tagNonHumanA Daemon's Heart Ch. 11

A Daemon's Heart Ch. 11


I took in a deep but shaky breath as I prepared myself for what was about to happen. I stole a brief glance into Kael's eyes then looked to Izadora for support.

"I've been having these dreams, nightmares really, and they keep repeating themselves. I haven't slept well since they started and it's really starting to take a toll on me. I have absolutely no idea what they mean but they scare the hell out of me."

I took Kael's silence as a sign to continue and did just that.

"I see death in them. I feel myself snapping someone's neck and taking pleasure from it, and I know it's my body doing these things. I'm not watching someone else do it, it's actually me but the strangest part is that I feel as if I'm protecting someone or maybe more than one person. I can't make out who I'm protecting or who I'm killing, but I know them in the dreams.

In the nightmares, I'm surrounded by someone trying to kill me and the other person I'm trying to protect. I fight them off keeping the other person successfully hidden from the incoming attacks. Just before I wake up, you guys burst through the door and help me and the other person out of the dark room to safety."

I took my seat on the bar stool that surrounded the island in the kitchen and waited, waited on some sort of explanation or possibly just the utter ramblings of Kael as he tried to work it out in his head. Anything would be better than the silent staring I was receiving. I definitely wasn't expecting what I got though, nothing could have prepared me for what was about to happen.

"Oh my god, Titus!"

I jumped from the sudden outburst from Izzy and wondered what the hell was going on.

"What? What's going on Izzy?"

"Something's wr-"

Izadora didn't get to finish her sentence before she collapsed into Titus' arms, her body shaking lightly.

"Get her upstairs immediately! Hurry, she's bleeding Titus!"

I yelled out to Titus as he stood dumbfounded in the kitchen. We all raced to the spare bedroom upstairs and hurried to help Izadora in anyway we could. I had no idea what to do so I stood back out of the way as Titus pulled out his cell phone and called someone named Angélique.

"Angélique come quick to Kael's, Izadora has passed out and is bleeding. I think it may be the baby, please hurry!"

As he ended the call, a white mist floated within the door frame and a woman appeared from said mist. Her fluid movement had her at Izzy's bedside within no time.

"How long has she been like this?" A calm and quiet voice asked.

"Not even ten minutes. Please help her Angélique; you know what it would do to her to lose the baby. Please don't let me lose either of them, I beg of you."

"Calm daemon child, I assure you of no loss. She has but had complications that, if she were human, would have certainly taken her and the child but this Angelis is protected by something much stronger than either you or I could even begin to imagine."

She placed a small hand on Izadora's growing stomach and a soft glow extended outward from her touch. A soft gasp left Izadora's lips before a calm silence fell over the room. Angélique's soft green eyes met mine and she breezed towards me.

It was then I noticed that the woman was not in fact in a full human shape, she was almost ghost-like allowing her to float instead of walk. Reaching out, her small hands softly grasped my face as she smiled. Her eyes never left mine as she leaned towards me and placed a kiss upon my cheek.

She spoke in an almost whisper, "You are strong enough to handle what is coming, do not let it control you. You will prevail and they will be safe, it is in your hands little one. Il est avec vous."

Another soft kiss was placed on my forehead as Angélique gently touched my stomach smiling, then she disappeared from the room leaving me bewildered. Titus and Kael both stared at me with expressions full of shock.

"Il est avec vous. It is with you. Do you think it means-"

"Yes, yes I do."

Kael's short and simple response frightened me, what in the world just happened?

Kael and Titus walked out of the room, leaving Izadora to rest peacefully for the time being. My body unfroze from the spot and made haste to follow the two daemons.

"Does someone mind explaining what the hell that was just now?"

Kael took a seat on the couch, staring out the windows into the forest that surrounded our home. A soft whimper was heard from upstairs leaving only Kael and I left in the living room. Kael stood and leaned against the floor to ceiling window.

"Il est avec vous means 'It is with you.' 'IT' being power. The power is with you Elyah, the holy mother of the Angelis deems it so, and that is how it will be."

"I'm so confused Kael, why did she touch my stomach or kiss me for that matter? What does it all mean?"

"I'm grasping at straws here Elyah, I'm a daemon so this is all new to me, but I think she means you will hold the power to defeat the evil that is coming. We've all felt it building but no one knows enough about it to pinpoint the cause. My guess is that you will be able to defeat it or you will be a part of its defeat.

As for her touching your stomach, I have no idea but the kisses were her way of acknowledging your Angelis heritage and accepting you, its supposed to be the equivalent of being blessed by the Pope or something."

"Will Izadora be alright Kael?"

"Yes, she and the baby will be fine since the holy mother Angelis healed her wounds. I don't think that would be the case if she hadn't done so to be honest."

I shuddered at the thought of losing either Izadora or the baby; I walked over to the window Kael was leaning against as he gazed out into the forest and welcomed his arms around me as protection and leaned into him. I'm not sure what is going on, but I have a feeling its going to be more important than anything I've ever dealt with. The next few days were tough on the entire house.

Kael and I watched as Titus never left Izadora's bedside for three days, his face never showing anything but hope and worry simultaneously. The fourth day brought relief to a house full of fear, Izzy's eyes fluttered open to meet Titus' tired face that shined with a smile of happiness and relief.


I writhed in my sleep that night, tossing and turning as my nightmares took over a once peaceful sleep yet again.

Dream sequence I was in a hallway that was familiar for a reason unknown to me, but I felt as if I had walked down a million times if not more. I heard the sound of people talking further down the hallway, just past a corner.

"You said she was taken care of Lucas, you assured me she wouldn't be a problem. Has this now changed, or have you lied to me this entire time? Do not play me for a fool again boy, it will not end well for you."

The voices retreated as I heard angry footsteps headed away from where I was standing. I heard the other speak softly; I barely caught it even with my advanced hearing.

"I hope you die soon you old bastard, then this company will be mine and you will no longer be a pain in my ass."

I recognized that voice immediately and instantly knew the other as well. My brother Lucas and my grandfather Roger Hart. Lucas, the one who had ordered me tortured and put to death so that he could have the family business to himself when I had never wanted it to begin with.

Footsteps headed towards my current hiding spot, sounding determined but less angry than the first set. Fear did not run through me as it would originally have before my transformation, no fear was replaced with knowledge and determination of revenge.

My breathing slowed as I summoned my inner daemonic power to cast a spell that would freeze Lucas, allowing me to successfully bind and gag him. As he made to turn the corner towards me, I let go of the spell and he stood frozen but aware of his surroundings.

"Oh hi Lucas, funny seeing you here. I thought for sure you would be up in the penthouse ravaging another lady friend, how lucky for me that you decided to speak with our grandfather instead hmm?"

I laughed a somewhat evil laugh as I bound his hands and feet. Lucas' face began to show fear as the spell began to wear off slightly.

"Don't worry dear brother; I haven't come to kill you. At least, not yet anyway. No, I feel a little payback is in order first. What kind of big sister would I be if I simply let you have the easy way out of things, what would you gain from that?"

The dream became fuzzy then cleared to a later part that I remembered very well, being the most prominent in my dreams. I glanced down at a metal chair that my younger brother happened to be tied to, his head hung in defeat and submission. The daemon blood in my body sang with joy at this sign of submission and roared to be let loose on this worthless being in front of me. I fought the struggle, barely holding onto my sanity as I walked towards my beaten brother.

"Had enough Lucas?"

He simply replied with a weak nod.

"Well, isn't that just too damn bad? Do you know what they did to me when I was in your position Lucas? Of course you do, you ordered it after all, you ordered them to rape and beat me leaving me to die somewhere public to be found by strangers. You evil bastard, did you really think it would work? Wait, you were too caught up in your own dealings to care if I actually died or not.

You killed an innocent teenaged boy that was trying to earn his family's freedom because he hadn't completely pleased you with his work. Did you know that he's the only reason I'm alive right now? Hmm? That's right Lucas; he nurtured me and fought off the scum you hired to torture me. Of course he had to leave me like he was told, but he made sure that I could at least hold on until someone found me. I only wish I could have done the same for him, but I guess he's in a better place now, somewhere he can't be hurt anymore."

I walked a circle around the chair, taking in the blood that covered the concrete floor and smiled. I looked to the burns, cuts and gashes in Lucas' arms, chest and face and smiled knowing that he felt some of the pain I had felt. The daemon blood in me took over my being, rendering me of all control.

I reached for a dagger, spinning the blade in my hand and preparing myself for one last attack. I walked to the wall furthest away from the bloodied body tied to the chair and turned to face him one last time.

"Goodbye little brother, may you rot in hell."

I raised the dagger, aimed for his chest and threw it at my mark successfully landing the dagger in my brother's heart. End Dream sequence

I woke up screaming covered in sweat with Kael shaking me, begging me to wake up. My stomach was in knots and my hands were grasping at Kael's t-shirt for dear life. Kael's large hand soothed my hair trying to calm me.

"Shh, Elyah, it's ok baby I'm here with you. You're ok, I've got you and you're safe."

He kept repeating himself to calm me, but with no prevail. That's the furthest and most vivid my nightmare had ever been and it shook me to the core. Kael yelled to Titus in the other room who came rushing in our room. I couldn't move and I couldn't answer their questions, no matter how hard I tried. My body was in shock and all I could do was pray it would end soon.


Three days, it's been three fucking days since Elyah woke up screaming in our bed and she hasn't spoken since. Not only has she not spoken, but she hasn't moved. Izadora has been sitting with her, trying to coax her out of this silent spell but isn't doing much good.

"Kael, I think I should try to speak with her through telepathy. We obviously aren't getting through using traditional methods, so I think we should try another way and see if we can help her out of this. Whatever she was dreaming about has seriously scared her enough to make her retreat into her own self, so we need to assure her that we are here and that we will guide her through whatever may come. What do you think?"

"Do what is necessary to bring her back to me, Izzy. Just, just don't strain yourself or the baby, Elyah would not be happy if you endangered yourself to help her, no matter what the reason. I trust you with my world and I know you'll do your best to bring her back to me."

I walked to the kitchen and felt hollow for the first time in months. Finding Elyah had been the best thing to ever happen to me and now I was facing losing her for good if we couldn't fight off whatever has her feeling so scared.


"Elyah honey, I know you can't speak right now but I'm going to try to speak telepathically with you. Don't be scared, I'm going to help you through this the best I can."

I sat beside Elyah on the bed; her body curled into itself in a fetal position and I softly ran my fingers through her hair. I sent calming waves trying to coax her body into relaxation, breathe deeply Elyah, soft even breaths.

"Elyah, can you hear me? It's Izadora, please try to speak to me, we are all worried for you."

"Izzy? H-how are you here? Is the baby okay?"

"Everything's fine dear. See, getting bigger by the day." I laughed as I pointed to my stomach and saw her soft smile.

"Oh, Izzy I'm so scared. I'm afraid I'm going to do something horrible to Lucas if I allow myself to wake up. My nightmare was so real this time, please help me Izzy."

My eyes watered and threatened to leak tears as she pleaded with me. I fought back the tears, knowing I needed to be strong for her.

"Tell me everything Elyah, don't leave a thing out."

I never could have prepared myself for what she showed me. It was clear that her daemon side was fighting to break free and take revenge, now I just needed to teach her to harness the evil coursing through her veins so she could safely come back to us. But how?

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