tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day At The Park

A Day At The Park


I woke up on one of those late August mornings feeling a bundle of energy course through me.

This was refreshing, since between the medicine I take to kill part of me, and the medicine I take to keep it from killing all of me, I can be a bit lethargic.

I looked out to the sun shining, birds everywhere, the trees just beginning to take on their Fall hues of Red and Gold.

One of those magic days! So I decided to grab my metal detector and head to the park.

If you have never done that, you should! It is a kick in the pants, and with a bit of practice one can find all sorts of simple treasures.

I used to spend almost every free minute searching, it seems the world is paved in money! Sure, there are cans, pop lids, Boy Scout medalians, every kind of trinket one can imagine.

I have thousands of pennies, nickles, dimes, lot of quarters. They are all stained and dirty, no one will take them in the stores.

I used to take them down to the coin counting machines at a local bank, but they got mad at me for that...

The best two things I ever found was a toy car I sold on an auction site for $80.00, and the work wristwatch that I wear. It is just on old Timex but it works fine.

Fun stuff! So here I was, on my knees digging careful holes so I could replace the sod without disturbing the park.

There is a big sign that says, "NO metal detecting" right at the entrance, but I ignore that. The park caretaker, Henry, is a friend of mine, I give his wife Kay a free massage now and then, he just doesn't "see" me when I am out prospecting.

He might just have a fit if he knew that I have had several clear views of his Kay's snatch and titties. I doubt she even realizes, but if you ever end up on a massage table, and the massuer knows what he is doing, then nothing is hidden.

That is one of the joys of my business, I concede to being a voyuer. Kay is a chubby little Brunette, average in every respect except she is one of those "outies" which means she has large and heavy Labia.

I happen to know she likes my touch, too. She puffs up and turns pretty pink like most ladies do when touch in a borderline intimate way. But nothing has ever really gone on between us, although I did bump up against her one day as a test.

She was nice and damp, I just said, Excuse me!" She simply murmered that it was OK and I left it at that. One of these days she may give me a call, I might just push things a little. After all, what are they going to do, kill me?...In my current situation, that is almost hilarious.

I fight a battle daily with something deadly inside me, and it will likely win in the end. So I have changed a bit, I am more aggressive with clients than I used to be.

So I was just out, enjoying the day. My little waist bag had a dozen pennies, one dime and score! A nice shiny quarter that was simply hiding in the grass.

I had just picked up a tone on the detector that was different. I looked at the screen, it was 10" down, that is deep. Items that deep are usually between 20 and 50 years! Plus the tone was off-note, which can mean aluminum, but it also can mean Gold!

I had just made my circle, then my X, which pinpoints the location, and set my detector down. I was suddenly aware of a someone, I looked over my shoulder at a pretty little lady, perhaps 25 or so.

"Hi!" she said

I "Hi'd!" back. "What did you find?" she asked, curiousity on her face.

I am used to the questions, if there are little kids around, they quickly get underfoot, grown men and women come right up and almost climb in the hole with me.

"Not sure" I answered, taking another long look at her. Pretty, in an average-pretty way. She was wearing a soft light blue blouse and white baggy shorts. For some reason I noticed the blouse, the sleeves were cut similar to a T-shirt, but it buttoned up the front.

Her breasts pressed firmly against the material, outlining the curve of them. I saw no lines that would indicate a bra. Her baggy shorts were very loose and flared at the legs, and the legs were short.

She watched as I cut a 6" circle in the grass, careful to take a deep enough plug to protect the roots. I lay the sod out on my plastic sheet, then cut out a 3" deep section of the soil below.

I looked up at her a few times as I worked, she was simply watching me, a half smile on her face. I made some small talk about being careful to protect the grass, she nodded.

As I lifted each 3" deep section, I scanned it with my detector, then set it aside.

At about 10" deep, right on schedule, I was rewarded with the BZZZZ of metal, stronger now. I carefully broke open the clump of sod, and suddenly there appeared a beautiful man's ring, solid Gold with a dark green stone in it!

"Wow!" I exclaimed. Her eyes lit up, and she said, "Oh, my! that is beautiful!"

Then she squatted down to look, "May I see that?" she asked.

I brushed off the dirt, and handed it to her, and she looked it over as I replaced the dirt, then the sod, carefully pressing it down. I reached for my water bottle and wetted the area to give the grass a better chance to survive.

I looked up at her, and as I did I realized I could see right up the gap in the legs of her shorts, to a clear view of her flesh colored panties! Then it hit me I wasn't looking at flesh colored panties, I was looking at flesh!

She caught my glance, gave that half smile again, but made no effort to move. I also noticed the bumps in her blouse as her nipples began to erect.

Well, I have seen this before, the lady was an exhibitionist! She handed me the ring back, I looked it over, then slid it on my little finger. Perfect fit!

"Well, this made my day!" I told the lady, giving her another up and down look.

She just kneeled there, I was thinking I wished she would sit down, since the way she was squatted drew the crotch of her shorts up against her. This gave me one of those "almost" views, I could tell she was shaved but that was it.

I looked around for the husband or boyfriend, usually there is one close by in situations like this, enjoying the show too. There were some men playing baseball about 100 feet away, and some kids way over in some nearby trees. Other than that, we were way out in the middle of the field, all by ourselves.

So I pressed the issue, and asked her if she would like to try the detector.. She was eager in answering yes!

I reached in my case and grabbed a towel, and spread it for her. "You don't want grass stains on your clothing." I said.

She sat down on the towel, perfect! I plopped down crosslegged in front of her, and layed out the detector between us.

I placed the earphones on her head, then reached in my case for some coins. Releasing the pickup coil, I moved it back and forth across the coins.

Her face lit up as she heard the BZZZ as the coil passed over the metal. Her interest had gone from a bit of teasing to what the machine was doing. I tried several different objects, even the ring. Her eyes brightened when she heard the ring, and she said, "Wow, I can really tell the difference!"

So we got up and I let her hunt. It wasn't long before she heard a tone, looked at the display and said, "One inch!"

I handed her the aluminum knitting needle I use for a probe. She poked a bit, found nothing, so I showed her how to center on the strongest tone.

She probed again, I saw her feel the touch of metal. "Slip the tool under it and flip it out!" I told her.

She did, and a dark penny appeared on the surface. She squealed like she had won the lottery, it was delightful to watch her.

We spent a good hour just messing around, I asked her name. "Penny" she told me with a laugh. "For real?" I asked, amazed. "Yes" she answered, and gave me a direct look. "Ted." I told her.

"I saw you drive up!" she said.

"Oh, the Corvette!" I thought. That did explain some of this.

"Want some lunch?" she suddenly asked. "I have plenty."

"Sure," I answered.

We walked over to the parking lot, she removed a basket from the trunk of her old Hyundai.

"That is beautiful!" She told me, looking at the bright red z06 Corvette parked 30 feet away.

"So are you!" I told her. She smiled that half smile but she was pleased with my comment, I could tell.

Penny and I found some shade under some big trees, the fresh mowed grass was clean and soft. I spread blankets, and took a position opposite her, waiting to see what goodies came out of the basket.

I wasn't disappointed. Fresh sandwiches, some wine, soft drinks, a couple of bright red apples, even some chips.

We sat and ate, she was being a bit careless about her clothing again. I had almost the same view as before, just a bit more, I was enjoying the hell out of her company, to be honest!

Finally I hit her with, "Do you go out and pick up old men to have picnics with often?" I said, with a laugh in my voice.

She bit her lower lip for an instant. Then she said that she had had a fight with her boyfriend the night before, he was drunk and had called her ugly and left. It all came pouring out of her in a flood of words, she was feeling sad and rejected. She had come out to the park to sit and be alone, then saw me drive up. I looked harmless and nice, besides, she had gotten curious as to what I was doing.

"You said I was beautiful!" she suddenly blurted out. "Did you mean that?"

I looked at her long and hard, "There is no doubt at all!" I told her, sensing a mixture of pain and unhappiness in her.

"Show me!" she said suddenly.

I was a bit taken back, not sure of what she meant.

"Come on!" she said, getting up and gathering the basket and blankets. "Let's take your car!"

We walked back to her car, put the items in her trunk, then I hit the button and unlocked my z06. I held the door for her, still not completely sure what was up.

I climbed in, the seat positioned itself back to fit me, then I hit the ignition. I was rewarded with the instant throaty purr of 405 horsepower.

"Where to?" I asked her.

"3 Blocks down, on the left, there is a Motel!" Then she turned to me and said, "We can't go to my place, I have money if you don't!"

Now that did floor me! "I have money" I told her.

We pulled in and took a room. This felt a little odd to me, booking a room at 3 in the afternoon on a Saturday.

We were no more than inside with the door shut when she turned to me and slipped into my arms. I felt her breasts press against me, she was eager. "Show me you think I am beautiful, prove it!" she gasped out.

Amazing, here I was, almost 60 years old in a motel room with a lady no more than 25! "Here we go" I thought, and wrapped my arms around her.

Somehow we were on the bed, she was fumbling with my belt. I am proud to say I was hard as a rock, in fact, I had been for the last 15 minutes or so.

"Oh, my!" she said as I sprang free from my jeans. I held back a giggle, that was word for word what she had said when she first saw the ring I found.

Her blouse was open now, breasts bare, no bra just as I had thought. I buried my face in her soft sweet youngness.

Sliding the blouse back and off, she got up and sort of shimmied out of the shorts and was suddenly naked! I looked at her hairless body, and the tiny silver ring clipped in her pussy lip.

It was my turn to go, "Oh my!"!!

No doubt she was as close to perfect as a woman can be, not a mark, not a blemish anywhere. The lips of her vagina were protruding, excited, she was already damp. Her stomach was flat as a pancake, showgirl quality, and no doubt.

I nuzzled her softness, and licked and carressed the salty sweetness of her. She opened her legs fully to allow me access, I pressed my lips to her.

"Oh God!" she exclaimed. "You will go down, no one ever..." then she was lost..

I nuzzled her to several small orgasms, taking my sweet time. My balls ached for release, but I simply had no idea when I might get to do this again with a creature like her.

Finally I felt her tense as the sensation became a bit too much. I eased off, and gave her some featherlike laps with my tongue. She groaned, her upper body was slick with sweat, she was thrashing all over the place.

I was having a time trying to stay with her, as I flicked my tongue first up and down, then sideways in tiny little motions, then at angles. I spread the sensations into her in all directions, if this was her first time with oral I wanted to be sure she never forgot it!

Finally she could take no more, and lay back, exhausted. But she was young and full of energy, and in just a few seconds, she sat up and leaned over me. I saw her eyes look at me, she said, "I have never done this, I want to do it for you!"

Her mouth touched the tip of my penis, she licked at first, experimenting. Then she put her mouth on me, taking the whole head in. At first she tried sucking, then in short order she had the hang of it.

I could tell the instant she decided she liked it, she pulled my foreskin back, and took a long look.

"I never saw one like this before." she said, acting puzzled.

It was starting to hit me that I had a very inexperienced lady here, she had never had oral done to her, she had never done it, she had never seen an uncircumsized penis! She was like a kid with a new toy, rubbing me on her cheek, in her mouth, then on her breasts. I just relaxed and let her play.

Then she slid up on me and kissed me. "My boyfiend never made me feel like this," she said. She continued to slide her body up mine, her nipples where hot and like needles as she deliberately dragged them up my chest.

Penny pressed her hips to me as her flat abdomen and pussy slid across my erection. She stopped, then pressed down. I felt the head of my cock go in, I felt her slippery lips spread. I just let her do her thing, she moaned as I went in slightly, then she stopped for a moment. I knew she was adjusting and I resisted the urge to just cram myself in her!

Then she pressed again, I felt my foreskin begin to roll back, she felt it too. Another moan, another press, then suddenly she pressed down all the way and I was buried to the hilt!

"Huuuge!" she groaned almost in pain as she lay there with me fully in her, motionless. Then she pulled back and pressed again.

This went on for several minutes, one small pullout, then a full press. I could feel her lips mash against me each time. I was fighting orgasm, but she was winning the battle.

Then she started in, lifting and dropping with her hips. I could feel her hipbones bump me with the motion. Her hands were placed on each side of me, supporting her, as I lay there on my back.

I brought my hands up to her breasts and began to caress, she shuddered and I felt her spasm on me. Still I managed somehow, just barely, to hold back.

Then she was pounding at me, I could feel her inner flesh fold and comform to me with every stroke!

It was amazing, wonderful, I could not hold back any longer. I began to blast, she felt it and cried out, "I love you!" as she was lost in her pleasure.

We came down slowly, she collapsed against my chest. We lay there joined for a very long time, just relishing in a wonderful moment.

Finally we were done. She lay there staring at me. I reached out and stroked the reddish flush on her abdomen, then I smiled and told her, "See? I told you you were beautiful!" She seemed to purr at the comment.

Penny and I got up, and we took a shower together. I was washing her up and down when I got another erection. Penny laughed, dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth eagerly.

In short order, I was ready to explode again, so I warned her.

She stopped for an instant, said, "Do it! I want to taste you!" so I relaxed and let it go. She didn't withdraw, she sucked at me greedily as the warm water cascaded down on us.

Later, as we dried and dressed, she asked me, "Are there other men like you?"

I was sure of my answer, "Yes, of course!" I told her.

I drove her back to her car, and she sat there for a long time. I just let her sit and think, finally, she opened the door.

I watched as she walked to her car, she opened the door, then stopped. Turning to me, she said, "Ted, I love you!"

"Penny, I love you too!" I called out to her.

I watched as she started the car, and pulled out and drove away with a wave.

I realized I didn't get her number. Then it hit me she didn't offer, either. Just two lives, passing and joining for a moment.

It was better this way. I looked down at the Gold ring on my finger. A perfect fit. Yes, one day in a life. A perfect fit.

I drove to the house, Lee was home. She looked up with a smaile as I walked in the door. "Find anything?" she asked. I showed her the ring on my pinkie finger.

"Oh, my!" she exclaimed. I started laughing at that, so hard I almost choked. Lee looked at me with a grin, suddenly she knew. She always does somehow.

I reached out and patted her fanny, and led her to the living room.

"Let me tell you about a perfect day!" I told her..

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