tagNovels and NovellasA Dangerous Legacy Pt. 02

A Dangerous Legacy Pt. 02


Chapter Four

The sun was high when I opened my eyes. I was achy and tired in the most pleasant way, tucked under the covers alone in the center of my bed. The clock said it was almost noon, the latest I had slept since this adventure began.

I struggled out of bed and made my way to the bathroom where the candles had burned down, a reminder of the night's passion. I did the necessary, brushed my teeth, and combed the tangles from my hair. I looked tired, but had a definite glow. I suppose after that night any woman would, but I couldn't help but feel the passion was unfinished.

Perhaps they wanted to save penetration for when we were alone, one-on-one. The thought of that made my knees weak, wondering at their different styles. Then I tried to imagine what it would be like with all three of them together and I had to sit down.


At Julian's call I grabbed my robe and belted it tight over my naked body, slowly opening the bathroom door and perking around. "Yes?"

He'd set a tray of food down on the dresser and was making the bed. Diego had trotted in, happy to see me, but sniffing the air.

"Good morning, or should I say afternoon?" I called.

He looked good in tight blue jeans and a green t-shirt one shade lighter than his eyes. His hair was damp and pulled back into a ponytail. In the early afternoon light he looked fresh and clean, like a painting of an angel. "Good afternoon. We thought we'd let you sleep in. I brought you brunch."

"Thank you. I shouldn't eat in bed. I want to get some writing done."

"Enjoy breakfast, the writing will wait. I'll set it up in the sitting room if you want to dress first."

I did but my stomach chose then to rumble loudly. Flushing, I shook my head. "I am rather hungry."

Brunch turned out to be a small filet mignon sliced thin with Hollandaise sauce, scrambled eggs with cheese and some of the previous night's chili, and whole wheat toast. There was orange juice and coffee as well, and he'd made the coffee perfectly with the right amount of sugar and cream.

"This looks delicious."

He sat with me on the love seat and passed me a napkin and utensils. "Eat up. Protein is good."

I was surprisingly comfortable with him in the daylight. I guess sleeping in someone's arms would do that. I still felt great puzzlement at the night, despite the pleasure.

Halfway through after several bites I sat back contented with the food, but nervous. "Pierre said the reason why...my begging did no good, is that the timing wasn't right. What does that mean?"

"Darling, don't you know that hunger is the best sauce?"

To underscore this point he opened my robe, exposing my breasts to the cool air. Diego, well mannered, padded into the bedroom leaving us alone. Julian dipped his finger into the Hollandaise and trailed it over a nipple.

I moaned in equal dread and anticipation as he bent down and licked it off. Shockingly arousal bloomed anew.

"You like a bit of mess, don't you?"

I shivered to know he'd realized one of my secrets. "Yes," I sighed.

He grabbed the one unexplained pot off the tray and held it up. I smelled frosting. "I believe you would be more of a sweet splosher."

He knew the term, and hearing one of my fetishes made juices gush from my pussy. I could only whimper as he pressed me back into the couch and slipped off his shirt. I knew my eyes were as wide as saucers at the promise of something I'd so long been without.

Then he offered me the pot. I took a glob of frosting and held his gaze, trying to keep my breathing even and deep.

"What do you want to do with that?" Julian asked knowingly. There was still a shy little boy in his eyes, though his voice, face, and body were all hungry man and leashed need.

I spread it on his chest, smoothing it over the light sprinkling of golden hair. I couldn't help the whimper at that, and Julian made an answering rumble. When it was all on him he leaned in close, holding my eyes as he rubbed his chest against mine.

Shivering I rubbed back and raised my hand, still frosted, up to his face. Cupping it, I brought his lips to mine. He trembled in my arms, and when I licked the seam of his lips he opened for me. The power I felt in that simple gesture fueled my desire, but soon he took control. I felt him scoop out the rest of the frosting and press it between us.

Suddenly he pulled back and lifted me to my feet with him, the robe fluttered to the ground. He massaged the frosting into my breasts as I gasped for air, pulsing with desire.

"This is what you wanted last night, wasn't it?"

How did he know? "Yes. I wanted your cum, all of your cum, on my tits. I wanted to feel you massage it in."

He closed his eyes and shivered. "I thank the goddess for you."

Twice now a goddess had been mentioned, and I'd been portrayed as a gift. I wondered at the unusual phrasing, but I was caught in the moment.

"Fuck me, Julian. Please fuck me!"

He stopped then, pulling back his hands curled into fists. "Go lay on the bed."

Yes! I nearly ran back into the bedroom and let Diego outside, laying down on the bed to lick my lips. He strode in, pants still on, the white frosting nearly glowing on his tanned skin. He opened my nightstand drawer.

"I don't have any condoms," I said quickly.

"We don't need any."

"No, Julian, only safe sex."

"Indeed." He pulled out my favorite toy, a little three inch vibrator for my clit. It had been my sole companion sexually for two years and I hadn't used magic to replace it. Seeing him touch such a private thing seemed equally embarrassing and arousing, a strange feeling.

"What are you doing?"

"Lay back, Anna. Please."

I did, wondering just what was afoot. He knelt on the bed and stopped. "I wish I could paint you, just like this. Your eyes are like a stormy sea when you're aroused."

I bit my lip as he turned on the toy with a little twist. Holding it aloft, he smiled, and then he settled along my side. He wrapped one arm around me, drawing me close, and the other brought the toy gently down on my clit.

Crying out I grabbed for him, twisting my body to undo his pants. The toy left and he pushed my hands away.

"Please, Anna, let me pleasure you."

I was caught. What women wouldn't want to hear those words? Still, I wanted to pleasure him. I wanted to lick the frosting from his chest, I wanted to discover the taste of his cock. I wanted him on edge and begging so that when he fucked me, it was hard and raw.

His eyes darkened. "Good things come to those who wait."

If this was my test, I was likely going to fail miserably. Soon they would have to sleep with one eye open as I feared becoming some kind of succubus.

"Please," he breathed gently, and the sound of the plea in his husky voice did me in. I relaxed and nodded, and quickly the toy returned. Julian curled down and began to lick the frosting from my skin, using his teeth gently.

I'd been using the toy so long my body was used to it, and I was so damn aroused I came with embarrassing ease. It couldn't have been two minutes before I was thrashing, crying out, locked in place only by his arm.

He withdrew when the tremors passed, and turned the toy off. I cried out, a broken sound. "Why!? Why won't you fuck me!? Don't you want me?"

He took my hand and rolled partially to his back. Under his guidance I gripped his massive erection through his rough jeans. "Does that feel to you like I'm not desperate to be inside you? To feel that tight channel gripping me? Do you think I wouldn't kill to feel you cum while I'm buried in you, hear you scream my name as you drench me?"

I shivered uncontrollably at those seductive words. "Then do it. Take me. Any way you want. Just fuck me!"

With sad eyes he rolled away and stood. "It's not time yet. For the next four days let us pleasure you. Just give yourself over to us freely. I promise you that you will be rewarded."

I sat up. "It's not enough, Julian. I'm not that selfish. I can't just take and take and take. I need to bring you pleasure. I need to see you cum, feel you shake. If you won't fuck me, let me suck your cock, stroke it, do something, anything!"

He closed his eyes and stood statue-still for a moment. Then he suddenly moved and tucked the toy away, shutting the nightstand drawer. "Not today. In the night we will take our pleasure, but the days are all for you."

I watched him leave and when the door to the hallway closed I threw a pillow at the wall and groaned. I was sated but more frustrated than I could ever remember, and I needed a shower.


I grumpily kicked Andre out of my office so I could write. Diego came with me and napped on the couch as I sat at the computer staring at the cursor blinking with no words to put down. All my research surrounded me, the few contemporary accounts I could find, copied legal records ordered from Italy and translated, all I needed.

Funny that until these three men had come into my life just three days earlier, I thought I had everything I'd ever wanted. I couldn't write then because writing is art, and art is suffering. But now I was suffering a special kind of hell, yet I still couldn't write.

What was this test exactly? I had three men supposedly there as my butler, driver, and cook, but they didn't act like servants. I was to take them as my lovers which meant every kind of pleasure but that bone-deep soul-right pleasure of taking them into my body in the most satisfying and primal way possible. I was asked to live with them, take them as my lovers, but none of us could question one another about anything from the past.

It made no sense. The first test of changing myself seemed to be a test to judge my grasp of reality as well as base desires. The second test was to judge my ability to interact with the world when given unlimited freedom. I could have conjured a device to freeze time and started robbing banks, but I hadn't. Those tests had been plainly one to test my moral character and intellect.

This trial...what was it to prove? If I could question the men I might know more, but that rule forbidding any discussion of the past prevented it. Still, sometimes they softened and let small things slip.

Pierre was my best hope, and according to the schedule Julian was out shopping, Andre was running errands, and Pierre was in the gym. I found him lifting weights to CCR blaring out over the speakers. He was shirtless, wearing loose black pants, his hair tied back.

He was lifting what looked like an impossible amount of weight in a bench press, and I let myself admire his muscles. An ancient, deep, purely feminine part of my soul purred at the sight. There was just something in my DNA that would always be Jane searching for her Tarzan.

He clanked the weights down and wiggled gracefully around the barbell to sit up, grabbing a towel.

"Hello there, and how did you sleep?"

I thought about the tub and blushed deeply, folding my arms in the fruitless attempt to hide the sharp pitch of my nipples. "Very well. I want to ask you something, but I don't know if it violates the no-past rule."

"What is it?" He grabbed a water bottle and I watched the play of muscles, debating for a moment. A man exercising has higher testosterone, and that often meant an upswing of libido.

Perhaps a more sexually confident woman would peel off her shirt and slink over, but I just couldn't do it. "What's your last name?"


"Good wolf?" I asked, eyebrows raised.

"It's French, from the middle ages."

"What about Julian and Andre?"

"The same. We are not exactly full blood brothers, but explaining it all does violate the rule."

He stood and crossed to me. I was in my socks and so he was taller than me for once. Sweat slicked his skin and made him look like some god that should be dwelling on a chapel ceiling, or in a Playgirl centerfold spread.

He hooked his towel behind my head and jerked me to him. Startled I yelped and braced my hands on his chest. Holding me still he kissed me deeply. By the time he pulled back grinning, I wasn't sure my knees worked.

Instead of a sensual assault he walked to another station and began loading dumbbells. "You're welcome to stay and watch me, but if you keep looking at me that way I won't be held responsible for what I do."

"How am I looking at you?"

"Like you've been in the desert for weeks and I am an oasis. I'm flattered, but there is only so much temptation a man can take."

"Right, not the right time," I grumbled and turned to leave.


"Yes?" I stopped at the stairs.

"What's your last name?"

Alessandra hadn't told them? I turned back and smiled. "It's Finnegan."

One dark eyebrow rose at that. "Miss Finnegan. It suits you."

"It seems to me BonLoupe would imply a strong animal drive. I guess I should start calling all of you Mr. Slow-Poke."

His laughter followed me upstairs. Since I'd woken late and not finished my breakfast I was hungry, but it was too close to dinner for a full meal. I cut a slice of crunch cake and poured a glass of milk, then added a few crackers with slices of cheese and pepperoni for something savory, and disappeared into my office.

I shared the food with Diego and started searching for the men on line. An hour later I was frustrated with lack of results. All I found was a mere mention of the surname in a family in the early fifteenth century that was one of two to survive in a village destroyed by plague.

Maybe they were in a band, like the Ramones. Maybe the names weren't real. Maybe this was Alessandra's idea of a joke.

Julian was back and making dinner when I emerged, Andre was gone, and Pierre had been called to join him shopping. I offered my help which seemed to offend Julian, so he chased me and the dog out to the yard to play.

We played tag and tug, fetch and wrestling. What did it mean for him to be my familiar? He was my best friend, I thought of him as my son. He was spoiled, cosseted, and adored. Whatever elevation being a familiar meant, I'm sure we'd both be happy with it.

I saw the Porsche pull up as Diego and I were playing our third game of tug. Minutes later the door to the yard opened and Andre and Pierre came through carrying lots of bags.

"Hi," I said with a smile. "What do you have there?"

"Amusements," Pierre said. He passed me first and give me a quick kiss on my nose, and I saw he was carrying bags from American Science & Surplus.

"Basic supplies for a project we've been working on," Andre said. He stopped and gave me a real kiss as Pierre headed inside. "Feeling better?"

"Sorry for feeling grouchy and being such a bitch when I got up."

Andre's eyes sparkled with knowledge. "I promise you your patience will pay off."

I felt his words to my frozen toes, but chose to deflect. "Project? I guess that can't be discussed. Nothing dangerous, though, right?"

"Not at all. You're perfectly safe. Let's go in and get you warm, Anna, your hands are like ice."

I nodded and patted my leg as I turned. Diego fell into step and we came inside to the warmth of the kitchen and the smell of something savory and delicious on the stove along with fresh baked bread, and hot chocolate.

"Hot cocoa?" I asked.

Julian handed me a mug and took my coat. It smelled like heaven, real chocolate and not some powder mix,, and there were marshmallows on top.

"God, thank you, you're an angel."

Pierre walked back and laughed. "She really has a thing for drinks."

"I'm an Epicurean. We find joy in all food, but there is something about the right drink at the right time that does the soul good. Come on, Diego, let's go watch a movie before dinner."

"We have just one hour before dinner. Beef stew tonight," Julian warned.

"Duly noted."

I took my cocoa and the dog followed me to the living room. From the credenza in the hall I pulled out a Milkbone and tossed it to him. Diego caught it and trotted into the living room with his booty.

Andre followed us in. "Pierre hooked it all up. We have Netflix."

"I don't know how to use it."

"Allow me."

We sat on the couch and Diego jumped up beside me, Andre settled in close on the other side. He wore a black t-shit and jeans with motorcycle boots, looking every inch a bad boy. Still, he was warm and I felt no shame as I snuggled into him. He lifted his arm and put it around me and cuddling felt as natural as breathing.

Working a remote that looked like it belonged at NASA, Andre's fingers were dexterous and quick. The giant flat-panel TV came on as did the surround sound, and he changed the feed to a computer and then got to NetFlix.

I thought for a short moment, realizing time was limited. "Less than an hour, so a TV series would be good, one hour would be forty-two minutes."

"What do you like?"

"I haven't seen Top Gear in a while. The British version."

"Let's find a new one." He did in short order.

It was funny, and relaxing. I finished my cocoa and cuddling with him, feel warm and safe. If Alessandra didn't want me bonding with the men...well, sorry for her. I liked them, very much. Andre was kind, smart, a good leader. Pierre was smart, funny, and gentle. Julian was creative, smart, and seemed to live outside of the box.

I couldn't ask for three better men to be my companions. Throw in that they were the most sexy men I'd ever laid eyes on and... If I wasn't careful, I'd be a goner. But why fight it? I was a new me. It was a new life. The test made no sense, so why did I have to?

Pierre came up from the basement and joined us. I shooed Diego down to the rug and Pierre took his spot. "Top Gear? Nice. Andre, why do you get the girl? Share and share alike."

"Excuse me?" I sat up. "I am a person."

"Put your legs on my lap and use Andre as a pillow. I promise you you'll enjoy it."

"He's right," Andre rumbled. Lifting his arm, he helped me turn until I lay back against his broad chest while he half turned. My feet rested on Pierre's lap, and immediately he picked one up and began to massage my feet through my thick socks.

"Oh, that feels good."

"Told you," Pierre chuckled.

It was hard to concentrate on the show. We were fully clothed, Pierre merely touched my feet and Andre simply held me, but my mind turned to the fantasy of what would happen if Julian walked in, and the night began early.

Soon I was uncomfortably wet, worried they would know and think me an unrepentant slut. Well, when it came to them I was. More and more by each moment all I wanted was to know them in every way possible.

"Dinner's almost ready!" Julian called.

"Coming," Andre said.

He kissed the top of my head and extricated himself to go and set the table. I was left with Pierre who stopped me from rising.

"Relax, let me finish. Did you write anything today?"

Sighing I pillowed my hands behind my head. "I couldn't concentrate. Too frustrated."

One hand ghosted up my leg and stroked the seam of my crotch, damp through my panties, and I felt my face explode. "Good," he chuckled.

"I should change before dinner." I yanked my legs away and scrambled to my feet, Diego doing the same in excited alarm. "I'll be right down."

I wanted an outfit where any dampness would be well hidden. I picked a dress better suited to spring, adding an old fashioned slip and a cardigan to go with it. I cleaned myself up and removed my damp panties, then put on a garter belt and stockings, sliding new panties over. Easy to change, or if fun happened, easy to take off.

Indeed I was a new person, I realized looking into the mirror. It wasn't the physical or mental changes. No, I had always been a certain person. In a world of uncertainty I had been so sure of who I was and what I wanted that I had become a living statue. Even with the power in my grasp to have everything I ever wanted I still knew what I had wanted: to see this through to the end and marry my old goals with new ones.

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