tagInterracial LoveA Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 08

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 08


Day 8 - Sunday - February 19, 2006

Author's note: The root of this story is in Chapter 01 - Blondes in pursuit of black guys. This is the eighth day of a fourteen-day vacation where fantasy has become reality. It is taking place on the island of Jamaica. What else do the stars have for me the remaining days here in paradise? If you have already read previous chapters, then you have a hint.

It begins:

I wake up with my head on Frank's chest and my hand wrapped around his morning hard-on. I am staring at the purple head of his black dick. Why do I love this piece of meat so much? I move my head to look up at Frank's face and find him smiling as he is looking back at me.

"Good morning, Frank."

"How did you sleep, hon'?"

"I think I can take the world on again. Thanks for letting me stay."

"Heather, if you go to that closet you will find a computer booted to the Internet. Since there is a 13 hour time difference and they are ahead of us, there may some mail from Thailand." I drop his cock, hearing it hit his belly, and rush over to the computer.

"Frank, listen to this. 'Thanks for your recent inquiry. Yes, the Internet information is correct. I would like to elaborate more. We have successfully converted over 500,000 male genitalia to female. We need a minimum of one week's notice before arrival, to assure that everything is in order when the patient arrives. The procedure takes 10 hours from beginning to completion beginning 12 hours after check-in. If you desire to pursue this further, please contact us again. We can e-mail the paper work. The medical history form must be returned so that we may evaluate it before agreeing to the surgery. Please do not overly concern yourself; 99% of the requests are honored. We do not do this type of surgery on people with impaired immune systems or diabetes. The form can be returned either by fax or e-mail; regular airmail could take 15 days. Thank you for your interest in Bangkok General. Feel free to contact us as needed.'"

"That is great information. Nice way to begin a day, isn't it, Frank?"

"Yes Heather, it truly is encouraging to know they have completed so many of those procedures."

"I'd better get back and see what's going on with my friends," as I head to the shower.

"Bring the girls for lunch and we can all go to the Dungeon from here."

"Will do; great plan. Thanks!"

After getting back to the bungalow, my friends and I just chat about the happenings of the past week. We are different people now. How could we have such a transformation in seven short days?

Above entered: February 19, 2006 Almost lunch time at our bungalow

I am a tad apprehensive about the day's planned activity as noon is approaching. We leave for Frank and Ann's place.

Tracy receives us, "Hi, everyone, lunch is ready. Follow me."

Frank and Ann already have their plates as we walk in. "Grab yourselves a plate, help yourselves and join us."

"Trudy called and said the Dungeon is ready. All the people that we have put on our list will be there at 2 PM. We sure have her curiosity going. This must be one of the best kept secrets ever, since she is so inquisitive and usually knows everything that is going on."

We finish lunch and relax.

Ann whispers to me that Kevin is to show up at 1:30 at the bungalow. I wink back.

It is 1:00, "Well Heather, play time. Do you still want to go through with it?"

"Yes Frank, I do," saying it with mild apprehension. "Just make sure you do your part, grinning as I say it." He gives me a big wink.

It is 1:15 as Frank and I walk into the Dungeon.

"You will be fine. I will not let you get hurt. I looked at the picture again. He looks to be average in thickness. He is just a tad longer for sure. He definitely would be rough on a girl doing her pussy if he did not leave half of his cock out. The others of us that have visited you there are fatter, so it should be a cinch."

"Your research is helpful. Most people would not even consider looking up that type of information. As I see it, your only problem might be the first turn. Jeff probably is right; with your long torso you will be just fine."

Frank and I do some petting by kissing and feeling each other's turn-on spots. We strip, and now do flesh contact. God, he can get me so wet so quickly by just touching me. I absolutely love pressing my tits into that strong, smooth, black chest. Frank now is sucking on a breast, along with running a finger up and down my already dripping pussy slit. Oh God, this feels so good.

Frank breaks all contact; we move to the swing and Frank secures me in it. I feel so vulnerable. God, my backside must be an awesome view for a guy; a wet pussy, lips swollen and begging, pink a-hole inviting, in addition to a side view giving a nice picture of boobs drooping, waiting for a mauling.

"Heather, let's play a little before I put the blindfold on. I will stand here at your head. Please suck on my toy a little and get it ready. I want to play with your titties at the same time. " Frank then reaches for my tits, that are hanging so sexily, as I take his cock into my mouth and make him feel good. My tits are even turning me on just seeing them drooping like this begging for attention.

Frank breaks the frontal play and moves to my backside. He is now massaging my clit ever so slowly and just whispering things, such as how sexy I look in the swing with my back side so exposed and vulnerable. God, my hard clit desires attention. The nipples are so hard; they must have grown a half-inch with his fingers working and rolling them.

This is getting to me. "Frank I need to cum, Pleeeeeeeeeeeease."

"Honey, do you want a quickie clit cum before we get into the other?"

"Yes, Frank, get me off please. I so need it, please. You have a unique way of getting me fired up."

Frank goes to my clit with a finger by reaching for it from the back between my thighs. His other hand is cupping a breast and squeezing it unmercifully.

I drift and cum. The swing chains rattle from my shaking as I orgasm.

After I settle a little, "Ok, honey, let me put the blind-fold on."

He positions it and whispers, "I want to be sure Kevin is here before you cum again, so don't cum too fast, ok?"

"We want the others to be here also; I see it is 1:55. I will do you slow and easy. Just relax and enjoy my cock buried in your ass. When I know things are ready I will tell you that it's show time and then take you to where you want to go, ok? You know me well enough now that I'm going to be enjoying myself immensely and I will go with you."

"God yes, Frank. I am so horny and excited. Please help me to control myself."

He begins to slowly spread my leaking juices all around my backside. I arch every time his fingers mess at the door to the dark tunnel. He is talking with me in a calming voice. He is oiling my backside up good with my pussy juice so that he can give me the ride of my life in this swing.

I hear Ann's voice. "This is so sexy seeing you two like this. I hope I look that sexy when I am in the swing."

Kevin must be nearby if Ann is here. I am tensing again.

I feel warm smaller hands on my breasts.

"God, Ann, your warm soft hands feel so good there. Mmmmm!"

"I think you will be enjoying this day and remembering it for the rest of your life, Heather. Frank and I are so happy that you agreed to play with us today. You already know how much we love you and your friends. You guys have gotten very close to our hearts. It really is fun playing together."

"Damn, babe, you sure are foxy looking in that bikini. Too bad Heather can't see you."

"Well, hon', it is so nice seeing Heather harnessed here in the swing. We can almost do anything we desire with her in this position. This is so hot looking. I am already getting wet thinking of myself in that position."

"Heather, I am sure glad you showed me this swing the other day. It really has Frank and me turned on. Too bad you cannot see that boner that you have caused Frank to generate seeing you like this."

Ann continues playing with my titties and nipples. "Oooohhh, Ann!"

"Ok, Heather, here is the love stick you've been itching for."

"God, Frank, that black cock of yours crawling up my ass feels sooo good."

"Heather, I did not let Frank have a cum this morning. I want your ass to get a nice treat today with Frank's nut juice."

"Frank, honey, Heather's nipples are so hot and hard. Her breasts are so nice to play with. I think she is already lifting off from what I can tell. You always lift me off so it should not be a surprise to me. Give me a kiss while I massage her breasts and you stuff her deeper."

"You two have me so turned on. This swing is so neat for this."

"Oh Ann, both of you have started a big fire in my pussy. Jeez, this swing is awesome for this kind of playing. I think you will really enjoy being in it, Ann."

"Please, Frank, put the fire out in my love box, please!"

"I will babe, I will."

"Frank, your finger on my love button feels so good.


As I make the chains shake and rattle as I release the tension.

I try to arch in the swing and scream, "Yes, Yes, Oh Yes, that's it!

"There, yes, there, OH don't stop, pleeeeeessssssseeeeee, don't stop!

"Oooo, oooo, ooooooooo!


I feel him shooting his juices, which is keeping my cums coming.

Frank collapses on me. The swing is supporting both of us.

As we are recovering, Frank whispers into my ear since he is lying on my back, "Ok, babe, I see that your request has arrived and I am going to pull out slow and easy."

I hear a door open and Ann saying, "I brought a toy for you to use on Heather, Frank.

"Do you like the toy, Frank?"

"Heather, it looks like Ann really went out of her way to find a toy for us to play with."

"What kind of toy did you bring for me, Ann? Is it a fat dildo, a huge black cock, butt plug or are you harnessed with one of Mistress Trudy's special strap-ons?"

From Frank I hear, "Bring the toy here Ann, let me lube it up really well and let's try it out."

"Oh, it must be something you are going to stuff me with, since you need to lube it. Thank God, you are lubricating it. I hope I like it and it doesn't hurt."

"Heather, you agreed yesterday to come here and play. There were no strings attached to the deal, right?"

"Right, Frank, I did agree trusting you and Ann fully and desiring to experience all that I can."

"So we will begin playing now. I was just warming us up for some real fun with that first ass fucking. Too bad you can not see my cum running out of your ass through your pussy valley and dripping onto the floor. Sure is a wonderful picture to be looking at. It almost makes me feel like you are my personal slut, all your privates so clearly visible, so wanting attention, so inviting, so desiring to please me."

"Oh God yes, Frank, I want to be your personal slut. I thought you would never get around to asking me; use me please."

My God, Jeez, what did I just say? Oh God, my mouth opened and my brain is asleep. Now, he and Ann both know of a deep dark inner desire of mine. Oh shit, all those in the theater do to. My God I have turned into a slut begging like this.

"Well Frank, it appears another one of your fantasies has come true after seeing Amy and Heather. I wonder if Amy has the same desire as Heather since they are so much alike."

Oh my God. Amy must be hearing all of this.

"I think you will enjoy the toy Heather from the looks of it. It should make you very happy. It should take you places you have not been yet. Do you still want to play, Heather?"

"God yes, Frank. Let's play. Let me feel the toy since I know you lubricated something."

I feel the toy at my ass ring. It begins to penetrate. God it is sliding slowly. Is it going to hurt? Remembering that Frank said, it is not fat, I try to relax. Ok, not fat, ok, ok. I take shallow breaths, close my eyes and think of Sam. I hope my research was good info. I feel my self-relaxing because there is no expected pain. I hope Jeff was right in his thinking. My God how much more has to get into me? The cock keeps snaking its way past the ring. I sense no pain. They are minor thrusts and with each thrust it glides further. My God it keeps crawling further up my dark tunnel.

I hear, "Oh wow her hole is so hot; oh God it's hot."

"Frank! Frank! That's a live toy you have in me. My God Ann, you brought me a live toy. Who is it? Oh my God, a live toy!"

"Did you bring me the toy that is attached to a guy that served us dinner last night, Ann? Is that you Kevin? God I hope so. Oh fuck; Fuck me Kevin! God fuck me. I want your cock so much. Kevin pleeeeeeeeease, pleeeeeeeeeease show my ass what a cock like your feels like."

Kevin grabs my hips and begins some real ass humping as guy call it.

I can feel it crawling up further and further as more and more slides past the ring. I begin to smile and enjoy it because there is no pain.

"Bury it in her. Make her know what it's like to feel a real man," Frank is saying.

"I don't want to hurt Heather's beautiful ass."

"You are not going to hurt her ass son, that's what an ass is for, fuck it. She will say when and if it hurts. Com'on boy let her feel a man in there. Fuck this bitch that has the hots for you. Put her fire out. Com'on deeper man, deeper."

"Oh, Kevin, yeah, yeah, yeah, ooooo!"

Frank comes around to my face and whispers; "He is out of it. I think you will be getting it all. Are you ok so far?"

"Oh Frank, I am so turned on."

"Hang in there, babe, your on your way, enjoy! He has his eyes closed. I am going to sneak a finger to your clit. He is not thinking. All he has is your tight ass on his mind and the good feeling he is getting."

I feel Frank's finger massaging my hard clit.

"Com'on, man, make her feel all of you. Give it to her deep. Shoot that love juice of yours into her hot ass begging for your sticky cum. Make her dream come alive, Kevin."

With that encouragement coming from Frank, Kevin is increasing his speed of thrusting with longer strokes. He has to be loading up. He has to be all the way in because on every forward shove his balls hit my pussy.

He pulls me back to him hard. My ass is tight against his hipbone. I feel him tensing as he tries to bury it deeper. I know the lava is on its way up in that long shaft attached to him.

We hear, "Ooooooo, MY GOD, Heeeeeeaaaaaaaath!


"Oh, oooooooo...oooooooo...oooooooo!



I close my eyes and have a cum as Frank is continuing the clit attack as well as slipping some fingers into my steaming love tunnel causing the swing chain to rattle.

Kevin is still moaning and shooting. I can feel his cock expanding, firing and then re-loading. He is attempting to get his cock deeper by pulling my hips to him with all his available strength. He moans and groans with each volley of nut juice leaving him.

Kevin collapses onto my back. His arms are drooping to floor.

He is panting as if it must have been his first ever ass fuck. He is all wet from perspiration.

Frank comes to my face as I am coming down from my cum and takes the blindfold off.

Frank is smiling; Kevin is still panting on my back.

Frank kisses me softly and then whisper softly into my ear, while cupping both breasts, "Heather, you are $23,375 richer, babe."

I gasp. "Oh my God! Holy shit! No wonder you did not mention a number. Oh Frank! My God, Frank!" I start to tear silently. Teardrops are cascading to the floor from my cheeks.

Whispering, Frank continues, "Relax babe, you achieved your goal. Just relax and think about what you can do now. You can get that other wish taken care of maybe, if he is willing. Oh, by the way, thanks for telling the world you want to be my slut. I am going to take you places where you have never been and do things for you that you can not imagine, things that will have you begging for more."

I look at Frank and am blushing because my big mouth let out a secret.

"Thanks Frank for being so tender and caring. I hope I can find a guy like you to be with the rest of my life."

I hear Ann say, "Kevin, are you ok?"

He pushes himself up with his hands on my back says, "Ann, this is the best piece of white ass on the planet I think and for sure the best I ever had. I don't ever want to pull out."

"Well, Kevi, you better tell Heather how good her white ass is and not me."

"Oh shit, I'm sorry Heather. God I am sorry. I don't know where my mind is. I'm sorry, really sorry."

That made me laugh and it stopped the tears.

Frank is saying, "We all know where your mind is, Kevin."

"Heather, remember our agreement?"

"Yes Ann, I do and it will be fun watching."

Kevin asks, "What agreement?"

"Heather and I have an agreement that if I got you to fuck her in the ass, and if she took it all, I get to try because down deep I have always wondered what it would be like when I saw your picture."

"This was a setup. I got caught in a setup."

"Yes, Kevin you did; it appears that you enjoyed yourself."

"I sure did and when Heather gets out of that swing, let me demonstrate this tool on you," as he waves it at Ann.

Frank is getting me out of the swing so he can fix Ann in it.

"Ok, Kevin, do me nice now."

He proceeds by lying across her back, alternating playing with her breasts and clit from time to time with his cock in the crack of her ass. He samples her pussy every now and then to see how wet she is. As she is getting more aroused more fluids are leaking and he is lubricating her hole and his shaft with them.

Frank is standing with a bottle of lube to be used if needed while holding me around my chest cupping a breast with his free arm and his hard cock pressed into the crack of my butt.

Kevin steps back places the head at Ann's ass ring and shoves until the head pops in.

"Damn, Ann, you feel tighter than Heather." He then begins with slow thrusts, each one going deeper. He keeps picking up lubrication and coating his cock and Frank lets some drizzle from the bottle.

"God, that feels so good Kevin; get deep into me."

He begins to push deeper but not faster.

He watches his cock going deeper and deeper with mini humps to gain depth. His eyes are opening wider and wider as his cock is disappearing.

Frank leans into me. "He did not even know what it looked like in you because he was out of it. This is his first experience seeing his whole cock getting swallowed by an ass."

We hear, "Fuck me, Kevin, Fuck me hard now."

Kevin is 90% into Ann and then hearing her plea he pulls out 50% and rams it all the way home.

Ann goes, "Oh Yeah! Slap them balls on my pussy lips. Ooooo, Kevin, this is so fucking unbelievable."

That sends Kevin into high gear.

Frank slips a finger to his wife's clit to help her climb faster.

Kevin now pulls his cock out about half way and then re-buries it. He does this for about ten strokes. He then pulls it out about 75% and jams it into her a-hole to flood Ann with shooting cum as we watch his cock surging forward. We can see his mouth wide open, and his face is pointed at the ceiling with his eyes closed and growling.

I do not know who is screaming and moaning the most, Ann or Kevin. It is ear deafening.

Frank is saying, "I'll be damned if you two women aren't something else."

After a few minutes, the panting settles down, the door opens. It is Trudy.

Kevin has his head turned and does not see her but hears her say, "May I have some of that black cock now Kevin?"

Kevin jerks upright and the look of fear comes across his face.

"It's ok, Kevin, I have seen this action from the beginning and I want to try it now."

"Are you afraid because I am your boss?"

"Yes, Mistress Trudy."

"Well stay like you are and let me check on something."

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