tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach


"Dare you to take off your top too."

"What?? No way!"

Sitting on the beach that day, it just seemed my way of pushing her buttons a little. Lots of women go topless on South Beach, and we had seen scores of topless women here before in our many previous visits. But this was the first time I had ever said anything to her about it.

"Sure, why not? There are dozens of other women on this beach without their tops, and most of them don't come anywhere close to comparing with what you have underneath yours," I said with a mischievous grin. "Plus, there's no one here we know."

Meredith playfully smacked my arm and replied, "Like that matters. I am perfectly happy with my bikini top on, thank you very much. Why on earth would I possibly want to take it off?"

"Maybe you are tired of tan lines?" I rhetorically asked. "Or maybe you want to fight the prejudice that allows men to go shirtless in public and not women? Or maybe, just maybe, you'd like to be a little on the naughty side and show them off a bit to everyone."

"Oh and if I did, that wouldn't bother you all?" she retorted. "Everyone on the beach ogling your girlfriend's breasts?"

"It's not like I'm pimping you out for a cheap thrill or anything. If you want to do it, I'll be proud to be the guy sitting next to you, and better yet, leaving the beach with you," I answered, with the most charming smile I could muster. "But...if you aren't as brave as these other women, I'll understand."

Well that got her going. Meredith was as competitive as she was beautiful, and she wasn't going to let some cheap bimbo, or pasty-white German tourist outdo her. It's just what I counted on.

"Bravery has nothing to do with it – like these other women are so brave," she answered sarcastically. "And since it is legal here, there is no punitive reason why I can't do it." She continued to reason aloud to herself, "And none of your bonehead fraternity brothers are here to get a look, so there'd be no awkward encounters in the future." Looking around, she paused several seconds longer as if contemplating one more detail, and then turned to me with a very sly smile and said, "Alright Mr. Instigator, I'll do it."



'Uh oh,' I thought to myself, what does she have in mind? I should have known she wouldn't cave to my request so easily. What were her terms going to include? "OK, what's the if?"

"Well, this is such an easy, one-sided argument for you," she replied. "I can't come back at you and say 'I'll do it if you'll do it' because you are already shirtless. There are no consequences for you. However, I can say to you, 'I'll go topless, if you go bottomless'," she finished with a grin. And now I understood why it was so sly.

"Bottomless?!? I can't go bottomless. This isn't a nude beach!" I frantically replied. "I'd be arrested."

"True," she affirmed. "You would be arrested if you went nude here at South Beach...but not up at Haulover Beach," the sly smile still firmly affixed to her gorgeous face.

Ah ha, THAT was her plan. She was referring to the popular nude beach a bit further north of here. Neither of us had ever been to it before, nor to any other nude beaches. And now she was suggesting I go there and parade around in all my glory. I had been testing her sense of adventure with the topless dare, and now she had not only turned around and called me on it, but had raised the stakes as well.

"Well we are here at South Beach today, so how on earth am I supposed to go nude at Haulover, while you are topless here?"

"Easy. Because you are a very lucky man, and have a wonderfully beautiful and trusting girlfriend. I will go topless here today, if you will go nude there tomorrow."

Of course.

Now I had two things to consider. First, I had a firm offer from her to go topless right here and now in public. I know she was acting all sure of herself, but I could tell that deep down she was nervous that if I agreed, she'd soon be baring her lovely 34C's to everyone on the beach. An outcome that was a bit scary to her, but one that I believe was also potentially exciting to us both. Second, I wouldn't have to fulfill my end of the bargain until the next day, and would have a full 24 hours for her to forget about it, let me off the hook, or otherwise weasel my way out of it. Though I was somewhat intrigued about the possibility of going through with it as well. With that mindset, I agreed.

"OK, deal!" I triumphantly announced.

"Really?" she replied, with a combined look of surprise, disappointment, and trepidation. Though as she sat there on the blanket, I thought I caught a twinkle of excitement in her eyes as well. "I didn't think you'd actually agree to do it." (Neither did I!) She paused a moment. "But a deal is a deal, and I'm no welcher, so...here goes."

And just like that, she reached behind her back and gave the thin strings a good tug, untying the knot that held the top in place over her breasts. Now, with just the strings around her neck in place, the thin material of the bikini cups fell forward and pulled up slightly, exposing most of the sides, and some of the bottom of her breasts. They were wonderfully shaped and full, and sat well on her chest, in perfect proportion to her 5'6", 120lb body. She then looked around the beach one more time and then back at me, leaned her neck to the side, and lifted the top completely off her chest and over her head and blond hair. Her breasts were now completely exposed, perky nipples and all. She held the bikini top in one hand, raised it over her head, and leaning back on her other hand, cocked her hip to one side and playfully gave me a "Ta Da!" As she did, her breasts jiggled ever so slightly, and I swore I never saw anything as sexy in my life.

She then tossed the top at my head, it coming to rest squarely on top of it, one of the cups covering one of my eyes. "There...happy?" she asked, satisfactorily giggling at her fantastic aim.

"Quite," I replied, as I pulled the bikini off my head. "How do you feel?"

"Nervous, I guess. Embarrassed. Like everyone on the beach is staring at them. I really have to fight the instinct to cover up. Maybe a bit excited, as well."

"Ha, I thought so. I wasn't sure if it was that, or the exposure to the cool ocean breezes that had caused your nipples to jump to attention," I teased. They looked fabulous - tightened and erect pink nubs, accentuated by the pale of the previously-never-exposed-to-sunlight skin around them. "Don't worry, you look great. Though you've got quite the tan lines going there," I commented.

"I know," she said, cupping her ample mounds in each one of her hands and playfully jiggling them. "I'm going to have some work to do if I hope to get rid of them. More than just what today's sun can do for me."

"Oh, so I can expect an encore performance?" I asked hopefully.

"What you can expect is for your bare ass and schlong to be out there for all the world to see tomorrow," she retorted, bringing me quickly back to reality, and seriously thwarting the erection that had been quickly growing in my shorts. "I held up my end of the bargain, now I expect you to do the same." The sly smile now disappeared from her beautiful face, replaced with a look of concern, and just a bit of desperation. How could I back out on a face that cute?

"OK, OK. I promise," I resigned. "But you are asking quite a bit of me."

"Hey, you started this game mister, and I am the one now sitting on a public beach with my pale breasts on display," she reminded me. "And who knows, maybe my top will come off again tomorrow, so you aren't the only one showing skin. Though I must admit, the thought of sitting next to you fully covered while your exposed cock is soaking up rays on the beach next to me is more than just a bit of a turn on." She smiled sexily at me and ran her fingertips down my forearm.

"Well I don't know how he is going to feel about being out in the sunlight," I answered her, nodding towards my shorts. "I'll be sure to put on plenty of sunscreen. Something you might want to think about doing now too. Be happy to help you out with it if you like," I selflessly suggested.

"I bet you would. No, I'll take care of them myself for now. But maybe if you are good, I'll let you help me clean them up when we get home," she offered with a wink. "It feels weird to have the direct sunlight on them, though kind of nice too. But I'm still feeling pretty self-conscious about being topless. As soon as I get them lotioned up, I am going to lay down so I don't have to see anyone looking at me."

Meredith took the Hawaiian Tropic, and squirting a healthy amount in her left hand, began to protect the vulnerably fair skin she had just revealed to the public for the very first time. And I thought she looked sexy before. Watching her rub the sunscreen over herself was enough to bring me quickly back to attention, a fact not lost on her. As she finished, she tweaked each of her excited nipples with her thumb and forefinger as if to say to me, 'Dare you not to have a raging hard-on after watching that.' She then quickly laid down on her back, her breasts gently resting ever so slightly to the sides of her chest.

We laid there for some time, and after a half hour or so, she flipped over on her stomach. I had seen her in this position before, bare back. But unlike those previous times, this time there was no top readily awaiting to be retied and placed in position over her breasts. After another half hour or so I was getting hot, and suggested we go for a swim. Meredith heartily agreed and reached over for her top. I quickly snatched it away before she had the chance.

"What are you doing?" she asked me.

"You agreed to go topless today," I answered. "That means not only on the blanket next to me, but in the water as well."

"But then there is no doubt dozens of people will see me like this," she said somewhat frantically. "It's one thing to lay low on your blanket. And I am sure it's inevitable some people have already seen me topless today. But if we go bobbing up and down in the surf, in full view of everyone laying here on the beach...I don't know. I'm not sure I want to do that."

"I know it sounds scary," I tried to reassure her, "but you've already come this far and nothing terrible has happened to you. In fact, remember how excited were you when you first threw your top at me? You yourself admit that those hard nipples of yours weren't just from the cool breeze. Now imagine that feeling intensified 100 times. It'll be all I can do to keep you from orgasm!" I joked, trying to calm her down. "Besides, it's only half of what I'm in for tomorrow."

"I suppose," she relented. "But no funny stuff out of you."

"Me? Never!" And it was my turn to wear a sly smile.

As we stood up, I took her hand in mine and led her towards the water. Man, was she hot! While Meredith may have been thinking this was as exhilarating as a perp walk, I was triumphantly parading us towards the surf with an indescribable amount of pride having this drop-dead gorgeous beauty by my side. She nervously glanced about, and indeed noticed several men, and women, looking back at her. I noticed this and said to her, "They all know perfection when they see it. Besides you know you love it," I added smacking her playfully on her ass.

"Hey, I said no funny stuff," she good-naturedly scolded me. But it was enough to break the tension, and she skipped towards the water and dove under the next good wave before it crashed. I followed her in after it passed, and we spent the next 15 minutes having a good old time in the surf. I think being mostly under the water helped her relax a bit. That is until we decided we'd had enough and were to head back in. The realization hit her all at once.

"Time to face the music I guess," she said to me. "No getting around seeing all those faces looking at what I'll have to offer as we head out of the water."

"You can do it," I replied, trying to be supportive. "You might even like it. You never know."

We quickly wandered back into shallow water, and sure enough I immediately caught at least a half dozen men staring at this topless beauty emerging from the surf. Meredith saw them too, and I thought she might cover up with her hands, but then she surprised me somewhat. Not giving in to her nerves, she pulled her hair back behind her head in a wet sort of ponytail, exposing her breasts completely, and strode confidently back to our blanket, shoulders back, breasts held high. Now I knew she was showing off – she was actually starting to embrace her toplessness. I was sure to congratulate her when we finally sat back down.

"Well bravo," I offered. "Nice job parading back up the beach."

"You were right, it was pretty exhilarating. I felt sexy, and free, and naughty all at once," she said, adding with a warm smile, "Thanks for talking me into it."

"No problemo. So does that mean you are going to get rid of all your bikini tops when you get home?" I queried.

"I don't think so. It was one thing to go topless in front of a bunch of strangers. I am sure it is completely different in front of people you know," she concluded.

"Well then, I guess we'll just have to invite a couple of your friends to join us next time and find out!"

To be continued...

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