tagRomanceA Desolate Stretch of Highway

A Desolate Stretch of Highway


This is the story of how my sexual good fortune reached its crescendo on a busy stretch of highway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, in a vehicle traveling over 70 miles per hour.

The boundaries that separate life's ultimate erotic adventures and personal danger are sometimes blurred, and either consciously or subconsciously we all determine how far we're willing to push the sexual envelope beyond that dividing line. In the heat of the moment most people probably don't even realize that they've come to the crossroads of pleasure and peril, and dependent on how great the love making is they probably don't care. My test of this theory took place late one night in the fast lane of Interstate 15 North, as I attempted to keep the vehicle I was driving on the road while a beautiful, unbelievably sexy damsel was riding my rock hard cock like it was the home stretch at Churchill Downs and her only thought was winning the 'Derby at a Secretariat-like pace.

She was 18 when she walked into my life. I was a seemingly happy 28 year old living with his college sweetheart, but despite being engaged I knew in my heart that our days as a couple were numbered. Physically I saw myself as average looking, with my best assets being my height (six foot three), well-defined athletic body, green eyes, and nice smile. When I chose to ignore the restraints of the committed relationship I was in, it didn't take much effort to find attractive women to sleep with. So there I was; just an ordinary guy with decent looks, confidence, a steady job, and technically off the dating market. Yet for whatever reason, she chose me as the one to unleash her pent-up erotica on.

Raised in a deeply religious family that insisted on her attending church on a daily basis, she was exposed to a steady dose of Christian values throughout her formative years. Her parents did their best to shield her innocent mind from the sexual depravity of the outside world, but when the pious little girl began to develop and grow into the enchanting, voluptuous body of a young woman it was only a matter of time before men (and women) took notice. Unsolicited attention from the opposite sex wouldn't be the only contributing factor that would produce this sexual dynamo. One thing the family couldn't protect her from was her own curiosity. The other was a subscription cable television channel that late at night would broadcast adult movies that, through the proper squinting, were viewable and the content recognizable through the squiggly lines of a partially scrambled signal. The woman she would become was a congruence of femininity, allure, passion, desire, and seductive charm; and when I realized that all this was being offered to me, I felt like a kid in a candy store with a pocket full of quarters.

At work I was responsible for a staff of over 50 people, including two assistants to whom I delegated all interviewing and hiring functions to. So prior to her first day on the job, I had no idea who she was. I first saw her from a distance, immediately noticing a very attractive girl with prominent, striking features that were clear from afar. She was a heavenly mix of Irish, German, Hispanic, and Native American (Cherokee) blood with a figure that was just as tasty as her face was beautiful. As I made my initial approach to introduce myself as was customary with all new hires, I found the tremendous curves of her sculptured 18-year-old body in a battle with the inexpensive fabric of the conservative, business attire employees were required to wear. Once I was within reach of her beautiful stripper-esque 38DD natural breasts and shapely, succulent hips, there was no doubt as to which side, flesh or fabric, would win the war. She was one loose thread away from falling out of the sexy lace bra easily recognizable under her thin white blouse. In the interest of professionalism I tried to act unimpressed, but my above average sized friend residing in my pants must not have gotten that memo.

It didn't take long for things to start progressing. There was the back and forth flirting that was occurring more often and with increased intensity. Then she began writing me the most erotic, sexually pervasive letters imaginable; elegant and expressively detailed that despite their racy content would make the most seasoned of writers proud. Once I started reading the letters there was no turning back, her sexual attributes now taking a back seat to the fire and uninhibited passion of her words. Our so-called committed relationships withstanding, we were now having a torrid love affair. It included alcohol-induced rendezvous in dimly lit rooms, and early morning hook ups at work well before the other employees arrived, where we would polish the office furniture with each others' bodies. The furniture was so well maintained for a stretch that it almost could pass for new and subsequently this task was removed from the cleaning schedule. It was now time to take our sex show on the road and get out of town together, so we established our alibis and drove off in my Bronco II for Las Vegas, Nevada.

Anyone who has traveled the Interstate 15 corridor between Southern California and Las Vegas knows how busy the two Northbound and Southbound lanes in and out of Baker, California can be. At any time of day or night, it's rare to find yourself alone on this major thoroughfare without other travelers, 18 wheelers, or even Highway Patrol vehicles sharing the road. We left Los Angeles late on a Friday night, which without question is the busiest day of the week to be heading north on I-15. Perhaps it was the excitement of our first out of town trip together that caused us to ignore everything outside of our little bubble, and before we knew it we were more than half way to Vegas. This also meant that it had been a couple of hours since we last had our hands on each other, which by now had become an almost uncontrollable occurrence. Ignoring the fact that we were traveling over 70 miles per hour, we started making out.

As if her heavenly body and beautiful face weren't enough, she had an incredibly talented tongue which, among other things, made her an exceptional kisser. As she leaned over to press her lips against mine, i felt a warm surge of excitement radiate throughout my body. As our kissing became more and more passionate, she rose up out of the passenger seat and began rubbing several of her body parts against my arm, leg, and shoulder. As I surrendered my inhibitions to this supernatural seductress, I remember everything feeling completely numb; except for my vision which was still affixed to road, my right foot which continued holding down the accelerator, and my throbbing love tool which by now she had pulled out of my pants. All I could think about, besides making sure the car stayed on the road, was devouring every inch of her enchanting, voluptuous body. While my tongue explored the contours of her tantalizing lips, I managed to lift up her skirt and press my thigh against her sweet spot. I could feel the heat being generated from within her panties, which by now were as wet as if she'd just stepped out of a swimming pool. She was rubbing up and down my leg with such fury that I was expecting sparks to fly. I wanted to make love to her so badly, and exiting the freeway to park somewhere would take way too long. I wanted it NOW, and fortunately so did she.

Maintaining our speed, I pulled her up over my lap in position to properly consummate our endeavor. From there she brilliantly navigated the limited space between my chest and the steering wheel, lowering her entrance to the forbidden city onto my painfully erect trespasser without interfering with the already compromised task of piloting the Bronco II. She took in every bit of the 7-8 inches available and, knowing that she had to do most of the work so I could focus on the highway, began to ride my cock with such violent motion that I could feel every pelvic thrust in about ten different places. Another obstacle (or should I say "obstacles") I now encountered with her on my lap facing me was the presence of her stunning, milky-white rack. Not only was 75% of my roadway view eliminated, her love melons were pleasantly yet effectively battering my face like I was a Mike Tyson sparring partner. But how could I complain; they were as beautiful as she was, and this vivacious vixen was taking me to levels of pleasure most could only dream about.

As we started to wind down following a mind-blowing orgasm (and a few of hers) where I was so deep inside her that I expected to taste my love juices when I kissed her, we began to reacquaint ourselves with the surroundings. As we put our clothes back on, both of us couldn't recall a single vehicle being anywhere near the Bronco II during our mobile tryst; unprecedented for most any stretch of that highway, regardless of the time or day. Whatever became of this sultry sex goddess and the perfect addition to any carpool you might ask? Well, that's a story for another day.

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