tagInterracial LoveA Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 11

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 11


Wednesday - February 22, 2006

Authors note: The root of this story is in Chapter 01 - Blondes in pursuit of black guys. This is the eleventh day of a fourteen-day vacation where fantasy has become reality. It is taking place on the island of Jamaica. What else do the stars have for me the remaining days here in paradise? If you have already read previous chapters, then you have a hint.

I wake up with a soft, warm black hand on my left breast and a morning woodie in the crack of my butt.

I lie on my side trying to sort things out.

I remember Chuck getting into bed with me.

Is this Chuck or someone else? Did I get drugged? Is this what Maria was inferring about being horny?

I hear this light snoring so the guy has to be asleep.

I close my eyes, place my hand over this guy's hand on my tit, and remember what Maria had said.

She was right; I am horny after everything yesterday. Am I turning in to a nympho?

I hear, "Good morning, Heather," into my neck with a breast squeeze.

"MMMM! Good morning, what are your orders from Mistress Trudy for today?"

"I am to stay with you until you dismiss me."

Chuck reaches for my chin. He turns my head to him so we can tongue duel. I squeeze his hand and then say, "This feels so personal and sensual. I'd like for you to continue to make love to me with that lady pleaser in this position."

He lifts my leg so he can slip his cock into my pussy and squeezes my breast.

"Remember Amy wants this too after you do me, so pace yourself."

He begins with slow easy deep thrusting, "A little faster please, Chuck."

Chuck speeds up. I can tell he is turning on more because his prick keeps getting harder and expanding. I do not want him to cum this way. I want him to be doing me hard and deep with his rigid black cock buried into me, filling me with his manly juice.

"Do me hard and fast now Chuck. Drench my fire with your love juice."

That's all it takes coming from my lips to get Chuck to place both of his hands on my breasts by sliding one under me. Does his thrusting ever take off! God the slurping noises coming from his cock ravaging my pussy! I want to cum with him so I am trying to time it. As he is stiffening, I reach for the family jewel pack and at the same time, my pussy clamps, he gushes, gushes, groans and moans with his mouth pressed into my neck.

I am bathing in the afterglow. I just have the feeling these guys really want to please the guests more than themselves. As I am recovering I hear, "Was it as good as it looks, Heather?"

I look and it is Ann. "Say, honey drop by on your way to your place. Frank and I have a question."

"Ok, Ann, will do."

Chuck reaches for my chin, turns my head, and kisses me on the lips.

"I think Dale wants a sample of your tail. He is poking me with his finger as hint to move on."

I look and smile; Dale is half-hard.

"Go take care of my friend Amy so this guy can take get a piece of me, Chuck."

"Heather, any particular desires, wishes or ways?" is coming from Dale.

"Yes, do me like you were doing Amy yesterday, combination of ass and pussy blend.

"I will kneel on the floor to make it easier for you."

"That is a great position, Heather."

I slip to the edge of the bed with my legs hanging down to the floor. I also position myself so I can watch Chuck and Amy.

Chuck has his cock buried in Amy's pussy. She is on her back, lying on his chest. Both of them are looking at the action by looking up at the mirrors on the ceiling. God the scene looks so sexy with her long white thighs, globe like ass cheeks and Chuck's black skin next to her. My pulse increases as I watch Amy's pussy being speared and opened by Chuck's black cock. It is such a turn on seeing her pussy grip the piece of dark meat. So that must be how I look when I am getting it. No wonder guys are turned on; I'm getting turned on.

My God, those chocolate nuts of Chuck's, bouncing as he is drilling her, is a scene in itself alone. Her juices are making his black cock shine and even his jewel pack glistening from her love juice seeping from her love channel. From viewing this, I already want a cock in me.

I am quickly getting my wish as Dale buries his cock into my pussy with no foreplay whatsoever. I am so wet anyway from Chuck and Dale slides right in. God, these guys do not mind going right into pussies that have just been fucked by another guy. His speed of thrusting is increasing.

After a few minutes he takes his hard cock out of my pussy and is easing into my ass using lots of the lubrication from my love tunnel.

Then he does the same as Chuck did before, easy, then faster, and soon back to my pussy. Dale places his hands on my hips and drives deep into me with every stroke. I slip a hand under my stomach and move it to my mound. I am using a finger on my clit since Dale has both hands on my hips. Dale is building too from the heavy breathing and the increase in speed that I am hearing and sensing.

I am ready to cum and say, "Blast those man juices deep into me! Make me feel I am your fuck toy," as I reach for his balls. I feel the sack tighten as it draws up. Dale explodes deep into me. God I just love the inner feelings of knowing warm sperm has splattered all over inside of me, besides knowing that I have just made a guy feel so good. As I am recovering from my orgasm, the question of what I am going to do at home, where the risk of bareback sex will be so much higher is flashing through my brain.

I think they hear Dale's roar a mile away. Amy and Chuck are looking over and Chuck winks at me.

Dale is now going soft so I suggest the shower.

After the shower, I lower myself into the Jacuzzi.

I am resting and absorbing the heat from the swirling water; I hear Amy say, "What's up for today?" as she is climbing in.

"Well nothing firm but Ann wants us to stop on our way back."

"I think I'd like to spend some time with Chuck on the beach and get some sun rays. It's almost time to leave this paradise. We've been spending a lot of time indoors, so it seems. I guess the positive side to it is that we are sure getting our fantasy taken care of plus a whale of a lot more."

"That is for sure, Heather. It has just been awesome, Amy says."

"I asked Dale for a date this afternoon and I am hoping you will not be upset."

"No, not at all; I can not get enough of black or so it seems."

We giggle.

We tell the guys to pick us up at 2:30 PM, as they pass us heading out.

"Let's drop in on Ann on our way and see what she wants."

Ten minutes later:

"Hi, Ann."

"Hi, Amy and Heather, come on in."

"Heather, Frank is on the computer. Run up and see what he wants to chat about. I will chat with Amy in the meantime."

"Oh, Hi, Heather; sit on the bed and I will make this quick. Ann and I were discussing Terry. Do you know if he has ever had a cock in the ass?"

I place my hand over my mouth in shock and shrug my shoulders, like I dunno.

"Well we'd better find out soon and if not I will introduce him before his change because as Kimberly, guys will want to do her there. The quicker he/she has experience the better.

"I am free tonight. I know he is. If you care to watch you are welcome but talk to him and get back to me, ok."

"Do you think I can call him now?"

"Sure, let's see if he picks up at his station."

"Hi, Terry, Heather is here and wants to speak to you, hold on."

"Hi, Terry, I have a quick question. Have you had many cocks up your ass?"

"No, why do you ask?"

"Well, most girls sooner or later are asked to have their ass fucked you know."

"Yes, I know and it looks sexy."

"Well, Frank thinks you'd better gets some training now before you decide to go through with the plans so you can still change your mind if need be. He is available tonight if you want to find out."

"Sure, maybe there is a trick to it. I know when I use a dildo there I like it very much."

"Drop by at 8:00 then, will you Terry and I will tell Frank you want to take advantage of his offer.


I explain to Frank, "Not many guys and bad experiences but likes a dildo."

"Great now I know what I have to do; I will be ready at 8:00 and will take him upstairs and he will blow his cum. Will you come by to watch?"

"I'd love to see you do that Frank. I jump up, kiss him and run down to Amy."

"Let's go, Amy."

"Bye, Ann, see you later."

"What was that all about?"

"Frank asked if I want to watch him do a guy. I rolled my eyes and said, 'I sure would, that would be interesting.'

"You know after Stace and Jenn's experience I thought it would be something new to see guys on guys in real instead of the porn movies where we see it."

"Wow, he likes to do guys in the ass too. He is horny."

As we are walking to the bungalow, Amy asks, "What is the deal with Stace and Jenn this afternoon in the Dungeon?"

"I did not know they had a Dungeon session scheduled. How did you find out about it?"

"Ann asked me if we were invited. She said Trudy told her about it."

"I wonder if we will be invited."

"I am wondering that myself."

When we arrive at the bungalow, we see a note from Jenn and Stace indicating they would see us tonight. Amy and I look at each other and shrug our shoulders. Amy says, "I guess we are not invited."

The phone rings and Amy answers.

"Nothing that I know of, no, yes, sure, ok, bye."

"What was that all about?"

"It was Mistress Trudy and she wanted to know if Jenn or Stace invited us to the Dungeon this afternoon. With me saying no she asked if we would like to know what it was about and would we maybe participate in the session?"

I said, "Yes."

"She then asked if we could come to her office. I said, ok, since I think it might be more fun with her than the dates we have scheduled."

"She would like us to come over ASAP."

Amy and I straighten things up, change clothes and head to her office.

She greets us with a hug and tender kiss and says, "Well let's relax here on the sofa and I will tell you everything and then we can plan. Your friends want to be punished by me for being bad either in school or the office. They wondered if part of the punishment could be being screwed by two strangers that they can not see and will never know."

"I was thinking it would turn me on so much if you would consider doing the punishment along with my attendants. Your friends will be blindfolded. You will have a hearing aide in your ear. You will be directed on what to do by Sammy speaking into your earpiece from a room where she will be monitoring things on TV monitors. There will be two black guys in the room talking, doing all the work and some punishment. They will be following my instructions that everyone will hear at times or individually through their own ear pieces."

Trudy continued with the plan and asks, "Interested?"

Amy and I look at each other with the widest grins possible; knowing the answer is yes.

Trudy sees our faces; "Sammy will be by at 2 PM to hook you up with the ear pieces. Remember if you get confused, look at the camera and she knows to explain things more. Remember your friends will not see you staring or even know that you are there. You can sit in the theater and watch until Jenn and Stace are blindfolded and then come into the room. They will not see you and you must be quiet so they do not know of another being there. Sammy, I am sure will guide you.

Trudy calls to order lunch.

"Heather, we have to let the guys know we have a change in plans," Amy remembers.

"Trudy please, can you get a message to Chuck and Dale and explain to them that we will be with you this afternoon and need to cancel our dates."

"Sure, girls, be glad to do that for you."

She picks up her cell and probably is sending a text message the way that she is punching the keys.

We have idle chitchat as we are eating until Sammy arrives to wire us.

I feel like an old lady with this earpiece. Sammy has a headset with a mouthpiece and is walking away from us. Sammy starts to talk; Amy and I look at each other hearing Sammy in our earpiece. She turns to face us, "Is volume and comfort, ok?" Both Amy and I say, "Fine."

Trudy now is saying, "See you all in about 20 minutes."

Sammy chitchats with us for the 20 minutes. We then head to the theater of the Dungeon. She says that she will get back to us with initial instructions in our earpieces in five minutes and she leaves.

We sit down, the curtains open and part of the room is set up as an office. Trudy walks in with a business suit on. Amy and I look at each other and grin.

She sits at the desk as if reading reports. The door opens again and in come Stace and Jenn followed by a woman of Trudy's age whom we never have seen before.

Trudy looks up and says, "Well what have you two done that has Ms. Hayward with you?"

They look at the floor sheepishly and do not say anything.

"Well, Ms. Hayward what is the problem?"

"Well, Ms. Goldsmith, I heard this moaning noise in one of the toilet stalls and I thought someone was sick. So I proceeded to check it out to see if someone needed help. They were sick all right. These two were fingering each other's privates and kissing."

"Well, well, well, we have two horny girls here in our fine institution."

"I think they know what the rules are about sexual activity on campus, don't you ladies?"

"Yes, Ms. Goldsmith," Amy and I hear in unison from Jenn and Stace.

"You girls have been exemplary in your stay here until now. I am disappointed in you."

"As you know the rule for such conduct is expulsion or punishment."

"Which will it be ladies?"

"They look at each other, hesitate, and say, "Punishment."

"Very well punishment it shall be."

Ms. Goldsmith stands up, opens a drawer and takes out two blindfolds; she tells the girls to put them on.

"These are to prevent you from identifying anyone on campus that may have taken part in your discipline in case you decide to make an issue of it later.

"When the blindfolds are in place, Ms. Hayward will escort and lead you to the proper room.

"Are they in place ladies?"

"Yes, Ms. Goldsmith."

"Amy and Heather, you may enter the room but remember no talking for the next couple of hours. If you need to communicate write it down. Paper and pencils are in the room. Have fun tormenting your friends."

We go to the room and get a wink from Trudy. Then two black guys come in.

"Well I see the disciplinarians have arrived. After your punishment, we will have more discussion about this uncharacteristic behavior on your part."

One black guy speaks, "Ms. Goldsmith hates sex period and doing it on campus, well I know she is pissed and you ladies will feel the brunt of her feelings.

"You can scream all you want for mercy and she will just get madder. The louder you scream the longer your punishment will go on."

In the meantime, the other black guy opens the curtains to expose the punishment tools in the room.

"Sorry, ladies but punishment is done in the nude so get your asses naked except for your undies or what ever is hiding your nasty cunts. You chicks must have really been messing around. We can smell your cunt juices clear over here where we are standing. If Ms. Goldsmith gets a whiff hold on to your asses cause she will go berserk."

Neither Jenn nor Stace says a word as they drop their shorts. Their thongs are very, very wet. They slip off the sleeveless muscle shirts, which exposes their lovely breasts being they are not wearing bras.

"You girls stop right there now. Ms Goldsmith must inspect how horny and wet you have become."

Trudy walks in, just in a robe. I assume she is naked underneath it.

She walks up to the girls as they are standing side by side, shoulders touching and says, "My, My, My, what do we have here?" She palms the wet thongs and massages their mounds for a few seconds.

The girl's knees weaken and soft moans come from their mouths. The black guys and Trudy smile at each other.

"Let them keep those thongs on and let's see if they get wetter. They sure must have been enjoying themselves earlier as wet as they are. Well, let's just find out how much they enjoy sex so we can determine the severity of the punishment, boys."

One black guy comes up behind Jenn and lifts her arms away from her body.

"You hold them there until I tell you to lower them, you hot bitch."

He steps behind her and places a bra on her that makes her open her mouth but no scream. It is cut out in the front so her rock hard nipples protrude far out. Jenn's tits are definitely being squeezed.

Amy and I hear from Sammy, "There is a cream in the bra that raises her skin temperature to 110 degrees. It is a shock at first but feels good except for the tightness and that feeling will soon pass."

"Ok you may lower you arms while I do the same to your playmate."

We see the same for Stace as she is trussed up in the torture bra.

"Ok, now to begin your punishment."

Jenn is being led to a modified leather covered pommel horse with electrically adjustable legs.

"Ok, lay over this," Jenn is instructed as her disciplinarian pushes her shoulders down and over the horse.

She lays over it at her waist and he goes around to the front and secures her wrists to the legs of the horse. He does the same with her ankles. This hook up exposes everything on the backside.

My God! I want to rush over there and eat her, it looks so appetizing.

He does the same hook up with Stace. He then places a small nose cup over her nose and a small rubber band to go around her head. It reminds me of the little mask they use when they give you gas in the dentist office.

He explains, "This is oxygen, just breathe normal. We don't want you passing out in this position or from the extreme punishment that Ms. Goldsmith will order because of your wet snatches."

He goes and does the same with Jenn.

"Well, ladies I am so sorry to have to do this but orders are orders and you agreed to it so I do not really feel that bad."

Both black guys strip and go to a table and pick up Ping-Pong paddles. The paddles have holes cut out about the size of an American quarter.

My God these guys are hung like Harry. Blood is rushing to my pussy wanting it to be me and not Jenn and Stace.

They approach Jenn and Stace and in unison give a SMACK to their left ass cheek with the paddle.

"Both girls scream and thrash from the shock and the heat."

The guys are rubbing the hot spot. We can see its white where the holes are in the paddle and red elsewhere. When Jenn and Stace seem to have relaxed, there is a SMACK to the other ass cheek the same way. The screams are repeated.

"Well, well, well; look how red these white asses get," comes from one of the guys.

This time there is no waiting as they both raise the paddles to do the second cheek they did because it is still on fire, SMACK!

The screams are less; they must be getting used to it. They do the other ass cheek again, SMACK!

We hear in our ears, "Amy or Heather you may give your friends a smack if you would like. Just walk up to the guys. They will hand you the paddle; try to imitate what the guys did."

Amy and I look at each other smile and go for it.

We walk up to the guys and they hand us the paddles.

Amy and I try to duplicate the guys, by doing an ass cheek, SMACK and we hear a soft moan.

The guys indicate to do the other one now. SMACK! And another soft moan from each girl.

The guys give us a wink and are rubbing their cheeks. "Wow, so nice and hot. I wonder if their pussies are as hot as their asses."

"Amy, Heather, do a smack to each cheek with no pause in between," we hear in our ears.


"MMMMMMMMMMM," Amy and I hear coming from them. They must like it.

"Amy, Heather, that is turning Jenn on; that was a pleasure moan."

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