tagNonHumanA Date Gone Wrong

A Date Gone Wrong


The incubus walked down the dark streets, highly comfortable in his human body. His dark, casual suit seemed to meld with the steely muscles of his body. Sniffing the air, he was seeking a woman to seduce and take for his own. He caught scent of one, and his blue eyes glowed momentarily, his long black tail cracking behind him before fading out of sight. He started off in her direction, preparing his dominating charm.


Bella walked out of the restaurant, trying to control her raging emotions. That's the third time he's set me up for a date, and did a no show! She thought angrily. Tears glittering in her eyes, she set off down the sidewalk towards her apartment.


He almost staggered as her emotions washed over him. The anger! The embarrassment! The resentment and sorrow! Seasoned with her desire, such delicious emotions. With unnatural speed he caught up to her. He moved up beside her and put on a concerned smile.

"Are you alright miss?"

She nearly jumped off the sidewalk when she heard a voice call out to her, a man appearing beside her from nowhere. "What do you care?" she snapped angrily, the shock rapidly burning off under her rampant anger, and started walking faster, her heels clicking a quick tune on the concrete. Bella did her best not to look back over her shoulder to see if the man still followed. Some guy just randomly appearing and asking if she was ok! Either the guy was trying to pick her up, or he was one of those nut jobs you read about in the paper, killing off women and kids for no reason. A sliver of fear touched her thoughts, and she started walking even faster, trying her best not to just outright run, afraid to look back and see that the man might be running after her. A sharp snap echoed in the empty streets as the heel of one of her shoes broke off, and she stumbled. "Fuck!" she cried out, more surprised than anything.

He almost trembled at her sudden fear. Such delicious emotions! He hurried after her, a flick of his finger weakening the heel of her shoe. The satisfying snap and curse brought a smile to his lips as he caught up to her. He reached his mind out to find hers, trying to sift around her thoughts and stir up her desire as he offered her a hand.

"You should be careful, miss. My name is Eric."

She looked up at him doubtfully, but took the hand he offered, and felt a shock of warmth flow through her. Standing there for a moment, the heel dangling off her shoe, she tried to figure out where it came from. Shrugging, she realized her hand was still in his, although he wasn't gripping it hard. Gently prying his fingers off, she bent down to take her ruined shoe off. The hem of her dark blood red dress hiked up her body as she moved, revealing a good amount of her beautifully tanned, smooth legs. She looked back up at him as she straightened, one bare foot on the cold concrete. Realizing he wasn't going to go away on his own, and thinking he must not be so bad (hell, he hadn't tried anything stupid yet, as far as she could see), she searched for something to say. Her lips parted to say something, then closed. She licked her suddenly dry lips and tried again.

"Uh...thanks. I mean, I'm...well, I know back there, I was kind of rude, and I didn't mean to be, it's just that my boyfriend, this is the third time...!" she rambled on, then stopped mid-sentence, realizing she was telling a complete stranger her problems.

Such a beautiful body, he thought. He almost licked his lips in anticipation. He smiled his impossibly charming smile at her.

"It's ok, you can tell me. I'm often told I'm a good listener."

He moved forward to take her arm in his, still sifting through her mind. Stirring up her desire even more, he started leading her towards her apartment. She smiled weakly in response, fighting back the confusing emotions as she let him lead her down the sidewalk, hobbling on her one good shoe. It was odd. She knew she should feel angry for what had happened with her boyfriend, maybe even let down because she thought he was actually the right guy for her. But she also felt...something else. That warm feeling when she took his hand, but stronger now (the fear was quickly melting away, assured by his strong smile and kind looking face), and suddenly she realized what it was. This guy, this complete stranger, was actually turning her on! She blushed, and he looked at her, an eyebrow raised curiously, which made her blush even more furiously, and she looked away.

It was hard to suppress his grin, but he managed. "Are you alright? You look flushed." He glanced down at her lopsided feet. "Here, allow me." Without waiting for a response, he easily swept her into his arms, carrying her without any sign of effort. She shouted, spluttering when he picked her up. "Wh-what are you doing?! I-I can walk just fine!" and she struggled a bit, but he had a firm hold on her. Unwilling to wait, he carried her quickly into a side alley, setting her down and pinning her against the wall. "Now, now, my dear, don't struggle. You know it's what you want.." He reached out for her mind again, shutting down her inhibitions, giving her desire free reign.

"Hey, get off me...!" she shrieked when he pushed her against a brick wall of some abandoned looking building. She tried fighting back, but something odd was going on in her mind. Her rising fear (it shot up again when he pushed her into the alley and pressed her against the wall) was quickly quelled, and she felt very tranquil.

His sleek, hard body ground against her soft curves, and she could feel his growing erection sliding up his pants. She felt oddly comfortable, his body meshed against hers, and it was really getting her wet. She stopped her struggling. Looking timidly up into his eyes, she saw a mad desire burning there, but it didn't scare her. In fact, it made her even hornier.

He smiled his infernal smile at her. "I know you want it my dear... on your knees..." Slowly, trembling slightly, she lowered herself on the ground, kneeling in front of him, so she was eye level to his waist. She could see the huge bulge in the fabric of his pants, and she couldn't help herself. Lifting a hand, she rested her palm on him, her fingers splayed, rubbing up and down his length. She could feel his cock pulse against her hand as she caressed him.

Still smiling, he undid his belt, lowering his zipper and releasing his large, hard cock to stand obscenely out before her, pointing directly at her face. He lowered a hand, playing with her long black hair. "You know what to do."

Circling his huge member with her hand, she leaned closer, licking her lips. The strong scent of natural male odor whisked past her nostrils, and she inhaled deeply. A drop of precum peeked out of the slit of his dick, and she licked it off. "Mmm..." He tasted so good. She popped the head in her mouth, teasing it with the tip of her tongue, while her hand worked up and down on his shaft.

"Ahh...you do know what you're doing. Good girl." He patted her head, still stripping away her inhibitions, and starting to put her senses into overdrive.

Her hormones were going crazy now, and she gave up trying to figure out why as soon as she got on her knees. She took his shaft further in her mouth, lathing him with broad strokes of her tongue. It wasn't enough. With some regret, she took his pounding cock out of her mouth and looked up at him. "I need more..."

He smiled down at her. "Well, tell me what you need." He reached down and pulled her to her feet, turning her around and bending her over to brace her hands against the alley wall without waiting for his answer.

"I want you to say it."

He started pushing her dress up around her waist, running his hands over her panty clad pussy, before pulling them down. She practically purred when she felt his hands run up and down her bare skin. "I want...you. Inside me. Now!" The last word she meant as a command. He frowned slightly. He grabbed her hair and yanked her head back.

"You don't give the orders, missy."

She cried out when he pulled her head back. "Please..." she sniffed, her legs trembling. He could hardly hold himself in check. "Thats better." In one hard, cruel thrust, he rammed his cock completely inside her. He slowly pulled out until he almost slipped completely out of her before thrusting hard forward again.

"Ooooohh!" she moaned loudly as he roughly entered her, and her tight, wet pussy muscles contracted around him, holding on to his hard cock, as if she were afraid he'd take it out. He thrust in and out of her mercilessly, pulling her hair and reaching around to squeeze her breasts. She was soaking wet, just the way he liked his women. Bella moaned again when he started massaging her breasts, and she pushed back against him, meeting each thrust. Her legs trembled some more and she knew her legs were going to give out soon, but she wanted him to keep going, to never stop...

Eric grinned, his tail, horns and wings materializing into appearance. His tail swished a few times behind him, before snaking its way over her body and pressing its large blunt, almost phallic tip against her lips. She took the tip of his tail in her mouth, sucking hard on it, as he continued thrusting in and out of her. Holding on to his thick, strong tail for support, she leaned forward further to give him better access.

He shivered as she took his sensitive tail into her mouth, spreading his vast wings as he fucked her even harder, reaching deeper, and feeding off her lust. It was glorious; he hadn't found a woman like this in a long time. She moaned, sensing her imminent orgasm, and started caressing the base of his tail almost unconsciously while she continued to suck the tip. Pushing back harder against each thrust, she growled softly, taking more of his tail inside her, caressing the entire length, her other hand kneading one of her exposed breasts, the nipples standing out clearly from the brisk night air.

Rather reluctantly, he pulled his tail from her mouth, quickly repositioning it right outside her ass. Holding her hips with both hands, he leaned forward and whispered to her. "Would you like some demon's seed?" as he started pushing his saliva lubed tail into her ass, while he continued to fuck her pussy hard and fast. "I'll make you mine..."

She gasped as the broad tip of his slick tail slipped inside her ass. "Anything...anything if you'll keep doing this," she moaned, pushing her ass against him so his tail slid further inside her. She shivered slightly from the feeling of being double stuffed, then worked herself up and down his tail as he continued to pound her sopping wet pussy, enjoying the feel of the ridges of his tail trailing across her sensitive walls. Sliding several inches of his tail in and out of her ass, pushing ever more inside her, he filled her beyond imagination, while his cock continued pounding her pussy without pause. He reached forward, grabbing her breasts, and pulled her back against his chest, lifting her off the ground and fucking up into her, holding her with no effort.

She cried out in surprise when he picked her up, groaning as he fucked her brains out. Turning her head slightly, she snagged his bottom lip, sucking it into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue. His taste was irresistible to her, and she couldn't get enough. It was pure bliss. He kissed her as he continued to fuck both her holes as deep as he possibly could. He pinched both her nipples, pulling hard on them, his wings closed around them, teasingly caressing every inch of her exposed skin. She moaned in his mouth when he pinched her nipples, pressing her tongue deeper into his mouth, caressing his tongue with her own. Hips bucking, her muscles tensed as she came hard, covering his cock and tail in her juices. Still, he continued, pushing in and out of her in deep, short strokes, driving her to yet another orgasm.

Feeling her cum, he allowed himself to let go. His large cock began spewing what must have been half a gallon of scalding cum inside her, filling her completely before leaking out and dripping down her legs. When he had stopped for a moment, he lifted her off his cock and tail, lowering her to her knees in front of him. Holding his cock in her face, he shot more loads of scalding spunk over her face and into her hair. Once the stream of cum began to lessen, he held his cock and tail out to her for her to clean off. Eagerly she bent down to take his dripping cock in her mouth, wanting to taste more of him. As she sucked his cream off his still hard cock, she rubbed his tail on her breasts, smearing both their bodily fluids on the large, soft globes, completely coating them. He smiled down at her, relishing in her depravity.

"You're mine now."

She returned the smile, his cum smeared upon her lips. "I can't wait 'til we do this again," and she looked back into his eyes, a mischievous glint in her own.

"Soon, my dear, very soon. My, my, you look like a respectable little whore now."

Standing up on slightly wobbly legs, the thick liquid of both their orgasms running down her thighs, she took his hand and led him back to her apartment.


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