tagMind ControlA-Cup Angst Ch. 02

A-Cup Angst Ch. 02


The door opened and Rose stepped through it. "Wow," she commented on the room's appearance. Her eyes soon locked onto the king-sized, four-poster bed. "Very nice," she said, mischief in her voice. Sandra followed her into the room and gaped openly at the decor. Rose turned around and looked her companion up and down, obviously admiring the brunette's large breasts and delicate features. She stepped closer to her and tentatively said, "You know, I've heard this room is cursed." When Sandra turned to look at her, Rose continued, "Girls who come into this room aren't allowed to leave it without cumming inside it first." Rose looked expectantly at Sandra.

Sandra seemed surprised by Rose's little declaration, then she searched Rose's eyes for a moment, looking for any sign of dishonesty. Finally, she smiled a small, shy smile and said, "I've heard that, too."

Rose beamed a radiant smile of relief. Both girls giggled nervously. She stepped into Sandra's personal space and started to gently run her fingers through the brunette's short hair. Sandra closed her eyes and enjoyed the touch. Rose brought the other girls' face down to kiss and stopped just short of making lip contact. Both the girls were breathing heavily in arousal. Rose put one hand over Sandra's big breast and said, "You look so fine."

"Thanks," whispered Sandra, while breathing heavily in arousal. "You look hot, too."

Rose whispered, "Let's try out this bed." Sandra nodded and they sat down on the bed. Sandra took a deep breath, as if to calm her unsteady nerves. Rose leaned in and started to plant little pecks on her cheek. The pecks turned into tongue laving and Sandra let out a throaty giggle of arousal. Rose took her by the chin and pulled her face around for a french kiss. Their tongues plunged in and out of each other's mouths, teasing and tasting everywhere.

Rose's hands slid down and took the straps of Sandra's short, summer dress off her shoulders. The dress slid down and revealed Sandra's large breasts. Rose hummed in approval and bent down to lick and nibble at Sandra's tits. Sandra threw her head back and moaned in delight. After a while of enjoying Rose's deft touch, Sandra pushed her back and stood up to let the dress slip off her completely. As she stepped out of it, Rose laughed at her lack of underwear and said, "Looks like someone had something slutty on her mind even before coming to this room!"

Sandra blushed and looked down in temporary embarrassment. Rose stood to kiss her again and Sandra took the opportunity to pull her halter top over her head and then undo her zipper. Rose stepped out of her skirt and Sandra smirked at her lack of underwear. "Looks like I'm not the only one," she commented. The girls embraced and renewed their deep tongue kiss. After a minute, they lay down on the big bed and Rose started to kiss down Sandra's body to her navel. She licked around it and caused Sandra to arch her back off the bed.

"Get over here," demanded Sandra lustily, "I want to sixty-nine you!" Rose placed her pussy over Sandra's and used her manicured fingers to slide Sandra's engorged pussy lips apart. Rose tossed her long, straight, auburn hair over one shoulder and lowered her head down to lick at Sandra's pussy. At that moment, the cameraman tripped and fell flat on his ass, ruining the shot.

"Cut," bellowed the director. "Goddamnit, Henry! Concentrate!" The chastised cameraman looked sheepish for causing another delay, but the rest of the crew begrudged him not. Rose and Sandra were a rare treat for the otherwise jaded crew of a porno set. They were used to straight girls, with implants and bleached hair, pretend touching one another and poorly faked orgasms. Rose and Sandra were the real deal, a pair of young, eighteen year old lesbians, that went down on one another with zeal and no faking.

Jamie Jacobs was sitting by the crafts table and smirking at the discomfort his slave witches were causing in the experienced professionals. They had done five scenes already and this was their sixth and last, but it would be their first in the finished movie, chronologically. In each scene, the twosome took the horrid lines and camera oriented choreography and made it work with sheer passion and a bit of acting. Lesbian porn was usually filmed in short order, he was told. Scenes would be shot in one take, with brief breaks before the next scene, for the girls' hair and makeup to be touched up and the lighting optimized. On this set, however, the pause between scenes lasted up to an hour, as the male part of the crew ran to the john in between takes. They stayed there for a conspicuously long time, while the slower guys ran to nearby coffee shops and closets.

Jamie smiled as he took another bite of a delicious sandwich from the craft services table. There was no potty emergency stalling the production of this video. His friend Cyrus leaned over and whispered contritely, "Jamie, I'm so sorry about this. I mean, they're experienced professionals and..."

Jamie cut him off with a wave of his hand. He swallowed his mouthful and said, "It's ok, Cyrus, I don't mind. My gals are hot, it's to be expected." The director came over and apologized about the delay, assuring Jamie that they would wrap things up in under an hour. Jamie took his apology in stride and winked at his girls, who had re-donned their slutty costumes and patiently waited for the scene to be reset.

Less than an hour alter, Jamie was walking off the set, Rose and Sandra hanging on each of his arms, wearing their street clothes. Cyrus followed a step behind them. The entire crew watched them go, hoping they'll see the girls again. Jamie noted the men were jealous of such hot girls being on the arm of an unassuming teenager. He noted the hairstylists, all attractive if older women themselves, were looking at him funny. He shrugged it off. When they came to Rose's car, she handed him the thick envelope containing the girls' fee. Jamie took half the cash and handed it to Cyrus.

Cyrus extended his hand, but then pulled it back, on seeing how much money it was. "No, no, no, no," he said, "My introduction fee is ten percent, Jamie. That's like, half the money."

Sandra took Cyrus' hand in hers and kissed it chastely, before turning it over and putting the wad of cash in it. She folded his fingers over the green and said, "We all owe you a great debt."

Cyrus stared at the cash dumbfounded while Jamie spoke, "Cyrus, man, I owe you far, far, more than you could ever imagine. Seriously, man, you got my marker, like, for ever! That little cash is the least you got comin' to you!"

"All I did was introduce you to the..." objected Cyrus.

Jamie shook his head and looked his friend in the eye, interrupting him, "That spy shit you gave me a month ago? Saved my life. Like, literally." Jamie was deeply grateful to Cyrus for giving him exactly what he needed and never asking a single question. In fact, he was wrestling with the idea of getting his slave witches to fuck Cyrus in gratitude. He had spent the last few days watching Cyrus, who had no business hanging around for the shoot, devouring his girls with his eyes. But the thought of Rose and Sandra being fucked by someone other than him, still gave him pause and pangs of jealously. For the latest time, he decided against pimping his girls out to his friend.

Rose rubbed Cyrus' arm and spoke in her silky voice, "If you hadn't done that, we would never have met."

"I thought you all went to the same high school," inquired Cyrus, mildly suspicious. Jamie felt a pang of worry. He never told Cyrus anything specific about the girls. Once again, he was impressed with not only how many people Cyrus knew, but also how much he could find out at the drop of a hat.

"Yes," replied Rose smoothly, "but we would never have 'met' met, if you know what I mean?"

Cyrus smiled warmly at the trio before him and tucked the cash away in a pocket. He and Jamie shared a smile. "There's gonna be an FPS tournament at the Civic center, next month," he said, "but I suspect you'll be having something better on your mind at the time."

"Are you fucking kidding me," asked Jamie, affecting an insulted tone of voice. "You think I'd leave you in the lurch like that? We're a team, Cy! Of course I'll be there, my own controller and everything! You just watch! And I'll be bringing our cheerleaders to distract the other teams." The girls squealed and kissed Jamie on the cheeks. Cyrus laughed and exchanged goodbyes with the threesome, before turning to his own car.

Jamie and the girls got into Rose's car and she took off towards her house. Jamie had ordered her to charm her own mother to ensure they would have a discreet place to fuck in, and teach Jamie their craft. They were supposed to meet with Sonya, later this evening, and make the final preparations for their "assault on Mount Helena Worth and her Twin Peaks", as Jamie had gotten to calling it.

Sandra looked from the back seat at the big pile of cash and asked, "Are we going to buy you a car, Master?"

"Nah," drawled Jamie in response. "This'd be enough only for a used one. Besides, why would I want a car, when I've already got a hot, redhead chauffer?" He smiled and ran his hand up and down the inside of Rose's thigh. "What would I do with my own ride? Pick up chicks?" The trio laughed. "No, no, this is seed money. You'll see."

Sonya Mitchell was walking up Rose Romano's driveway, noting her car parked in it. She was as excited as every time she was about to see her love and master, but a small part of her hung on to a sense of dread and misgiving. She rang the doorbell and confronted the part of her that didn't want her intellect taken away from her. "It's only fair," she thought to herself. She forced the fear out of her mind, only to have it replaced by hope. Hope that Jamie would not make her come into contact with his cum for another week. In just seven more days, the transformation spell would expire and she would be free from the doom hanging over her. She forced herself to abandon that line of thinking and smiled, just as Rose's mother answered the door.

Upstairs, in Rose's room, she smiled a beaming smile and declared to her master, "I've got it!"

All eyes were on her and Jamie asked her, "What have you got?"

"The way to enslave Helena," she responded happily.

"We're listening," declared Jamie.

"Ok, get this," Sony paused for effect, "She is going to cast a spell to turn Chris Welling into her perfect man!"

Sonya stood there, with a look on her face that screamed pure joy, as the others still stared at her expectantly. "And..." drawled Jamie as a question.

Sonya's confidence slowly deflated. She looked down and stuttered, "And, that might be a, um, uh, a permanent modification spell, uh, and such, and, um..."

"Do you know the exact spell," asked Jamie. Sonya shook her head no at that, and the rest of his questions. "What is her exact intent? Have you obtained a drawing of the spellform? What ingredients will she need? When is she going to cast it? Where? Is Welling already spelled to participate, or is this a sneak thing, like what you did to me? Is there an equivalent exchange involved?"

Sonya felt like a complete idiot. She contritely said, "I only found out yesterday, Master, I've not yet figured out how to find out all of those things."

Jamie sighed heavily. He shook his head as he regarded Sonya with disappointment. At length, he spoke, "I gave you six days of solo flight and this is what you come up with? Sandra and Rose spent the past six days with me, auditioning for a lesbian porno and then shooting it, and they still managed to get more info than you, who had no other task on your docket! The two of them got me all that info, that I just asked you about, all in the last six days. This was your final test, Mitchell, and you failed. Having a brain and sorcerous power is wasted on you. Get naked! You're repaying me for the life force you stole from me!"

Sonya stripped quickly and felt a blessed relief. No more fear and hope to cause a turmoil in her mind, as soon as Jamie came in her a few times, she would be his perfect slave, without any worries. She thought it fair and fitting, and found herself growing more and more aroused as Jacobs stripped before her hungry eyes.

Jamie stripped naked and concentrated. He was getting great results with a spell that made him recover his erection in under a minute, and replenish his balls at the same time. He pictured the spellform in his mind and invested it with his power. He gestured to Sandra and Rose and they applied an ointment on Sonya's genitals to make her last longer without pain or dryness. "She's already wet," exclaimed Sandra.

Jamie seized Sonya and threw her on Rose's bed, before looming over her on all fours. He signaled to Rose and the girl aimed him steady into Sonya's pussy. He slid in easily and enjoyed the tight fit. The fucking was perfunctory at first, merely a way of depositing his seed and life force into Sonya, in order to obtain the desired result. Each time he came, he was exhausted, but whenever Sonya came, he was imbued with more sorcery, and more life force, than he had at the start.

Sonya started to change as well. With each of their orgasms, she was feeling sexier. She was also acting sexier. Every time he came in her, she felt a big chunk of her worries disappear, never to be heard of again. Pure sex and joy filled up the gaps. With each squirt of semen, there was less thinking in her head and more feeling. Doubts were replaced by actions and worries gave way to contentment. Her pelvis gyrated wildly and her pussy contracted eagerly around Jamie's shaft. When Jamie rolled off her and lay next to her, the only things in her mind were the joy of sex and the Orders. Everything else was so pitiful in comparison, she found she couldn't concentrate on it, even if she had miraculously wanted to. The only people in the house were those who already knew and kept Jamie's secrets, so she felt free to enjoy herself. Her fingers found her overly sensitive pussy and kept her on the brink of orgasm.

By the time the spell was completed, despite all the fucking, Jamie was feeling more powerful than ever. Sonya was lying next to him and masturbating gently. Rose and Sandra looked at the girl in awe. Jamie sat up and regarded Sonya with a new appreciation. "Get up," he ordered her, "and stand before the mirror."

An Order penetrated through the lusty fog of Sonya's mind and, unlike every other thought in there, it did not fly away on lusty wings. It stuck around and resonated with single-minded clarity. Sonya got up and stood before the mirror, still enjoying the sexual capacity of her body in this private sanctum.

Jamie gaped at the hot piece of ass before him. While Sonya was a very attractive teenager before the spell, she became a supermodel after it. Jamie gestured for her to turn and twirl. As she showed him every aspect of her new physique, Jamie couldn't stop admiring it. She was already tall, but her long legs were now even more shapely than they were before. Atop them sat a perfect ass. There was no other way of putting it, it was perfect and the mere sight of it brought Jamie back to full mast, without sorcery. Her waist was now indented, with a flat, but smooth tummy. Together with her perfect ass and D cup tits, it gave her an absolutely perfect, yet bountiful, hourglass shape. Her face was the same as usual, except her smiling eyes now contained a predatory glare of pure, undiluted lust.

Jamie gaped at the masturbating vision of sex that twirled before him. At last, he found his voice, "Sandra, Rose, finish the preparations for Helena's ritual, ok? Then get some sleep. Sandra, you go home to bed." The two girls nodded and left the room to set about their assigned tasks. Jamie patted his naked lap and called to the former witch. "Sonya, time to fuck! Come here, girl!"

Sonya leaped at Jamie and his cock. The rest of the night passed in wild and unabashed rutting, enabled by Jamie's sorcery and the salve. Sonya was winning Jamie completely over, with her utter lack of inhibitions and a voracious sexual appetite. Long before dawn broke over their little scene, they were both passed out from all the fucking and pleasure.

Jamie was woken by his cock receiving worship. He opened his eyes and looked down to see Sonya kneeling between his wide spread thighs and swallowing his erection, repeatedly alternating between subjecting his most sensitive flesh to the fast flickering of her wild tongue, or the smothering contractions of her heaving throat. Her hands were gently cuddling his balls, from the base of his shaft all the way back to his perineum. Jamie could do nothing but endure the assault on his cock. Sonya eagerly, hungrily, drove him to greater heights of pleasure and Jamie finally came in her mouth, his whole body convulsing and making his mind go blank with orgasmic delight. Sonya kept on worshipping his softening manhood with featherlight, wet touches of her entire mouth and he finally had enough. "Stop," he ordered with a hoarse voice.

Sonya obeyed instantly. She let go of him and sat back on her haunches. She started to tease and stroke her breasts, while staring at him hungrily. Jamie shook his head. "I've created a monster," he complained, good-naturedly. He closed his eyes and rubbed the sleep out of them. "Alright, Sonya, no more thinking about sex for the rest of the day." As Jamie opened his eyes and looked to the girl kneeling between his legs, he did a double take and inhaled some spit. He scurried away from her and stared in horror at the blank face of Sonya Mitchell. Her features were all still there, all still beautiful, but there was no expression in them. Her green eyes were lifeless and unfocused. She looked like a corpse still kneeling and breathing, and Jamie's heart nearly stopped in shock as he coughed. Her face looked like the person behind it was gone. Like someone had flipped the switch and deleted the personality behind it. And he was that someone.

Jamie rolled into a ball and nearly threw up. The horrible realization of what he had done to Sonya, and the other two girls, hit him like a sledgehammer to the gut. He heaved deep, panicky breaths and rocked on the balls of his feet. He turned to look again at Sonya and yelled, "What are you doing!?" Sonya gave absolutely no response. "Tell me what you are doing," he said, in desperation.

Sonya's voice spoke without inflection, "I'm kneeling on the bed and following Your Orders." Her beautiful face remained marred by its utter lack of expression.

Rose ran into the room, naked and sporting bed hair. She cast her eyes about as she ran to Jamie and asked, "Master, what's wrong? I heard you yelling!"

Jamie nearly wept with relief to see Rose was alright. Well, at least as all right as someone who was spelled to protect, obey and love him, could be. Without looking away from Rose's worried eyes, he barked out an order, "Sonya, I order you to, from now on, act like the Sonya Mitchell you were yesterday."

"Yes, Master," responded Sonya with a smile. Both the girls scooted in close to their master at the head of the bed. Their faces were screwed up in expressions of concern as they tenderly, lovingly touched the sides of Jamie's face. Jamie couldn't take their touches, so he bolted out of bed and gathered his clothes to dress in a hurry. Guilt and remorse threatened to drown him. He had done wrong. He shut his eyes and took a deep breath. Despite being plagued by guilt, he had to set his misdeeds aside for the time being. There was still a witch on the loose and taking her powers away from her, did nothing to interfere with his newfound desire to right his wrongs.

"Rose," he said, "you go to school, the day after tomorrow, and do with Welling as we discussed earlier, ok?" Rose nodded in the affirmative. "Sonya, I order you to keep your status as my slave a secret." Sonya nodded vigorously. Jamie got fully dressed under the girls' watchful eyes. He stood up and looked at Sonya. He wondered if he could let her go on her own and trust her to not reveal what he had done, before he could come up with a way to undo his wrongs. "Sonya," he asked and then floundered for words. "Why did you act so sexual last night?"

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