tagLoving WivesA Cruise to Discovery Ch. 03

A Cruise to Discovery Ch. 03


Day Six: The Third Island

Up and out to breakfast. The food was great. We had to hurry as we were to go swimming with the stingrays. I had purchased another roll of film for the underwater camera. Rolls of film are actually hard to find in the islands. We smoothly made it through security and out to the waiting bus. We were old hands at this by now. Swimming with the stingrays was much like swimming with the turtles except they were inside a large fenced in area of the bay. They were not called in each day with the food. Barb wore her two piece suit. I got several pictures of her with the stingrays. It was actually safer to touch them than it was the turtles. Turtles bite. I followed Barb around in the water getting several pictures of her open legs with the skimpy bottom stretched across her plump ass. As the time was ending, they held the stingrays so we could take turns petting them. Then, they held the stingrays up in the air so they would spit water out of their mouths all over the tourist. Only a tourist would spend that much time, effort, and money to travel that far so a stranger could make a stingray spit all over them. For a minute, I had a vision of me pissing all over Barry. It made me laugh to myself. Back in the staging area we showered the salt water off. Everyone kept their suits on.

By the time we made it back to the ship, we had missed lunch. We got food from the all day buffet and ate outside again. The food was good but not great. We decided to get some sun. So, we put our suits back on and went to the back of the main deck where the loungers were. For a moment, I moved as if to go up to the nude deck. Barb just followed right behind me without a word. She was willing to go if I took her there. But we lay out on loungers on the main deck instead. Every now and again we would jump into the pool to cool off. For awhile, Barb laid on her front with the straps of her top untied so she was only covered by the skimpy bottom across her plump butt. I made sure I got a good view as her legs were slightly spread. I asked her about our dinner plans hoping she would lean up on her elbow to reply. Then maybe I would get to see her breast. She was way ahead of me only turning her head to the side to reply.

Back in our cabin, I stripped her suit off her and would not let her into the shower until after I had licked and sucked her entire body. I mean every little place – all of it. After her second orgasm from my tongue, I let her stumble into the shower on shaky legs. She waited until after my shower to push me down on the bed and suck my brains out through my cock. I had to lie there several minutes watching her dress before my head cleared and I could get up to get dressed myself. Dress for the evening was smart casual.

We went to dinner. The food was great. We decided to go the show that evening. The group was doing some song and dance thing. I wore what I wore to dinner but I made Barb change. I made her wear only a sundress I had brought for her with her white sandals. She was nervous as her breasts swayed while we walked down the corridors to the theater in the back of the ship. I reminded her I loved her, I was proud of her, and I had no intention of hurting her. And, it didn't hurt she was such a sexy thing. I took her arm in mine and she rubbed her breast on the back of my arm as we walked along. By the time we were in the theater, she was slightly flushed in the face and her nipples were erect. She looked lovely. We sat in the cushioned bench seats with my arm around her shoulders. We watched the whole show and walked back to our cabin.

By the time we reached the cabin, she was on fire. She had waited the entire show for me to do something to her and had herself so worked up she was about to scream. Sometimes less is more. I pulled her dress off over her head and removed my clothes. I took her out on our balcony. I put her hands on the railing and told her to leave them there. I slowly and firmly caressed her all over. I kissed the back of her neck and pulled her nipples. I reached up between her legs and rubbed her pussy lips. She wasn't very wet. Pushing her legs further apart, I used some KY to lube her slit and a little more to lube her ass crack. As I fingered her pussy working the jelly deep into her channel, I put some KY in her hand and wrapped it around my cock. When I was fully stiff, I pushed it into her pussy using one hand to caress her tits and the other to rub more KY into her ass crack. She asked if I was really going to do it this time. I said yes. She said, "Good; you are the only one who ever did or does or will do that to me. But, when you are ready, I would prefer to move to the bed. It is your choice." After enjoying thrusting into her outside in the open air for awhile, I chose to move to the bed for our first successful anal sex. On the bed, I rubbed her back until she could relax a little. Then, I used a little more lube at her opening just as I pushed to enter. I waited a minute for her to adjust to it. When she said, "Go ahead, I want it all. I want to give it all to you." I did. Each time I slowly thrust a little deeper until I was fully inside her ass. I held her and stroked her skin as I kissed her back. I slowly pulled out and thrust all the way in again. Before long she was making cooing sounds. She said she loved me and asked how it felt. It was wonderful.

How could I describe it? It wasn't just my cock in a tight place but the whole giving of herself to me in love. That was just beyond words. With almost tears in my eyes, I continued to take what was lovingly given. I moved faster and faster. She began rubbing her clit and pulling one of her nipples. She asked me to twist and pull the other one. When she began coming, the spasms in her vagina pulled on my cock in a way I had never known before. Unable to take it, I began coming too. I shot spurt after spurt into her bowels as I held my breath. I almost passed out; it was so intense. We just laid there recuperating as I softened and slipped out of her. It probably hadn't lasted over five minutes; certainly not ten; but, I'll never forget it.

Day Seven: The Fourth Island

We got up the next morning and were slow to dress and get out to breakfast as we kept taking moments to hold each other or rub up to each other from behind with a gentle hug. We were hungry and the food was great. I wished these people would do our breakfasts every morning at home. This was a day for touring the city. The afternoon before each island stop, the ship's entertainment crew would give a presentation on the island. They would tell us what there was to do, what to look out for, what and where the special deals and sales were. The way they pushed certain stores, they must have been getting a kick back or maybe the cruise line ran those stores. This island had a big city and all kinds of great deals. We left the ship and took a shuttle bus into town. They let us off at a stop in down town and made a point of pointing out the stores we had been told about. It was so convenient how they brought us just to this stop.

We walked around and looked at some things. Many things were too big to get home or too expensive. Some of those great deals weren't so great face to face. We found a good place to get lunch. The food was ok but after eating on the ship for several days, it just didn't compare. As we walked along this canal, we walked into a park kind of thing, maybe a grotto.

It had high walls with entrances in each of four directions. There were a few fountains with meandering paths in between. There were grassy areas with flower beds here and there and benches along the paths. It was quite beautiful. I got my camera out to take pictures. Of course, I wanted Barb in several of them with the flowers or fountains. When we had dressed that morning, I had chosen a blue blouse and white shorts outfit for Barb to wear. She had been ok with that until she realized I did not include a bra. She said her breasts are so large it makes her uncomfortable when they don't have the support and hang loosely. But, she went along with it for me. Now, there in the park, I was taking pictures of her sitting on the edge of a low fountain. I told her to unbutton the next two buttons on her blouse and readjust her collar for me. She looked around and realized I had chosen a spot where she faced only me and high wall and flower beds behind me. The only thing others would see was the back of a woman sitting getting her picture taken.

She opened her blouse displaying the fantastic valley between her full round breasts. She looked up and smiled at me like the cat who had swallowed the canary. I love the way her eyes sparkle when she is happy. Then I told her to spread her legs more open. Her quizzical look told me she didn't realize how baggy the legs of these shorts were. I wanted to get a picture with her panties showing and her tits almost on display. She didn't figure it out until I moved lower to get a better angle. As we were leaving the park, she started to button her blouse back up. I told her to leave them open. She compromised leaving one of the two open. As tall as I am and short as she is, it was still quite a site as we walked along.

We walked past a shop with windows displaying lingerie and swim suits. I wanted to go in and she didn't. She still thinks she is fat and unappealing. We went in but she wasn't so happy about it. I picked out a swim suit I wanted her to try on for me. She said it is too small and revealing. And anyway, her bulges would all hang out. I told her I wanted her to try this thingamabob on right now and come out of the dressing room wearing it so I could see it. I had learned long before she would go into a dressing room only to come out several minutes later saying whatever it was looked terrible and walk off. She took the suit and went into the dressing room near the back of the store. It was a small walled off area with a door. Although I stood near the dressing room, I was more near the center of the store as I waited. She peered around the open door and motioned for me to come there. I told her to come to me, NOW. She pushed the door open and stepped out. I had picked the suit because it was revealing. The top covered more than just her nipples, but it displayed a lot of breast above and on both sides of the cups. The bottoms were full enough to cover her ass crack and most of her abundant pubic hair. It did fluff out on both sides of the suit.

The 30-ish woman running the store said matter-of-factly Barb would need to trim a little to wear this suit but all in all it looked good on her. She and I stood together as I handed Barb the next suit I had picked out as she had been changing. Without questioning, she took it and went back into the changing room. This one was skimpier. When she opened the door, she did not want to come out. I told her to hurry up. She came out but couldn't look us in the face. The "cups" were smaller triangles just covering her nipples which were obviously erect under the thin material. The bottom was narrower in the front and a lot of her pussy hair was showing on both sides. I asked the woman what she thought. She said it was probably not my wife's style. I handed Barb a nighty set with a robe to try on. As she turned to walk back to the dressing room, I saw the thong string coming out the top from between her ass cheeks. Here entire ass was on display. I loved it.

Barb came out in the lingerie set and stood before us. I asked her to turn so we could get a better view of the whole set. She looked lovely. After she turned, I told her to take the robe off and turn again. She froze for a moment and then shrugged the robe off her shoulders handing it to the woman. As she turned, I could see the outlines of her breasts and the points of her nipples pushing against the silk. The French cut panty covered her front and back. I asked her if it was as soft and comfortable as it looked. She said yes but it is very expensive. The woman suggested another set which she quickly got and handed to Barb. When Barb opened the door this time she didn't want to come out again. I told her it was just the two of us and not to be silly. She came over and stood before us. Again, I had her turn. This material was more transparent. Even with the robe on, I could almost see her full round breasts and her erect nipples were obvious. I told her to take the robe off. There she stood in the middle of the store with her breasts and pussy fully on display. I told her to turn for us and she did. There was her full plump naked ass. What a lovely sight. I asked if the material was soft like the last one. She said not really. I stepped forward with my hand out to feel the material. I reached up and at the last second decided to cup her breast through the material. I lifted it from underneath and squeezed it popping the nipple forward against the thin material. She gasped and the woman smiled without saying anything.

I handed Barb a bra and panty set. As she went to the dressing room to change, I told her to leave the door open this time. She stood inside the well lit little room with its mirrors on the wall and lifted the nighty off over her head. The woman and I stood there looking at her nude body as she moved to begin to put the bra and panties on. Once she had them on, I told her to come out to us. She said, "What's the point? You've both already seen it." The woman said she wanted to make sure the bra was the right size and fit correctly. I told her to come over and let her check. Barb came over and stood still as the woman very businesslike moved about touching and cupping and holding and lifting Barb's tits. The woman stepped over to the counter and came back with another bra the same color and unsnapped Barb's bra. She slipped it down off her tits and told me to look where it had made marks on the sides and underneath her breast. To do this, she lifted Barb's naked tit up holding it firmly in her strong black hand. It was so fascinating to see Barb's full white tit and erect pink nipple in contrast to that small black hand. The woman dropped the breast with a bounce and put the next bra on her. Then she showed me how it cupped and supported Barb's tits more fully without cutting into her soft skin. I told Barb to get dressed to go as I was making our purchases. I stepped over to the dressing room with her to put her panties, which were lying on the chair, in my pocket.

Back on the street, I suggested to Barb we might want to go back to that park and get a couple more pictures. She said, "You're in charge. I will do whatever you say." Back in the park we had to wait a few minutes to have the same spot as before to ourselves. Again Barb unbuttoned her blouse and opened her legs in the baggy shorts. After a couple of pictures, I told her to undo the other two buttons. Nervously, she did. This left the full insides of both breasts fully visible. For the next picture, I told her pull the blouse open to both sides and pull the leg of her shorts over past the middle. I just love that picture of her full round breasts and stiff nipples out in the sunshine. Her dark curly pussy hair was showing as several people unknowingly walked along on the other side of the fountain. I took three pictures just incase something happened to the other two. I had her button up.

We walked hand in hand along the canal sharing small talk about this and that. We never did find that shuttle stop again. We ended up taking a taxi back to the port terminal. Back on board ship, we stored our purchases and changed for dinner. It was another of the formal dinner nights. That night she wore a silver sequined dress with black onyx jewelry. I wore my suit with the mint green shirt and tie. The food was great the company was so–so.

Back in our cabin, we undressed each other taking time to hang up our good clothes. We moved to the bed where we caressed and kissed each other. As I kissed her, my hand began to stimulate her clitoris and vagina. I had been hard for some time, so when she was moist enough, I moved over her and pushed between her puffy pink lips. We moved slowly together making soft sounds for each other. I rose up on my knees and lifted her ass up onto my thighs so I could watch all of her as I continued to thrust into her. She is so beautiful when she gives herself to me like that. I love the way she smiles and her eyes sparkle. I love the way her breasts bounce with each thrust. I love the way her arms just lay out to both sides back on the bed as she surrenders herself completely to me. Being up like this allowed me to rub her clitoris with my finger and bring her to her orgasm. Her face is so open and blank when she has her orgasm. Her orgasm triggered mine. I lay down on her holding her for a little while before rolling to my side of the bed. I went to sleep. She read her book for awhile before going to sleep.

Day Eight: The French Island

This is the morning we got up at a more leisurely pace and had a peaceful breakfast as we were on our own that day. We had not scheduled any excursions on this island. The food was great. We chose to eat outside at the tables near the outside pool. What a beautiful sunny morning. We had asked others about the island. Several had mentioned a particular beach which would be good for swimming, lounging, and such. All we needed to do was take a water taxi across the bay from where the ship would dock. The name of the beach was French and sounded to me like three islands. When we got to the boarding area for the water taxi, I asked if it went to and I tried to say the name as best I could remember it. I never was able to say it correctly. In his French broken English, he said yes so we got on and bought two round trip passes. We made our way across the bay eventually coming to a dock next to a beach. People were getting off and others were waiting to board. It looked good to me, so we got off there too. It wasn't until after we left that beach and boarded the taxi for the return trip we discovered this taxi went to several different stops. The beach we had asked about was actually stop number three from the ship terminal. Oh well, you learn as you go.

Once we left the dock, we walked down the beach. It stretched along a calm waterfront in front of several cottages and small hotels. There was a four foot stone wall to keep the waves from encroaching on the properties with each property having a set of steps down onto the beach from the top of the wall. There were palm trees here and there along the wall which gave shade to spots on the sandy beach below. By the time we arrived, it was already late morning and the sun was already getting quite warm. We moved past the hotel area and stopped short of the next large group of people on the beach. We pulled a couple of loungers over to a shady spot near the stone wall.

There were not a lot of people out on this beach. We had passed a few couples who were laid out on loungers in front of what was probably the hotel they were staying at. Most of the women were topless. The thong bottoms on one was so small, she was essentially nude. Past where we had stopped were a group of, I am guessing, Italians. They were milling around the area they were in having loud conversations about something which sounded exciting the way they said it. Most of the women were in sort of a group and most of the men in a separate group. It appeared the men were taking turns walking into and around the women's group. Most of the women were topless and some of the women had towels around their shoulders probably because of the sun. When the men would stroll by the women would open their towels and wiggle their tits at them.

I didn't see any touching going on but there sure was a lot of flirting. When that group was preparing to leave, the women would take a bottle of water and pour about half of it over themselves toweling off their upper half. They slipped a top on. Then they dropped their bottoms and poured the rest of the water over their front and back and down their legs toweling that off before pulling on some shorts. Each one did it in turn just in the same fashion. No one made any fuss about it; so much for anti-nudity laws. I got to see each one's full dark bushy pussy. I was exciting to watch them briskly rub their towel back and forth over their pubic hair to dry it. I thought a couple took a little extra time as it probably felt good and maybe even better with others watching.

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