tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach


I am fortunate enough to live in Florida. Where it can climb into the low 80s on January. But my favorite place is not Disney or Universal, it is the beaches. Where mankind's greatest invention is revealed: The bikini. But my favorite beach is Playalinda Beach. Playalinda is a beach located on Florida's east coast in Canaveral National Seashore. When translated from Spanish, Playa linda is "pretty beach". There are 13 parking areas along the beach. Parking lot 13 on the far north end is the busiest, and that is my favorite because nude sunbathing is allowed.

It is over 2 hours from my house, and my wife is such a prude, and would never go with me, so I only get to go a few times a year, but it is always well worth the trip. I have had several memorable experiences so where to begin, well, let's start at the beginning.

I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist, whereas my wife prefers to be deadbolted in our bedroom. I am always pushing the limit with her. So I started searching for nude beaches and found Playalinda, and decided to go. On the weekends my wife wants to be constantly at my side, so I decided to take a day off during the week. So on a Thursday morning I headed out after my wife went to work.

I was a beautiful Florida morning in the 80's and climbing. It's always breezy on the coast so I prefer it to be in the 90's, and today's forecast did not disappoint. I arrived late morning the temp was in the high 80's a light breeze and lots of sunshine. I walked the beach trying to find a good place to stake out my little plot of sand. There was a wide range of bodies on the beach. An older couple flying a MIA flag, with dark leather bodies with no tan lines, obviously regulars. The far north end seemed mostly men, pretty much a gay section, the middle of the beach had some nice selections. I chose my patch next to a beautiful woman I'd guess around 30 yrs old. To my right a young couple. Left of the single woman was a middle aged couple.

I spread my blanket, my beach chair and cooler, then I stood and slipped off my shorts. I thought I would get instantly hard, but to my surprise I did not. I'm not sure if it was because the nudity was not sexual in nature, or because I was nervous about being nude in public.

I began applying sunblock to my chest and arms, then a generous amount to my penis and testicles, didn't want my boys getting burned then I did my legs. The woman next to me looked over and smiled. She was about 5'6" long blond hair, fantastic breasts about a 36d, and a clean shaved pussy. She had a unique tattoo on her pelvis and on her ankle. I stepped closer and asked if she would mind putting sunscreen on my back. She agreed and began applying the sunscreen to my back. It was wonderful a beautiful naked woman rubbing my back, she rubbed down to the top part of my ass, and said "better get those paddles, they will definitely burn out in this hot sun." I had sunbathed in a bikini leaving my buns much whiter than the rest of me. I thanked her, as we made small talk she lay back in her lawn chair spreading her legs and giving me an eyeful of her pussy. Her clit was pierced and glistening in the hot Florida sun. She sprayed more oil on her belly and chest. And lightly rubbed it around her firm belly then her wonderful tits, tugging just a little on her nipples, then glancing over at me, then quickly away. At this my dick showed a little sign of life.

I took a drink of bottled water from my cooler, and sat back in my chair to take in the scene. The blond had gotten comfortable and appeared to be ready for a nap. I looked over to the couple to my right. A coupe probably in their late 20's, the guy was pretty buff, the woman was slender with short dark hair and a pair of fake tits, her nipples at attention. Her pussy was shaved to a nice thin line that V'd at the top. Her partner was really hung. He was laying on his back and she was at his side rubbing oil on his chest.

Her hands rubbed down his abdomen running her fingers through his pubic hair. At this his cock jerked a bit. Her hands continued down his thighs, down to his foot then back up his other leg. Her forearm glided over his expanding cock as she worked up his thigh. She poured oil on his cock, gave a quick stroke and then lay on his chest and kissed him deep.

I decided my dick needed some more oil at this point. I sprayed it down and rubbed it in real good. I looked back to the blond. She was sitting up and watching me. I put the spray bottle down and sat back in my chair, trying to play it cool.

She stood and then walked down to the water. I got up and followed. It was in the low 90's by now the water was a bit cool, but felt good once you get past that initial shock. The Atlantic doesn't let you ease in, she pelts you with her waves, splashing your chest before your ready. Now, speaking about water splashing your chest, her breasts seemed to be dancing on the water. I waded over to her, made small talk about how beautiful the day, she had beautiful green eyes. She said she came here every week, and enjoyed the sun and surf on her naked body. A large wave came and she crashed into me, her gorgeous breasts crashing into my chest. I instinctively grabbed her to steady us both. We both laughed, I blushed a little and let go my grip on her. "You don't have to let go so quickly", she said. I walked closer and pulled her back in. Now the waves rocked the two of us, her breasts rubbing up against my chest, my arms wrapped around her delicate waist. I could feel myself getting hard now, how could I not? She felt it probing and grabbed my ass and pulled it in tight, my cock now resting against her pelvis.

I looked deep into her beautiful green eyes, and liked the hunger I saw there. We kissed and I let my hands drop to her soft ass. She probed my mouth with her tongue, and I returned the favor. Then she jumped up and wrapped her legs around me, and kissed me vigorously. Now my erect cock was bouncing dangerously close to her spread pussy. At one point I think it bumped against the piercing on her clit. I tried to maneuver her so that I could slip it in, when a large wave took us off guard and knocked us over.

Salt water does not feel good rammed up your nose or in your eyes, by the pounding surf. We stumbled to our feet and headed for the beach, and to our towels, laughing and coughing as we went. We hurried to our towels and dried our heads, to prevent the salt water from dripping into our eyes. I admired her lovely body once more. "Now it's your turn to lotion me," she said. I was more than willing. She walked over to her blanket and lay down on her stomach. I took her suntan oil and poured it on her back, then went to work rubbing it in. There is nothing so soft and velvety as a woman's skin. I began massaging her back, rubbing the oil in as the sun heated it up. I took time to get her sides and the outsides of her breasts. I then poured oil down each leg, and rubbed it in. I took each foot and lifting her lower leg rubbed and massaged each foot. Then her calves, her knees, then her thighs. I lifted each leg and pulled them a little apart. She moaned a little and briefly lifted her ass. Next I straddled her legs and poured a generous amount on her ass.

I happened to notice the middle aged couple to my current right, she had put down the book she was reading and was watching. She had bright red hair, and was probably late 40's. The younger couple had apparently gone for a walk.

I began kneading her sweet ass, and pushing up and out, giving me a good look at her pussy. I poured more oil on the crack of her ass, letting it run down her pussy lips. Then I slide up and put more oil on her upper back; as I did it positioned my cock about the level of her anus. She squirmed a bit, and once again raised her ass a bit. I reached up and massaged her shoulders, moving up and down as my cock slide up and down the crack of her ass.

I glanced over at the middle aged woman, who then looked away, but I could tell she was taking in the show. I searched the beach for and patrols. Nudity is permitted, in spite of the signs, but open sex is not. Then I pushed my cock down placing it at her entrance, she tensed a bit. I then reached again for her shoulders and let my swollen penis slide in to her soaked vagina. She let out a loud moan, to my right the woman and her partner looked over at us, so I kept still and just rubbed her shoulders, my cock buried deep in her cunt. I let my hands work down her back allowing my cock to come mostly out, the reached back up, sliding it back in...anther sigh. I looked at the redhead and she looked me in the eyes for a minute, licked her lips, then blushed and looked away. I saw no one else, so I gave a couple of quick pumps. We both moaned a little, the red head let one hand drop to her pussy and had the other on her breast. I gave a couple more pumps, and then noticed an older couple walking the beach approaching us, so I stopped and just massaged her back my cock still deep within. He ass squirmed wanting more, but I had to be discreet, well a little anyway, I did not want to get us arrested. The older couple were now kissing, her hand appeared to be on his cock. Then they got up and went into a small tent, they had erected just above their blanket near the dunes.

I looked around and saw no one close and began pumping on her harder she raised her ass in response and said "Fuck me, please fuck me". And I did, I began to hear some loud moans from the tent as well. I guess we had inspired them. As I pounded on her sweet flesh, I noticed the young couple was coming back, but I was close to orgasm so instead of stopping, I speed up. I started to moan, and she whispered "don't cum in me!" The young couple was reaching their blanket when I pulled out squirting my cum across her ass and half her back. The girl with the fake tits elbowed her boyfriend and overing her mouth with one hand pointed to me with the other, as I straddled her ass squirting my cum all over her, but there was nothing I could do. He looked at me and lifted his chin, as if to say, way to go dude. He grabbed her fake tits, and she brushed him away, and they went on like nothing had happened, though she kept looking my way.

Finally I climbed off that luscious beauty and we decided to go back into the water to clean up a bit. As we walked to the water I put my hand on her ass, and realized it was now covered with my cum, dripping down her back and ass as we walked. We entered the water and I helped her clean off a bit, using my hand as a washcloth. Then we faced each other and kissed deep and long.

We went back to her blanket and she checked her phone. "Oh shit" she exclaimed. "I've gotta go. She looked at me, "I'm so sorry, but I really have to go". She walked over and gave me a kiss, "I hope to see you again sometime. I usually am here on the weekends. I had a really fun time." I helped her gather her things, and like that she was gone.

I talked to the middle aged couple a little, they cautioned me to be careful, reminding me of the rules, and though they enjoyed the show, if the wrong person saw us we could get in trouble, which could be bad for everyone. That's why we bring our tent, when you got my wife so horny, we retreated there so I could fuck her properly. With that he kissed her. She took my hand, so thank you, you but be careful.

I went back to blanket, lay down and closed my eyes. Taking in the sun, the breeze, and the sound of the pounding surf. I lay there reflecting on the events if the day, and fell asleep.

When I awoke the sun was much lower, and I was starving, so I packed up my stuff and headed out, wondering when I would be able to come back, and what adventures awaited me...

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