tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day in the Park

A Day in the Park


Special thanks to "Blackstallion21" for his help editing.


"Remove your clothing". 'What, here in the park,' she thought. She knew better than to disobey, that would only resulted in punishment for disobedience. This wasn't like being on the ranch where being nude out in the open may be discomforting, but the chance of being discovered unlikely. This was a public park. Though they had only seen a couple hikers in the last hour, there were people around. As she slowly removed her clothing, her eyes darted back and forth wondering who might be watching. 'What is he planning this time? she thinks. The thrill of not knowing only heightens her excitement.

As he removes a blindfold from his pocket, he secures it over her eyes and places her hands on a branch above her head.

"You are now bound," he tells her, "you are not to speak. Do you understand?"

She nodded yes, knowing that once a command is given she had best not disobey. Next she feels him putting earplugs in her ears. She is left in darkness and silence.

She waits; ten minutes or an hour she has no idea. She feels like she's been standing there forever, as he still here or had he left her alone? She feels helpless and vulnerable, more so than ever before. Suddenly she feels somebody stroking her breast.

"What have we here," she hears someone murmur through the earplugs. Was that his voice she wonders? Oh God, please let it be him. The idea that some stranger has found her standing naked in the park has her so excited and scared she is on the verge of orgasm. She can't help but wonder what this person must be thinking. To find a blindfolded woman in the woods, standing naked grabbing a tree branch. When she feels their warm lips on her nipple, a moan escaped before she can control it.

Goosebumps cover her body and the slightest breeze is like a million fingers caressing her. Is that his scent? She isn't sure. 'Say something', her mind screams, why don't you say something? A hand slowly goes down her back and caresses her buttocks; and she almost releases the branch when her nipple is suddenly pinched. The sudden pain causes a burst of adrenaline to course thru her. She feels her legs being spread apart. She can feel her juices run down her leg, leaving no doubt to her unknown lover of her excitement. As she feels a warm breath across her pussy lips, she no longer cares who it is. 'Touch me, please just touch me', she wants to scream. A tongue penetrates the folds her pussy; oh God, it's not him. The face between her legs is clean-shaven, not the bushy beard he has. The thought of some stranger licking her pussy sends her over the edge and orgasm after orgasm courses thru her body.

It was already too late when she realizes her hands have left the branch and gone to the head between her legs, trying to pull him closer. She quickly tries to correct her mistake by reaching for the branch above her head. She knows if he is watching she will be punished for her disobedience. The very thought sends a new wave of pleasure coursing thru her body.

He stops his attack on her pussy and again she stands waiting. Time stretches on, she tries to count in her head to see how much time is passing. Even that doesn't help. Am I counting too fast or too slow she wonders? A quick slap on the ass brings her out of her reverie. Her hands are removed from the branch and her legs are spread wider. She is forced to bend over and her hands are placed on her ankles.

Exposed and vulnerable, her mind races. What is next? Is it to be punishment or pleasure? Is there a difference anymore? A tongue on her ass sends both pleasure and fear coursing thru her.

'That's not what I'm craving,' she wants to scream but knows she can't. She can feel his thumb penetrating her opening and stroking across her clitoris. 'How am I supposed to stay in this position with an orgasm building inside of me', she wonders? She wants to collapse and throw her legs wide but somehow resists the urge. The desire to please her unknown lover engulfs her, giving everything of her self and in return reaching heights of pleasure she has only dreamt of.

Suddenly she is left alone again. As she waits, time seems to drag. After what seems an eternity the blindfold is removed and the brightness blinds her as she blinks and tries to regain her senses. There is her man, calmly standing by observing her. She wants to run to him but knows she hasn't been given the command to move yet.

"Come to me," he says. As she throws herself into his arms she weeps, unable to control the emotions that rush thru her. Between her sobs she notices that he's clean-shaven. Ever since she had first met him he has worn a beard. Seeing him now with a smooth face she realizes he had planned this all for her pleasure. Relief overwhelms her with the knowledge it had been him all along, or was it?

"I should make you walk back to the car naked for your disobedience," he says. The thought makes her shiver with fear then relief when he tells her to dress. As they wander back towards the parking area she replays what has happened thru her mind a hundred times. She desperately tries to recall every detail for a hint as to whether it was him or not. She doesn't dare ask him, knowing she has a punishment coming already and having no desire to make things worse. He is chatting away as if nothing unusual has occurred today. 'Doesn't he realize the emotional turmoil boiling inside her?' she wonder.

So wrapped up in her thoughts she doesn't noticed when they are joined by a third person, it his best friend. 'Why is he here,' she wonders. Blushing at the thought he may have been around all along, or could he have been her unknown lover?

"Here's your video recorder," he says to her man. "I got some fantastic shots".

The realization that he has been there and has not only seen everything but recorded it is humiliating and thrilling. Up until now her relationship with her man had always been 'vanilla' in public or with his friends. Evidently that has changed now. The knowledge that he has become comfortable enough with their relationship to bring it more into the open gives her a warm feeling inside, it also scares the hell out of her. It's one thing to be a slut at home or where no one knows her. It's quite another to have people she knows and see's everyday aware of it. She has known this was a possibility when she gave control of her life to him, after all it's what she claimed to want. She wondered if she had the courage to continue this path? But of course she would, it's her nature to be submissive. To bring pleasure to her man has become her life goal.

As they reach the car she hears them laughing. He's in a good mood; maybe her punishment won't be so bad after all.

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