tagBDSMA Day At The Park

A Day At The Park


She arrived at the park at 10:00 am, just as he had instructed. Upon parking she looked across the green expanse of lawn.

"Go to the pavilion that is farthest from the car park," he had instructed her. As always, he had instructed her to lock her purse in her car and to carry only her car key with her. Grasping the single key in her hand, she walked across the park toward the pavilion he had picked.

She shivered slightly as the cool dew on the grass wet her sandal-covered feet, her nipples erect against the fabric of her dress, somewhat in reaction to the cool wetness of the dew, but more in anticipation and trepidation of what was to come. She was naked under her dress, just as he had instructed.

As she reached the pavilion she wondered what was in store for the morning. The structure was simple enough, four posts and a roof, and a picnic table. At each end of the structure were benches in the form of horizontal planks that had been permanently attached between the corner posts. She sat on one of the benches, her heart beginning to race as she watched the entrance to the car park, anticipating his arrival. He usually made her wait, and today was no different. Part of her was anxious during this wait, but part of her knew that the wait was designed to sharpen her anticipation of what was about to happen.

Suddenly, she was aware of his car pulling up. She watched as he walked toward her and her hands gripped the bench as her anxiety and excitement grew. He was carrying a small case with him..."Oh, god," she whispered to herself, "Toys!" She could only imagine what he had in mind.

He walked up to her, greeting her in his normal manner and it was obvious to her that he was not going to waste any time. Sometimes there was conversation and a slow progression toward whatever he had in mind, but not today. In less than two minutes she was standing naked before him, nervously glancing around to see if there were other people in the park.

"Straddle the bench so that you are facing the car park and sit down" he commanded.

She quickly did so, smarting as the cold damp surface of the bench touched her thighs and pussy.

He opened the case he was carrying and produced a set of handcuffs. As he handed them to her he instructed her to put them on her ankles. She quickly bent and placed the cuffs on her ankles. In doing so it dawned on her that she would not be able to be freed quickly and her anxiety regarding other people entering the park began to grow.

Reaching into the bag again, he turned and held out another pair of cuffs. These were quickly placed on her wrists. Without hesitating, he picked up a light chain. To each end was attached a small adjustable elastic loop. She knew that the loops would soon be tightened around her nipples.

Upon closer examination, she saw that on the chain was a small key. She immediately recognised that the key was not the typical handcuff key and wondered what it was for. Her train of thought was interrupted by the intense pressure of the loops being slipped over then pulled tight around her erect nipples. The sensation crashed from her nipples to her clit and her pussy began to weep in excitement at the wonder of what else was about to happen.

"Bend over and grip the sides of the bench," he commanded as he quickly reached into the bag once again.

She gripped the edges of the bench pulling the links between the cuffs tight across the plank. Her concern about being exposed to others turned to panic as he used a roll of duct tape to quickly secure her hands to the bench...Now she was nude, cuffed and tied bent over the bench, her arse upturned, legs spread over the bench, pussy and anus exposed.

Continuing to move quickly, he produced a thin leather belt and quickly tightened it around her waist. Without hesitating he bent to the case once more and then turned to show her another narrow leather strap...But this strap was different...At each end of the strap were two metal loops and a small padlock...Attached to the middle of the strap a large battery powered dildo and a smaller butt plug...

He held it close to her so face..."Look closely at the base of the plug," he said.

She stared and then recognised that the keys to both sets of handcuffs were attached to a ring that encircled the base of the plug where it was attached to the leather.

"Give me your car key," he commanded.

She opened her bound hand allowing the key fell to the ground. He bent, retrieved the key and attached it to the base of the dildo with the other two leys.

Reaching into his bag yet again, he produced a bottle of KY Warming jelly and coated both the plug and the dildo with the thin lubricant. She gritted her teeth and moaned at the sensation of the plug stretching her anus then sighed in relief as her sphincter slid over the broad neck of the plug and closed on the narrowing section at the base...She felt the cool metal of the keys pressing into the area between her pussy and her anus.

She then gasped and went rigid as he steadily pressed the dildo into her weeping pussy...It was as large as she had ever taken, filling her completely and causing her to buck as her clit erected itself to it fullest.

Finally, he pulled the ends of the strap tight, tucking them around the belt around her waist and clicked each small padlock closed, thus ensuring that both the plug and the dildo were forced tight into their respective openings and could only be removed by unlocking the padlocks.

She began panting with sexual excitement as the coated 'toys' began to irritate her and the fear of discovery heightened her sexual awareness

"Look at me," he said sitting down on the bench in front of her.

Raising her head she stared into his eyes.

"The key to the padlocks is on the chain between your breasts. The keys to the cuffs and your car are around the base of the butt plug and the dildo."

Even though she had an inkling before, full understanding crashed over her...To be freed, someone would have to handle her breasts and nipples to get the padlock key, then remove the dildo and plug to get to the handcuff key.

"Oh, god," she thought, "Surely, he's not going to leave me!"

Looking at him, she knew he was...She knew that if she wanted to be freed, she would be forced to instruct someone else as to how to free her.

"Please don't leave me!" she begged.

His face was expressionless as he responded, "I thought you wanted to be exposed in public."

"Yes, I do, but not like this. please." she whispered.

"Well, next time, think carefully before making a wish," he grinned reaching for and twisting her nipples.

Understanding dawned on her...Her wish for public humiliation was being granted.

"But I didn't mean it..." she stammered, hoping to convince him to release her.

"Hush," he said to her gently, "You know the rules, now you have to play the game."

Before she could protest further, he reached between her legs and twisted the base of the dildo.

"Aaahhh, god!" she stuttered as a burst of intense vibrations began to course through her body.

"Have a nice day!" he said with a smile as he closed his case, gathered her clothing into a neat bundle and began walking away.

"Please! D-don't leave... oh god I'm cumming!" she gasped in orgasm as she attempted to protest his leaving.

She watched in panic as he walked first to her car where using his key unlocked the door and placed her clothing inside before moving on to his car.

With tears in her eyes she watched him drive away then as he was almost out of sight her legs went rigid, lifting her ass into the air as another intense orgasm crashed through her body...

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