tagErotic HorrorA Demonic Party

A Demonic Party


Warning: The sex is brutal and graphic, the characters are roughly treated and the story explores humanity's most base actions. Don't read further if you feel this will disturb you. All others, please enjoy. Comments are always welcome.

* * *

He'd seen a lot of flesh recently. Not flesh in the flesh, of course. But the flesh of wanton women on the websites where weak men go. So much flesh that it had begun to all blur together. The heavy breasts. The wicked waists. The open thighs. The wet pussies. The cum-soaked skin. There were times when he barely knew where one woman ended and the next one began. But the ones that haunted his dreams, that ravaged his soul and woke him in the middle of the night with an erection so stiff it hurt were the ones who knelt before a wall and sucked anonymous cock stuck through a hole. Topless women, fingering their dirty cunts under their short skirts as they gave oral sex to a never-ending line of men. Women whose loose morals were like a beacon to the family man, temptresses so powerful that no man could resist. In his dreams he taught them a lesson, first teasing them through the hole, providing a taste of his massive cock, then surprising them on the other side of the wall. Pinning them in the corner. Ripping off their clothes. Forcing his cock down their throats. And then giving them a savage fucking in their dirty cunts and their revolting asses, teaching the harsh consequences of seducing god-fearing men with their succulent flesh and willing mouths. And then he would leave them, bruised and battered inside and out, covered in the sperm they had so desperately desired, knowing he had taught them a valuable lesson: to give their bodies to only one man, their husbands, and to use their womanly ways to please him as he requested. For that was the way that the supreme being had made the world.

When Mark returned from his travels in the land of dreams with a massive erection and his mind filled with the sights and sounds of brutal sexuality, he would turn to his wife in bed and wake her with s sharp squeeze to her breast. No matter how groggy, she would do the dutiful thing and kick off the covers, pull off her panties and spread her legs to receive him. Then he would impale her on his scepter of righteousness, fucking her in the same way that all women needed to be fucked occasionally: harshly, violently and thoroughly. For only through repeated lessons could women remember to keep from tempting every man who crossed their paths. So his father had taught him, and his father's father, and down through the generations. And when he was done, he would spew his sperm across his wife's prostrate body, smearing it with his most precious fluid, leaving her dripping and shaking, freshly reminded of her place in the world, and his.

* * * * *

"To conquer the evil, we need to go where evil lives."

That had been Mark's answer to the invitation to attend an adult Halloween Party to be held at Phil Diamond's home. Of course, that was his answer to most everything, his wife Nadia thought. Not that it was her place to question his wisdom. There was truth to his reasoning. She and Mark were the most pious of any family in the neighborhood. And the most devoted as well, always attending to their religious duties. Their families came from a long line of religious leaders. No Christian, Jew, Hindu or Muslim could match their devotion. When it was time for just rewards, she and Mark would be at the head of the line.

Mark, though, wasn't happy with simply proving his devotion by only dealing with the temptations that normal life threw at every man. No, he was always seeking out the evil acts, testing himself against their draw, demonstrating that nothing could pull him from his true and given path. And if it did, he knew that his god forgave him, and he would lay the weakness not upon himself, but upon those who tested him.

Whenever possible, Nadia tried to avoid him during these tests. Though that was not always possible. It was, of course, her duty to attend to his every need, that being the duty of any devout wife. And she lived with him, which made avoiding him for very long almost impossible. Her involvement in his tests became nearly inevitable.

It was during one of his tests that the invitation to the party had arrived. Mark had been sitting for two hours in front of the family's home computer, looking at site after site of pornography. Nadia had stayed upstairs in the recreation room, darning some of Mark's pants and using the noise from the television to drown out the sounds of sex that occasionally rose from the basement. When he called to her, though, there was no ignoring it.

"Look at these filthy, wicked women," he ordered her, when she found him in the basement office. She quickly closed the office door. The children were fast asleep, but there was no reason to take any chances. She looked at the screen to find a movie playing, with two blond, white women with enormous breasts alternately licking the penis of an impossibly built man, while they simultaneously pleasured each other's vaginas with their fingers and a long, purple sex toy. Nadia was appropriately named, as her own breasts were large and round. But next to these women, hers were like small hills next to mountains.

"Why are women so wicked and filthy?" he demanded of her, his eyes wild with something between outrage and lust. Nadia discreetly checked his crotch and wasn't surprised to see the erection in his pants. She knew from experience that there was no correct answer to this question. Her one and only option was to redirect his obsession.

"Are these women wicked because they don't have our faith?" she asked meekly, hoping to turn the conversation into a religious one. But Mark wasn't so easily deterred.

"No!" he cried, turning back to the computer. "It is the fault of the women. They are made to tempt men, to turn them from the path of righteousness. Look at these women here. See how they use their bodies to make men evil. Even the women who are not whores cannot be trusted. These could be our neighbors. Flaunting their bodies and forcing their wickedness on the world. Look!"

He'd gone to another site, with pictures of dozens of women with their legs spread wide and their private parts on display for all to see. Nadia knew the pose well. Mark often made her take it when they were in bed together, often right before he put his hard penis into her vagina. But she'd never done it in front of any people. The thought made her itch nervously, whether from fear or curiosity she could not tell.

"Do you know what I would do if these were my women?" he asked heatedly, pulling her by the sleeve of her dress closer to him. He pressed his face close to hers. "I'd punish them," he declared flatly. "All women need to be punished for their transgressions. For their evil, tempting ways."

Nadia knew that it was hopeless to protest. Hopeless to point out that not all women were like this. That especially his own wife wasn't like this. Mark had seen the evil, and now he had to experience the evil before he could expunge the evil. That was just his way. And it was her duty to attend to him.

"Remove those slutty clothes, woman," he ordered darkly. Though they were devout, Mark did not make her wear the traditional clothing that some of the other women of their faith wore. She hurriedly unbuttoned her blouse, then unzipped the zipper on her skirt and let both drop to the floor. To her chagrin, she had earlier selected that night to try and seduce him, and thus found herself standing before him in a sheer white bra and high-cut panties.

His face darkened ominously. "This! This is the evil that I speak of! Why, woman, would you need to wear such things if not to tempt god-fearing men from their path?"

She knew it would make no difference to him if she said that she'd donned the sexy underthings just for him. Nor that no other man would ever see her clad thusly.

"If you want to bare your breasts, then bare they will be," he growled, pushing her arms into the air and yanking the bra up and over her head. Suddenly, he grabbed both of her breasts and squeezed hard, twisting the delicate flesh until her nipples were hard. His breath was harsh against her skin, and she could smell the lustful heat of him. He kissed her roughly, sharply biting her lip until she cried out.

"And if you want to bare your holes, then make them bare for me!" he ordered. Swiftly, and trembling a little, she pushed the panties to the ground and stepped out of them. "Since those women aren't here," he gestured to the screen filled with bare vaginas, "You will pay the price for all women being such whores."

She stood before him, naked and acquiescent. "Show me the pose that is natural to all women," he ordered, gesturing at the women on the screen. She lay back on the floor, thankful they had decided to carpet it, and spread her legs open wide for him. After first turning on the bright overhead lights, he knelt between her legs and critically inspected her vagina. She had left her hair there untrimmed, per his direction, and now winced as he pulled and tugged at the pubic patch in a mean-spirited way. At his direction, she pulled open the folds of her vagina, exposing the pink inner walls. While he would never defile himself by licking or tasting her intimate parts, he did lean down to carefully inspect her hole. She gasped as he suddenly invaded her with two fingers, involuntarily clenching against him as he probed deeply inside of her.

"Ah-ha! You are excited by the thought of displaying yourself so blatantly, woman! Your body betrays you!" He pulled his fingers out, slick with her juices, and waved them triumphantly in front of her face. "Now you will pay the penalty for being like these other women."

"Get ready," he ordered harshly. Swiftly, she rolled onto her hand and knees, canting her rear upward in the position he'd taught her on their wedding day. On that day, he'd instructed her to never look back, and for the most part, she'd obeyed that order. On the few instances that she'd forgotten, he'd spanked her hard enough to pound the lesson into her memory.

"Filthy, fucking ass," he muttered, roughly penetrating her vagina with his hard penis. He didn't allow her to use swear words or curse words, and she wouldn't have felt comfortable using them anyway. He knew a whole dictionary of words for her body parts though, and didn't have any qualms about using them. Especially when he was punishing her for the sins of womankind. "Filthy, fucking whores. All of 'em. Need a hard cock in the cunt. A cock in their pussy. Screwed in there. Slammed in there. Fucked like whores. Fucked like bitches." He cursed in time with his strokes, each thrust inward accompanied by a word, expelled from his mouth like a bullet from a gun. When Nadia had first heard him swear in bed, she'd blushed from head to toe. Now she knew it was part of his punishment -- and his penance.

Nadia concentrated on the feel of his penis in her vagina. She was glad that he hadn't decided to take her dirty hole. That was not only humiliating, it was also sometimes painful. Mark somehow took her pain to be the same as what he would inflict on other sinful women. And he'd take her the dirty way to show just how wrong it was. She could tell by the way he moved around that he was close to ejaculating. Even though it was a sin not to do so inside her, he sometimes did it on her face, or her breasts, or on her labia. It was only a minor sin, and Mark would make up for it with a little extra prayer.

The sound of the phone startled her and caused Mark to let out a stream of epithets, even as he pulled out of her. They couldn't let the answering machine get it; waiting that long would wake the children.

"Yes?" Mark snapped into the handset, clearly upset that he'd been interrupted in his task. "What?" A pause as the caller spoke. "When? Adult, you say? Yes, both Nadia and I will be there. Someone has to watch over the souls of this neighborhood." With that, he hung up the phone. Nadia snapped her gaze back to the carpeting, fearful that he might have noticed her breach of his long-standing order. But he hadn't seen it. Instead, he took his place behind her rear and re-entered her vagina. After just a few strokes he was spewing his semen inside her womb.

Phil Diamond snapped shut the cellphone and sighed contentedly, eyeing the split-level ranch that was home to Mark and Nadia. The waves of lust washing out from the basement had an exotic tint to them, as if they'd been super-concentrated. Phil tasted the air and felt his groin throb in response. There was something about the lust of the uber religious that was a more powerful aphrodisiac. Maybe it was the denial they so often practiced. Or the feeling of superiority they so often displayed. Or maybe it was simply a mixture of that denial, superiority and guilt, as their human bodies so easily betrayed their moral superiority. And now they were coming, willingly, into his den of iniquity. He knew just what he wanted to do with them. To them. And about them.

* * * *

Were such an image from a satellite possible, one would see dark spots throughout the world, black holes where evil dwelt, like a cancer upon the Earth's face. Were such an image possible and the means to analyze it available, one would find those black holes evenly spaced, as though an otherworldly entity had divided up the population into separate territories. Were such an analysis possible, one might notice that humans seemed drawn to such black spots, making pilgrimages there, staying just long enough to acquire a tinge of darkness, yet leaving before said darkness spoils there soul. Were such things possible.

* * * * *

They arrived at the house a little after the appointed time. From the number of cars parked in the street, every couple in the neighborhood seemed to be in attendance. Mark and Nadia had walked, of course. Mark wasn't the type who would waste gas just for a trip inside the neighborhood. They'd seen other couples walking towards the party as well. But, somehow, they arrived alone on the porch, waiting to be admitted.

The door opened and a blast of music greeted them, followed by Phil's smiling face. He wore, as he always did, black jeans, a gray shirt and a three button vest, the kind you'd get as part of a suit. It seemed like an incongruous outfit, but it looked good on him.

"Come on in!" he beckoned. "Let me get you situated." His smile was welcoming and his tone full.

Mark led the way in the house, while Phil held the door open for Nadia. Once inside, it took a while for their eyes to adjust. Phil had decorated the whole foyer in swaths of velvet and silk, and the motif carried through down the hallway to the stairs at the end, which led up to the second floor. Neither Mark nor Nadia had ever been inside Phil's house, save for the kitchen area, which they'd seen during one of Phil's backyard barbecues. So it was hard to imagine what the rooms looked like when not covered in Halloween décor.

Taking them both by the hand, Phil led them into an adjoining room, which Nadia guessed would normally be a sitting room or small living room.

The first thing that Nadia noticed were the room decorations: floor to ceiling white linens. All the furniture had been removed, and white pillows were strewn across the white carpeting. The entire feeling was of being inside a giant marshmallow. The second thing that she noticed was the cloying incense on the air. Not quite the smell from religious ceremonies, or that they would smell in certain unwanted stores in the mall. It was at once both tangy and compelling, and she found herself breathing it in at a faster and faster rate, until her head started to spin.

Phil seemed to notice. "Nadia, you're going to make your head spin if you keep that up. You'll get used to it in a while and you won't even notice it. It's something I picked up on one of my trips. If you like it, I can give you some at the end of the evening."

Nadia, though, had already lost track of the conversation with Phil. She'd been hit, quite unexpectedly, with the sudden urge to kiss her husband. And not just a light kiss on the cheek. She wanted to shove her tongue down his throat! Startled at the thought, she shook her head. Mark hated public displays of affection. He said that only whores and tramps would allow themselves to be kissed in front of others. With a visible effort, she pulled her attention back to the conversation. She would give Mark her tongue after they returned home.

Mark noticed his wife staring at him with blatant lust and frowned in disgust. Take her to one party and suddenly she lost all sense of propriety. Just like a woman. Now he'd need to waste time that night punishing her at home. Or maybe he wouldn't wait until they got home. Maybe he'd take her into the bushes somewhere. Take her into the bushes and bend her over and spank her. He could almost hear the sound of his hand on her ass. The hot sting of its impact. The shuddering of her flesh. The little mewling cries as he whipped her for being an easy slut. Her bare breasts jiggling with each stroke. Her pussy, wet and steaming, waiting for his cock to turn it into a blazing furnace, and then quench that fire with stream of milky cum...

His thoughts trailed away as he saw Phil and Nadia staring at him. How long had be been standing there daydreaming? Long enough for them to notice? Long enough for them to see the hard-on outlined in his pants? That's what women do to you, he decided. That was their evil temptation and the ugly problem that no one wanted to talk about. How a woman could so easily distract you. He decided he would punish her, after the evening was over. Filthy women!

"So, guys, I know you're very religious and you don't drink, so I've prepared some special sparkling cider for you." Two glasses had somehow appeared in his hands. "Mark, most of the men are upstairs, enjoying the Halloween amusements I've prepared for everyone. And Nadia, I'll take you to the back of the house, where most of the wives are hanging out. I'm pretty sure you know everyone, so there's no need to spend time on all those tedious introductions. Right?"

Mark had lost track of the conversation again, his mind immersed in a daydream about just how he would punish Nadia after her first punishment in the bushes, but he realized that an answer to whatever Phil had been saying was expected.

"There are no men down here?" he asked. Their religion was such that women shouldn't be alone in the company of men, unless they are married or betrothed.

"No, no men," Phil assured him. "Except for me, of course. But I'll just be guiding your wife into the company of the other women, and then I'll be heading upstairs to take care of the rest of my guests. There's no need to worry. I know all about your religious preferences, and I'll make sure everyone respects them."

Mark was just about to reply when a woman brushed past them. No, not a woman. A girl, fresh and nubile. She wore nothing more than a gossamer robe, untied in front and low cut in back. Mark could see every inch of her soft, smooth skin. The pert lift of her small breasts with rosy nipples hard as pebbles. The silky curves of her hips. And, as she swept past, the sweet dimples above her rear, swooping sensuously down into the cleft of her ass. As she walked past, he even thought he could see the soft folds of her pussy, peeking out from between the globes of her ass cheeks. She looked delicious. Delectable. Like one of the virgins he was going to get in the afterlife, come down to earth to give him a foretaste of her sensuous gifts. He wanted her. Now.

Nadia watched as Mark's jaw literally dropped. He looked stunned, watching the little slut with as much attention as a cat hunting a mouse. She wouldn't be surprised at all if drool didn't start oozing from the corner of his mouth. All because he was ogling this pre-pubescent wench! She was about to lecture him on his hypocritical ways when a sudden thought stopped her. She didn't just want his tongue stuck down her throat. She wanted it stuck deep inside her slit. Deep in the place where his tongue had never been. She would wiggle on it and he'd rasp across her love button and make her scream and weep and cry with pleasure. So let him have his lustful thoughts about a girl who was barely old enough to be his daughter. She would get hers later that night. She would be the one giving the orders. She breathed the scent deeply into her lungs. Maybe she wouldn't let him wait until they got home. Maybe she'd entice him into the park...

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