tagErotic PoetryA Cyber Affair

A Cyber Affair


a thank you... she sent to me
my story brought to life her fantasy
though at first she didn't know
her e-mails made me go

a faceless vixen entered my head
I'd jack-off to her... every night in bed
a note I decided to send
was it possible to be more then friends

I wanted to have a cyber affair
and wondered should I dare
should I tell her what she does to me
and the secrets... that she helped set free

I told her I'd eat her muff
lick her nipples and other kinky stuff
I sent that e-mail and began to wait
hoping... for a cyber date

I waited... wondering would she come around
day after day... no response... I began to frown
I began to give up hope
I exposed myself... felt like a dope

then it happened... an e-mail awaited me
she opened the door... both of us exposed and free
she said she'd love to lick my balls
that note had me climbing the walls

I wanked my dick and shot my seed
my horny impulses she did feed
I had to push a little more
a nude photo was next in store

and once again... I began to wait
visualizing her in her bed...
masturbating to a picture of me
but tonight she ain't alone
I too will fill my bedroom
with moans and groans

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