tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Cubicle Conversation Ch. 08

A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 08

byDecayed Angel©


My work day was a mess, I couldn't get Carla off my mind. I couldn't help feeling responsible somewhat, even though I tried to convince her to be cautious. I, also, wondered if somehow I might have been caught up in all this and was about to be fired myself. Hell, I was involved all along, even after I told her I wanted to stop, I did watch as Carla kneeled before Angie, eating her pussy.

I was able to avoid Ralph and most everyone else for the entire day and thankfully, before too long I was able to grab my stuff and head out to the parking garage. Typically I left before most of my co-workers would leave because I got in a bit earlier, so as I walked toward my car, no one was nearby.

No one except for... a woman... no not just any woman, Carla. Carla was approaching me wearing a long coat.

"Carla, what happened? I'm so glad to see you."

"I needed to see you Marcus."

"You did? I hope you don't think I turned..."

"No, no," she whispered, holding a finger to my lips. "I needed to see you about something else."

I was following her now, apparently toward a dark colored car in the far back corner of the garage. "What else?"

Reaching the car, she turned and said, "I don't mind what happened, I'd do it again if I could."

"But you lost your job."

"It didn't matter, Angie and I had planned to leave to form our own company anyway. This way I got to live out a fantasy and we just leave a bit earlier."

"What do you want from me?"

"It was hot wasn't it?"

"Yes, it was while it lasted."

"Well it was so hot that I decided I needed to do more than just watch you, I needed to feel you. So," she pulled the coat apart and tossed it on the car behind her, "I'm here to feel you."

I immediately reached out to her breasts, grabbing them and raising them to my face. Turning my head back and forth, letting her nipples play across my face. It was warm in the garage, but her nipples stood out hard and firm as I ran my tongue around and over them.

Carla moved back, leaning back onto her coat on the car hood and I followed, crawling up to kneel over her. I could feel the heat from the engine envelope both of us and I watched as beads of sweat began to glisten on Carla's body.

I had never really gotten a good look at her before, squinting through the tiny peek hole, but now, kneeling above her I looked, drinking in her breasts with huge areolas and nipples, her waist, with a small, but not unattractive bulge leading to the soft mound of hair above her beautiful pussy. I climbed back to the floor and stood, gazing at her pussy, the nub of her clit, peeking from between her swollen lips.

Pausing only a moment to pull off my clothes, I returned to the beautiful, delicate curving lips, moving my mouth to them and lightly kissing, taking in her fragrance, an earthy, scent that enticed me to taste. I slipped my tongue into her folds and pressed it into her wetness. The sharp, tangy taste of her made my cock twitch as I pushed deep inside. Then, slowly lapping my tongue upward, I followed her slit, gently opening her lips as I went until I reached her clit.

My face hovered just above her so she could feel only the lightest touch of my tongue on her sensitive clit and I fluttered my tongue, back and forth. Feeling her move beneath me, I slowly began to press my tongue harder to her clit, while moving a finger to her wet opening. Slipping her clit between my lips, I let my finger tease her cunt, penetrating only slightly and then withdrawing.

The teasing seemed to be working because Carla began to raise her hips in unison with my slight penetrations, forcing my finger deeper and deeper into her. She seemed to wiggle a bit as she raised her hips, causing her clit to slide a little more between my lips and tongue.

I slipped a second and then a third finger into her as she flailed herself beneath me faster and faster. The combined wetness from my mouth and her pussy was creating a loud slurping sound that seemed to echo through the garage, at least until Carla groaned very loudly and cried, "I'm coming, eat me, eat me, I'm coming!"

It was only then I heard another moan, a more muffled one that seemed to come from... inside the car? Looking at the windshield, I noticed it was heavily fogged, but I could see a face inside. It was Angie, sitting behind the wheel, watching us from the very start. I moved my lips from Carla's clit and rested my head on her thigh while leaving my fingers burrowed deep inside her, feeling the pulsations squeeze and then release my fingers.

Staring through the windshield, I could see Angie's hand down between her legs, where she had been fucking herself as she watched Carla and me. She seemed to be resting from her own orgasm or at least waiting for us to begin again.

Raising her hips, Carla extricated herself from my fingers and kneeled on the car, pushing me onto my back. Tossing one leg over me, she then grabbed my erection and held it firm as she lowered herself onto me. All I could do was watch and feel as she slowly, deliciously took me inside her body.

Remembering all those times I watched her, dreaming of feeling my cock inside her, I savored the wet warmth as she flowed over me, enclosing me in the soft walls of her cunt. She moved, grinding herself on me, raising up and then descending down onto me, again and again, each time drawing me closer and closer to exploding.

Turning my head, I could see Angie, working her fingers over and into herself as she watched Carla fuck me in a slow motion ballet. I looked back to Carla as she clenched her teeth grinding her clit against me and then closed her eyes in climax.

It was more than I could contain and I felt the waves of pleasure jolt though me, down the length of my shaft, into my balls and back again as I spurted my cum deep into her cunt, splashing her again and again. I could even hear Angie as she came again, perfectly timing herself to Carla's and my orgasm.

Carla then collapsed upon me and we stayed joined together, our sweat mingling as our cum mingled inside her until my cock shrank enough to slip out of her. We climbed down from her car and I helped Carla back into the jacket and then got dressed. Angie climbed out of the car and gave me a hug and a kiss.

"What happens now?" I asked.

"Well, we just go on...," Carla answered. "Angie and I continue working on our company and you go back to work."

"But what if they..."

"They don't suspect you. What got Carla and I had nothing to do with you, in fact it wasn't even on our floor."


"Well, it's not all that important, but just be assured that no one knows of your involvement with Angie and I. Nothing will happen to you."

"So we just say goodbye?"

"For now at least, but considering your leaning toward dangerous sex, we will be calling you. You never know when we'll need a third."

"So it's not goodbye?"

"No, that cock of yours feels too good to say goodbye too," Carla replied, "and besides, who knows, Angie may want a taste one of these days."

I looked up at Angie who only shrugged and smiled.

"Well then, let's just say, 'Farewell for now'," I replied, giving Angie a soft kiss on the cheek and then grabbing Carla and pulling her to me for a long, deep kiss.

"Yes... yes," Carla said, catching her breath after our kiss, "Farewell for now."

I turned and walked to my car wondering if I would ever see them again.

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