tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Dangerous Obsession Ch. 02

A Dangerous Obsession Ch. 02


Author's Note – [I suggest you read the first part of this story as to not take some parts of the piece out of context. As part one was in the exhibitionist category, I have placed part two in the non-consent section of the site. I do not feel that either story is necessarily categorized correctly however, feeling that overall the story is perhaps an "Erotic Thriller." I hope you read the entire story before you give it the rating you feel it deserves.]


Bailey cried out as her attacker grabbed her by the hair of the head. "Come on bitch," he yelled as he tugged her forward. Reaching up with both hands, she grabbed him by the wrist, attempting to free herself. She could feel the rock hard muscles in his arm tense and tighten as he pulled her behind the building. There, she let out a whimper as she was thrown to the ground.

Sitting upright Bailey crossed her arms across her chest, cupping her exposed breasts with her hands. She didn't dare to look up, keeping her eyes to the ground. She could tell there were now three other men standing around her. Her body shook, not from exposure, but from the sheer terror she was experiencing. This was not what she had planned for. Her uncontrollable cravings for risk and excitement had drove her to more and more dangerous situations. She knew she had a problem, and she had tried to control her odd and perverse desires, but now she was caught and wished for nothing else but to return to her boring and uneventful life.

Without raising her head Bailey shifted her eyes upwards. Looking at their bodies, she could tell by the clothing they wore that these were the boys that had been chasing her earlier. She gazed over at the one that had grabbed her by the hair. She could see an intricate design of tattoos running up both arms of the youth. Prominently displayed in the design on his left arm was a set of hands, pressed together as if they were praying. On his right hand she could see a small tattoo between his thumb and index finger. It was a small five-point star. Slowly gazing around, she noticed that each of the men around her had the same star on their hands.

"Luis," the tattooed boy commanded. "Tell Peanut to bring he car up."

She watched as the one she assumed was Luis quickly turned and ran to the other side of the building. Her mind was in a daze and she felt as though she were watching some sort of movie. She wanted to cry, but no tears came from her eyes. It was as if this was happening to someone else. She wished she could simply sprout wings and fly away.

"I don't know where the slut was going," the tattooed man remarked as he looked at his friends. "Fucking bitch is fast, too." The others laughed as they looked down at their captive. "Hey Slut!" he said as he glared down at her. "What the fuck are you doing out here?"

Bailey trembled but remained silent. She brought her knees up to her chest, trying to shield her exposed body.

"Yo, bitch!" the boy again yelled. "What the fuck are you doing, naked, running through our hood?"

Just then Luis came running around the corner. She noticed he was a slender youth with a pencil mustache, and wore a black headscarf like the one that the tattooed one had lost earlier. "Hey Gino," he said. "Peanut wants to know if you want him to drive around to here."

"What the fuck," The tattooed boy responded as he flailed his arms. "I said bring the car up. That means ... bring the fucking car up." He watched as Luis nodded and again disappeared around the corner. Gino shook his head in disbelief and turned his attention back to the frightened girl. Giving an angry look he slapped Bailey firmly across the top of the head.

Suddenly Bailey found the tears she had been looking for. Her face was hot and flushed, and she could feel her eyes swell and weep down the side of her cheeks. "I ... it ... it was just a game," she said sobbingly. She buried her face between her knees and crossed her arms across the top of her head.

Gino reared back and cocked his head. "Game?" he said with a laugh. "What kind of fucked up game are you playing?" His friends chuckled as Gino began to pace back and forth in front of the girl. "Did you win the game?" he asked with a grin.

"Yo Gino," one of the other boys spoke up calmly. "We need to get out of here. Let's take her over to Robert's." The boy pointed to the other side of the vacant lot. "It's just over there."

Gino nodded. "Yeah. You and Snyper run on over there. We'll bring her over in a few." Bailey watched as two boys turned and ran across the lot, towards one of the homes across the street.

Suddenly, she heard the rumble of the car's exhaust moving closer. As the vehicle's headlights came into view, Bailey brought one hand up to her brow and shielded her eyes. She watched as the back of the building was slowly flooded with bright white illumination, the boy's shadows growing longer and stretching across the lot as the car pulled up and stopped.

"Stand up cunt," Gino commanded. As she rose to her feet he grabbed Bailey by the arm and roughly marched her to the back of the car. He then pounded on the rear of the vehicle a couple of times and yelled for Peanut to open up the trunk. She could see the driver quickly open the door and jump out of the driver's seat. He was a stocky youth with a wide frame. The cap he was wearing was tilted slightly off his head and she could see his short, buzzed hair cut underneath. With keys in hand, Peanut unlocked the trunk and pushed the lid fully open. "Get in," Gino said calmly.

Bailey hesitated, and soon felt Gino's grasp as he clutched the back of her hair. She winced and grimaced as he pulled her close to his face. His head was shaved smooth and he sported a goatee that was trimmed close to his chin. For the first real time she looked into his eyes. They were black and cold, and she could see anger dwelling deep inside him. Giving a stern look, Gino once again commanded, "Get in."

Still sobbing Bailey climbed over the back of the car, into the cramped compartment. She pulled herself into a fetal position as her body quivered in fear. She could smell the sickening odor of the vehicle's exhaust as she watched Gino smile and slowly close the trunk lid shut. As the darkness enveloped her, she found herself bawling uncontrollably. She then remembered Gino's tattoo, the hands pressed together. She began to pray.


It had only been a few minutes since she had been locked in the trunk, but to Bailey it felt like an eternity. She could feel the car moving and turning as it made its way down the roadway. Her mind raced with morbid thoughts of what might happen to her. "Where are they taking me?" she asked herself. There were so many boys. She had to find a way out.

Her heart raced as she felt the vehicle come to a stop. As the trunk lid opened she shielded her eyes and found herself being forced into the harsh outdoor lights of a stranger's home. Gino grabbed her by the arm and shoved her forward, her naked flesh fully exposed for all the world to see. As he pushed her up the stairs of the front porch she looked at the house, its once white paint chipped and hanging in shreds from the weather boards. The home's windows hadn't been cleaned in years and were so dingy she could barely see through them. Reaching the top of the steps, she glanced at the sad remnants of the screen door that hung in the front doorway. Its aluminum frame was dinged and warped, and the screen was ripped with one corner hanging free. Gino pulled the door open and pushed her inside.

"Where's Robert?" Gino asked as he walked into the living room of the home. The man they called Snyper stood between the entrance of the living room and dining room, across the room from the front door, his black ball cap turned backwards. He rolled his eyes and pointed to his right, at the other side of the living room. There they could see a frail looking man slumped into the comfort of large green sofa at the exterior wall, next to the front door. His eyelids drooped as he raised his arm up to wave, the tourniquet and needle still hanging from his arm. "Aw man," Gino said in disgust. "Somebody pull that shit out of him before that fucker kills himself."

Bailey watched as Luis made his way over to the junky. She then turned and surveyed the room. It was like some throw back from the 1970's, its wood paneled walls and dirty green shag carpet. The home was strewn with clothing and food wrappers, and smelled musty and dirty like the inside of a garbage can. A mismatch of furniture sat haphazardly around the area, a tattered plaid couch sat at a wall across from the green sofa, and a large wooden coffee table was positioned in the middle of the room. At the far end, she could see an old recliner, its cushions ripped and frayed, exposing the yellow foam underneath. Her eyes were then drawn to a picture of Jesus hanging on one wall above the plaid couch. Turning back she could see a poster of a naked woman pinned to the wall just across from it.

Gino walked over to the coffee table and with one swipe of the hand cleared the trash that had been setting on its top. Bailey watched as he shoved a large glass ashtray off the table and into the floor, the ashes, cigarette butts, and remnants of marijuana roaches spilling across the room. "Sit," he ordered as he looked at her with a stern gaze.

Bailey didn't hesitate. Making her way around the rubble, she plopped her butt down on the wooden furniture and again crossed her arms across her breasts. She kept her knees close to her chest and tight together, while looking down at the carpet. She feared what might happen if she made eye contact with any of her captors.

"Where the hell is Rafael?" Gino asked as he looked around house.

Snyper straightened up in the doorway. "He ran over to see if Marco is coming." She watched as he brought a cigarette up to his lips and slowly inhaled, the fiery end of the smoke glowing bright orange. "I think he said he was gonna bring back some beer too."

Bailey could only assume that Rafael was the boy that had left the bar with the one they called Snyper. She wondered to herself how many people were coming to this quickly developing party. She sat stoically, trying not to make a sound. Gazing over at Luis, she saw him finish tending to Robert and ease over to the recliner. There, he sat down, gave a sigh, and pushed the chair back.

"Get the fuck up," Gino ordered, looking over at Luis.

"Shit!" Luis complained while hopping up to his feet. "I never get the good seat."

Gino shook his head as he sat in the chair and relaxed back into the cushions. He then looked over at his prize, shivering and frightened. He looked on as she tried to cover herself, fidgeting and squirming. Her body was scratched and dirty, and her hair was disheveled. Despite her current appearance he could tell she was a beautiful girl. "Man we been chasing this puta all night," he quipped. "Fucking bitch made me lose my do-rag too." He looked over at Bailey. "Show me your arms," he commanded in a loud voice.

Bailey looked over at Gino and timidly extended her arms out in his direction. He leaned forward, looking closely at her forearms and hands. "Bitch ain't no junky," he said looking at the others. "What kinda fucked up game is this cunt playing?" Bailey looked around the room, and watched as Luis and Peanut sat down on the plaid couch behind her. Snyper still stood in the doorway, smiling from ear to ear, and displaying one gold tooth amongst a set of pearly whites. Robert remained motionless on the sofa. Bailey began to feel as though she was a pet on a leash as the men talked about her.

"What kind of game you playing bitch?" Gino asked.

Bailey sat silent, hesitate to move and keeping her eyes down. Her mouth was dry and parched from the running and excitement she had experienced throughout the night. Looking at her body she could tell she was dirty and scratched from her attempts to escape and the rough treatment she had received.

"Bitch!" Gino screamed as he slapped his hands together. "If I have to ask you everything twice, you're gonna piss me off." He took a moment and calmed himself. "Now," he said with a composed tone. "Tell me what you're doing."

Bailey's bottom lip puffed out as she mumbled and tried to find the right words. "It ... it's ... something I do for excitement," she stuttered. She listened as they all snickered under their breath. She could feel them looking up and down her body. There was no need for them to undress her with their eyes. She was experiencing what she had, until that night, avoided, she was caught bare and vulnerable.

Gino looked at Bailey with a puzzled gaze. "You like to run buck ass naked for fun?" he asked.

Bailey nodded and sniffled.

"Well hell," Gino said eagerly as he leaned back in the chair. "If you want excitement, we can give you excitement." He looked around the room as all the others shook their head in agreement. He extended his arms up and rested them behind his head. "I think all of us can give you the excitement you want."

"Gino," Luis said as he stood up. "Dat bitch has got some fucking hot lips, don't she?"

Gino grinned. "Looks like this bitch got a nice everything." He looked at her and again smiled. "Snyper! Put some tunes on." Snyper turned and pushed a button on an old stereo system that was standing on the floor next to him. Suddenly the room filled with music, a Latino song that Bailey did not recognize.

Snyper then walked over to the girl and pulled her to her feet. She flinched and turned to face him as he patted her on the butt. Leaning forward, he whispered, "Been a long time since I tapped a sweet white ass like yours."

A shiver ran up Bailey's spine. "No ... no ... no ... please!" she begged as she fell to her knees. Turning her head in all directions she looked at the men around her. She glanced back at Gino and pleaded, "I can give you money! Please! ... I have a car! You can have it!"

"Awww, that is fucking sad!" Snyper exclaimed. "Do we have to listen to this shit?" Snyper looked over at Gino as he sat grinning from ear to ear. "Come on man, let's fuck this bitch now."

Gino only grinned and shrugged.

That was all the signal Snyper needed as he quickly pulled out of his shirt and began unbuckling his pants.

Snyper's move excited Luis, and he again sprung from the couch, letting out a "Whoooo Hoooo!" He too began shedding his clothing, and tossing them in pile in the corner of the room. Peanut remained seated, his arms up and his fingers interlocked behind his head. Robert remained dazed and confused, still zoned out on the sofa.

Gino pulled off his shirt and again leaned back into the chair. He decided he wanted to watch for a while before he showed her what a good time really was. He licked his lips as he watched Bailey twitch in misery. Her torment excited him, and he could feel his pants begin to bulge.

Snyper now stood in the room completely naked. He was a muscular youth with well-defined arms and legs, and rippled six-pack abs. He had several tattoos displayed across his chest, but one on his arm caught her attention; it depicted a naked woman with a sniper's crosshairs aimed at her chest. Bailey could see his semi-erect cock as it dangled between his legs. It was long and thick, and she imagined the pain she would feel if he made good on his threat to sodomize her. She watched as he slowly made his way behind her, wrapping his arms around her and groping her perk breasts. He smelled of sweat and beer, and she could feel his hot breath on her neck as he leaned forward and licked her under her ear.

Luis was now also naked, accept for the do-rag still covering the top of his head. He was a skinny youth, obviously much younger than the rest of the gang. Bailey looked in horror as his fully erect member stood at attention, ready for action. He moved up close in front of her, snickering and giggling as he looked up and down her body.

Bailey resigned herself to the fact that she was about to be raped. She was going to be taken in ways she had never known, and never desired to know. She trembled as she felt Snyper's wanting penis probe her backside. She could feel it growing harder with every brush against her tingling flesh. Trying in some way to escape the fear she felt, she looked away to the wall where the image of Jesus hung in its frame. It was then that she noticed the horns that had been drawn onto his head with a black ink marker. The realization made her body shudder and she began to bawl.

"Bend her over," Luis said laughingly. "I want those lips around my cock right now."

Snyder pulled Bailey back, and moved her again over to the coffee table. There, he bent her forward, forcing her onto the furniture on her hands and knees. He slapped her ass and ran his hand across her quivering mound. He looked back at Gino, still seated on the chair directly behind them. Reaching down he spread her pink labia open, fully displaying her womanhood to his friend. Giving a nod he moved his hand up and between her firm cheeks.

She could feel Luis' hand as he grabbed her by the hair and forced her head towards him. She was paralyzed with fear and closed her eyes. "This is not happening," she said to herself. "Any moment I'm going to wake up and this will be a bad dream." She tried to think of some other place, a happy time in her life, but each time she was poked and prodded by her assailants, bringing her back to her grim reality. She opened her eyes, but could only see Luis' hard cock as it stood ready to feel her trembling mouth. He pushed it forward, touching the head of his dick to her lips. Though she couldn't see behind her, she could feel Snyper's hands firmly holding her hips, his member now hard as a rock and probing between her ass cheeks.

She turned her head, trying to avoid Luis' invasion. She could see the screen door as in hung in the doorway in shambles. Just through the screen she could make out the lights of Tommy's Bar in the distance. That was where it had all began, and she wished she could be there right now. Looking down she could see the large ashtray that had been tossed to the floor. She felt Luis' hand as it grabbed her chin, turning her head back to his stiff rod. Again, he pressed it to her lips, forcing her to slightly take the tip into her mouth.


Suddenly, Bailey mustered a sense of rage. Reaching down, she grabbed the ashtray from the floor and, with a scream, she reared up and swung the heavy object wildly in all directions. A lucky shot quickly caught Snyper in the side of the head. Stunned, the man grabbed at his eye and fell back, stumbling in front of Gino's chair.

Surprised by the move, Luis stumbled back, landing in Robert's lap. In an instant, Bailey had leapt to her feet and darted for the doorway. The feeble entrance was almost ripped from its hinges and the petite girl shoved it open. She felt the door hit something on the other side as she again screamed at the top of her lungs. Pushing on the door again, it swung fully open and fell crooked onto the porch.

As Bailey made her way outside she could see a body doubled over in front of the doorway. It was Rafael, who had obviously been returning from his beer run. She could see a six-pack rolling down the front porch steps, hissing and spewing streams of beer from the punctures in the cans. Rafael stood with both hands up to his face, moaning and groaning in pain. She realized she had hit him in the nose with the door.

Quickly Bailey leapt from the porch, onto the wet grassy lawn. She looked forward, eyeing the lights of the bar across the vacant lot. With every ounce of strength she could gather, she sprinted towards the building. "I have to make it," she thought. "If I can just make it there, maybe someone will help me."

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