tagNon-EroticA Double Scoop of Revenge

A Double Scoop of Revenge


I came home from the conference on the red eye landing in LAX after midnight. I didn't dare wake Karen up so I took a cab all the way home to the valley, you don't want to know what it cost me. It had been a brutal trip after a long day and I was exhausted. Once I was in our apartment, I didn't even turn on the front room light and just walked down the hall to the spare bedroom. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep until noon. I was too tired to face Karen, I was sure she was still mad at me so I used the spare room to sleep. There was just one problem the spare room was empty, no bed no furniture, nothing. Just what the hell had Karen done, I went up the hall to our bedroom, and it was empty as well. In fact, other than my closet the whole house was empty.

That Karen had left me was not a surprise but the fact that she took everything we owned with her really pissed me off and I was steamed. I retrieved my laptop, from my luggage and as soon as it booted up I checked our joint account, empty, that bitch. I already knew my own account was dangerously low in funds, as I had partied a lot at the convention. Far too tired to do anything tonight about it right then I lay down on the rug in our room thankful that she didn't take the carpet with her. I slept all night in the fetal position alone and vulnerable. In the morning, I woke up the sun shining through the curtain less window. Stiff and sore, I automatically staggered out to the kitchen to make coffee. Of course, the kitchen was as empty as the rest of the house; even the stove and refrigerator were gone. There on the kitchen counter I saw the note, it was in an envelope only marked with my name.

"Gregory, as I'm sure you know by now I'm leaving you. This is your fault as I told you if you went gallivanting off again I wouldn't be here when you got back. For the time being, I've moved in with Lance but don't bother trying to reach me, as I won't talk to you.

I want you to know if you cared half as much for me as you did that stupid job of yours I'd probably still there here with you. Lance is right when he said that you don't love me and you wouldn't care if I left or stayed. When I've calmed down some I'll call you and we can talk, but believe me nothing will change between us, we are now officially over.

Your, soon to be, ex-wife,


Lance was Karen's boss and I could tell he had the hots for her at the last company party I attended. The way I felt right now Lance could have Karen it was no big loss. All of the stuff she took was a different story, as I looked at it, at least half of it was mine if not more. Just because I'm an easygoing guy, doesn't mean that you can screw me over and get away with it. No Lance and Karen were going to find out real fast that when you mess with Greg you would pay the price. I got out my laptop and booted up, oh yes I was going to enjoy all the skills I had learned as an amateur hacker.

First, I got in to Lance's bank records, piece of cake. When would people learn not to use easy passwords? First thing I found out was that there was a Mrs. Lance Haywood and they still had a joint account. Then I found the one he had hidden from his wife, that's the one I wanted. I emptied their joint account into his private one. Next, I went to my wife's bank account, she hadn't even bothered to change her password yet. I transferred all the money to Lance's account. Of course, most of this money had been mine but now I didn't care I wanted revenge. As I looked over my wife's account, I noticed she had rented a storage space. I hacked into their records and changed the phone number Karen had listed so they could not get in touch with her. Now when her checks started bouncing they wouldn't be able to call her and would soon padlock her space. Next, I used a reverse directory to look up Mrs. Haywood's number,

"Mrs. Haywood, my name is Greg Nelson and I'm calling for some information regarding your husband Lance."

"At this time Mr. Haywood and I are separated so there isn't much information I could give you."

"I understand, that explains a lot, you see my wife left me for him this past weekend."

She knew nothing of this and asked if we could meet for lunch to discuss it.

At lunch, I told her that Karen had emptied our bank account. That information made her check her account only to find it empty as well. Of course, this made her mad and it turned out she had the leverage to get even with her husband as well. Her father owned the company where her husband and my wife worked. It took only one call for both our mates to be unemployed. Another call to her lawyer got Lance's bank account frozen until a hearing could be held. Then as her family owned the house Lance was living in, she had him evicted.

This was all beautiful music to me, my wife and her new boyfriend were now unemployed, broke and no place to live. However, the icing on the cake was that Judy Haywood and I came to know each other and we began dating. Is it serious, I don't know but no matter how it turns out, it's nice to rub those two's noses in it. No matter what the old saying says, revenge is a dish that is delicious whether it is served hot or cold.

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by Anonymous04/16/18

I Loved This Story

I know it’s short but it hit all the right notes with me. Someone commented that he really didn’t get any revenge. Let’s see, he cut off her money, he cut off her access to most of her worldly goods,more...

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