A Dream Come True


Cindy's lips parted as their eyes locked, his words permeating her entire being like a subtle orgasm that caused her cunt walls to tighten around him in a vise-like grip that milked his cock with each thrust forward. Long nails raked down his back to his hips where she dug in, her own hips thrusting up and grinding to heighten his pleasure. "Oh Dan ...right there," she managed to purr.

Dan growled in pleasure as she told him what she liked and she could feel him still completely for a moment to find the exact spot mentioned. Slowly, ever so slowly he pushed up, tensing his groin muscles to force his shaft to stiffen more. "Right ... right there?" he teased. The arch of her body answered his question but he drew back, forcing her to answer him verbally, just to hear the lust in her voice.

Cindy gasped, the breath seemingly sucked from her as he thrust right into the most sensitive spot locked in the velvety walls of her cunt, a shudder coursing through her as she arched up for more. She whimpered as he pulled away, the lust written across his face enough to send her into a frenzy as her nails bit into his hips to draw him back in. "Yessss, please ... Dan!" she cried out in wanton need.

He grinned, shuddering with the erotic pain of her nails digging into him and he pressed into her again to follow her instructions. Pushing hard into her, he slid across her g-spot skillfully, applying pressure dead center as if to make the spot spread over the head of his cock. He grunted and tightened the muscles again to make him stiffer and harder inside of her as she cried out with each hard push forward, banging the head of his cock into her cushiony flesh that seemed to shudder violently around him . Her head fell to the side, curtained by the golden-hued veil of crimson that covered her face in a silken caress as her hips as her hips thrust forward for more. Dan could feel her hands slide further up his back, unable to stay still as he growled softly in passion. He needed her just as much as she needed him.

He pulled back slowly just to press into her again, nice and slow this time but harder and more forceful to make the bud of her g-spot throb against the head of his cock. He jerked into her to make her scream and scratch at him, loving the feel of her body shuddering beneath him on the bed. "Right there?" he asked her again to tease and torture her, making her stay coherent enough to respond to him.

Cindy cried out, her body arching almost violently beneath his, her head snapping back up to face him as dark blue eyes widened, smoldering with the lust he had unleashed in her. Her nails dug into the fleshy part of his hips again as her walls clamped around him, her whole body beginning to spasm uncontrollably. "Yesss ... yesssss," she moaned, half of it choked on a sob.

Dan pushed into her hard and forcefully to keep her riding the orgasm, making her fly higher as he leaned close to whisper in her ear, "That's it baby ... cum hard. Don't stop." Lowering his mouth to nibble her neck, his hips began to gain a strong, stable rhythm, hard and forceful to keep her body on edge, driving deep to the hilt and back out again to the head ... in and out, in and out.

Cindy shuddered helplessly beneath him, his words sending her over the edge of that deep abyss that whispered her name, akin to flying as her head pushed back into the bed. Long lashes fluttered closed as she gasped for breath between her cries of passion. Her cunt walls clenched and spasmmed around him as her back arched deliciously up towards him as if begging for even more. "Dan ... oh god!" she sobbed.

"Oh yeah ... that's it baby," he spoke in a husky voice, shuddering as he watched her cum, smiling from ear to ear as he heard her cries that matched the shuddering he could feel deep inside of her. Thrusting harder into her against her spasmming cervix, he whispered, "Deeper baby, feel it ... just let go. I've got you."

Cindy's eyes fluttered open to find his penetrating gaze on her, moist parted lips gasping for breath as he continued to drive her over the edge again and again. Her whole body jerked and quaked beneath him, unable to stop it any more than she could stop herself from breathing in his essence as she clung to him. Her hips continued to thrust up to his, unable to get enough as she half moaned, half sobbed in her need for him; "Oh Dan ..."

Leaning down to kiss her sensually, Dan drove his tongue into her mouth in perfect rhythm with his cock. Pulling back to utter the same demand, he pushed against her cervix and past it just to feel her shudder uncontrollably. Pulling back again to thrust slightly shallower, he groaned out the words, "Come on baby, feel it from your toes to your head ... I've got you," before returning to her lips to hush her cries or words, keeping rhythm with his hips, hard and demandingly.

Clinging to him, Cindy's whole body seemed to arch and spasm in a multiple array of spectrums of light as he pushed her into a place that she had never been. Her body responded to his words like he had some magical hold over her, like she had been trained to do exactly as he said, vaguely aware of her nails scoring his shoulders. Her sobs were lost in the recesses of his mouth as she flooded him with her hot, sweet nectar.

Dan pushed her hard and demandingly, watching her closely to be absolutely sure he doesn't push her too hard. As she spasmmed hard from her core a few times around him, he jerked up into her cervix forcefully to spread her again, grunting hard as he came, his hot seed splashing into her ... filling her. He kept pressure on her, growling her name sensually into her ear. "Don't you dare stop, girl ... keep cumming," he demanded.

Cindy's cries began to blossom more into screams of delight, intermingled with uncontrollable moans that echoed from deep within. Her eyes closed in rapture as her body simply responded to him, her control slipping from the fingers that clung to his jerking body, a cry of passion echoing above the others as he exploded deep inside her; their cum intermingling, surging through her like a bolt of electricity.

Dan grunted hard as she quaked beneath him, milking him with all she's worth as he continued to cum, shaking as his cock jerked and his balls emptied into her. He cried out in pleasure, his hands clenching onto her hips only to pull her up against him, jerking into her just to hear her scream, the sound sending a shiver down his spine. "Oh yeah baby ... oh ... god!" and slowly ... slowly he began to let her go, shaking uncontrollably as he began to guide her down.

Cindy's moans were lost in the shout of his pleasure, her own screams of delight wrapping around his sounds like they were meant to intermingle together in this passionate embrace. Her body still shuddered and spasmmed around his cock as it jerked and erupted one last time, silver tears slipping down her cheek from the intensity of it as she simply moaned his name, "Dan ..." as her palms pressed him closer.

Dan melted against her, nestling his head against her breasts as he stroked her body, her hips and her thighs to guide her to come down. He was panting hard as she clung to him with her fingers splayed out over his back. She willingly accepted his weight as one hand seemed to move up on its own accord to press his head lovingly to her heaving chest. "Calm baby, just breathe," he whispered, pushing up some to watch her eyes as one hand reached out to caress her face, reading her body and its reactions.

Cindy could feel him pull back some, eliciting a soft whimper from her throat even as her eyes remained closed, eyelashes fluttering some as she felt her trembling body begin to calm, even if just for a bit. Gasping for breath as she lay beneath him with her thigh still wrapped around his hip, she softly called his name, "Dan ..." hearing his voice.

"Yes baby, I'm here," he said in a soft voice. "Come on back now, breathe." He watched her face fondly, stroking the beautiful assets of her cheek and temple.

Eyelashes fluttered as she tried to make her way back through the hazy fog of where he had taken her, still somewhat lost in the aftermath of their joining. She hadn't imagined it ever being this intense. A tremble snaked down her spine just with the intensity in which she had needed him as she finally managed to open her eyes which fell on his face wide-eyed for a moment before a shuddering sigh escaped her lips. The fingers of one hand reached up to gently touch his face as he gazed down at her.

Cindy inhaled deeply as a sudden shy smile kissed upwards on her lips, a soft blush lifting to her cheeks as her hands moved to cradle him close. Her eyes seemed to try and memorize his face and the way in which he looked at her in this moment, filing it into her memory for another time. Her voice was somewhat shaky and husky as she managed to whisper in a teasing voice, "Can we do that again?"

Dan simply laughed, his strong arms pulling her closer before he answered back as seriously as she had ever heard him speak, "Mmmm ... we sure can. Just give me a few minutes to breathe."

Cindy laughed softly, snuggling into his arms. He was like a dream come true and she never wanted to wake up ... ever again.

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