tagLetters & TranscriptsA Cubicle Conversation Ch. 11

A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 11

byDecayed Angel©

From: Carla Anton
To: Marcus Thornton

Subject: St. Louis

Received: September 8th, 2006 7:41:32 pm CDT



Well Marcus, the ride back down was an interesting one for me. Once again, Angie and I climbed into that tiny "car" for the ride back down, only this time, I spread my legs as she nestled her knees between mine. Almost immediately I heard a "clunk, clunk" and being a bit on edge in the close quarters I jumped a bit.

"Calm down, it's like you're ready to leap out of this thing."

"It's just that it's so tight in here."

Reaching down, she grabbed both her shoes from the floor, showed them to me and then dropped them onto the seat beside her, "clunk, clunk." "Sound familiar?" she asked.

"Okay, look, once we get started it will get better."

"Then why don't we get started now," she said seductively, sliding her foot up under my skirt, letting it slowly slide along my thigh. Figuring this was merely a prelude to some other things, I opened my legs a bit wider and savored the feel of her foot sliding along my thigh.

Once again we caught the eye of an attendant, this time a woman, a bit older than the guys who had "attended" to us at the beginning and end of the ride up. The woman's initial reaction was a quick look of disgust, and then she quickly moved on to other "cars." Figuring either she was not into women or perhaps had a problem with feet, I returned my attention to the sensations coming from between my legs.

Angie's right foot had found my pussy and she was working her toes all over it, the slit and then up to my clit. I pulled my skirt up so I could look down and see what she was doing to me. Although seeing her big toe slip in and out of my wet cunt seemed odd, I gave into the sensations and began thrusting my hips up to meet her foot.

Glancing up at the window, I noticed the woman attendant shyly peeking in and then quickly glancing away, trying to feign disinterest. But I'd be dammed if she didn't keep peeking into the window, pausing a bit more each time to get a better look at us. By the time the "car" started moving on the downward trip, her face seemed quite flushed.

Anyway, what I thought was just a bit of foreplay, or I should say foot-play from Angie turned out to be the main course as she continued running the toes of both feet over my pussy. It was so fucking kinky that we were barely halfway down when the sensation was simply too much for me and I came just as she burrowed her big toe deep into me.

Angie then paused as I felt my cunt pulsing over her big toe. I looked down to take in the sight of her foot, with the one toe disappearing between my lips and the other toes wiggling over my lips. After she saw that I had calmed some, she slipped her toe out of me and then began working both feet in unison, the big toes, both wet from my juices would gently pinch my clit, then slide down my slit and slip into my open cunt.

It was amazing to watch and a delight to feel as slid up and down me, diddling my clit and then descending into me. She continued as I slipped and slid over the plastic seat, lifting my hips and pushing to her each time she penetrated me, and then easing back down as she worked her toes up to my clit.

I came again, but this time as I came, I grabbed both her feet and pulled them as I pushed my hips forward, shoving her toes as deep into me as physically possible. I was in the middle of that ecstatic move when the doors opened up and we spotted our "attendant," the same guy who helped us on the way up.

"I'm not going to ask if you both had an enjoyable time," he said, holding Angie's hand as she slowly slipped her toes out of me and stood up. She then turned, bent over to pick up her shoes and "accidentally" brushed her ass against him. As he helped my out, I noticed his posture was a bit odd; he kind of remained bent a bit at the waist.

As I thanked him for the help, I did glance down and noticed the distinct swelling in his pants. Oh Angie, when she was bad, she was so very good. Anyway, we wandered off a bit and watched the attendant for a bit, noting that for the next few cars he didn't stand up straight when helping the people.

Hey, I better sign off here, I just received an email from Ralph of all people. I wonder what he is emailing me about... He says he's here in St. Louis? I'll get back to you later on, I got to find out what he is doing.



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