tagNonHumanA Daemon's Heart Ch. 03-04

A Daemon's Heart Ch. 03-04


**Thanks for the comments guys! I've had a lot of people email me about how to pronounce names, and in all honesty its whatever feels best to you. But since so many asked, Elyah is supposed to be pronounced as E-Lie-ah. I really appreciate the comments and the interest people have shown in the characters! Hopefully you'll all stick around for more. KayVamp**

*Chapter 3*

"Where did you dump the body, Marcus?"

The man sat behind his massive mahogany desk and folded his hands, leaning over files that Marcus couldn't even begin to understand. Lucas eyed his newest lackey watching to see how he would react to his latest task. Nineteen years old was a young age to experience such hurt and loss, but Marcus had seen so much more than a regular boy his age. He had witnessed the very same man before him murder his brother when Marcus was only nine at the time. Marcus had never forgiven him for taking his older brother away from him, but knew that he had to keep him pleased while he held the rest of his family captive.

"I.. she, I dumped it behind the shopping center just like you said Mr. Hart. I did everything just like you said Mr. Hart." Marcus stood before the man fidgeting with the zipper on his jacket, eyes to the floor. How could he face a man that had killed his brother and ordered such horrible things to be done to his own sister? Marcus cringed at the thought of the things he had witnessed and what he had done to the young girl Lucas despised so badly.

"What's the matter Marcus, can't handle the pressure of getting the job done?" Lucas laughed to himself as he watched the nervous boy shudder in thought.

"I thought you could handle it, you know, for your family's sake. Maybe I was wrong in trusting you with such an important job, are you sure you did as I told?" Lucas placed his hand on Marcus' shoulder making him jump.

"I swear sir, I did just like you said. I took her to the warehouse, let those guys do.. things to her and I left her to die behind the shopping center like you said. Please, don't hurt my family anymore!"

The loud sound of bone cracking filled the room as Marcus fell to the ground and blood trickled from the gash in the back of his head. "See, that's what you get when you lie to Lucas Hart. Yes, you did exactly what you said but see.. here's the problem, her body wasn't there when my men went to check on your effectiveness! That means she is alive somewhere and you failed me. I don't take kindly to failure Marcus!"

Lucas gathered some blood on his fingers and rubbed them together, "My, that's a nasty cut you've got there boy. It might cause you some trouble waking up. Let's hope you don't for your own sake." He kicked Marcus in his ribs causing the boy to cough up more blood, "Oh, and by the way, your family died three days ago. I grew bored of them just as I now do you."

Marcus blacked out as he felt hands grab his feet and drag him out of Lucas' office.

*Chapter 4*

Kael had two more days to consider her ultimatum as Elyah slept. "Why the hell would someone willingly put themselves into this?" he said as he looked at himself in the mirror. Could her family really want her dead like she said and if so, could he really make her do this just so she would be with him?

He wondered if she would hate him when she finally realized what he had done to her and just how selfish he was being. He felt stupid for expecting a beautiful human like Elyah to love a four hundred year old daemon like him, but he felt so strongly towards her. He'd never brought a human back to his home that he hadn't taken the time to erase the experience from their mind completely before allowing them to leave.

~I'm attractive enough though aren't I? I mean, I'm taller than most of the men around here, I tower over most of them for damn's sake! And let's not forget the women who practically throw themselves at me. Maybe when she wakes up she'll find me attractive and won't live repulsed by the guy who turned her.~ He paused, "IF I turn her" he said aloud.

"What the hell is wrong with me!?! How in the hell can I do this to her?" Kael picked up a glass and threw it across the room. He put his head in his hands trying to regain his thoughts, never noticing the frail girl tiptoeing down the stairs towards him.

"What the fuck!?" Kael yelled out as a hand gently touched his shoulder. He jumped to his feet and landed himself across the room before realizing that Elyah had woken up during his tantrum.

"Don't ever do that again! I could have hurt you Elyah, I wouldn't be fit to live if I did something like that to you." Kael walked cautiously towards the spooked girl and wrapped his arms around her. "You have to give me time to get used to you being around, I've not had many house guests in over four hundred years you know."

Kael felt his mood lighten as a smile and small laugh came from Elyah. He still wasn't sure that he should be this close to her, let alone holding her pressed against him. He hated the thought of possibly killing his good mood, but needed to ask the dreaded question.

"Elyah, I really hate to bring this up, but have you made your decision on if being like me is really what you want? Please, think about this thoroughly hun. It can't be undone. I'm just worried you'll hate me when you realize what I've turned you into."

Kael's eyes turned a dark blue as his sadness showed through his façade. Sighing, Elyah knew she had a long road of convincing the mammoth man/beast that held her so close. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

" I could never hate you Kael, don't ever think that again. I know you think that I have a choice in this, but I really don't. I've spent twenty-one years being mistreated and wondering what they would do to me next. Now that my father is gone, my brother cannot take over with me alive. Even if I sign over my rights to the company, Lucas cannot legally run the business. So see, I'm literally damned either way."

She cracked a faint smile at the double entendre she had just spouted off and looked into Kael's eyes. "Please Kael, you can only protect me for so long while I'm human and you know it."

Kael stared at her in disbelief of what he was hearing. "Yes, I know it, but how the hell do you?? How do you know anything about daemon/vampire rules? There isn't a book in your damn local library or anything." Kael stared at her worried about what she would say next.

"When you slipped into my dreams, something was left behind. A portal sort of, but instead of taking me somewhere, it gave me the ability to learn about your kind. I learned about how you mate, how you feed, and most importantly how you turn. So please, stop treating me like a dumb kid. I know what I'm asking and I'm prepared, well at least as much as I can be."

Elyah's eyes burned into Kael's as she mustered up the courage to ask him the one question that she could not find the answer to in the portal.

"Can we change the subject to something a little lighter? I was wondering something about you to be honest. Umm.. since you're a daemon/vampire thing, I was kind of wondering..." Her cheeks flushed a bright pink as she looked into his blue sparkling eyes. "Can you, ya know, still do... human.. things?"

Her eyes focused on the ground as she awaited his reply. Kael felt his heart flutter as she braved herself and asked what seemed to have been an embarrassing question for her. He laughed as the frail girl looked like she would die from embarrassment.

"You mean like this?" He said as he lifted Elyah in his arms and kissed her with the passion of a thousand men. He smeared sweet kisses on her plump lips, tickling them with his tongue until she allowed him to taste her. "Mmm God Elyah, you taste so good!"

The two kissed until Elyah broke away gasping for air. "Mmm yeah, that too. But I was actually wondering about other things as well. When you came to me in my dream, I really wanted to kiss you but I knew it wouldn't be as good in my dream so I waited. But now that I'm awake, I want to do so many more things to you." Elyah stared up into Kael's eyes as she ran her hands down his broad chest. She felt his muscles beneath his shirt and longed to rip it and the rest of his clothing off of him.

"Are you sure that's what you want to do? Don't get me wrong Elyah, I'd love to make you come for days if you'd let me, but what about what happened to you a few days ago? Are you sure you are ready for this?" Kael searched the girl's eyes for a sign that his words had hurt her and sat down with her straddling him before she could speak again.

"Kael, I'm a little scared. I don't know why but when I'm with you, I honestly forget everything that they did to me and I feel as if nothing ever happened. I feel so safe with you, its just that my body aches for you. Please Kael, I need you inside of me."

Kael stared into her eyes for what seemed an eternity before letting go and letting his emotions take over. He stood, Elyah wrapped her legs around him as he climbed the staircase to his bedroom. Her arms wrapped around his neck trailing kisses over his chest while he placed her gently on his bed. He was hard and he needed to be wrapped up in her body's inner embrace. He lifted the t-shirt that covered her frail but voluptuous body, kissing her body while undressing himself.

He stared as she lay naked beneath him, soaking in her beauty. His hands dove for her large breasts and squeezed them lightly, delighting in the soft moans that came from Elyah. He ran his large fingers over her hardening nipples and slowly took one in his mouth and suckled. Fire shot through his body as he felt her hands dig into his back pulling him closer. He trailed a hand down her stomach to find her sex wet for him. He slowly slid his fingers up and down her slit feeling her shiver beneath his tongue that was still suckling her nipple.

Elyah writhed under him, her body begging for release and a gentle touch. "Kael please, I need to feel you in me baby, please."

Kael's blue eyes flashed red with passion as he lined his arousal with her warm slit. She moaned as she felt the head pushing against her tight opening and dug her nails into Kael's arms as he push through sinking a mere few inches into her.

"I'll go easy baby, I swear. I'll do my best to make it all better for you." Kael whispered in her ear as he kissed her neck softly.

Elyah's body tensed as she felt his hand slide down between them and gently circle her clit as he pushed deeper into her, filling her in one slow agonizing movement. Elyah could feel every inch of him stretching her sore body and moaned in ecstasy. Kael could feel her muscles spasm around him and almost came just from her tightness. He leaned down and suckled one nipple while slowly thrusting into her. He felt her tense around him as he drove her closer to her orgasm and felt his beginning to arise. His eyes flashed red and turned black as he neared his finish and grabbed Elyah's hips, pounding into her to his finish. Elyah yelled out in bliss as he filled her with his seed, pushing it deep inside her.

Kael rolled over pulling Elyah with him, not wanting her muscles to release him. He pulled the sheets over them and slept with his arms wrapped around his love. Elyah sighed in her sleep as he stroked her hair and back while holding her close. He would address her turning tomorrow, there was no way in hell he was letting her go now.

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