tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Date To Remember

A Date To Remember


I moved away from my parents house into the city after the summer. I got myself a little flat and a job as a barmaid in quite a cool bar. I was really enjoying the freedom, and, for the first time, I felt completely free to be who I wanted to be, do what I wanted to do...

There was no uniform at work, and I had got the job wearing quite a skimpy top, so I took it to mean they wouldn't mind if I showed a bit of flesh off. I tended to wear short skirts and either shirts that were open low so you could see my bra (if I wore a bra!) or tops that showed my midriff, and when I reached above the bar to get a glass, the top would stretch and show the bottom of my bare breasts. I was so used to wearing small clothes now, that when I went shopping I automatically got tops a couple of sizes too small, so my round breasts would be heaving to be released, often pushed up by the tight material.

Working behind a bar I got a lot of people staring at me, and quite a few people would try and pick me up, but I usually said no. Then one night this really gorgeous bloke began to chat me up. He had the most captivating eyes, and he stayed behind the bar, chatting to me all night. By the time I was closing up he had persuaded me to go on a date with him.

'I really like your top, by the way.' He looked at it. That night I was wearing a black corset type top which laced up at the front, only because it was too small the gap at the front was really wide, and it only just hid my nipples.

'I'm glad you approve.' I purred.

'So I'll see you Saturday night then?' He asked as he stood to leave.

'Yeah, here's my address.' I handed him a bit of paper with my address scribbled on.

'Great, I can't wait to see what you're wearing, or should I say what you're not wearing!' With that he walked out of the door.

I went shopping especially on Saturday, I couldn't disappoint the poor man! I got ready and looked at myself in front of the mirror.

I was wearing a short black dress, it did actually cover my ass, until I decided to undo the two zips at each side, that happened to run all the way up the sides. For now I pulled the zips down. That would be for later. The top of the dress has spaghetti straps which widened into the dress just above my nipples, and the neck hung low, revealing a rather large proportion of my breasts. I leant forward and I could see my nipples were clearly visible, pushing my arms together they completely popped out. I carefully placed the straps in the right place and reached for my handbag as the doorbell rang. I felt quite sick as I made my way to the door, I had never done anything like this before, I almost went to change my dress, but changed my mind and answered the door.

He saw me and his mouth dropped, he hadn't been expecting me to wear something this revealing, it was having exactly the effect I was looking for.

'I'll just grab my jacket,' I said, turning to get it.

'No,' he grabbed my arm, 'I think it's quite warm out tonight.' It wasn't, I knew it was quite cold, but I played along.

'Oh really? Great.' As we walked down the street I had so many people staring at me, I looked down and could see that my nipples were hidden, but my aureoles were clearly visible. My nipples were hard and long underneath the thin straps. It must have been the cool night air...

We reached the restaurant, and were seated in the centre of the restaurant. The table was clear glass! It couldn't have been more perfect. We were sat opposite each other, and as the waiter took out order I slipped my shoe off and ran my slender foot up his thigh. He desperately tried to look normal as he stuttered his order, with my foot rubbing his crotch. I could feel him growing underneath the pressure of my foot. As soon as the waiter had gone he reached down to open his fly. I replaced my foot and found his cock, no underwear, I noticed. I nimbly took it in my foot, rubbing up and down, circling the tip with my toe.

'I've,' he was breathing fast, 'I've never done this before.' He threw his head back and I felt the tip moisten. I pulled my foot away.

'Don't worry,' I said, 'there will be plenty of time, later.' My breathing was getting faster as I realised what I was about to do. I reached for the bottom of the skirt and found the first zip, undoing it to waist height, then repeated this action with the second. The only thing that was stopping my naked ass from being revealed was the fact that I was sitting on the bottom half. I lifted myself off the seat and quickly pulled the bottom half from under me, placing my bare ass on the cool leather seat. Now anyone who looked, and plenty would, would be able to see my ass cheeks, and the only thing hiding my now very wet pussy was a thin piece of material that was gathering between my legs.

'Is it just me,' I whispered, 'or is it hot in here?'

He was intently looking between my legs, shocked at how I was behaving. He didn't even notice that his cock was still jutting out of his trousers, visible to the whole restaurant. I was gradually opening my legs, the material of my skirt falling between them, hiding my pussy. My legs were now really wide apart, the dress revealing my ass cheeks even more. I reached into my handbag and retrieved a small vibrator. I placed it on my clit and turned it on. I closed my legs again and enjoyed the waves of intense joy wash over me as the little vibrator worked its magic. I couldn't control myself and was thrusting now, working my way to a fast climax. I leaned against the table as I tried to control my moans, and as my orgasm ended I leaned back against my chair, looking around I didn't think anyone had noticed.

I looked over at Greg, my date, and smiled as he started open mouthed at me. 'You're amazing,' he said. 'Unbelievable.'

I laughed and popped the vibrator back in my bag. 'It sure is hot though, huh?'

'You're telling me.' He wiped his forehead.

The waiter arrived with our food and we both began to eat. Greg had put his cock away, but I could still see it straining against his trousers, I couldn't believe it was still hard, he must have been really turned on. After we had eaten I leant back, I ran my hands up my thighs and began edging my zips higher. I stopped when they got to waist height and looked at Greg. He was watching my every move, torn between ripping my clothes off right there and then, and fear of me being caught in this busy room. I continued lifting the zips, and as they neared the top I stopped just before the dress split into two completely. Any chance of being covered up then was gone. Now it was hanging loosely. The front half was bunching towards the middle, revealing the smooth curves of the outside of my breasts. From the side it must have looked like I was naked! As I shifted in my seat the zips split completely and my nipples broke free as the dress bunched into the middle, hanging down the centre, hiding nothing. I laughed as I saw people in the restaurant notice me. A lot of men were staring at me and women shaking their heads, although there were some very hot women staring at me too! I looked and saw the waiter coming over to our table now, I was too turned on to even care, but he wasn't looking very happy.

'Excuse me sir, madam,' he kept his voice low, 'but if you would just come through to the back with me?'

Greg stood immediately, I noticed him smiling and wondered what was happening. As I stood to follow the dress bunched at the back too, showing my butt off. I walked and the dress swung from side to side, showing off my shaved pussy to a few lucky people.

As we walked into the back I began to feel ill, what was I doing? How stupid had I been? And now they were going to call the police or something. After feeling powerful all night I suddenly felt like the little girl I had been just a few months ago, the shy girl who had never had sex, let alone show herself off in public. I tried to cover myself up as we walked past the kitchen, but as I covered my pussy my tits fell lose, so I held the material there, only to find my pussy free again. I began to panic, asking where we were going. No-one answered, but as we headed towards what looked like the back exit I realised we must just be getting thrown out. As we headed outside I realised it was raining, real ran, the type than drenched you in thirty seconds.

As soon as the door shut I expected for us just to leave, but the waiter was still with us.

'What's going on?' I asked, rain dripping of my face onto my still bare breasts.

'Mae,' said Greg, 'meet Brian,' he pointed at the waiter, 'a friend of mine. I told him you might be good fun.' With that Greg pushed my back against the nearest wall and began mauling at my breasts. He completely removed my dress and threw it to the floor.

'You've been teasing us all night,' he whispered, 'now it's time for the fun part.' I was too shocked to say anything. I just stood there numbly as he bit and sucked my breasts. Before long I felt two mouths on my breasts, and I looked down to see two grown men sucking on my tits. It felt so erotic I melted and began to enjoy the scene. not only was it sex outdoors, but it was sex with two people! I looked around to scan the area, it was all pretty deserted, the back of shops and maybe a few flats.

'Mae, suck Brian's cock, now!' I looked down as this man unzipped his fly and I eagerly went to work, falling to my knees and licking up and down the shaft circling the tip. Then I put my mouth around his wide shaft and began bouncing my head up and down his cock, in and out, in and out. I felt some hands on my ass, then another cock rubbing up and down my pussy from behind. I was dripping wet, and when he slammed his cock into me I accepted easily, enjoying the feeling of being fucked by two men at once. They both pumped faster and faster, and I wondered who was going to come first.

Brian did, and as I prepared to swallow, he pulled his cock out of my face and began spraying his hot come all over me, beginning on my face and hair, working his way down to my breasts which were hanging below me, swinging and wet, now covered in his white come. Soon after Greg came and began to come inside me, then he pulled out, I fell to the floor without his support, and he began spraying his hot some on me, covering my breasts. I lay there for what felt like ages, letting the cool rain wash my body, I heard the two men leave. I was still feeling so hot I began working on my own clit now, lying there on my own, and before long I was bringing my self to another hot orgasm.

After I recovered I stood and looked for my dress, finding it crumpled in a corner. I stretched the drenched item over my head and attempted to cover myself with it, but the straps kept slipping and in the end I gave in, walking home the long route, enjoying the feeling of the water bouncing off my bare breasts. I decided that I was going to have to do something really extreme to top that little adventure...

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