tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Day Driving in the Country

A Day Driving in the Country


A Day Driving in the Country

Dealing with the Highway Patrol

This story is a fantasy story, and with all fantasies we can imagine that no evil exists. That also means no disease, so with no disease to transfer to someone else, no need for protection. Remember it is a fantasy world, in the real world evil and disease exists. Protect yourself.


Day off, out for a drive.

What a predicament, standing on the side of the road next to my open car door with my hands straight up in the air; looking down the barrel of a Highway Patrolman's handgun. I'm about to pee my pants, that is what little bit of pants I have on. The Highway Patrolman is doing his best to keep his composure, but he has a huge grin on his face.

"Cripes, I almost shot you fella," he said. "What the hell were you doing fumbling around under your seat for?"

What I was doing, was struggling to put my sweat pants back on. I now realize how dangerous it was, as it must have looked like I was reaching for a weapon.

I just stood there, I didn't say a word. What could I possibly say? I was completely humiliated standing there. Wearing only a loose fitting half button t-shirt, and a pair of tight fitting cut-off jeans. I mean really cut-off; they were cut through where the back pockets normally are. Pockets were removed to allow the cut; this left my bum cheeks pretty much exposed. The cut left only the seam running down between my legs, sort of like a thong, and the front was cut so short that my balls were hanging out. My cock was folded up and to the left, it was the only thing hidden, except for the bulge. Oh yeah, and a pair of red 5 inch women's high heel shoes. I must have been quite a sight to the officer.

"Put your hands on top of the car, and spread your; legs," he ordered.

"Yes sir," I finally sputtered out, and assumed the position.

As I stood there spread eagled, with my hands on top of my car. I trembled at the thought of what's going to happen to me. He started to frisk me for contraband or weapons, starting on my main torso, then worked his hands down to my cut-offs. As if I could conceal anything in them, they were so tight; my pubic hairs were showing an outline. He even felt down my bare, shaven legs, I thought that was a little strange.

A car drove by on this quiet back road, and he said. "I can't process you here dressed like that, you'll cause an accident. Get back in your car and follow me. I've got your driver's license, so no funny stuff." He went back to his car and I got back in mine.

I waited till he pulled out around me and I proceeded to follow him, thinking back on how I got myself into this.

The day started out with me having the day off from work. I decided to go for a drive, and because I like to dress up in feminine clothing, I picked out something suitable for the drive. I started with a full body shave and a soak in the tub with lots of scented bath oils. I painted my toenails in bright red nail polish, and because it was such a warm day. I decided against pantyhose or stockings and went bare legged. I'm only 5' 5" and weigh 135lbs, so I have quite feminine legs and a delicious tight bubble butt. I put on my cut-offs, and slid a baggy pair of sweat pants over them. Slid on a pair of sneakers, and put my 5 inch heels in a bag. Sprayed on some girly body spray that smelled sexy, and out the door I went. I was glad that nobody was around as I went from my apartment, to my car. Or else they would have surely smelled the feminine body fragrance.

A short distance from my apartment, I pulled over to the side of the road, pulled my sweat pants off, and put my red heels on. I have practiced driving my car with my heels on before, and I am quite good at driving in them. It is the one time, I can be in public wearing my girly clothes, and no one knows. I feel so sexy and naughty doing this. I continued on, heading to the country side, by way of the interstate highway. I put a Pussycat Dolls CD in the stereo to listen to, and it put me in a sexy girly mood.

I was cruising down the highway, feeling very horny, rubbing my cock clit through my cut-off jeans. Glancing down occasionally at my 5 inch heels, I came up on an eighteen wheeler creeping up a steep hill. Without a thought, I casually merged into the passing lane and went past the semi. As I passed him, I heard his loud air horn blast a couple times. I didn't think anything of it, just figured he was letting me know when I was clear of him and could pull back into his lane. I kept going and soon I was behind another semi, going kind of slow on level ground. I was able to easily pass him without speeding, I made sure not to break any laws so I wouldn't get pulled over by the Highway Patrol. Again I heard the air horn blasting, and again I didn't think anything about it. Just up over the next hill, there was a whole convoy of eighteen wheelers driving slowly. I quickly caught up to them, and began to pass them. Now it started to occur to me that all these trucks were not driving at their normally crazy fast speeds. As I was going by them, each in turn blasted the air horn, and I suddenly understood why. To my horror, I realized that they could look down into my little car; and had a perfect view of my ridiculously short cut-off jeans. Including my shaved girly legs, and my balls hanging out of my cut-offs! They were using their CB radios to tell each other about me, and giving my location on the highway. I panicked, and sped up, going faster than the speed limit. I started to think about getting caught in a radar speed trap and this got me even more frightened.

Luckily I came to my turnoff ramp that led to a quiet country road. I exited and quickly slowed back down to the speed limit. With nobody around, I started to relax some. Now that I was calming down, I soon became aware of the fact that I was extremely horny at all the attention I was getting from those truckers. I mean, they didn't know who I was; I was just a slutty little cross dressing stranger to them. I settled back into my routine at this thought, rubbing my re-hardened cock clit through my jeans again.

Cruising down the twisty road, in bliss, I noticed a patrol car coming towards me. I quickly checked my speed, right at the speed limit, "That's good," I thought. I passed him looking as innocent as I could under the circumstances, as he went by I checked in my rearview mirror.

"Oh my Fuck!" I yelled, as I saw his brake lights come on, and then the red and blues. I was freaking as I tried to get my sweat pants on while I was driving. In my panic, I tried to pull them on over my 5 inch heels, and they were getting snagged on the heels! Attempting to get them on, while driving down the road was an exercise in futility. I was still struggling with the sweat pants as I came to a stop on the side of the road, with the patrol car stopping right behind me.

This suspicious movement is what prompted the officer to draw his gun, and order, "Put your hands out the window." I completely forgot about still wearing my high heels as I stepped out of the car.

I suddenly snapped back to the present as I saw him signal to the left and put his brake lights on. He turned down a gravel dirt road, after about a mile; he pulled over in front of a dead end drive that led into the woods. With a hand signal, he indicated me to drive my car into this path, and he followed in his car. I shut off my engine and just sat there totally dejected as he walked up to my car.

"Ok sonny, if that's really what you are," he grinned, "Out of the car."

I slowly got out, I didn't even bother putting my sweat pants on, or taking my 5 inch heels off. I stood there leaning against my car, with my hands folded in front of me, trying to hide my balls hanging out the bottom of my cut-offs. I must have been quite the site. Because my baggy t-shirt was unbuttoned, one side was hanging down, exposing my shoulder; giving me an even more feminine look. If that was possible, considering I was standing in 5 inch red pumps, sexy girly legs, and a hot bubble bum poking out of my cut-offs.

"You created quite a lot of talk on the CB radio gorgeous," he said with a grin. "Had the truckers all excited, they didn't know what to make of you. You had them driving with one hand on their radio, and the other hand on their cock, makes for a dangerous situation."

"I am so sorry, I didn't mean any harm." I spoke, for the first time. "Am I going to be arrested?"

"Well let's see, could have caused a huge wreck on the highway, and indecent exposure. I would say you're going to jail. You should make the regulars in the jail happy, give them something to do." He jeered "You'll be passed around like a deck of cards."

"Please don't, I'm not gay, I just like dressing up," I pleaded, as I began to cry.

"You mean that hot little body of yours has never been fucked before?" he asked.

"No, I'm telling the truth, I'm straight. No one knows what I do, I'll be humiliated," I sobbed. "What can I do to get out of this? Can't you just write me a ticket? I'll pay a huge fine."

"Sorry son, I have to do it, looks like you're going to lose your virginity today. It won't be so bad; I think you'll like it." He calmly said.

"Oh my god, I don't believe this. Please! I'll do anything." I pleaded.

"Tell you what," he said. "I won't take you in; if you give me a blowjob."

I was shocked! I couldn't say anything; I stood there with my mouth open. I suddenly realized I was actually thinking about it. I've never done anything with another guy before. But I have fantasized about it while dressed in my girly clothes, and jerked off many times thinking about it. The next thing out of my mouth shocked me.

"Handcuff me," I purred.

He locked the handcuffs on me, behind my back. I squatted down and opened my mouth, about to give my first blowjob!

He quickly had his semi hard cock out of his fly. It was about six inches long and still growing. He gently placed it against my lips, and I tentatively began to lick my first cock. I circled around the head with my tongue, then licked down along the underside of his cock, to his balls.

"We ain't got time for foreplay, my pretty little cocksucker," he grunted as he grabbed my hair, and rammed his hard cock deep into my mouth. "I'm gonna fuck your mouth good and hard," he said.

Smokey's cock was a good eight inches long, thick and straight. As he tried to bury it down my throat, I started gagging. I started concentrating on my throat muscles, trying to relax them. At first it was no help, I began choking, and tried to pull my head away from his cock. Since my hands were cuffed behind my back, I couldn't push him away from me. In his sexual fuck frenzy, he realized I was having trouble and pulled out of my mouth. A big string of spit followed his cock out of my mouth, and I started coughing out gobs of spit, and gasping for breath. I had a terrified look on my face as I looked up at him.

"You have to learn to relax, so that I can get my cock down your throat," Smokey panted. "Concentrate, and let's try this again."

Still holding onto my hair, he shoved his huge cock back into my mouth. I started to get the hang of it as he pumped his cock into my throat. I was still making gagging sounds; the sounds are hard to explain. Sort of a cross between vacuuming sounds, a plunger in a toilet sound and sucking the last bit of a milkshake through a straw. I really started to enjoy the sensation of getting my face fucked, with the spit drooling out of my mouth; the sounds I was making while having this done to me, and his animal grunts.

After about fifteen minutes of abusing my mouth, I heard him moan that he was about to cum. He stopped pumping into my throat and held the cock head in my mouth and started to power cum. I could feel the warm salty tasting cum filling my mouth. I started to swallow it, but there was so much. I choked a little bit and some cum spurted out the side of my mouth and started to drip down my chin. He kept splashing more and more cum into my mouth as he jerked his body from the orgasm he was having. I managed to swallow most of it, but some did leak out and was dripping off my chin.

"Fuck, that was good. Did you enjoy that as much as I did? For someone who never sucked cock before, you did a great job deepthroating my cock!" he laughed.

I was still squatting on the ground as I looked up at him and realized that I did enjoy it. The feeling of being so submissive while another guy used me for his sexual pleasure was getting me so hot. Plus the taste of his cum in my mouth was like an aphrodisiac, liquid horniness. My cock hurt because it was bulging so hard, still folded up along my hip; stuck in my ridiculously short cut-off jeans.

Just then another Highway Patrol car pulled up and parked on the dirt road behind my Smokey's car.

"About time you got here Jebb, I radioed you at least a half hour ago," Smokey said.

"I had this cute redhead stopped for speeding. I had to let her talk me out of the ticket by giving me her phone number and promising me a blowjob," he grinned. "Well, what do we have here; you were right about having a pretty little girly boy for us to play with. Sexy legs honey and I like them shoes you have on," he leered.

"The legs are sweet, but check out this ass!" Smokey said as he grabbed my hips, and spun me around.

"Wow, look at how it sticks out from those shorts. How the hell did you squeeze into those shorts honey," Jebb said. "I want a piece of that ass."

"You're gonna have to wait, I just had a great blowjob, and I'm already hard again. I'm gonna fuck that tight virgin ass now; you can start with a blowjob. Our girl here gives fantastic deep throat." Smokey said.

Smokey lifted me onto the engine bonnet of my car. Lying on my back, the size of my car was just right for Smokey to line his cock up with my bum. The only fabric on my cut-offs between my legs was the seam, it was now digging into my bum crack because my jeans were so tight. Smokey took a small pair of scissors from one of the pouches on his belt and cut the seam. This left my bum fully exposed and ready to take his cock. He spit into the crack of my bum to lube it up and grabbed my ankles. He placed my heels on his shoulders and started rubbing his cock along my bum crack. Jebb slid my head over to the edge of the fender and started slapping my face with his growing cock.

Soon Smokey had the head of his cock in my bum, it hurt like hell. He stayed like that for a minute or so to let me get accustomed to it. He thought my bum was virgin, truth be told; I've never had a real cock in my bum before, but I have had several different objects in there to simulate a real cock. The pain started to be replaced with pleasure as Smokey slid his cock deeper into my bum. It felt so much better than the things I was putting in there. His cock was hard, yet felt so soft and warm sliding in and out. Jebb had his now hard cock in my mouth and was starting to face fuck me like Smokey did.

I was really getting into being fucked by two cops at the same time as I imagined what it must look like. A girly boy wearing short cut-offs, lying on the engine bonnet of his car with his hands handcuffed behind his back. With 5 inch high heeled pumps on pointing towards the sky, getting fucked in the bum and the mouth by two Highway Patrol officers. They were rocking me back and forth as they got in a rhythm, one pumping in as the other pulled out. I could hear, over their grunting and my moaning and gagging, the handcuffs scraping over the paint on my engine bonnet. I knew I was scratching it all to hell, but I didn't care. It would be a reminder every time I looked at it about my first time with other men.

Since Jebb hadn't cum yet, he was the first, he started to violently deep throat me as his orgasm built up. When he was ready, he pulled his cock from my mouth and proceeded to hose his cum all over my face. He soaked my face with a huge load of cum. I had cum in my hair, forehead, in both my eyes, my cheeks; I even had a spurt go up my nostril. I looked up at Smokey, who was still pounding away at my bum.

"Fuck, you look so hot with all that cum on your face, you were meant for this you sexy little bitch!" Smokey grunted as he shot his load of cum into my bum.

The feeling was electrifying, I could smell Jebb's cum in my nose and feel it running down my face, as Smokey's cock was pulsating and his cum was filling my bum. If someone had of just squeezed my cock, I would have exploded.

They left me laying there panting while they took a smoke break. I could feel Smokey's cum dribbling out of my bum, onto my car. When they came back Jebb said, "I'm ready for another round, time for that tight sweet ass. Although it's probably not so tight anymore after your huge cock opened it up," he laughed.

"I'm spent," Smokey said, "I'll take a rain check, I know she's into it. We ain't letting this one get away."

Jebb slid me off the car, turned me around and bent me back down onto the engine bonnet. "You got that right, she'll be great at our poker game Saturday night," he said. "The rest of the guys will really enjoy having her around to fetch drinks and anything else we might need taken care of." He laughed, as he rammed his cock into my sloppy, cum soaked bum.

Jebb fucked me hard as my head was bobbing back and forth, shaking cum off my face. Splattering onto the car, adding to Smokey's cum that already dripped out of my bum. Eventually I heard the familiar grunt, and felt the pulse as Jebb unleashed another hot load of cum deep in my bum. He pulled out, zipped up his pants and the two of them walked away to have a conversation. Now I could feel the cum running down my leg.

They came back and Smokey took me by the arm. He led me past my car towards his patrol car. "What are you doing?" I said. "Where are we going?" I was starting to panic again.

"Why you're going downtown," Smokey said, "You didn't think we weren't going to arrest you, did you?"

"You promised you wouldn't if I did what you wanted," I protested.

"Yeah well, we've been on this call so long, we have to have something to show for it," he said seriously. "Ironic isn't it, because you're so good at being a horny little slut, we took so long. If you weren't a good fuck, I would have had a quickie and been able to let you go."

"You can't do this, you promised. I'll tell what you guys did to me," I said.

"We'll get you cleaned up a bit, nobody will believe you dressed the way you are," he laughed as he put me in the backseat of his patrol car. "Besides, now I know you'll like being in the cell with all the other criminals. You will have so much cum in, and on you, nobody will ever be able to tell whose is whose."

Sitting in the patrol car, I started sobbing and begging not to do this. Smokey was showing no concern what so ever. He was acting like a robot as he backed out of the drive and told me they would send a wrecker to tow my car. While we drove down the dirt road towards the main road, I was bawling by now, pleading with him. He just ignored me, acting like a typical cop. He came to the intersection, stopped at the stop sign and waited.

Jebb, who was following us in his patrol car, came up to Smokey's window. "What's our little slut saying?" He asked.

"She doesn't want to go downtown," Smokey said.

"Really? I thought she would get a kick out of being locked up with a bunch of other guys, being into bondage and gangbangs the way she seems to be," Jebb laughed. He looked at me and said, "You don't want to go to jail and have all kinds of fun with the other inmates?"

"No," I managed to get out between sobs. "He promised me if I did what he wanted, he would let me go, and he didn't even mention I would have to do it with two of you."

"Well, we'll keep our end of the bargain if you keep yours, we just want to extend it some," Jebb said.

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