tagMind ControlA-Cup Angst Ch. 03

A-Cup Angst Ch. 03


Jamie Jacobs was sprawled on Helena's easy chair as she slurped away at his hard shaft with zeal. Her smiling eyes were fixed on him, but his were cast above her at the tormented face of Sandra Grant, kneeling on the bed. Her ankles were tied together, and her hands were cuffed behind her back. A ball gag was in her pretty, little mouth. Sonya Mitchell was behind her, rimming her and holding Sandra's face up with a hand keeping a firm grasp on the brunette's short locks. Rose was worshipping Sandra's firm tits, humming with delight. Sandra's big, blue eyes pleaded with Jamie to give the order to make her cum.

He had intially deferred efforts to release his slaves until he had a better understanding of magic, but that had seemed like waiting for a train that was long since discontinued. Jamie had done his level best to learn magic at the hands of his slave witches, but all his efforts were frustrated by the lack of any rhyme or reason in the various books of magic they learned from. There was no reference frame, no unifying theme, no consensus in the various tomes. He had struggled to systemize the various writings and spot some kind of underlying principle, but he found none.

Jamie couldn't make heads or tails of it. Frequently, the grimmoires would contradict themselves within a few chapters, and each book had a different author with a completely different outlook on magic, life and the world in general. And none of them had any compunctions about setting their views down in writing. Copiously. Jamie had hoped those entries would give him some insight into their minds and thus, their workings, but all his efforts to decipher some basic rules of magic were for naught. Time was wasted.

It took him three weeks to master a simple spell to light flames.

Things changed one day, when he was doing his philosophy final. Writing the essay on existentialism, things finally clicked inside his head. He was free to do anything and, by his actions, create his identity. He could, for instance, get up, walk out, get on a train and go sit on a riverbank in Missouri and fish, if he felt like it. All he had to do was envision it, and then make it happen. Intent and action. And why would that not apply to magic as well? He was trying to mould his magic to comply with the dead writings of largely ignorant people from the middle ages of Europe and he then realized just how wrong that was. Just as he was a free person that created his own destiny, his magic had to be sculpted by his free will. He had to give it shape and rules of its own, by which it should function.

He completed his final and envisioned himself as a Jedi. His magic would come to his mind as the Force did to Jedi knights in the Star Wars movies. With a clear concept in his mind and a song in his heart, he poured all of himself into that new vision and started to feel different. Empowered. Usually, he could only feel his power when he was successfully casting a spell, or when he was cumming while making love to one of his powered slaves. Now, however, he stood in the hallway and felt his power suffuse his whole being, the whole time. It was like a thing alive inside of him. A new sense. Much like a Jedi would, he felt the presence of the people passing him by. He could tell their moods, overhear them chanting vital pieces of the curriculum in their heads, even tell when they were paying attention to him.

He felt someone's attention on himself. It was intense, but had a daydreaming quality to it. He turned and let his newfangled instincts guide his eyes to the person that was watching him and thinking of him. He found himself gazing into the eyes of Paula Garcia. They attended a few AP classes together. She blushed and looked down immediately. He walked over to her and, acting on pure instinct, he attempted a Jedi Mind Trick on her. He envisioned a magical appendage of his pass in front of her face, just like the Jedi did with their hands, in the movies, and said, "You want to come with me to the music room."

Paula and he walked over to the empty music room in lockstep and went in. Jamie was ecstatic. He had just successfully cast charm magic. He did it again. "You want to show me your breasts," he stated. Paula smiled nervously as she pulled up her T-shirt and undid her bra, letting him have a good look at her tits. They were quite nice, but Jamie was used to the big breasts of his slaves, so he didn't stick around for long. "You will forget coming in here with me as soon as you leave this room. Now cover yourself up and leave this room."

Paula obeyed his orders and left without so much as a glance back at him. He didn't feel any regret for letting her go without touching her. None of the girls at school so much as gave him the time of day until Helena started to hang all over him. Now, they began to consider him worth their attention. He shook his head in disdain. Such an abrupt change of attitude towards him, made him sick. Why did they not consider him worth their while when he was single and lonely? Nothing had changed about him that they could see.

Jamie sat down for his last exam and used his new magic to retrieve the knowledge needed for it from the other people in the room. He finished in less than half the time and left the room. Outside, he went to the parking lot and flicked his finger to pop the hood on the mad ride of one of the school jocks. His magic plucked the knowledge of a car's electric system, seemingly from the air itself, and the wires unplugged and replugged themselves elsewhere, in tune with his subtle hand gestures. A flick of his fingers closed the hood back down. "I am a motherfucking Jedi, bitch," he declared, gleefully, to no one in particular.

In the two days since, he had mastered nearly every spell he came across. His girls were delighted at his sudden, yet profound understanding of magic, but they were also completely baffled by his new concept of it. Their minds could not truly divorce the concept of magic from the image of ancient knowledge passed down to them through the aged manuscripts. Jamie didn't bother too hard with trying to get them to adopt his new philosophy. What did bother him, was that his new, magical instincts told him that he could not undo the rituals that enslaved the girls.

There was truly no magic bouncing around the girls' brains. They acted under no compulsion, but as if they were his most ardent groupies that came from a dimension where the all the religions of the world preached worship of Jamie Jacobs and science was rapidly uncovering new and compelling evidence of his awesomeness. It reminded him of that Buffy episode "Superstar", where Jonathan, pre-evil trio, cast a spell to make the whole world idolize him. Sandra and Rose still had a shot at being free, or free-ish. They still had power and could cast the ritual again, but Jamie now felt that if he named as their price that they were no longer his slaves, they would die instantly, as his original price was worded "for the rest of their natural lives". There were no backsies, especially since the girls, of their own free will, assigned absolute power over their own bodies to the original ritual.

"Still," Jamie mused as Helena made him cum in her mouth, "things could be much worse." There was a big pro to keeping each of the girls in his harem. Helena was the perfect lover for him, in and out of bed. In bed, she used all of her beautiful body to tease and please him, her rhythm completely in sync with his, her touch impossibly perfect, even in the throes of ecstasy. Out of bed, she knew exactly when to cheer him up, when to hug him quietly, how to solve his problems and even how to shop for him. His parents were over the moon that the two of them had finally become an item.

Sonya's single-minded passion in bed was addicting as well. Out of bed, however, she could be incredibly annoying. At first, she ignored everything that happened around her and Jamie was very frustrated when he had to have entire discussions repeated to her while he ordered her to remember what was being said. After a lot of effort, and input from his other three slaves, Jamie managed to come up with a series of orders to make Sonya more useful. As frustrating as being constantly mindful of her was, she did have a redeeming feature. Her empty-headedness turned her into an instant savant at any skill Jamie ordered her to tackle. Jamie was secretly glad he could find no way of releasing her, or Helena. Sandra captivated him with her shy demeanor and natural submissiveness in bed, whereas Rose's silky, alto voice was pure audio erotica whenever she came. He loved having her make love to one of the girls, while he was fucking another, as her vocal encouragements for the girl to cum, spurred him on to unbelievable heights.

He stayed hard while Helena licked his shaft clean and watched Rose and Sonya torture Sandra. He perceived their auras and envied the single-minded joy that was reflected in them. Sandra, for all of her bunched up brow and pleading eyes, delighted in being treated like a sex slave. Sonya, behind her, delighted in all things sexual, and Rose, before her, delighted in having power over Sandra. Jamie got an idea. He got Helena, whose aura broadcasted ecstasy every time she came into contact with him, to let him up. He stood before the bed and instructed her to kneel beside him and jerk him off. Helena instantly found the perfect rhythm and touch. Jamie made his aura resonate with Sandra's. He came to the very brink of orgasm in a heartbeat. It was an overwhelming sensation. His juices suddenly started to flow down from his abdomen. His balls descended and began to swell up, distending the skin of his scrotum. The pressure rose with each second and threatened to drown him in ecstasy with its release. His very awareness shrunk until he could not comprehend anything but the long delayed orgasm. His whole body was wound tighter than a drum. With a desperate squeal, he ordered, "Make her cum!"

Rose's hand snaked down Sandra's belly and manipulated her engorged clit. Sandra came with a wordless, muffled wail, and Jamie followed suit at practically the same instant. He kept shuddering in orgasm and cumming all over Sandra's front and Rose's back. Helena's strokes of his cock were perfect and they extended his delightful agony. Her hand directed the incessant spurts of cum from his shaft all over the girls' exposed skin and hair. Sandra and Jamie climaxed for a full minute. When they stopped, Jaime opened his eyes for a moment. He took in the cumsprayed tableau before him. Sandra's face was covered in his cum. Thick strands were hanging from her curls, her nose, chin and ears, and especially her nipples. Rose had cum pooling in the small of her back, and more was slowly oozing down the back of her neck. Jamie grinned weakly, and then collapsed, utterly spent. His last thought before sleep claimed him was, "I'm a one man bukkake party!"

Helena caught her falling lover and gently set him down on the floor. She looked over her girlfriends and admired her handiwork. She had sprayed Sandra and Rose with at least two cups' worth of Jamie's cum and she wondered if it still tasted the same as before this augmentation. She knelt behind Rose and licked at her ass, moaning in delight. It did taste as great as before. As Helena licked clean Rose's butt and lower back, Sonya and Rose set about licking Sandra's face and cum streaked tits. Sandra moaned in frustration, until the girls began to share their mouthfuls of cum with her. Each of the girls was under standing orders to find the other three girls very attractive, and love the taste of Jamie's cum, so they soon started to snowball his massive load between themselves. Rose tilted Sandra's head back and they all licked up a mouthful of cum, only to deposit it into her upturned mouth. Rose then forced Sandra to lie back and sat on her mouth, ordering her to, "Push all that cum into my snatch, slave!" Their tongue and cum bath lasted for almost an hour more, before Sandra overloaded and began begging for mercy in earnest.

They released her restraints and let her lie down in Helena's bed. The other three girls lifted Jamie's prone form and gently set him in bed, right beside Sandra. Helena finally got into bed with them and the two of them fell asleep, entangled with their lover and master. Rose and Sonya were not done yet, so they went to the bathroom to shower and then retired to a spare bedroom for some sixtynineing.

Jamie slowly stretched in Helena's bed. His limbs were still delightfully exhausted from last night's massive orgasm. He grinned and felt a pair of big, firm tits press against him. He opened his eyes and saw Sonya smiling at him. He hugged her close and sighed aloud. "That was incredible," he murmured. Sonya kissed his nipple and hummed her assent. "Where is everyone?"

Sonya gave his nipple a suck before disengaging and saying, "Sandra is in the shower, Rose is making breakfast, and Helena is on the phone in the den."

"Who is she calling," he asked, while rubbing her back.

"No one," she responded. "Her mother called her, earlier this morning."

Jamie groaned and looked around. His gaze fell on his own bedroom's window, sixty feet away. "What time is it," he asked.

"Eleven," she answered and then resumed kissing his chest.

Jamie sighed in delight. It was eleven a.m. on a Thursday morning and he was just waking up. "Thank goodness, school's over," he thought to himself. "I need a shower," he declared, untangling himself from Sonya and getting out of bed. She let out a groan of frustration. "You're washing my back!" Sonya squealed in delight and bounded after him, like a chipmunk.

In the shower, he let the warm water slowly rouse him, while Sonya soaped up his chest and back. She then paid special attention to his crotch and he got hard. She jerked him off and took all of his, this time, normal volumed load across her face. She smiled proudly while she soaped his legs up and then rinsed them off. She took the opportunity to wash her face, when Jamie stepped out of the shower and started applying shaving cream. She turned the water off and began to gently pat his skin dry with fluffy towels. Jamie slapped her ass, making her jump in joy, when her efforts started interfering with his shaving. She laughed and dried herself while he finished shaving.

They descended to the dining room naked, knowing that they had the house to themselves today. Sandra was helping Rose set the table for breakfast, and they gazed hungrily at Jamie's body. He still felt a bit self-conscious when they did that. The two girls felt overdressed. Sonya set a thick napkin down across Jamie's lap, taking another opportunity to squeeze his cock. They were in the middle of enjoying a hardy breakfast, when he asked, "Where's Helena?"

"Still on the phone," replied Sandra.

Jamie frowned, with his next spoonful halfway to his mouth. "How long has she been on the phone, now," he asked.

"Just over two hours," answered Rose.

Jamie's brow raised at the thought of speaking to parents for two hours on the phone. Then he shrugged and kept on eating. Helena would soon inform him if there was anything worth knowing. By noon, breakfast was over and Rose and Sandra were washing the plates. Jamie had Sonya kneel on the living room couch. He knelt behind her and groped her tits. She was aroused as always and began grinding her ass into his groin. He smiled and aimed his hard cock into her tight pussy. With one hand grasping her supple tit and another squeezing her hip, he worked himself in and out of her, with vigor, until he came. She followed him in orgasm. He pulled out of her and sat on the couch. "Fuck guilt," he thought, "this is the life. Four sexy bitches at my beck and call, how could I go back from that?" Sonya started licking his softening cock clean, unbidden. He grinned and stroked her long, brown hair.

At length, Helena emerged from the den and walked straight over to him. "My mother is coming back to town," she declared.

"So what," he asked.

"So," insisted Helena, "she's a witch, too."

Jamie's insides twisted up in knots. His mind rebelled against what was said, declaring it unheard. Rose spoke up from the kitchen, "You didn't tell us your mom was a witch."

"Yeah," responded Helena, "Mom made me promise not to ever reveal that little piece of information. She and my aunts made me swear an oath to that effect when I was a kid. Cut my palm at the same time, too. Anyhow, I thought I'd best tell you about her, now that she's coming back to town." Jamie felt like he was going to throw up.

Sandra was heard from the kitchen, "Wait, so you're the descendant of a long line of witches and they made you take a blood oath when you were little?"

"That's a good way to put it, I guess," said Helena. "All my aunts are witches. They work for the government, just like my mom. Anyway, she said she's coming to town to investigate a new power the seers had detected the other day."

"The other day," thought Jamie, fear gripping his insides, "must mean me! They're coming to find me!"

"A new power," inquired Rose, coming into the room. Sandra followed her.

"Yeah," continued Helena, "that's how she put it, and that's all she would say about it. She told me to make a lot of preparations for her arrival, and since I don't have any power, I need you guys to do the casting for me."

Jamie finally found his voice, "I am fucked."

"Yes, you are," drawled Sonya, looking at him with bedroom eyes.

"What do you mean," Helena asked him.

"I mean, I am fucking fucked," he shouted in panic. "When your mom gets home, she's going to take one look at you, see that you have no power, take one look at me, see that I have power and then I'm going to be fucking fucked!"

Rose snorted dismissively, before saying, "No one can tell who is and who isn't a witch, at a glance. There's a-"

"I can," Jamie cut her off. "I can tell the two of you have power, just by looking at you. It makes your skin glow from within."

"Shut up," exclaimed Rose in astonishment. Sandra just gaped at him with an open mouth.

"And if I can," he continued, "then, maybe, she can, too. And if she can, then I'm totally fucked!"

"No," Helena consoled as she sat down next to him, "Everything will be alright. I'll talk to mom and she's going to be cool about us, you'll see!"

"Oh, yeah," asked a sarcastic Jamie. "What are you going to say?! Hey, mom, sorry I can't continue your witchy legacy, I got drained of my power by my friend who used trickery and my kinda-sorta boyfriend to do it. But that's okay, mom, cause now I'm this newly minted warlock's love slave! Everything's great, mom!" Helena and the witches began to see the peril their master was facing. Sonya kept tickling her own tits.

"Oh," said Helena, at last.

"Yeah, oh," mocked Jamie. He stood up to get away from Helena's soothing hand and asked, incredulously, "And what's with this seers shit?! Your mom works for the Department of Fish and Wildlife, doesn't she?"

"Yes," confirmed Helena, "but that's a cover for Section."

"Section," asked a bewildered Jamie. "What fucking Section?!"

"I don't know any details, Jamie," said Helena, contritely, "My mom and her sisters kept things well hidden from me. All I know is what I managed to get my oldest cousin to blurt out drunk one night, after she joined."

Jamie rubbed his temples in frustration. There were going to be seers and a whole fucking clan of witches after him. "Sonya," he ordered, "go get our clothes!"

Sonya complied while Helena continued talking, "They research the paranormal and keep a tight lid on the magical community. Mom is tasked with hunting werewolves and my cousin is doing research on vampires, trying to make cures for diseases, and maybe even death itself. I don't know, that last part she laughed while she was saying it, might have been a joke. But, anyway, they're the good guys, I swear. Besides, I'm going to talk to mom and she's going to be cool with the two of us."

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