tagNovels and NovellasA Dish Best Served Cold Ch. 05

A Dish Best Served Cold Ch. 05


The twins begin to marshal their forces in their bid to reclaim their father's business. Along the way, they uncover some interesting news about their parent. Includes brother/sister incest, interracial sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism, some (a little) humiliation and pregnant sex.

I guess you all are enjoying this series. About 3 percent of you have voted, and a bit more than half have given it 5's. Votes are fine, but comments let writers know what works/doesn't work, what you (readers) like/don't like; otherwise, we write what we think you like, but mostly what we like. Sign your comment or don't, that's up to you. Signed ones will be acknowledged.

Enjoy. Jb7

A Dish Best Served Cold Ch. 5

As Lee walked across the floor in the executive area, he could feel the eyes of the secretaries and clerks on him. He stopped by Ashley's desk and told her to call Max and Thelma and tell them he was ready for them. He had just finished hanging up is overcoat when they entered together, closely followed by Ashley.

"Lee," said Max, with a note of pleading in her voice, "do we have to do this now? Can't it wait until after work?"

"Probably," he replied, his voice flat, "but I have another appointment right after work, and she can't stand waiting."

"Mr. Brock," interrupted the blonde secretary, "did you want me to observe and take notes?"

Before he could answer, Thelma broke in. "Girl, you get your fat ass out of here. This is a private affair, and if I hear one word about what happens in here this afternoon, I will whup that ass of yours so hard that you'll think it's made of hamburger; now, get out!"

A look of amused shock on her face, Ashley looked at Lee. He smiled, and nodded. "Tut, tut, Ms. Williams," he said, "there's no need for threats here. If you don't want a witness, a simple no will do. That's fine, Ashley. Thank you for asking. I may call on you later, however. In the mean time, would you ask Mrs Bridges if she would be available between two thirty and three this afternoon?"

Lee turned to Max as Ashley left the office. "Are you ready?" She nodded. "How do you want it?"

"In private," she said, with a sob in her throat.

"Sorry," replied Lee. "That is the one condition I can't change. If you don't have any other preferences, bend over with your elbows supporting you on the desk." Max slowly walked to the end of the desk and did as she was told. Lee reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt.

"Mr Brock! What on earth are you doing?" Thelma gasped out.

"Unless you have a better suggestion, I'm going to fuck the daylights out of her."

"B...Bu...But her husband... He...he's right across..."

"I really don't give a rat's ass where he is. If she had done her job properly, this wouldn't be necessary."

"B...But it wasn't her fault. I told you; it was my fault Teesha didn't stop..."

"As your supervisor, Max is still responsible," he paused for a short five count; "unless..."

"Unless what," Thelma asked. Her eyes, wide open with mistrust, looked like ping pong balls in her dark face.

"Welllll," Lee answered, drawing it out, "if you are really the one responsible, you should be here instead of Maxine."

"No! " interjected Max.

"What?" gasped the petite black woman.

"Makes perfect sense to me, if you do the crime, you should do the time. That doesn't excuse Max, but if you step up, Ms Williams, you'll save your boss from an unfair, if deserved, punishment..."

"Does she have to watch?" Thelma asked, glumly.

"Thelma..." said Max.

"Are you volunteering?" asked Lee.

"Do I have a choice?" grumbled Thelma. "Ms Maxine, you been a good boss. The past four, five years, I've learned a lot from you about how to deal with people, friendly and," glancing at Lee, "...not so friendly.

"A lot of bosses I've seen come and go, they'd blame their secretaries when mistakes were made, but you always took the blame, sometimes when it was my fault, when I was careless, or just too ...whatever to do the job properly.

"If Teesha had done something great, I'd be walking around with pride, busting my buttons, taking credit for her. Much as I hate to admit it, Mr Brock is right. You asked me to speak to my daughter, to set her straight, and I didn't do that, therefore I'm the one who should have to face the music."

She turned to Lee. "If my punishment is to be what you had planned for Ms Maxine, can I ask that it be done in private, without witnesses?"

Lee nodded, suddenly wishing he didn't have to impose himself on the small black woman. Softly, he said, "Leave us now, Max. I'll want you to sit in with Mrs. Bridges. Ask Ashley to let you know when she arrives."

Max looked at him and nodded. She went to Thelma and gave her a hug without saying anything.

As soon as the door closed behind Max, the petite woman reached up and began to lower the zipper on the back of her dress. "It has been a while since I've done this in an office, Mr Brock; you'll have to tell me where you want me and in what position.

"This brings back some memories I would rather had stayed forgotten. Before Teesha was born, I had her job, in the mailroom. Mr. Carruthers, the owner, used to ask me to stay after the rest of the office had gone home, me and another secretary. I guess it was a bit after his wife had passed on. I was only eighteen, and he was a handsome men; looked a bit like you.

"When I got pregnant, he gave me money for an abortion, but I couldn't do that to my baby, so I took the money and went away...Is something wrong?" she asked, seeing the shocked look on Lee's face.

"Teesha is...Ian's daughter? Does he know that?"

"I don't know," she said, after a short pause. "I've never told him, and he's never asked. When I came back, the Personnel office told him I wasn't qualified for the job I applied for, but he told them to hire me anyway; otherwise, he hasn't talked to me much except for stuff related to work."

Thelma's dress was in a pool around her feet. She stood there, in white briefs, watching him. Except for the lines life had etched in her face, she looked almost prepubescent. Just over five feet tall, she probably didn't weigh more than ninety pounds. There was the slightest indentation at her waist, with a minimal flare out to her hips. She didn't wear a bra because she didn't need one, except to hide her protusive nipples.

She stepped out of her dress and walked to him. As she approached the desk, she saw the intercom lamp was lit. She passed Lee and bent over the communication unit. "Ashley Anita Dix, if you don't turn this thing off by the time I count one, naked as I am, I'll come out there and beat your ..." She stopped because the light had gone out.

Thelma turned to Lee, who was trying hard not to laugh. When she saw him, she began to laugh with him. He reached for her and pulled her between his legs, his arms loosely around her waist. "For such a tiny woman, you certainly are a feisty wench. Was there ever a Mr Williams?"

"Mmm, there were a couple who asked, but they wanted to move to a bigger city. I preferred living here, even though there aren't many black families. Less crime, fewer opportunities for Teesha to get into trouble. When I think she's mature enough, I'll send her to stay with my sister in Orlando for a year. After that, maybe I'll be able to convince her to try some college." She shimmied her chest and hips against him. "Enough talk, Mr Brock..."

"You're right. And under the circumstances, you can call me Lee."

"Unh uh, Mr Brock. If you're going to punish me, we've got to keep the roles straight. Maybe in the future, sometime, but for now, you stay Mr. Brock, and I'm Ms Williams," she stated, pulling his head down and melding his lips into hers.

Lee picked her up, holding the kiss, and carried her to the love seat. He sat, placing her on his lap. His right hand slid up her stomach and rib cage to search for the very prominent nipples. His hand passed over one, bending it slightly, and elicited a low moan from her.

She turned and began to loosen his tie. When it was sufficiently loose she simply slid it over his head and started on his shirt buttons. Lee's hand slipped between her legs, to encounter her damp heat. By the time Thelma had his shirt off, her hips were beginning pulse against his hand.

He lifted her to stand up and turned to lay her down while he removed his pants. The small dark woman grinned when she saw his eight inches emerge from his jockeys. She didn't say a word, simply lay back and opened her thighs. When Lee went to move her into the doggie position, she shook her head.

"First time, face to face, Mr Brock. Especially since you're punishing me. You want to be sure I realize how serious it is, don't you?"

Lee grinned and nodded, positioning himself between her knees. Her arms went around his neck; her legs, his waist. She reached down to position his staff at her opening, then lifted her self off the sofa.

"Don't move," she said, and tightened her legs, driving him into her, so his full length was inside.

"Unnnggghh! Oh, shit! That hurt. Don't move yet. Christ, you feel bigger than you look. Mmm, slowly now. Short ins and outs until I get used to you. Damn, I had almost forgot...unnnnh, yeah, okay longer... uh oh oh oh oh oh go! go! go! fuck it, now! fuck me now, you mother fucker! go go go go go yesss! Aaaaaiiiiiiieeeeee!!!"

Unlike her daughter, who had barely made a sound the entire time they had been coupled, whose orgasm had climaxed with a silent scream, Thelma's voice, once they established their rhythm, had been in crescendo, culminating in a loud screech. Once the scream stopped, and their breathing regulated so they were aware of their surroundings, Thelma heard the beeping of the intercom, trying to get their attention.

"Ashley," she growled, loudly.

"It's Max, Thelma. Are you okay? I thought I heard a scream."

"Oh, Ms Maxine.(gasp) Yes,(gasp) I'm fine.(gasp) That was(gasp)...Mr Brock, (gasp)he's ..(gasp).punishing me just fine."

Max's chuckle was plainly heard. "Mmhm, I imagine he is.

"Lee, Mrs Bridges asked if we could meet at two-fifteen; that's her usual break period. Apparently Don has her working on something important."

"What time is it? One forty-five; tell her no, I'm sorry, I'll be busy right up'til two thirty. Tell her I said this takes precedence over anything he has her doing."

"He'll be pi...upset."

"Like the song says, give him a quarter and have him call someone who cares. Send Ash in, would you?"

"You sure?"

He looked down at the petite woman under him, gesticulating wildly, "No, no, no!"

"I'm sure. Ms Williams isn't, but it's the final part of her punishment." They heard Max's chuckle as she shut off the intercom.

Thelma's eyes were wide with anger; her expression would have frozen lava. "What in hell are you doing, Lee?" she demanded.

"'Mr Brock' is winding up your punishment," he said, leaning down to kiss her just as Ashley walked in.

Keeping his lip lock, he gestured Ashley closer. Gathering Thelma up in his arms, he got off the couch and carried the small woman to his desk, where he laid her down on her back, his cock still firmly embedded in her quim.

"Ashley," he said, as he stood up, "when I back out, I want you to clean Thelma up, using your tongue." Ashley nodded, with a smile. In the past, she and Thelma had often worked closely together. She had noticed an intriguing aroma under the black woman's perfume. Now she would get to sample it more directly.

Thelma lay there, immobilized partially from fear, partially from anticipation. She had heard of lesbians, was sure she even knew a couple of them, but she had never thought of experimenting with that kind of sex. She was familiar with oral sex and usually enjoyed it, but had never been able to come from it. Her lovers had used it mostly to get her lubricated for their entry.

She felt Lee withdraw, and experienced a mild sense of loss and emptiness. Then Ashley was lapping at the effluent running from her sheath. At first it was a gentle, almost feathery sensation. As the fluids disappeared into her mouth, Ashley's tongue became firmer, exploring inside the sheath, and all the surfaces outside. Thelma felt the velvety surface of the tongue brush against her clitoris and jerked reflexively. "Ohh!" she grunted.

Lee moved to the center of his desk and pulled Thelma's head to his groin. She looked up at him and smiled. She worked her right arm around his thighs and pulled herself closer, to reach his now flaccid member. She slurped it into her mouth just as Ashley attacked her clit with gusto. Her scream was muted by the presence of the dick in her mouth. The vibrations of her oral tissues and vocal cords brought Lee back to erection within seconds, pushing down Thelma's throat.

Instead of pushing him away, she pulled him closer, as Ashley continued her assault on Thelma's clit, quickly bringing her to another orgasm. Lee's sex with Ashley, Rosa and Max over the past few days had increased his tolerance for excitation, keeping him from releasing directly into her stomach.

As her peak passed, and she relinquished her oral grip on Lee, he withdrew from her gullet. She maintained a light suction on his staff, her tongue dancing all around it as he slid out of her mouth.

When his crown reached her mouth, she increased the suction and tightened her grip on his legs, stopping his withdrawal. He became aware of the action of her tongue on the head of his prick, concentrating on that spot on the underside where the foreskin attaches to the shaft.

Within a few seconds he felt the tingle in the back of his knees which signaled the beginning of his climax. "Thelma," he moaned, "I'm go..go... gonna... unngh!"

"Mmmm," was her only reply.

After releasing Lee, Thelma reached down and patted her blonde lover on the head. "Ashley, much as I hate to interrupt what you're doing, it's time to stop." She felt Ashley bob her head, and then her tongue touched Thelma's rosebud and made its way to the top of her slit, where it remained resting on her clit for several seconds as the women recovered.

Thelma pushed herself up and pulled Ashley to a standing posture, so she could embrace the tall blonde in a tight hug. "Oh, girl, that was lovely. You'll have to come over some night so I can return the favor."

"I think I'd like that. Lee has also introduced me to the pleasure of sixty-nining. It's even more fun."

Thelma looked at Lee. "Don't even think about saying this was the only time..."

"Actually," he replied, "I was about to say I expect you back here on Friday, sans panties."

Her smile lit up her face and made her look nearly as young as her daughter. "Speaking of which, where are they?" she asked. Ashley found them and gave them to the older woman, who had already slipped her dress back on. With a smile, Thelma paused at the door to ask,"What time?"

Lee had just finished dressing and straightening up his appearance when Max knocked and opened his office door to look in. "Mrs Bridges is here. Are you ready for us?" she asked with a smile.

"Probably not, but come on in. Mrs Bridges, good afternoon. How are you today?"

"I'm fine, I guess. I'd probably be better if Mr. Pieters could give me a better idea of what to look for..."

"Why? What does he have you doing?"

"First, it was looking for all kinds of companies selling stuff on the internet. Then it was for companies that failed; then it was for companies which sold stuff they manufactured, not resold. Then this afternoon, he had me look up companies like us, to see what they sold, and what techniques they used, or what venues, like catalog sales, internet, direct mail, and so on, especially companies our size."

"Did you find a lot?"

"More than a couple. Would it surprise you to know that we're not even close to the top 50, but we're in the top quarter in terms of gross income over the last five years?" She gave Lee and Max a small smile. "Donald asked for a print out of what I found this afternoon. We have a daisy-wheel printer and a box of paper for it. The report started printing just before two o'clock, and wasn't quite half done when I came over here at two-thirty."

"I get the impression you're not..." began Lee.

Max gave him a small shake of her head. "Virginia, are you and Ron still thinking of taking early retirement? I remember hearing that he wanted to go south and set up some sort of bait and fishing guide business."

"We were thinking about it. His brother opened a place in Myrtle Beach a couple of years ago, and asked Ron to join him. With the economy the way it is, Sid couldn't keep it going, and even if we both retire, we can't afford to move down south, not until we're able to get full benefits.

"Is that what you wanted to talk to me about. I know business hasn't been real good for the past few months; are you going to start laying people off? Is that why you asked about early retirement? Oh, dear, I hope not!" The pitch of her voice began to rise, and she began to look flustered, upset.

Max looked at Lee and shook her head, knowing their plan to let the Bridges retire early wouldn't work. "No, Virginia, that's not why we asked you to come talk to us. How long have you worked for Donald?"

"A little over five years, ever since Agnes Hunt walked out on him that day." She looked at Lee. "Aggie claimed that Donald had made an obscene request of her, and that there was no way she would repeat it. He, of course, denied it."

Max hid her smile. "Whatever he said must have really been bad. Aggie wasn't exactly a saint when it came to language. On her way out, she keyed both sides of his car, we think. Nobody saw it, but there were two gouges through the paint the full length of his new Cadillac. Dad laughed and told him to be more judicious in choosing women to hit on."

She turned back to Mrs Bridges. "How long have you worked for Carruthers, Virginia?"

"Heavens, child. It's hard to remember exactly. It started out in Indiana, and your father moved it back here a year or so after your mother died. I think Ian said you and your brother were four when he moved back.

"I was one of the first office workers he hired here, a combination time keeper, receptionist, and typist. For the first year, the machine shop was in the barn; the office was in the farm house, in one room and you three lived in the upstairs.

"Those were fun, exciting times. Course, I was single at the time. I didn't meet Ron until he came to work here..."

Max interrupted the older woman's memory trip. "So, you've worked for Dad for about twenty-two years. Don't get upset by my next question, Virginia, but it's very important. If you had to make a choice between Donald or Dad..."

"Maxine Carruthers! How you can even dare to ask! You know I would do anything for your father!" The older woman's face softened into a smile. "And I often did before...Ron." She blushed at the admission. "Ian, Thelma and I; we had some good times. That was after the plant was built and you guys had moved into town." She shook her head, as if clearing away cobwebs..

"Is there a reason for that last question?"

"As you have seen, we've reduced our direct sales staff, and sell most of our stock items over the internet. The people manning the computers may be talented geeks, but they don't seem to have a lot of sense about servicing our customers. They need some sort of help organizing the processing of an order.

"Since that's what you did for Donald for the past few years, when Lee asked me whom I would recommend, I immediately thought of you. He questioned the recommendation because you've been with Don for so long."

Mrs Bridges looked at Lee, her brow furrowed, just barely visibly nibbling on her lower lip. She let out a huge sigh and turned to Max. "Maxine, I don't, and I probably never will, understand why you married Donald Pieters. He one of the ...sleaziest characters I have ever had the misfortune to meet, let alone work for.

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