tagNonHumanA Daemon's Heart Ch. 12

A Daemon's Heart Ch. 12


Chapter 12: Izadora

I rubbed a hand over my swollen belly, my restless little one kicking my insides as I paced back and forth in the kitchen. There has to be something I can do to help Elyah face her daemon and bring herself out of this coma-like state she's been in for the past five days. It was just two days ago that I spoke with her telepathically, only to find that her daemon wants to break free and wreak havoc on pretty much everyone who has ever done her wrong.

Elyah's subconscious has shut her body down in an effort to protect herself as well as others. None of us are really handling this well, but Kael is the worst of all. He hasn't left Elyah's side once since I spoke with her; Titus has forced him to eat lately almost literally having to shove the food down his throat.

I have watched the brute of a man I once knew as strong and emotionless, besides anger of course, turn into a loving man now only to be a mere glimpse of himself as he watches his love battle herself internally. I want so bad to slap some sense into him, to wake him up from his self-pitying haze and make him help me get Elyah back but I know I can't do that until I have some sort of plan. No, he's useless to me as he is but I think I know exactly who might be able to help me. I used my mental ties to my family and friends to call on my closest friend, calling him to me for help. I placed my hands on the counter, palms down, quieted my body's emotions and whispered my dear friend's name.


A white light twinkled before me on the opposite side of the counter as he manifested across from me quicker than I anticipated. His dark brown hair framing his chiseled face, green eyes peering out at me from under long lashes, his body stood close to seven feet tall with the strength of an ox. Wearing a black wife beater and jeans, he looked like every woman's, and certainly some men's, wet dream.

"Motherhood looks well on you Izzy, its been too long since you've come home to visit."

His large arms tenderly wrapped around me and pulled me into a warm embrace that reminded me of home, hell, he even smelled like home. He pulled away from the hug and looked me over before speaking again.

"I heard what happened to you; you're very blessed that Angélique is as kind hearted as she is. I don't dare think of what life would be without you or that little one that is on the way. You have been my best friend for too long to imagine what I would be without you around."

I ushered Dominic to the kitchen table and filled him in on Elyah's current battle, praying he could help me find a resolution before we all went insane with worry. Dominic sat staring at the coffee cup I had brought him during the explanation with his brows furrowed in deep thought. I rubbed my stomach, trying to calm my kicking little boy into sleep since my insides could definitely use a rest. I was silent as I watched Dominic idly run his fingers over the rim of the coffee cup and jumped when he suddenly spoke.

"I know how to help her, but Kael isn't going to be happy and you know it."

I sighed, of course Kael wouldn't like it, they hate each other with enough fury to burn down the gates of hell. No one's really sure why they don't get along; ever since they first met the two have bickered like children but fought like men. I'm sure Dominic knew I was desperate if I called him to help in the matters, I only prayed the two could hold off until we got Elyah the help she needs.

I listened intently as Dominic filled me in on how he planned to help Elyah. We would start by telepathically speaking with her again, that much was certain but what happened after that depended on Elyah and her ability to trust Dominic. We sat there for over an hour before I decided it was time to try our luck with the daemon in the bedroom.


We walked into Kael and Elyah's bedroom slowly but confidently. I knew this was going to be bad, but Kael has to see that Dominic is our only hope! I held one hand protectively over my stomach, the other grasping Dominic's hand tightly and cleared my throat to gain Kael's attention.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

I held my breath, mentally willing Dominic to keep his cool and speak kindly to Kael even though it was quite a chore. I tightened my grip on Dominic's hand and stood stark still.

"Izadora and I know how to help her, if you'll let me I'll gladly bring her back to you Kael."

He motioned to the sleeping Elyah in the bed next to where Kael now stood defensively. I could feel the anger rolling off of him coupled with the fear he was feeling for Elyah. I felt a piece of Kael break, he knew he was unable to help Elyah, but it was killing him to let someone he despised help her. He shuffled his feet while looking at the floor dismissively, hands running over his buzzed hair, fingers locking behind his head as he looked up clearly lost as to what to do.

His eyes locked with Dominic's as he softly spoke, "I love her more than anything," he sighed sadly, "I know we don't get along but if you bring her back to me safely, I'll owe you my life."

Kael stepped back, his body language screaming defeat, and I barely heard him whisper,

"I'm trusting you with my life, she's my everything Dominic. Please don't let me down."

I felt Dominic move away from my side and watched as he walked slowly towards Kael, all the while holding my breath.

"It happened over a century ago Kael, it was a misunderstanding and I think we should both let it the fuck go," Dominic whispered the last part and I almost didn't catch it, "I'm sick of pretending to hate my best friend."

Kael nodded silently and motioned Dominic towards the bed.


I never expected Izadora to bring him here, of all the people in the world she picked Dominic. Every muscle in my body tensed as I caught sight of him walking through my bedroom door and it took everything I had not to literally throw him out.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

I demanded, barely fighting back the urge to kill him where he stood, the only thing stopping me was the disappointment Elyah would feel towards me afterwards.

"Izadora and I know how to help her, if you'll let me I'll gladly bring her back to you Kael."

I hated to admit it, but I knew he was the only one that could safely help her. I stared at my feet and ran my hands over my head, feeling the prickly buzzed hair cut as I locked my fingers together behind my head. I knew I had to let him help her, hell, I should be begging him to help her and that made me hurt even more. I was letting my anger come before my desire to help Elyah and I felt like fucking shit over it. I looked up at Izadora briefly before closing my eyes to fight back the tears.

I locked eyes with Dominic as I softly spoke, "I love her more than anything, and I know we don't get along but if you bring her back to me safely, I'll owe you my life."

I felt his hand on my shoulder and opened my eyes to meet his green ones and I could feel the pain that I saw in them.

"It happened over a century ago Kael, it was a misunderstanding and I think we should both let it the fuck go, I'm sick of pretending to hate my best friend."

I nodded a silent agreement and led him over to the bed my angel was sleeping in.


It felt good to finally tell Kael I was tired of our feud. A century of false anger towards the best friend I have ever had has taken its toll on my body, and I could already feel a weight lifted off my shoulders. I rubbed my hands together in a warming manner as I sat beside Elyah's sleeping form.

A warm soft glow became visible between my palms as I focused my strength on her, willing my abilities to calm her inner daemon. I gently placed a glowing palm directly above her heart, watching her body react as a soft gasp slipped past her parted lips. I focused on pushing her daemon back into the depths of her mind, where she could better control it and learn to deal with the ever present anger and resentment it harbored.

I didn't remove my hand until I heard a soft uneasy groan followed by the one word that let me know she was going to be okay.


I couldn't help but feel a twinge of anger that another man was touching her, but I noticed it wasn't enough to act on and I smiled to myself, once again thankful for Dominic's ability. I watched as Dominic focused his power into his hands and smiled as I saw the familiar soft glowing light emit from his hand. I smiled to myself as I remembered the times I had seen him glow from head to toe, unable to fully control his powers yet as a young fae learning his ethereal ways.

My fists clenched together in fear when I heard a gasp coming from Elyah, certain she was in pain. I forced myself to stay still where I stood and continued to watch as Dominic's glowing aura covered over Elyah's entire body. Her limbs grew stiff before releasing into what seemed like a peaceful sleep, my heart dropped as she groaned out only to speed up almost bursting from my chest as she whispered the one thing I longed to hear. It was whispered, hoarse and broken as if said in pain, but it was the best thing that had ever crossed her lips.


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