tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day At The Fair

A Day At The Fair


It was May of 1999, the fair had come to my town with all the trimmings, the Ferris wheel, the teacups, all the stupid kiddie rides, and the game and product tents. I was at the fair with my girlfriend Terri, and as soon as she got in my car she had that look in her eyes, but now we'd done all the rides, she'd given me head on the ferris wheel, a hand job on the teacups, and it was time to get serious. She whispered in my ear, "Let's go behind the tents."

"We could be seen," I replied.

She said, "I know..." and led me by the hand behind the game tents. She and I got down on the grass and went at it, kissing and rubbing and grinding and stripping each other, I took her shirt off, she took off mine, I took her bra off, she undid my pants and removed then, I took off her shorts and panties, and off went my boxer shorts.

Now the two of us are on the grass behind the game tents in just shoes, she's rubbing my cock, I'm fondling her tits, she and I are breathing heavy, then we start to get it on, she pushes me down onto my back, and lowers herself onto my pulsing cock. She starts moaning at the first thrust and, though she's trying to keep herself quiet, she's not being successful. She's groaning and gasping, and people are peeking behind the tents, averting their children's eyes, and staring with their own at this display of raw, animal passion.

I lean her forward and whisper something to her, and she spins around to face the people. Now all the conservative adults can watch me satisfy her. She leans backwards and grinds and pumps herself into a frenzied orgasm, shaking and moaning and showing all the people watching just how much fun she was having. Then it was my turn to finish the job. We rolled and she was on her back with her ankles around my neck, and I'm pumping away, she's still moaning, and rotating her hips. She could feel my load about to burst because she started grinding once more.

And I grunted my way into orgasm as I filled her with my load. She dropped her ankles and we lay on the grass for a few minutes, letting the crowd disperse, then we got dressed and went home, enjoying our small time as the other fair attraction.

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