect her skin. She would not get back to India until six weeks so she could get a little sun tan that would fade before her return.

It was so hot in the sun that Kira undid her top and let the sun caress her breasts. As Kyrhan was sleeping in his hammock, she went to offer Dan a glass of fresh fruit juice and chat quietly with him. She took a special pleasure in really teasing her French husband not ten feet from her Indian mate. She pushed forward her tits when she brought him his juice and wiggled sensuously her hips and breasts while they chatted. Dan loved to see his wife flirting overtly with him while perfectly knowing that Kyrhan would just have allowed her to tease him and nothing more today. Never mind : he would do the same the next day when Kira would act as his own wife.

Kira woke up Kyrhan for the dinner. They ate quietly, sharing a bottle of wine and discussing of what they had done since their last meeting. As they used the webcams in their bedrooms about twice a week, the discussion switched rapidly to the international situation. Kira stopped it immediately, reminding them that they were there to help Kyrhan recover and not to remind him of the problems he may have to face again soon. They arrived to their next destination around midnight. As they were anchored safely in a sheltered lagoon and the weather was still very good, the three of them could go to sleep without bothering to keep watch. The next day, they could visit the island, uninhabited except for a small meteorological station at the opposite end. All of them were rather tired. It was still so warm that Kira and her husband chose to sleep naked. She was somewhat upset seeing her husband had not his usual instant hard on when she came out of the shower, nude and still dripping with water. She decided that she had to try to revive him. She laid alongside him and took his flaccid cock in her hand. He jerked immediately.

- Oh, Darling, you don't appear to be so completely tired than the previous days.

- Wait a week and I will take care of you all the night, my dear.

- I will be game any time. This night, you will just have a blow job and good night.

Kira bent toward the not completely flaccid now cock and swept her tongue around its tip. Kyrhan groaned. She kissed it before letting it slide inside her mouth. It was very pleasant to feel the cock growing in her mouth thanks to her ministrations. It was different from their usual couplings where Kyrhan, immediately aroused, was always taking the upper hand on their games. He always continued until she begged him to stop, completely exhausted. This night, it was Kyrhan who drifted to sleep as soon as he had unloaded his sperm into her clamping mouth. She burst into Dan's bedroom. He was surprised by her unexpected arrival. She bent toward his face. He half expected that she wanted to kiss him on the lips unless Kyrhan had told her to let him fuck her. Instead she opened her mouth with a big smile and an impish look of triumph. Dan could see that her mouth was filled with a copious load of sticky sperm. So Kyrhan was not THAT tired. She swallowed overtly and showed him there was nothing left in her mouth before going back to her bedroom. Dan was now sporting a raging hard on and nobody was there to help him relieve it.

Kira went back to her husband and drifted to sleep too, with her arms enfolding his generous chest. The morning found them still cuddling together. Kira went to the deck and found that there were no boats on view. It was again rather warm, so she elected to remain naked as her husband had intended. She prepared coffee and toasts after she had cleaned thoroughly the deck, the galley and the bathroom. The bedrooms would have to wait until her husbands had decided to get up at last. They woke up around the same time, about nine AM. They chatted in the galley as Kira served them coffee and bread with butter and marmelade.

Dan did not pay attention to anything but Kira's offered naked body. He was sporting a magnificent hard on that had prevented him to sleep as deeply as he had intended. Kira was flattered that Kyrhan was also presenting a bulge in his pajamas, just somewhat smaller that his usual triumphant morning tents.

While she cleaned the cabins, Kira had told them to go and take the sun on the deck. As soon as she declared the ship clean, they proposed to explore the small island. Kyrhan wanted that Kira put on a dress in case there would be someone from the meteorological station of from another boat on the other side of the island. Dan had to interfere.

- Sorry, prince but we had agreed that Kira would be mine after breakfast. So I am in charge, now and Kira will follow my orders.

- My mistake, Dan, I forgot. What do you want her to wear?

- For this morning, she will remain as she is!

- Naked? What if we find someone during our little exploration?

- We will say hello and chat somewhat. Nothing forbids nudity here! Kira, the boat is too small for the three of us. The water is quite clear. There are no sharks apparently. Put on your palms. You will swim to the big beach and wait for us there. We will bring you training shoes. Maybe better if we quit the beach.

Kira tied a diver knife to her leg and swam to the beach in a strong and quite pleasant to watch crawl. She stretched herself on a fallen palm tree on the beach under a canopy of leaves that protected her from the noon sun. Dan and Kyrhan arrived much slower ten minutes later. She put her palms in the Zodiac and put on the training shoes they had brought her. It had been a very good idea as the inland ground was littered with broken shells and sharp coral fragments that could have hurt her feet.

They walked into the shrubs, Kira remaining one or two feet to the left of Dan and Kyrhan following ten feet behind. Kira looked quite at ease to walk naked into unknown territory. Kyrhan felt compel to remark it.

- Where is my pretty shy Indian wife? You would never take a bath naked in the swimming pool in our palace!

- You bet? We have servants there and they would be shocked. Send them back home at four PM and I will always welcome you home naked if you care for it. I may be shy with strangers but wanton with you!

- A pleasant perspective, especially during the monsoon. I have always fantasized fucking you on the swimming pool couches under the rain.

- Sold. We will try it as soon as I come back home in six weeks.

- Oh, Kira, may I remind you that you are MY wife today, so your home is in the east of France not in some crumbling palace in India.

- It is not crumbling, not any more! I took care of it!

Dan proposed to stop the argument and pick a few fresh coconuts. Kira decided to climb on the trunk of some trees that overhung the sea. The two men loved to see their pretty and buxom companion clinging to the trunks completely nude. The contrast between her smooth skin and the rough tree was very pleasant to watch. Kyrhan took a photo with his cell phone. In a few minutes, they made a big provision of these coconuts. Kyrhan proposed to bring them to the ship immediately and store them on board before coming back to fetch Dan.

- I fear, my poor Kira, that you will have to swim back to the ship.

- Never mind. While you fill our larders, I will explore somewhat further with Dan.

They brought the coconuts to the beach and placed them on the dinghy. Kyrhan felt the exercise was good for him. Kira nonetheless waited until he had reached the ship before departing with Dan.

- Fine, darling, I have something to tell you. . .

The dinner on board was more animated than the previous one. Kira was especially joyful. Her skin was glowing. She remained naked all the time. Kyrhan participated to the conversation, this time. He looked much less tired. Two or three days of such a life of Robinson would surely wash away the stress of the previous weeks.

They decided to stay another day on the island and explore up to the meteorological station. Kira and Dan retired for the night and closed the door behind them. They undressed one another quite rapidly. Dan kissed his wife, first on the forehead, the cheeks, the chin before closing in on her eyelids and her fine nose. He finished by kissing her straight on the lips. His kisses became rapidly more pressing and urgent until she took him straight in her arms, kissing him back with open mouth, their tongues mingling in desire.

After a few minutes of exploration, Dan let his mouth glide slowly down her neck and up the gentle slope of her breasts. He stopped on her nipples. She loved to have her nipples sucked at length and he loved to do it. In an instant, they swelled to sharp points he kneaded gently. She began soon to moan then to writhe on the bed, calling his name. He insisted, making her scream just to make sure that Kyrhan would hear her. Yesterday, Kyrhan had told Kira to tease him and now he was paying him back somewhat.

Dan continued to worship her body, covering it with his kisses, licking on the way her navel. Kyrhan and Rajiv had explained her years ago how to wrap a saree around her hips but taking care to show off her belly button and she now always did. That was quite far from the prudish habits of many Indian people but the aura around Kira had prevented anyone to shame her publicly or if someone had, he had been silenced immediately. Kira was really loved by the people in their city.

Kira's cunt was appealing to him but Dan refrained himself to go straight to his ultimate goal. Instead his mouth followed her legs to reach the back of her knees, slightly bent up. It was another of her sensitive points and he had decided to visit them. She laughed when he began to caress her there with the tip of his tongue and his lips. It was time to attend her thighs. When he kissed the inside, she put her hands to the top of his head, caressing it gently whispering words of endearment.

- Oh darling, I love when you caress me everywhere. Oh, It's so good! Lakshmi, Ahhaaa!

Dan resumed his exploration of his wife's body. He could smell the delicious perfume of excited woman Kira exhaled when she was fucked. He explored first the perfectly shaved expanses of her pubic mound. Even with his tongue, he could not feel the tiniest stubble. He went straight to her cunt and began to explore her pussy lips. It had been nearly three weeks since he had had the occasion, just before she had flown once more to India. Since she had begun commuting between India and France, he rediscovered with the same pleasure her body the first time they had sex, sometime in a hotel on the airport or in the back of his car, somewhere on their way. It was unlikely that he could wait until they were back home..

Kira was now really squirming and screaming for release. He pushed his mouth to her clit and began to lick it. She became frantic, blubbering incoherent words. He listened intently to her scream, increasing his pace when she seemed to recover her breath and reversely slowing himself when she was on the verge of release. He always tried to keep her on the edge as long as possible. If she did not climax in surprise, he could now give her multiple orgasms during several minutes. The first time she had fainted in the middle of a series of shattering peaks, she had thanked him profusely afterwards, as a loving woman could thank her dear husband. Now it was the same but the series of climaxes was much more important as she had grown more resilient.

Kira did not know whether it was the breeze of the ocean or the idea of Kyrhan just next door listening to them but she climaxed even longer and harder than usual and fell immediately to sleep. This night, she dreamed of long sensual caresses from both her husbands in a king size bed that would have suited princess Yasmin and Aladdin.

They woke up in the early morning, their arms still entwined. This time, she did straddle Dan's body, aligning her sopping cunt to the erect pole Dan was sporting. Their eyes met and Kira bore down slowly, letting him impale her leisurely. She closed her eyes in bliss when she was just half way down. When his pubic hair arrived in contact with her bald cunt, she was panting and moaning already. She began to fuck her husband slowly then with greater urgency. In this position, he could not stand too long. They reached their orgasms together. She continued her up and down movements afterward to milk him dry.

Kyrhan called them for breakfast. Dan went straight to the bathroom. Kira just used a paper towel to clean herself superficially. She did not put on any garment. It was finally very arousing to remain naked in the middle of fully clothed men. She went immediately to the galley where Kyrhan waited for them. She hugged him and putting her arms around his neck, kissed him lovingly on the lips, promising anything without needing a single word.

- You are looking better and better, darling.

- It's the joy of having you as my wife again today. I was jealous of Dan while I listened to your antics

- You have better to take some rest for the moment. We have still plenty of time to enjoy one another. And remember that you wanted me to tease Dan. It was likely that he would redeem you with the same money.

- I am still not used to share you with him.

- May I point out that I was his faithful wife? It's him who agreed to share me with you.

Dan entered the galley. The weather was already warm and they decided to take their breakfast on the deck. They were surprised to discover another boat a few yards from them. The first reflex of Kira was to plunge back inside but Kyrhan blocked the staircase. He laughed.

- Dan, you said that if we met someone with Kira naked, we would just say hello and chat quietly. Here is the moment of truth!

There was a couple on board of the other boat. The woman was in a small light blue bikini and the man in black boxers. The woman waved to them and noted suddenly that Kira was naked. She froze an instant and blushed before smiling to her.

- Sorry, we should have warned you that we were there! We arrived during the night.

- No problem. Did you have breakfast?

- No. We were about to prepare it when you popped out.

- Would you like to share ours? We have fresh coconuts, coffee, bread and marmalade.

- Thank you. We will arrive in a minute!

Kira went to the galley in a hurry to prepare more coffee. There was some argument as she wanted to put on a bikini or a sun dress while Kyrhan pointed out that their visitors had already seen her quite naked. Kira finally put on a bikini. She was still busy preparing breakfast when she heard applauses from the deck. She peeked through a porthole and saw the woman arriving on a dinghy. She was crimson but was as naked as Kira had been. She had been challenged by Kira's appearance and had boldly taken up the gauntlet. Kira hastily undid her bikini and climbed onto the deck to welcome their guests.

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