tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day at the Pool

A Day at the Pool

byLA Dream©

It was a very hot day. The sun is so bright the sky is so blue... I decide that I can't stand it inside any longer and have to go down to the pool. Strangely the place is deserted except for one guy over on the other side. I pick out a lounge chair right about in the middle of the pool, lay down my stuff and stretch, the sun feels so good on my body. Standing next to the chair I reach down and slowly take off my sundress. Out of the corner of my eye I see that the guy is watching me, so I decide to really give him something to watch. *EG*

I lay down on my lounge chair and reach into my bag to get my sunscreen and start to spray the oil on my legs... slowly rubbing it in. Starting at my feet I rub really slow and run my hands up my calves... my hands are getting really oily now... I let my legs fall open to the sides and start to rub the sunscreen on my thighs. I look over to see if he is watching me and he's gone! Then I notice that he has moved and is right across the pool from me. I look him right in his eyes (which I really can't see because of his sunglasses) and continue to run my hands on my inner thighs... slowly getting closer to my pussy. I then notice that he's developing a raging hard on. *BS* Satisfied that I've got his attention now I spray my arms and chest and make a big show about rubbing it in letting my fingers dip into my bikini top and pinch my nipples lightly.

Its getting so hot so I decide to go over to the vending machine to get a coke. On the way back I can see that he has one hand inside his trunks and he's stroking his cock as he's watching me walk. Laying down on the lounge chair again I turn on my radio and start moving my legs to the beat. I get out my spray bottle of water and spray myself so now I'm wet... and shiny from the oil. The cool water feels so good and the heat from the sun makes my nipples turn rock hard. It helps to know that this sexy guy is watching me. I can't help myself so I reach down and pinch my nipples... inhaling sharply because it feels so good. My pussy is starting to get wet.

MMMMmmmmmm I rub my legs together trying to rub my clit. Not enough. I look over at the guy and I can't tell if he's watching or not because of those sunglasses. But I have to touch myself. I'm getting so horny! I reach a hand down and quickly rub my clit through my suit. God it feels so good. Suddenly I hear a groan from across the pool so I look up... He has his cock out now and is stroking it faster. Yep! He saw me!! Well I figure if he can do it so can I. Leaning back in my lounger I bring my knees up so my legs are bent and I put my hand into my suit so I can finger myself... rubbing my clit I close my eyes and just enjoy the sensation. After a few minutes my pussy is dripping its so wet. My other hand is playing with my nipples. From the groans coming from the other side of the pool I can tell he is really enjoying the show and is getting close to cumming.

I decide I want to cum to. Never masturbated out in the open in front of an audience before this is really fun!! My fingers are sliding over my clit and going down and dipping inside of my pussy... faster and faster. Oh God... I'm going to cum! I know that I am getting loud... panting and moaning but I don't care if he hears me or not. Oh I'm so close!! I arch my back and with a sudden shudder I let my juices flow... at that moment I hear a loud groan and look over to see him shooting a stream as well. I look over at him and with a small smile gather up my things and start to leave. Before I go though I look over at him and call out... "Same time tomorrow?" He gets a big grin on his face and nods his head. Grinning I turn to leave wondering what suit I should wear tomorrow...

Part 2... His Story

"Damn its hot today"... I picked up my beer... swiping the bottle across my forehead... feeling the coolness. It had been a great vacation and I was enjoying my last day out by the pool. My friend had gone out of town and loaned me his place for the week. It was a nice place overlooking the golf course where I had spent the majority of my week. "Watch out for those hot moms down by the pool," he laughlily warned me as he tossed me the keys. I dont know what he was talking about... all I'd seen down here so far had been harried moms yelling at kids. But that had been later in the day after school had let out and now I was savoring the silence. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sounds of the wind, taking a long pull on my beer, when I heard the gate open.

I couldn't really see her as she walked up the steps... the sun was glaring into my eyes... all I could see was her shape. It was very curvy. One of those moms my friend had warned me about. She looked over the pool and smiled at me in greeting and stopped at a lounge chair at the side of the pool. I pulled down my sunglasses so I could see her better. "Shit, she is a knock out," I thought to myself.

I watched her put her things down and shimmy out of her dress. Her tits bouncing slightly as she sat down and I watched her lean over to get her sunscreen I swore under my breath as I caught a glimpse of her nipple. "Oh fuck this," I thought to myself and moved my things over to across the pool from her. I had to watch this woman from a bit closer. I saw her spray the oil across her stomach, rubbing it across her golden skin. My mind started to wander... imagining it was my hand... rubbing around her belly button. I watched her spray the oil on her legs and groaned slightly to myself as she parted her legs and rubbed the oil into her soft thighs. It was then she looked right at me. Like she was trying to see my eyes. I wondered if she had heard me moan, if she knew I was watching her, if she knew the erotic things I was thinking of her at that moment. Not breaking eye contact she sprayed her chest... Letting her fingers dip inside her suit slightly as she rubbed the oil in.

"Damn Bitch knows I'm watching and is liking it" The thought popped into my head as she got up from her chair and made her way to the soda machine. My cock instantly sprang to attention as I watched her ass sway slightly as she walked up the steps to the machine. Before I knew it I found myself sliding a finger up my shorts leg and rubbing the head of my cock. I bent my knees to give myself better access. I'm watching her walk back down the steps and I know she is watching me. Wonder how bold she can be? I decide to test the waters since she knows now that I am rubbing my cock and hasn't run screaming for the parking lot. I reach down and lift the waist band of my shorts releasing my cock.

She sees me... my heart stops for a moment as she is trying to decide what to do. I smile as I see her relax, and grin. Ohmygod, she is rubbing herself. I watch her hands dip inside her suit, rubbing that beautiful pussy. My hands are now pumping away on my cock, no longer trying to hide the fact that I am jacking off watching this hot woman. I can hear her soft moans as she seems to be getting into giving me a show. She is pulling on her nipples and pushing her fingers inside that dripping cunt. I would give anything to bury my head between her thighs and run my tongue over her pussy. I can tell she is getting close to making herself cum... her moans are getting louder, her movements a bit more frantic.

All of a sudden she throws her head back and I can tell she is cumming... and hard too. I cant wait any longer, the site of her has driven me over the edge. I can feel my balls tighten up and stroke faster watching her cum... OH FUCK... the cum is shooting out of my cock... a steady stream spraying over my legs. I look up and see that she is watching me now, and has a big smile. I smile back and reach for my towel to clean up a bit. When I glance over at her again I see that she has gathered her things and is headed to the gate. Right before she leaves she looks at me and says," Same time tomorrow?" All I can do is shake my head yes. Oh fuck yes... *grin*

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