tagErotic CouplingsA Date with Tiffany Ch. 02

A Date with Tiffany Ch. 02


Tiffany wakes up before I do a few hours later.

"Steve, baby? Wake up, baby, come on Steve, wake up." She says, rolling me on to my back, and noticing how hard I am.

"Well, I know just the thing that'll wake you up." She says, giggling.

And she slowly begins stroking my hard cock, feeling her stroke me makes me open my eyes.

"You don't waste time do you, girl?"

"Hey you! About time you woke up! You ready to fuck me?"

"Of course, do you want me on top?"

"No, Steve, I want to be on top, just lay back, and let me ride that beautiful, hard cock!"

I watch in amazement as she lowers her bald pussy down on to my hard cock, feeling her tight walls grip my cock almost sends me over the edge.

"Oh Steve, you feel so good.......oh God!"

I take her by her hips and begin bouncing her up and down on my cock.

"Ok fuck, Steve, you're going to make me cum, fuck Steve.....OH FUCK!" She screams as I feel her cum, squirting onto my cock, I'm still bouncing her as she comes down from the orgasm.

"Did you cum yet, baby?" She asks.

I shake my head no.

"Do you want me to suck you until you cum?"

"No, I want to cum in your pussy, Tiffany."

And with those words, she begins bouncing up and down, faster and faster, until I'm on the brink of exploding.

"Tiff, I'm gonna cum, holy shit, AHHH!!" I scream, as I grip her hips tightly, until every last drop of cum is deep inside her.

"Did that feel good, Steve?" She asks, blushing.

"You know it did, baby girl."

"Steve? Let's 69, I want to taste my cum and I'd love to see you taste yours." She says, giggling.

She turns her self around and lays on my face, so now I can lick her pussy, and even get a good taste of her ass, and her face is down at my cock, licking the shaft and running her tongue down to my ass.

"Ever had your ass licked, Steve?"

"No, have you?"

"Yes, oh god, yes I have." She says with a girlish giggle.

She buries her middle finger deep in my ass as she starts sucking my cock, and I do the same to her as I suck her clit.

"Yeah, Steve, fuck my ass, oh my God, baby, fuck that ass." She moans out.

I continue to pump my finger in her asshole harder, when finally she says, "Steve, stop, in need your cock in my ass, just fuck my ass baby, please."

She rolls off of me and places a pillow under her stomach.

"Be gentle baby, please."

I once again grab her hips and slowly push my way into her tight ass.

"Fuck yeah, baby, you feel how tight my ass is, Steve?"

"Yes, I do!" I moan out as I reach between her legs and begin to rub her clit.

"OH! Fuck yeah, Steve, rub that clit!"

Before too long, we're both ready to explode.

"STEVE! Fuck, baby, cum with with me, fill my ass, OH FUCK!" She screams as we both explode, we both fall to the bed, drained.

"Ready for another nap, Tiff?" I ask.

"Yeah, but first, I know your cock is dirty from being in my tight ass, let me clean it off for you."

I pull out of her ass, and bring my cock to her mouth, and watch in amazement as she takes my dirty cock in her mouth.

"MMM, I love tasting my own ass, Steve." She says, slowly bobbing her head up and down on my dirty cock.

"You keep this up, and I'll explode again, Tiff."

"Well, that's the whole point, isn't, baby?"

Before too long, I'm ready to explode.

"Cum on my tits, Steve, fuck yeah, baby, cover my tits!" She screams as my cum cover her pretty little tits.

I fall back to the bed, and instantly go back to sleep, hoping that the next morning will be as great as tonight was.

To Be Continued...

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