tagLoving WivesA Doll House

A Doll House


“Oh my God, I cannot believe you have given me this! I’m not sure whether to be ashamed or say ‘thank you’!” exclaimed Anna, blushing a bright red, as she looked at the curiously attractive, dark-haired, male sex doll that her friend Sue brought into her living room, which was filled with their mutual female friends.

It was a strange gift, indeed, but it had been planned for some time. Anna’s husband Matt knew that Sue had wanted to have a slightly racy birthday party for his wife, so they collaborated in advance on what might be a suitable gift for the occasion. After Matt saw an episode of “Real Sex” on television featuring the surprisingly life-like male sex doll, he was convinced that his wife definitely needed one for her birthday.

Sue, who had also seen the program (with her husband James), agreed, so she quickly went about planning a party at which she could present Anna with her new boy toy. The only people who were invited to the party were their mutual girlfriends from the office. Even though Matt was the one who purchased the doll, he was fine with not being present at the party, since he was going to be at a baseball game with the husbands of a few of the women attending the gathering. It was a day intended for mutually exclusive male and female bonding, though, in the end, it became that and so much more.

“Who the hell came up with the idea to give me this?” continued Anna, exacerbated, completely flushed, but still smiling at her friends, who could not take their eyes off the attractive doll.

“Well, honey, let’s just say that your hubby Matt must think that you are so hot that he needs a little extra help,” replied a giggling Sue, who was relishing the moment, as were Kathy, Tanya, Debra, and Brenda, all of whom worked with Anna at a local medical office.

Everyone stared at the doll intently, amazed by the life-like accuracy of doll’s flesh tone and skin texture. Although the gift was partially a gag, all of the women at the party secretly wished they had one of their own. The doll was so inviting and, best of all, just waiting to be dominated. What else could a woman want? In fact, what else did a woman need?

“You should consider yourself lucky, girl, cause this is the only man you’ll ever meet that has three different cock sizes when erect,” blurted Debra, an attractive, short dark-haired, slightly full-figured woman of thirty seven, as she looked at the different penile extensions that could be implanted into the doll’s nether region.

“This is incredible,” added Brenda, her hand caressing one of the cocks, “now this is what I call ‘having it your way’. The only problem with this doll is that I don’t really think I’d use any of my exercise equipment anymore. Forget about the indoor bicycle—I’d just be riding this bad boy all day.”

Everyone in the room laughed uproariously. At this point in the party, which had been going strong for two hours, all of the women had been drinking copiously, and with each passing minute, a general sense decorum was becoming less pronounced. Of course, this didn’t matter much, because the women always talked about their husbands and/or sex at work. For the girls, it was just nice to have an afternoon without the men and to be able to bond as “sisters.”

Sue, in her mid-forties, was the primary hostess of the party, even though it was being held at Anna’s house. With her ivory-white skin and standing 5' 7" at 140 pounds, Sue looked beautiful in her short, black skirt and stockings that hugged and complimented her voluptuous curves. She was happily married to James, who was also at the baseball game with Matt.

Also playing a major role in planning the party was Kathy, who was thirty-eight and had short, sandy-blond hair. Her tanned, muscular, athletic frame that weighed no more than 100 pounds made her look far younger than her actual years. She was recently divorced.

Brenda, who was the oldest in the group at forty-eight, was still very attractive in her blue business suit that accentuated her slim frame, perky breasts, and shoulder length blond hair. During the weekdays she was the boss of their billing department at work, so she was happy finally to interact equally with those in attendance as just friends. Her husband Bill was also at the baseball game with Matt, James, and Debra’s husband Tim.

Tanya, who was a temporary employee in their billing department, was by far the youngest at nineteen years old. She had a truly knockout figure of which everyone was envious. Her long, blond hair, shapely figure, and full, ample breasts made the others, to some extent, long for their teenage youth that had since passed. Like Kathy, Tanya was currently single. Although Tanya was slightly uncomfortable at the sight of the sex doll, she knew the other girls at the party well enough to be at ease with the situation.

“Do people actually use these dolls?” inquired Tanya, clearly embarrassed, rubbing her hand on the doll’s inner thigh.

“Oh honey," Debra answered, “you are probably a little too young to know this, but even though a nice, real cock is great, depending on your mood, a good vibrator, dildo--or especially a doll--can do everything that you need.” Debra, after pausing for a moment to appreciate the sex toy, asked Tanya, “You do touch yourself, right?”

“Mmm, of course, but I don’t feel too good about discussing it--it’s personal,” replied Tanya, obviously feeling uncomfortable about discussing her sexuality.

“Well, I don’t know about everyone else,” chimed Sue, “but I’m wondering whether the birthday girl is going to try this toy out for us! Come on, Anna, we’d love to see it.”

Anna, smiling, held up her right hand in protest. “No fucking way, Sue. I’m not going to ride this doll’s cock just to please the gang. Not unless the price is right, at least!” she replied jokingly.

Sue surveyed the room, peering deeply into everyone’s eyes. She knew that Anna was clearly joking, but, with more than a few drinks in her system, she realized that she had the courage to call Anna’s bluff. After all, anyone would do pretty much anything for the right price, right? As Sue contemplated how to put forth a proposal to Anna, everyone else in the room waited in quiet anticipation.

After thinking for a moment, Sue got up from the couch on which she was sitting and strolled casually towards the doll. Without warning, she knelt between the doll’s legs, took its fake eight-inch cock into her mouth and, without saying a word, began to deep throat it. Her hands caressed its shaft tenderly as she took the cock expertly into her mouth and sucked it skillfully. Although her intent was just to get the cock moist, she also wanted to show her friends how a cock should really be sucked--that is, voraciously! As her head bobbed up and down its shaft, Debra and Brenda looked in each other’s eyes in amazement. What was Sue doing? Anna, the birthday girl, didn’t seem to mind the show.

“Oh, God, go girl!” Anna exclaimed, clapping her hands. “Work that thing!”

Sue, with skilled precision, continued to devour the doll’s cock. Everyone in the room implicitly realized that had it been a real cock, it would have been on the brink of orgasm almost instantly, because she was really mastering it. Sue’s hands cupped the doll’s balls as though they were a fragile Grecian urn, and her tongue lapped up the sides of the doll’s phallus with tenderness and care. Sue’s tenacious sucking caused beads of saliva to cascade slowly down the doll’s cock like morning dew, making everyone in the room a little moist, as they imagined riding that doll’s juicy, succulent rod. After a couple of minutes of working the toy, Sue stopped to address her friends.

“Well, I’ve got it ready,” she exclaimed, huffing, trying to catch her breath. “The boys won’t be home for awhile, so who is going to chip in and dare the birthday girl Anna go for a ride?”

Everyone looked at one another in amazement, wondering whether it was “proper” to answer Sue. Knowing this, Sue replied, “I’ll throw $50 into the pot if she does it. Do I have a match?”

Brenda, although somewhat uncomfortable with the proposition, decided to go along with Sue’s plan. “I’ll chip in $50 if she has the courage to do it.”

Debra said she would add $75 to cover the bids from herself and Tanya, who, as a low wage employee, didn’t have the cash to make an offer. Besides, Tanya, as an orthodox Christian, didn’t approve of the activity to begin with. Kathy too said she would add $50 to the fund if Anna had the courage to ride the doll in front of the group, but only under one condition.

“Anna, if you ride this doll, you are going to have to do so until you cum” stated Kathy sinisterly, “and I mean really, really cum. Also, I’ll have to be your assistant to help you get there.”

Anna paused for a moment, slumped back in her chair, and looked intently at the attractive male sex doll. She really didn’t mind getting undressed in front of her friends--obviously if they were egging her on to have sex with this damn thing, they certainly weren’t going to hold it against her if she took her clothes off in front of them. That wasn’t her main concern. Anna just wasn’t sure whether she wanted to give everyone an indelible image of her riding that doll’s cock. She knew it would be an image that her friends would certainly never forget, and somehow she was unsure whether she wanted that to be in everyone’s personal mental databank. Kathy, Anna’s potential “assistant,” sensed Anna’s trepidation.

“Okay Anna, here’s the deal, honey,” said Kathy firmly. “I know you might not be totally into this, so for the sake of being a good sport, I’ll make a proposition: how about I fuck the doll once you are finished, just so you don’t have to go it alone? You still get the birthday money we’re donating, because you’ll be going first. Does that sound good?”

After those words, Kathy collected the monetary donations and handed them to Anna. Anna’s face softened somewhat. But only somewhat.

“Oh shit, you girls, you know you are coercing me into this,” she said in near disbelief, knowing that within a matter of minutes she was probably going to acquiesce and fuck a lifeless doll for her friends. “Okay, okay, if Kathy goes after me, then I’ll try it out first,” she added, shaking her head. “I totally cannot believe I’m doing this. The guys aren’t going to be home for a couple of hours, right?”

“That’s right,” answered Sue, her voice almost trembling in anticipation of Anna’s show. “The game won’t be over for a couple of hours, and it will take them awhile to get back here because of the traffic.”

“So, come on, Anna, let’s see you ride that bull!” encouraged Debra from across the room.

Quietly, Anna got up from her chair and walked over towards the doll. As she stood adjacent to it, she looked over to Kathy and motioned her over with her index finger. Kathy, knowing it was time to help, walked over to Anna and the doll obligingly.

“Get up on the couch, Anna, so you are sitting on top of the backrest and your feet are on the cushions,” Kathy ordered. “Although Sue did a marvelous job at getting our anonymous male friend here ready for action, he needs a little a little more help getting prepared, since his cock has dried a little. Just sit back and watch me.”

Kneeling down between the doll’s legs, Kathy took its life-like, thick cock into her mouth and, just as Sue had done, began to bob her mouth up and down the doll’s gorgeous shaft. Her tongue delicately probed along the beautiful veins that graced its sides, as her right hand, which featured beautifully manicured dark red fingernails, clutched the base of the cock to hold it steady. Even though she was giving head to a lifeless doll, the juxtaposition of Kathy’s sensual, feminine features, especially her dark, rose colored lips that were wrapped around the cock--and the strong, masculine features of the doll--made for a very hot scene for everyone to enjoy. Knowing this, Kathy pulled out all the stops to ensure everyone was getting a good show. As she sucked the cock, she moaned and groaned as her pearl necklace swung freely in perfect time to her vocalizations. With her right hand clutching the base of the doll’s cock, she used the thumb and index finger of her left hand to form a ring in which she could stroke the doll’s shaft while her mouth bobbed up and down it. Everyone in the room soon realized that Kathy, like Sue, was clearly an expert at cock sucking. The entire room was nearly silent, as the girls, especially Anna, fixated on Kathy’s performance.

Anna, sitting on the backrest of the couch and leaning against the wall, appeared mesmerized by Kathy’s skills. Anna was dressed far more casually than the others in attendance. Her proportionate five-foot, four-inch frame looked great in jeans that melted around her voluptuous hips and firm ass. As she watched Kathy suck the doll’s cock, she reached underneath her T-shirt and unfastened her bra to free her shapely c-cup breasts. Her nipples protruded invitingly through her tight shirt. Then she unbuttoned the top of her jeans and, leaning against the wall and lifting her ass slightly, shimmied them down just enough so she could reach into her pink, silk lace panties and stroke her pussy through her thick, dark bush that contrasted with her soft, milky white skin. Of course, everyone’s eyes shifted to Anna once she began to touch herself, even though Anna was doing so in a manner that prevented them from actually seeing her fingers inside her creamy slit.

Even Kathy stopped sucking the doll so she could watch Anna finger herself inside her jeans. Anna’s eyes were closed, her lips were slightly parted, and heat seemed to radiate from her upper body, as her breathing quickened with each rhythmic, circular stroke on her pussy. Kathy, without saying a word, reached over and began to unlace and remove Anna’s shoes and socks while she continued to work herself.

“Lift up, honey,” Kathy told Anna, who lifted her ass up off the couch. Kathy then unzipped her jeans further and, holding her by the hips, pulled them down over her shapely thighs and firm calves until they were completely off. Anna, now only in her panties and T-shirt, looked exquisite. “It’s time for our birthday girl to meet her new little friend,” added Kathy, as she took Anna by the hand and led her off the couch and towards the sex doll.

The sex doll was sitting firmly on the couch. About the only way it works (or should we say, “can be worked”) is for the woman to mount and ride it. Kathy turned Anna so that she would be straddling and mounting the doll with her back facing it. This way she could lower her pussy onto the doll’s cock and fuck it at whatever tempo she desired; it would also enable everyone in the room to have an excellent view of the action. Brenda and Debra smiled at each other and moved closer to where Anna was going to play with her toy. Even young Tanya moved closer, though the others could tell that she looked somewhat uncomfortable at what was transpiring before her eyes.

With Anna facing her guests and standing squarely in front of the doll, Kathy gently looped her fingers inside her friend’s panties and slowly rolled them down her curvy legs. Kathy was immediately overtaken by the aroma of Anna’s hot pussy, which only made her own juices flow more fluidly. She could not help but think about how nice it would be to taste Anna’s sweet, luscious nectar, although she wasn’t sure if Anna exhibited bisexual tendencies.

Anna proceeded to straddle the doll and, with Kathy holding her arm to stabilize her, positioned herself right over the doll’s cock. Anna reached down, gripped the cock with her left hand and, closing her eyes, carefully lowered her pussy no more than an inch onto the cock’s thick, mushroom head. She let out a deep, low moan as it penetrated her. Anna kept her eyes closed and her mouth parted as she continued to lower her hot pussy onto the doll’s cock, inch by glorious inch. When she lifted her pussy almost totally off it during her first upstroke, the women watching marveled at how her pussy juices had already coated the cock's bulbous head with a glistening sheen. Anna was obviously red hot and ready to fuck. Her sweet pussy clutched the cock like a firm glove, and after driving her pussy onto the gorgeous stick about a dozen times or so, she had nearly fully taken all of its 8 inches, thoroughly lubricating it with her cream. Within seconds she began to increase the pace with which she fucked the mannequin, much to the delight of the audience.

“Fuck that thing, girl,” whispered Brenda, who was feeling flushed at seeing such an erotic sight. “Take that cock and drive it, baby, that’s it. Oh, that’s it, take that cock.”

Debra, sitting next to Brenda, was also completely transfixed by the moment. “Oh God, look at her go . . . ” she replied underneath her breath, completely amazed. “Oh, yeah, Anna, keep it going . . . keep it going.” Unbeknownst to the others in the room, Debra had put her right hand inside her brown, low-cut skirt to finger herself as she watched Anna fuck her toy.

The room assumed an aura of electric eroticism--it was completely sexually charged. Kathy stood up and removed the only remaining garment Anna was wearing, which was her shirt. She was able to do this without Anna’s pussy losing contact with the doll’s cock that was being pounded relentlessly. Anna, in the nude, looked gorgeous as she fucked the mannequin--her body was snowy white, shapely, with the only hair on her lower body being the thick, black mound on her gorgeous pussy. Her perfect breasts, with large, pink areolas, bounced heavenly in an almost circular motion as she drove the doll’s cock with absolute precision.

Kathy could not stand it anymore. Kneeling down between Anna’s legs, she watched Anna fuck the doll from three inches away. Kathy held the base of the doll’s cock stable as Anna fucked it. Within seconds, Kathy’s hand was coated with Anna’s juices, which dripped both from her pussy and off the cock during her down strokes. Kathy then moved her head closer to Anna’s pussy and, to everyone’s surprise, began to lick her clit as she continued to take the cock repeatedly.

“Ohhh, oooohh, fuck, Kathy, fucking lick my clit ‘til I cum,” mused Anna, on the verge of ecstasy, “Oh fuck me, lick my fucking pussy,” she continued in short, rapid breaths with her head tilted back and her eyes closed.

Kathy needed no additional encouragement from her friend. She ran her tongue in an up and down motion that was in synch with Anna’s bouncing--her tongue caressed and lashed her clit perfectly. When Kathy felt that Anna’s orgasm was immanent, she decided to try to push her over the brink by humming gently when her tongue came into contact with her clit. The stimulus was far too much for Anna to handle.

“Oooohhh fucking God, ooooohhh . . .” moaned Anna, as her snowy white chest and face flushed a bright, crimson red. Her orgasm consumed her body completely--the muscles in her calves, ass, abdomen, and pussy all contracted with the strength of a vice grip. Watching Anna cum enraptured all the girls watching--she was so beautiful. Anna bucked and fucked the mannequin’s cock even harder as she came in a torrent of waves, until she collapsed backwards with the doll onto the couch, her pussy still impaled on its glistening, well-worked rod. As she rested, her legs twitched slightly and her body glistened beautifully in a thin coat of perspiration.

As Kathy went to get a towel for Anna, the room erupted in applause, as Sue, Debra, Brenda, and Tanya clapped enthusiastically.

“Oh my God, I cannot believe that she did that in front of us!” exclaimed Brenda enviously. “That was some demonstration, girlfriend!”

“If this thing can make you cum like that, Anna, I’m going to have to get in line right away to get one of these,” added Debra, whose pussy was aching for a cock after watching Anna fuck.

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