tagLoving WivesA Demonstration

A Demonstration


"We're done," said Pete. "Crew Sched said we're released until tomorrow."

His exhausted crew of three Flight Attendants and his First Officer were relieved the ordeal was finally over. It had started with a late check in last evening in LA. Things were going fine until they landed in Calgary. A mechanical delay for a snag that should have been fixed in 30 minutes started a chain of events that had led to a sit-and-wait exercise that lasted until sun up.

Going mechanical while transiting their domicile meant that Pete would now be home a day early to see his family. Judging by how horny Cassie had been on the phone the past few days she would be elated. It had been nearly a week since they last saw each other.

As horny as Cassie was during their phone calls, he was equally hot to get home so they could both have the physical contact they desired so much when they were apart. Video Skype, phone calls and plenty of texting / sexting kept things spicy between them. During one phone call two days ago they had a mutual masturbation session with each of them getting the other increasingly turned on by their lewd talk. The openly vivid descriptions of their fantasies led to them both having blistering orgasms, albeit several thousand miles apart.

Pete often fantasized about Cassie with other men and had encouraged her to find a cock to keep her company while he was away. Cassie also confided in him that she would like to watch him fucking some young, tight pussy. Despite this, neither of them had ever strayed outside their marriage in the 18 years they had been together. They were both intrigued by the notion of opening up their relationship but the opportunity had never presented itself and neither of them was overly keen to pursue an open relationship if it meant damaging what they had. Uncertainty kept the fantasy just that. They both frequently told each other how hot it would be to watch their spouse fucking another person. That's as far as it went. Travelling as much as he did, there were plenty of opportunities to find a fuck buddy; particularly among some of the flight attendants that he worked with. He never went down that road, however. He loved his wife and if either of them was to have sex with someone outside their marriage it would have to be mutually consensual with nothing hidden. After all, sex outside marriage should be fun and enjoyable for them both with no guilt or lies involved.

To an outsider this may have seemed perverse but being employed by an airline meant long stretches of time not spent together. They had to be creative to keep their relationship fresh. Being a former flight attendant herself, Cassie knew the kind of things that could happen on the road. She trusted Pete. They had very open lines of communication and she was confident that if Pete ever engaged in extramarital sex it would only be after they both talked about it. She held herself to the same standard; or so she thought.

The 8:00 am drive home was a blur. The caffeine was wearing off and fatigue was setting in. He listened to a Susie Bright podcast to help stay alert and make the hour long drive home seem shorter. On the way home he decided to drop his car off at the dealership for service since he would be sleeping the better part of the day and he could kill two birds by getting the service check done this morning. After the courtesy van dropped him off at home he took a hot shower and collapsed in bed, quickly falling into a deep sleep.


Cassie parked the car in the empty driveway and lugged the groceries to the kitchen. She moved swiftly to put the food away as she had less than two hours before she had to pick up the kids from school and plenty to do. First and foremost was getting upstairs to her Hitachi Magic Wand and "rubbing one out" as Pete would say.

Pete had been away for almost a week and it would be another day before he returned home. They had had a particularly hot session of phone sex two nights before and while they both had great orgasms listening to each other fantasize it left her wanting more. Her pussy had been wet with desire since she woke up this morning and by noon she felt a heat between her thighs that seemed to radiate from deep inside her. It was turning her clit in to an engorged beacon of lust.

The 'Wand' was to be her release this afternoon. While she would like nothing more than to spend hours edging her way to an earth shattering orgasm she simply couldn't spare the time.

She had worked hard since becoming a consultant and sex educator. She had built a reputation as a knowledgeable sex advocate. She offered informative sex-positive guidance and sold carefully chosen products that were in line with her philosophy. People trusted in her to speak frankly and give them sound advice. Lately her business had taken off as people began to spread the word. She had several orders that needed to be completed today and once the kids got home there would be no time.

As she approached the staircase to head to the bedroom to address her immediate needs the doorbell rang.

"Shit, who could that be," she muttered.

When she opened the door she recognized Marcus, the husband of one of her clients, Allison.

"Hi Marcus, what's up?"

He raised an eyebrow and said "Did you get Alli's email?"

"No, but it's been a crazy morning. Was it about your order?"

"Yeah, she asked me to drop by and pick up my 'surprise'," he said rolling his eyes and smiling.

"Sure. I was going to drop it off tomorrow but this actually works better for me. Come on in. I have it right here."

She moved aside to allow Marcus to enter. As she closed the door behind him she glanced down admiring the firm roundness of his ass. "Focus, Cassie. Pete will be home tomorrow" she thought.

She had Marcus follow her into the sitting room where she had some of her orders ready. She squat down on the other side of the bagged items looking for the right one. As she did Marcus admired her full breasts. Her cleavage was obvious from the scooped neck of her blouse. He lingered a bit too long as Cassie looked up and caught him staring at her tits.

She smiled casually and said "Here it is", handing him the bag. He acted nonchalant about being caught and peered inside the bag. Inside it was a large can with "Fleshlight" written on it and an image of a lustfully poised porn star. Alli hadn't told him what his "surprise" was and now he was none the wiser.

He looked back at Cassie with a puzzled look on his face and asked "Just what is a 'Fleshlight'?"

Cassie smiled and said "It's a masturbation device for men. The number one Male masturbation toy in the world. It's a realistic looking, and feeling, simulated vagina."

"I should have known" Marcus replied. "I think Alli mentioned to you at the home show last Tuesday that she and I have an open relationship. This must be her idea of adding a new dimension to our play time," he surmised.

Cassie recalled the in-home talk she gave a few days ago. There were over a dozen couples there; it was one of her biggest home shows since she started her new business. Allison had confided in her afterward that she and Marcus had recently entered the Lifestyle. She talked very openly about how sharing other lovers had brought her and Marcus closer and brought new energy into their relationship.

"She mentioned that she would be bringing something new to the bedroom for when we're not seeing other couples...I guess I just met my new partner," he chuckled.

Cassie admired his candour. She paused a millisecond to imagine Marcus and Alli using their new toy together. She unconsciously gazed at his crotch and could see an appreciable package in his jeans. She pictured him taking his thick black cock out of Alli's tight white pussy and sliding it into the Fleshlight as Alli held his new 'partner.'


"Huh," Cassie snapped back to reality. She quickly looked back up at Marcus realizing he had caught her staring at his crotch.

He smiled and said "How much do I owe you?"

She blushed slightly and said "I have the bill right here."

As she handed it to Marcus she said "Alli didn't order any lube. Would you like to get some while you're here?"

"I guess I better. I probably doesn't get wet by itself" he quipped.

"No." she chuckled. She certainly was getting wet, though, imagining his big cock. "Fuck, I wish Pete would get home," she thought. "You'll need a good quality water-based lube -- no silicone or oil-based lubes."

"Really? I thought lube was lube," Marcus replied.

"A lot of people do, but there's a big difference. You can ruin your toys if you use the wrong lube with the wrong toy. Here, try this sample and let me know if it works for you"

"Ok, so is there anything else I should know? I've never even seen one of these 'Fleshlights' before."

"Open it up and take a look" Cassie said.

Marcus fumbled with the seal on the can but it was shrink-wrapped on too tight to remove. Cassie extended her hand saying "Here, I'll get some scissors and open it up."

Marcus handed it over as Cassie went to remove the seal. She returned to the room with the lid of the container open. She slid Fleshlight from its metal can and held it up to Marcus. "Let me show you something about this before you go?" she offered.

"By all means," he said.

"You need to take out the shipping tube that's inside the sleeve." Marcus felt his cock stir as he watched Cassie slide two fingers between the realistic labia and began to withdraw a hard plastic rod. The realistic pussy lips flexed upward as she pulled the white plastic rod from the fake vagina.

As she did, Cassie briefly imagined a cock (perhaps Marcus's cock?) working its way in and out of her now oh-so-wet pussy. "You wouldn't want a nasty surprise when you use it for the first time, now would you?" she said.

"That could really ruin the moment," he said. "Have you and Pete aver used one of these?"

"Yes we have," Cassie replied tilting her head slightly. She believed in trying all of the products she sold in order to be able to speak knowledgeably about them. She thought about how arousing it had been when she had knelt in front of her husband Pete, stroking his well-lubed cock to full hardness and then watching closely as she lowered the Fleshlight onto him. It was the closest they had come to fucking someone else. She felt a warmth in her face as she said "You guys will really enjoy this."

"I can't thank you enough, Cassie. By the way, the talk you gave at the party on oral sex was amazing. We've been using some of your suggestions and you really do know what you're talking about," he said, looking into her eyes.

"Well I had better be going. I have a few more errands to do before Alli gets home from work. We'll be busy tonight, if I know her," he grinned holding up his Fleshlight.

As Marcus turned to walk to the door something came over Cassie. The heat between her legs was smouldering. She thought about Marcus's cock sliding into the Fleshlight and into her. Pete had been away for so long. Although she had always brushed it off, Pete had urged her on several occasions to find a fuck buddy while he was away. "As long as you tell me all the juicy details I'll be okay with it," he had said. "We'll see about that," she thought. She felt her face flush as she blurted out "Marcus"

Startled, he turned to look at her, "Yes?"

"Would you like me to show you how to use the Fleshlight?" she offered, emphasizing the word "use". In that instant she felt her legs weaken. She had just crossed a line. Marcus and Alli might be in an open relationship but she wasn't ... at least not yet.

Marcus stared at her for a moment. "Did she just say what I thought she said?" He thought.

Seconds passed and Cassie felt like a guilty school girl. She unconsciously licked her lips as her mouth felt dry, unlike the searing wetness that emanated from her vulva.

She suddenly felt extremely self-conscious as Marcus stood there, his eyebrows slightly raised.

"Absolutely!" Marcus said, knowing Alli would enjoy hearing about this.

Cassie felt a wave of relief wash over her and a tingling in her clit as she held out her hand for the Fleshlight. "Ok, have a seat on the couch."

As he sat down Cassie knelt in front of him. She unscrewed the lid of the Fleshlight exposing the life-like labia once more. "We'll need a hard cock," Cassie said looking directly in Marcus's eyes.

"I think I can arrange that," he said.

He began to unbuckle his belt as Cassie put her hands on his. "Let me," she said putting down the Fleshlight.

Marcus dropped his hands to his sides as Cassie quickly finished undoing his pants sliding them off completely. His tight boxer briefs hugged his cock and balls which Cassie fixated on. She reached for the waist band and slowly, teasing herself more than him, slid them down as the head of Marcus's ebony cock came into sight. Cassie felt butterflies in her stomach. "No turning back now" she thought.

As she continued to pull his underwear off his full length became visible. His cock was magnificent. It was semi-erect now and had to be at least 8 inches long. More impressive, though, was how thick it was. His cock hardened as her hand wrapped partly around it and she began to slowly stroke him. She realized it was almost the same circumference as her wrist. A small wave of pleasure flooded her vagina. "Oh God," she uttered involuntarily, "Your cock is gorgeous," she said looking up at him. Her lips parted slightly as she stroked him up and down focusing on this magnificent specimen of manhood before her.

"Alli enjoys it," Marcus said confidently.

"I'll bet she does. I might have an alternative to the lube," Cassie said. She twisted her hand back and forth while stroking his cock up and down. She saw her wedding ring flash as her hand rotated around the black cock. By now she was too far gone to stop. "Pete will understand," she told herself, hopefully. She leaned forward, opening her mouth wide to accommodate his girth. Her red lips descended on his rock hard prick coating it with saliva. "Mmmm," she muttered as his cock reached the back of her throat. She pulled back and used her tongue to slowly swirl around the head of his cock. Looking him in the eye, she stroked his cock in a twisting motion then opened her mouth and pressed her tongue flat against the underside of his engorged cock head, licking up and down slowly so he could feel the texture of her tongue on his sensitive glans.

"Oh yeah," Marcus groaned. "You practice what you preach, don't you?"

Cassie pulled her mouth off, continuing to stroke him. She smiled and said "I believe in leading by example." She returned to sucking his cock trying desperately to relax her throat and let this monster cock be engulfed fully. She closed her eyes and consciously relaxed her throat muscles. She suppressed her gag reflex as she felt his cock slide deeper into her mouth and down her throat. Marcus flinched. The overwhelming sensation of Cassie's throat engulfing his cock was too much for him.

"Oh fuck!" he grunted. As his head tilted back and his eyes clamped shut.

Cassie pulled her mouth off his cock. She sat back continuing to jack his cock and twist her hand lightly around his corona. His cock was completely saturated in her spit. "I think you're ready," she stated.

With that she reached over and grabbed the Fleshlight. Holding him firmly she pointed the fake pussy at his cock head and began to ease it over him. The pussy lips parted wide to accommodate him. Without realizing it Cassie parted her lips as she pushed the Fleshlight over his member. She gave it several slow stokes.

The cool texture of the Fleshlight contrasted with Cassie's hot mouth and throat. The new sensation felt great and Marcus stared at the device in Cassie's hand as she continued to jack his cock.

"God, that feels amazing. Let me try," said Marcus. He put his hand over hers and took control of the device. She released her grip and watched as he stroked it up and down on his thick penis.

Cassie's watched intently.

Without hesitating she shimmied off her slacks. She rarely wore panties and today was no exception. She moved her hand between her legs and began to slowly stroke her pussy lips. She dipped a finger in her moist vagina and then dragged her finger upward to press on her hard clitoris.

"That is so fucking hot," she said softly, watching Marcus stroke his cock with the simulated vagina.

As he stroked the Fleshlight on his dick, Marcus stared at her with a gleam in his eye. Suddenly, he pulled the Fleshlight from his cock, pointed at the large leather ottoman in the centre of the room and said in a commanding voice "Lie down."

As she stood she felt her legs weaken as the gravity of what she was about to do sank in. "Too late to back out now." She thought. "Pete shouldn't have suggested something like this if he wasn't serious."

She stripped out of her remaining clothes and lay back on the cool leather ottoman. The leather quickly warmed to her skin. Marcus pulled off his shirt revealing his muscular body. A think vein ran down the front of each bicep and his dark abs and chest were well defined. As he stood in front of her, Cassie couldn't take her eyes off his amazing cock. It was hard, thick and veined. It pointed upward with a slight curve and bobbed as he approached her. He knelt in front of her as she reached for his cock. She stroked him and could feel how hot it was as it pulsed in her hand. She rubbed the head of his dick on her labia wondering if this ebony monster would fit inside her. She wasn't going to be denied at this point. "I want your cock, Marcus. Just go slow at first, that's no toy," she teased.

"Just relax and enjoy it," he replied. "I can give you what you need."

Marcus took his cock from Cassie's stroking hand. Her pussy was shaved bare and looked inviting. He circled her clit with the head and rubbed it up and down her wet pussy lips. Cassie reached down with both hands and spread her labia. With it poised at her welcoming cunt Marcus began to push his cock forward.

As the head of his cock pressed harder against her Cassie could feel her labia yield under the girth of his cock. He pushed her legs wider apart and thrust forward. Cassie's pussy was dripping with her juices. She could feel it dripping down over her ass. Slowly his cock began to sink into her. Cassie closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation of his thick, vein covered shaft pushing her pussy walls apart. Just inside her labia she felt a ring of nerves convey the sensation of his cock head as it enter her. Then she could feel the veins of his cock as it slipped by this aroused circle of joy. It was as if her consciousness was centered just inside her labia. As her pussy stretched she could feel heat but no pain. The heat spread throughout her body and she was embraced by it. She felt a primal urge as his cock sank deeper into her.

"Please fuck me, baby. Push that big black dick inside and fuck me!"

"That's what I like to hear," Marcus said as he raised up slightly to better leverage his cock into her pussy.

He continued to sink deeper and she wondered if she could take much more of his beast when she felt his pelvis touch hers. Then he slowly drew his cock back until just the head was inside her bumping against her swollen g-spot. He sank it back in again, as slow as the first time.

"Oh fuck, that feels so good. My pussy feels so full, Marcus."

"You really enjoy cock, don't you?" he said rhetorically.

"You know I do," she replied. "Now fuck me. Fuck me and make me cum on your big cock."

Looking into her smouldering eyes he began to plow his cock in and out of her increasing his pace. He leaned forward and grabbed her right breast. He began to suck on her erect nipple, slathering his tongue around her areola and taking it in his mouth. It felt amazing and Cassie put her arm around his head, pulling him closer as he continued to fuck her. With her free hand she pulled her left breast upward and brought her nipple close to her mouth. Her tongue reached out and danced over her nipple adding to her pleasure.

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