tagMatureA Crush Taken Further

A Crush Taken Further


I drift off into my book, unaware of everything around me. I guess I should say unaware of him. I figured that his attention would be consumed by his project. When I finally looked up he was smiling at me. He continued to meet my gaze, but I had to turn away before all the blood flooded to my cheeks. I looked up once more to see him giving me that smirk I knew I would get. One glance, that's all I got, and he went back to his entertainment. I didn't realize until he turned away that I was holding my breath. I finally breathed, and realized too late that I was already blushing. After a few minutes I went back into my world of written fiction, of course, every now and again looking up, and of course he took no notice.

Finally I was once again a lost cause, entranced with no attention to anything else but my book. Then he grabbed my hair and I stifled a scream, I knew it would give him too much satisfaction if he heard me. I also figured that he would stop if I didn't make any noise, so I held it in. As I thought, he pulled harder until I let out a tiny squeak of pleasure. He let go, and ruffled my hair. Damn it! He got what he wanted. I laid still for a second trying to breath, and then went back to my book, trying to find my place. Once I found it, I once again forgot myself. He tested me a few times more times. He was gentle at first, gauging my reactions. Each time he grabbed my hair it was for a little longer and with more noise coming from me. Unfortunately the longer he held on, the longer he waited to do it again. The time in-between was hell, I never knew when, how hard, or for how long it was going to last. He had knowledge now and that scared me. Finally at one point he got up and disappeared for a few minutes. I use this needed alone time to control my ever shaking body and breathing, and to find my way back to my book.

I guess he knew I would go back to the book because when he returned he locked the door and kicked off his shoes. It wasn't until his hand touched the only bare part of me, the small of my back did I notice he came back. I try to ignore him until he stopped at my bra. I gave a quick breath and retain myself. He unclasped my bra and rubbed my bare back, very gentle and then stopped. I thought he had given up. Maybe he thought I wasn't reacting enough. He rubbed a little more and a little harder. I was starting to lose my vision. He stopped again and everything returned to normal. I figured he finally gave up, not getting what he wanted. *BAM* My sight was gone but I couldn't scream, all I could do was moan. I moaned deep into his pillow. My back was on fire. His nails left my back and found their way into my hair, pulling hard. I felt his other hand clawing its way down my back. And if all this wasn't enough to make me lose it, he took it further. His lips were at my ear. It started with just a growl, deep and animalistic but soon it turned into explanations of what was in store. I quivered under his body, hoping for more. His growled turned into a snicker but quickly and with amazing speed his teeth found my neck. It wasn't until I felt his teeth on my neck did I realize I was struggling. I stopped when I felt him bite harder. This action along with everything threw me to be still at first but then turned into an amazing orgasm. I wanted to scream but I knew better. His jaw released and his deep growl was back in my ear.

"Not even close to being finished with you."

He released me. All I could do was lay and shake. I jumped when I felt him grab my hand. He placed a cigarette into it. I shook the entire time, begging my mind to just be able to finish my smoke. I put the butt out, and just laid there trying to be still. I lost train of thought and time until the voice returned with more promises. I couldn't help it; shivers ran up and down my shine. It was then my eyes snapped open. I knew what this was. I knew what I was supposed to do. Feel nothing but pleasure and try and do the same for him. My pussy shook at the instant memories of what just happened. Well that I was prepared for but what came next threw me for a loop. Anticipation, which was one thing I couldn't control. My imagination ran wild. He went back to what he was doing and there was no way in hell I could go back to my book, not now. A few more minutes of peace and I was starting to regain control. I couldn't move without throwing my body into self convolutions but I could see. I felt the heat radiating off the scratches and bite mark. I knew he was amused but it seemed like he was testing me, seeing if I could recover. Then pop quiz. He wanted to take this show on the road. It struck me. My car, I have to drive. I felt drunk. I wasn't sure I could handle it. I put on my shoes and re did my hair. He opened the door and had me lead the way. The air felt cool and refreshing, like dunking my head in water, it still didn't completely cure me though. As we walked he grabbed my arm and pulled me close. He growled at first, I was nearly gone, but then his voice was dark and deep.

"If you want more we have to find somewhere a little more private so I can hear you scream."

I regained myself somehow, but only enough to walk. Couldn't talk or think. We stopped along the way. Quick hi's and bye's was all I could manage. It seemed to take so much time to get to the car. I finally slid into the driver's seat. He closed his door and snickered.

"What's so funny?"

"You, I am surprised you were able to walk and now you think you can drive."

"Thanks for the confidence. You know, I have some self control."

I threw the car into reverse and began to drive. But before I could think of the wager I just made, however slight it was, he got it and used it. His nails found my wrist. I inhaled very deeply but was able to control.

"Yea, sure." He mock.

Nothing more was said. We got to the hotel and stepped into the elevator. My skin ached for him. He stood behind me and as soon as those doors closed his breath was on my neck. I felt his finger tips tracing the marks he made on my lower back. I was losing my balance fast. He didn't miss a beat. He snickered and then growled, deep. He was having fun and I now couldn't stand. When the door finally opened I couldn't walk. All I could do was breath but barley. With his hand pressing into my back he urged me forward. I walked with no complaint. We got to the door of the room and from behind me he used the key while pressing into me. Once inside I stumbled to a chair, unable to think or move. I was just happy I was sitting. I began to calm down, regaining control. I looked up and saw him closing the blinds. He turned and looked even more animalistic than I thought possible. I don't know why but I stood up and crossed to the bed. I closed my eyes standing next to the bed, wishing that I won't have to make any more choices. He granted it. I began to tremble before he was even near me.

"Calm down. I don't want it to be so quick" he whispered.

My mind wanted my body to shake, but somehow with his demanding voice I was able to stop my body.

"That's better. Now turn and sit." He said in my ear.

I sat quietly on the bed still with my eyes close. He tangles his fingers in my hair, not pulling just using the hold to adjust my head to look at him. I could not open my eyes.

"Look at me."

I couldn't at first but slowly I open my eyes. He stared at first with no expression, just looking into my eyes. I knew my eyes betrayed me. I was hungry, hungry for more. He wasn't much better. His empty expression showed slight pity but then enjoyment. He leaned into me.


"I....I....I..." I was losing it.

I tried nodding but I knew it wasn't enough.

"Yes" pushed past my lips, but not really sure how.

That was all he needed. He gently spread my legs and put his knee directly into my ever longing pussy. I close both eyes and legs, quietly moaning. I heard his pants open. He raised my head again. Opening my eyes on my own this time and I saw a cock right in front of me. I looked up at him and he gave a nod to go ahead. That was all I needed. I engulfed him. He started kind of slow but then began pounding my mouth. I took as much as I could as fast as I could. He grabbed my hair and pulled back, stood for a second and smirked. I don't know where it came from but I uttered.

"Bring it."

I had no idea how much that would affect him. He stood up grabbed my hair and pulled me up and turned my head to the side. His teeth found my neck again and bit, hard. Before my knees drop, he threw me on the bed. His hands were everywhere at once, tugging and pulling at my clothes. My mind was lost and thinking was way out of the question. Lucky enough I was wearing a skirt; his hand followed my leg up, all the way till he was just grazing my panties. Swiftly he shoved them aside and slid one finger in, massages up and down, quickly yet gentle. This surprised me at first with the rate we were going, but it was only teasing. I should have known. It was gentle and teasing at first then he slammed two fingers in and out making me so wet. I orgasmed hard on his fingers, thrusting my body towards him. He continued sliding his fingers in me, and started to flick my clit even though I started bucking and moaning loudly. My undies came off and I began to shake in anticipation, knowing what was about to happen. Or what I thought was about to happen. To my surprise he stopped, leaned in close, and in a low demanding voice asked.

"Where do you want it first?"


He scoffed, "Yeah first. Right now you are mine to do what I please, but I thought I would give you somewhat of a choice and ask where I am fucking you first."

I couldn't think. I breathed "Everywhere"

"You asked for it."

With that he grabbed my arm, pulling me up and turning me around. He seized my tits and bit my neck very hard. All I could do was moan loudly and shake. He bent me over and spread my legs. He rubbed lube all over his cock and I began to feel him push on my extremely tight ass hole. He was slow until he got the head in and slammed hard and fast. As soon as he started I feel into the pillows. I had buried my face into a pillow but quickly pulled up realizing I could be as loud as I wanted. I picked up my head and with the next stroke I let out a long moan. Once he got the notion that I enjoyed it he picked up the speed and grabbed my hair that is when my moan turned into a scream. Neither one of us could contain ourselves anymore. We thrusted in sync, and when I moan and scream he growled. It was like fucking an animal, and I loved every minute of it. He grabbed my tits to help him fuck me harder and deeper. I was coming to a point where everything was a blur and with my body covered in sweat and convulsing all I could do was enjoy it. When I felt I was about to pass out, I turned slightly to ask him to stop so I could recover but at that same moment I began to cum and couldn't stop. One right after another, after another, my ass gripping his cock each and every time. Each time he felt me grip, he thrusted harder. It became a steady routine that I never wanted to end. Finally he seized up, growled deeply, scratched my back and ass so much that I thought I was bleeding and came deep in my ass.

He fell next me shaking trying hard to control himself and breathing hard. I myself couldn't breathe or move. That was the best fuck I had ever had and because of it I feel asleep right afterwards. I woke up in almost the same position not really able to move. All I could do was turned my head. I saw him past out next me and thought I should pay him back for what he just gave me. I laid there for a second, and then gently and quietly pulled myself up off the bed. I shuffled into the shower figuring I would get cleaned from the last round.

As soon as that water hit my body I flinched from the tingling on my back. The scratches still felt warm. I took my hair out of the pigtails and started washing my hair and body. I took more time in the shower than I normal did, making sure I cleaned everything. I wasn't sure but I thought I had heard something in the room, but decided thought nothing of it and went back to my shower. As the water was cascading down my tits, the shower curtain move and he stepped in. I didn't turn around for the fear that he was seeing my completely naked. It sounded odd, given what we had just done, but I was embarrassed all the same. I think he knew by how he touched me. He gently put his hand on my back and reached around me for the soap. When he began to wash my back I twitched as he scrubbed over his marks on me.

"I really tore you up, didn't I?"

I moaned in answer.

"But you enjoyed it? And still are from the sounds of it."

"Yes. I only wish I can have more."

"I am sure we can work that out. I haven't been enough for you yet?"

"Oh god yes, I just know you have more to give."

"How about now?"


I was answered with him slowly but forcibly grabbing my arm and turning me around. He looked into my eyes and I knew more pleasure was in store for me. I just wasn't sure how he was going to do it. I began to shake once again as my head filled with numerous ideas of what he was thinking. My eyes closed, not able to look at what he was about to do. To my shock he just put his hand in my hair and jolted me a little. I open my eyes to find him staring at me. I looked deep into his eyes and got an idea. I knew he wasn't expecting me to make any moves, so he moved slightly back when my lips meet his. I turned him around and put him in the shower head and jumped out of the shower.

"What are you doing?"

"You'll see. Take your time in there. I want you all refreshed."


While he was in the shower I scooted out to the room and remade the bed. I thought of putting clothes on but I knew it to be pointless. I sat on the bed and thought of what I was going to do next. I realized when I heard the shower turn off that I was still sitting in my towel. When he came out of the bathroom I looked up and instantly got horny. Standing before me was one of the hottest things I had ever seen. He was leaning against the door frame in only a towel, with water still glistening on his body. I bit my lip and stood up. He didn't move an inch when, I grabbed his wrist and pulled him close. I sat back down and he gave me a questionable look as I pulled off his towel. I knew what I wanted to do but I sat there for a second looking at his naked body. With a deep breath I grabbed his cock and started stroking it. He let out a small moan and leaned more into it. I continued to caress him while I stood up. I turned him and pushed him roughly on the bed. I kneeled down on the floor and shoved his cock in my mouth. He moaned louder this time, pushing up into my eager mouth. I couldn't help myself I just started fucking him with my mouth faster and faster. I felt him reach for my hair and grab a chunk, using it to guide me. As if I needed it. I began to feel him tense up like he was about to cum and I stopped. I stood up and pushed him back onto the bed. With his cock as hard as a rock, I place a leg on either side of him and slide it deep in my aching pussy with one swift movement. I had to sit there for a second to compose myself not to cum early. I shook and twitched but was able to keep it in.

"How long can you hold it?"

"I don't know. Let us find out."

I moved very slowly at first, not allowing myself to be overcome. Gently I grinded my pelvis into him, moaning quietly, wanting to speed up. I was trying to control myself as much as possible, but it was growing to be impossible. I could tell he was enjoying it but I don't think was use to a woman controlling. He placed his hands on my hips to try and control the rhythm and speed but I moved them up to my chest and he gripped my tits eagerly. I was trying so hard to show him that I could take control but I could tell he just wanted to do whatever he wanted. I slowed down and looked at him. He thrusted up into me, making me moan loudly, he grabbed my waist at the same time and threw me to the side so fast that I had no time to react. I just laid there in shock not sure what to do, while he stood up. For a second I thought he was done with me, so I scooted back on the bed. I even tried to get under the blankets, but he grabbed my ankle.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa what do you think you're doing? We are really not even close to finishing, unless...unless you want to be?" he suggested with a smirk.

"No, I want to scream, badly."

That was all I was able to udder before he began to pull me closer to him. I was losing my head again. I wanted so much more. He was on me in a blink of an eye. He placed my legs on his shoulders, allowing his cock to easily slide into my pussy. He wasted no time. He started pounding me so hard that the bed was moving. I started off moaning and panting but that quickly turned into screams. For some reason that seem to really get him going. He moved my legs further apart so that he leaned close to my ear and gave a deep low half moan half growl. I was surprise that no one knock on the door. I had been waiting for this, so I was going to be as loud as I could be.

"Is it that good?"

"Fuck yes. Give me more, please, harder and faster."

"I am going to fuck you so hard that you won't be able to walk."

He kept using such a deep and low voice and I could feel his voice vibrating through me. I couldn't talk anymore. I just responded with a deep moans and screams. He chuckled knowing what he was doing to me. His chuckle turned into a growl that I could have sworn came from a wolf. I had never had such passionate, wild, rough, and just plan amazing sex in my entire life. My pussy started quivering and the rest of body was shaking uncontrollably. I felt it starting only about a second before it happened.

"OH........ MY.............. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HARDER, FASTER, YES, YES. FUCK ME AS HARD AS YOU CAN!!!!!"

I began squirting all over his cock. I had never in my entire life felt an orgasm as long, as hard and as wet as this one. I squeezed my muscles more and more, moaning and screaming with every thrust. His cock was getting harder by the second and I knew he was close to cumming. I so badly wanted him to cum in me but I also wanted him to squirt it all over my tits and in my mouth. I must have said it out loud because in that moment I was thinking it, he pulled it out and offered it to me. I took it as deep as I could and with his cock that hard I knew he was very close. He began to go so fast that I wasn't sure that I could keep up. Then he exploded in my mouth and I pulled him out a so that I could have it streaming down my chin to my tits. He shook and quivered and nearly toppled over but regained his balance just in time. He put his head down and took a deep breath. I shifted back on the bed and his head snapped up.

"Oh no, no, still not done."

"I am not sure how much more I can handle. What do you expect me to do?"

"Pass out completely satisfied but then wake up later hungry for more. Oh and of course anything I want."

I couldn't even begin to comprehend what he was saying but then he thrusted two fingers into me and his mouth found my clit. I squirmed under his sudden appetite. I sat up to stop him. I put a hand on his head wanting to pull him off but very strongly he used his other hand to push me back down. He pulled up long enough to say.

"If you want anymore, don't do that again."

I took his warning seriously and didn't make that attempt again. I did however squirm and twist like crazy. A couple times I could tell he was smiling, knowing full well I had no control because I wanted this so bad. I couldn't believe he was lasting so long. I wasn't sure how many orgasms I had before I finally did pass out.

When I finally woke up I couldn't move. I could think and hear everything around me but I couldn't even open my eyes. I heard sounds of water dripping and the opening and closing of doors of the other people in the hotel. When I finally rolled over I notice he wasn't there. I notice that it was finally getting dark outside and that the room was complete dark. I tried to sit up and failed. I wasn't sure how long I had been alone or why he left without saying something. All I knew was I had been asleep for awhile and like his promise I was sore and not able to move at first. I laid there for about ten more minutes before I was finally able to move. I half expected him to come back into the room but he never did.

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