tagIncest/TabooA Drive In The Country

A Drive In The Country


Events shape our lives. Most events fall in the middle of the spectrum between wonderful and terrible. Very few events fall at the ends; winning the multi-million dollar lottery is a wonderful thing, but at the other end are terrible things such as happened on September 11, 2001. Only very rarely do we encounter events that in the course of their occurrence run the gamut from one end of the spectrum to the other and back again.

To hold liberal political views is not uncommon, but it is uncomfortable when you live in a small community where Jerry Falwell is considered a liberal radical. That is the fate faced by Joni and Mike Jameson. Married for twenty-five years, they are both upper level executives with Boxer Corporation, and came to Crestville, because of a corporate decision to relocate the company headquarters. It is a small town nestled in the shadow of the Smokey Mountains, and from a corporate perspective was an excellent decision. From a personal perspective it was not a pleasant which is why they tried to spend as much time away as possible.

Mike saw Joni as an amazing person. She possessed all the attributes needed to survive in today’s fast paced corporate life. At the same time she was a wonderful, loving wife, and a caring, attentive mother to their children; John (20), Millie and Mary (19), and Tammy (18). John and the older girls attend college in another state and Tammy just graduated from high school, but in the fall will start college at the same school John attends. On this particular weekend everyone was home to take advantage of a long holiday break.

Something else you should know about Mike and Joni, is despite their liberal political views they have a very conservative outlook toward sex. Four children does not mean they had a passionate and sexy personal life. All it means is they had intercourse at least three times. Actually, sex for them was very routine; twice a month on Saturday night, no lights, partially dressed, hump, hump, thank you, goodnight. Sad, but true, but even sadder is they were satisfied with their sexual relations. On the other hand, and unbeknownst to them, their children possessed much different perspectives.

With the kids home, Mike and Joni decided to take a drive into the mountains for a picnic at the nearby state park. It was a beautiful day with scenic views around every bend, but they weren’t prepared for the detour caused by a major truck accident several miles ahead. Their choices were to turn around, or proceed on the back roads until they could rejoin the highway.

“Mike, looking at the map it seems simple, and I don’t want to go home yet.” said Joni. “The State Police will have the route marked. We get around the wreck, get back on the road, and go on to the park.”

“Daddy” Tammy yelled from the back seat of the Chevy Suburban, “You made us come so lets go ahead and finish it.” “Alright. Joni, you’re the navigator; where you direct I’ll follow.” Mike gently pushed the accelerator, turned right at the intersection, and thus began an unforgettable adventure.

After several miles of left and right turns, and never once gaining sight of the highway they stopped. “Dear, I don’t have a clue where we are. I wish the onboard navigation system was working; it would show us the way in a heartbeat.” Unfortunately, the system was in need of a minor repair, and they were dependent on road maps. They were lost, but just ahead was a sign saying “Picnic Area One Mile.” That was the immediate goal; eat lunch and try to figure out their location.

Home preparation of the picnic was a family affair. As a result there was a large amount of very good food built around the main course of grilled steaks cooked on the portable barbeque. It was the smoke and aroma of the cooking meat that attracted Homer and Festus.

Homer and I could smell the food from a long way off, and it drew us like a magnet. We were hungry; escaped prisoners don’t frequent stores, even if there were any in that remote area to frequent. That remoteness was one reason we were here, but now we were presented an opportunity to eat. We followed the smoke and aroma, and at last looked through the foliage to see this nice little family eating this sumptuous picnic lunch.

“Howdy folks. Smelled your steaks.” Festus said as we walked out of the woods. “We haven’t eaten in a while. Do you have any you could share?”

Mike began to say no, but then he noticed the nods between the two uninvited guests, and the pistols they drew from their waistbands. “Wrong answer; not very neighborly of you at all. We know down deep you really want to share this wonderful meal with us poor downtrodden folks.”

John looked quickly at his Dad. On occasion, Mike had acted overly aggressive, but these men had guns, and John wanted to make sure the “Ole Man” didn’t do anything stupid. What I saw one his face was a look of shock similar to that on the face of Mother, the girls, and probably me.

“You folks go sit on the ground by the car.” Homer directed.

The family did as directed, but John watched the intruder’s eyes and head turn to follow the movement of girl’s asses. A mental alarm sounded in John’s mind; the men wanted some pussy, and he knew it. Unfortunately, there was no way to do anything about it right now.

“Festus, you see the asses on those girls? I sure would like some of that. How about you?

“Looks good, but to tell you honest I’m more interested in the boy. You know how it is after a couple of years in jail. Besides, we can’t do anything here.” “What about that cabin we saw earlier this morning?” They looked at each other, grinned like Cheshire cats, and nodded to signify their agreement to an unspoken plan.

Meanwhile back at the car Millie whispered to her twin; “Mary, I can’t hear them, but I know by those looks they’re talking about fucking us. When was the last time you got any? I don’t know about you, but I’m horny, and they’re the only two eligible cocks here. Are you game to take them on?”

“I don’t know. They’re not very clean. Maybe if they showered first. But, I agree, the one called Festus isn’t bad looking.”

Tammy chipped into the conversation; “I can’t believe you two. They’re pointing guns at us, and your talking about fuckin um! Why don’t you just stand up, pull down your shorts, and say come and get it.”

“Not a bad idea little sister, but with Mom and Dad here we have to use a bit more subtleness.”

The men ate their fill then told the family to eat what remained, clean up the mess, and repack the car. At no time was there any mention of what was to happen afterwards, but several plans, by different groups were in development; one of the men wanted the girls, one of men wanted the son, the girls wanted the men, the parents were looking for an escape, but they were also interested in one of the daughters, and the son wanted his youngest sister. What a tangled wed was in development.

With a gun pointed at Millie, Homer directed Mike; “Drive that way. I’ll tell you where to turn. No funny business.”

The car full of people proceeded down the shaded lane then turned onto a dirt road. They followed the road as it shrank smaller and smaller until it was nothing more than a path; a path that led up to a very large and rustic cabin with a tin roof. Everyone exited the Suburban and moved inside just as a huge flash of lightening and a loud clap of thunder rolled across the valley. They all stood on the porch and watched as a heavy wave of rain approached and began to beat on the roof. The rhythmic beat of the raindrops was loud, and at the same time sensuous.

“Alright folks” Homer directed while pointing his 9mm pistol at them, “get inside. Everybody strip then sit against that wall.” Mike thought to protest, but seeing the pistol, he changed his mind and sat calmly with the others. Not exactly calm for him or anyone, but the men were much more visible. Mike was seeing tits and pussies he had never seen; fuck the fact that it was his daughter the girls had great bodies. Their tit stood high and proud on their chests, and all their pussy hair was at least partially shaved. In short they were gorgeous, and the men each sprouted a hard-on. Shortly after they sat down Festus entered through the back door carrying rope that he used to tie everyone’s hands and feet.

Mike, totally naked, spoke with what he thought was confidence, but underneath his bravado it was easy to detect a layer of fear; “Why are you tying us up? We’ve done everything you asked. When are you going to let us go?”

Homer responded; “Listen Pop, the game has changed. Remember you didn’t want to share your food, so we took it. Now were going to do the same with your kids, and maybe your wife too. If you’re smart you’ll sit there and keep your mouth shut.” Then looking at Millie he said; “You’re a hot little number, fancy a fuck?”

Millie, with a coquettish look, and much to the surprise of everyone except Mary and Tammy answered; “Only if you think your man enough to satisfy me. I like a man with a big cock, long endurance who will pound my cunt hard. You man enough for that?” Reaction around the room was mixed. Homer’s masculine pride was affronted, Festus was amused, the parents, particularly Joni were shocked, and the hard-on sprouting from John’s crotch got harder at the provocative challenged laid down by his sister.

Homer untied Millie and led her toward the bedroom. “Are you afraid to perform in public? Don’t think you can meet my standards?” Homer bristled at her words. “I’ll fuck you till you beg for mercy. Right now were getting the mattress.” With Festus’ help they drug the thick feather mattress into the main room where everyone could see. Millie flopped onto her back and said; “Okay big boy, come and show me what a good fuck you are.” She looked at the shocked look on her mother’s face. “Mother, stop pretending you’re so shocked. We both know it’s just an act you put on for Daddy. I know you like a thick cock, or at least you like it when I use my dildoe to fuck you.”

Joni’s mouth dropped in true shock; shock that her trusted daughter would reveal the secret of their relationship. “Mom, I didn’t plan this, but don’t you think it’s a great time to stop hiding?” The gauntlet was thrown down, and Joni was faced with a choice to deny her daughter, or embrace the moment. She elected the latter course of action.

“Mike, what she says is true. Millie and I have shared sex, in one form or another, since she was very young. I didn’t do it as a slap at you, but rather to fill a need in me that you couldn’t reach. You’re a wonderful lover, but not nearly often enough for me.”

“Joni, Let me see if I understand this, you’re telling me, you’re telling all of us, that you seduced Millie to have depraved sex with you, her Mother? That’s sick!”

“You’re right, but you know what else; it feels very good.”

As the exchange of words between Mike and Joni continued, Homer undressed to reveal a throbbing cock of itty-bitty proportions. It was maybe five inches long and three-quarters of an inch in diameter. When Millie saw what Homer had to offer she burst into laughter. “You better be very good if you expect to satisfy me with that.”

“Small I may be, but no woman has ever said I didn’t satisfy her.” Homer then fell onto the bed beside Millie and began the process to arouse them both to the highest level. He stroked her skin from neck to ankle, constantly moving with a light, but stimulating touch. Homer caressed Millie’s body, and everywhere he touched a sensual flame seemed to erupt. At last he focused on her breasts and nipples. With feathery circles he maneuvered his fingers on her tits, and with suddenness not experienced before, he pinched hard on her nipples and twisted the ends. A cataclysmic surge of pleasure forced her hips up and away from the mattress, and she writhed in the grip of his embrace.

Homer continued to hold her nipples, but not as tight, and with the lessened pressure Millie descended to a lower level of arousal; but not for long. A magician with his fingers, Homer, caressed Millie’s lower set of lips. The moisture emanating from her hole was already considerable, but as his fingers rubbed the outside and inside of her nether lips, and also stroked her from clit to anus she again mounted for the ride to Fuck Mountain. Higher and higher she was driven by his caresses to her pleasure spots, but she simply exploded into an array of magnificent colors when he clasped her clit with his teeth. She had never felt anything so intensely pleasurable in her life.

He nibbled and licked his way around her cunt, and all the while her juices dripped past her asshole to collect on the bed. “I have just the place for my little dick. You’ll love it.” Homer rolled her over, and without any preparation he rammed his tiny cock into her ass. His size and her juices meant there was no pain. All she felt was pleasure as he came up to tempo and pounded her ass into submission. Millie screamed first with pleasure, and then for him to stop because of too much pleasure.

“I take all my insinuations and snide comments back. You are a superior fuck; one of the best I have ever experienced.”

“Come on little girl. I haven’t cum yet. You do want me to cum don’t you?”

“Just slide that beautiful cock of yours right here into my hot snatch. I’ll fuck you ten ways to Sunday.”

As Homer and Millie completed their dance of love, Millie’s family watched in awe. Mike and John were extremely hard, and in desperate need of relief. The women’s arousal was not as visible unless they moved to expose the puddle of cunt drippings beneath their asses. Festus also watched, but he had a different interest; he watched Mike and John trying to decide in whose ass he was going to place his cock. At last he made his choice.

“Youngster, you’re the lucky one. Do you want it dry, or do you want to have one of these women get your ass good and wet before I push my prick inside you?” John was as scared as he had ever been in his life. The dirty man standing in the kitchen was actually going to fuck him in the ass. It was a frightening concept, but he did say one of the women could get him wet.

With his bravest bravado he replied; “I want it wet, and I want Tammy to do the wetting.” He looked at his sister and saw the excitement in her eyes. John thought they shared the same desires, but until this moment he was not fully cognizant of how much she wanted him.

When John said my name I thought my heart would flutter away. For as long as I could remember I had loved John in a non-sisterly way. When I reached puberty, and discovered masturbation, it was him that I dreamed about. It was John whom I wanted to relieve me of my virginity; all of my virginities. As yet no male had entered any of my holes with his cock. Fingers were another story, but no cocks had entered my body; that was reserved for John if there was anyway I could make it happen.

Festus, a strong muscular man, lifted and drug John to the mattress next to Millie. There he positioned him face down on his knees, and with his butt pointing to the ceiling. He then untied Tammy and said; “From the look in your eyes you want him more than I do. Tell you what, you go get him hot and wet for me, then when I’m through you can have him.” Tammy was tempted to hug Festus, but instead she ran to John and immediately, and in a very unsisterly way, placed her mouth on his ass. She used her tongue to probe his anal opening, and constantly forced saliva and mucous around the brown crinkly outside, and past the orifice. Not satisfied with her oral activities, Tammy reached between John’s legs with both her hands and grasped his cock and balls. She poked, prodded, pulled, and rubbed the manly items, but not enough to take him anywhere near a climax; that was something she was saving for later. “That’s enough cutie. You got him hot, but lets see if he’s ready for a man now.” Festus pushed Tammy aside, but not away. “All I want is his ass, you can have everything else.” The man was naked, and it’s a good thing John wasn’t looking back to see what was about to enter his rectum. Festus had one of those “qualified for porn” cocks. It was at least ten inches long and a full two inches in diameter. It was a cock both the fucker and fuckee could be proud of. It was a cock that was going to cause John a great deal of pain as it slipped past his anal sphincter.

Festus pushed two fingers into John’s anus. Other than Tammy’s oral efforts there was no preparation and no consideration. John clinched his teeth as the fingers passed, and he continued to clinch them until Festus thought the opening was sufficiently stretched. Just as John was gaining confidence a third and then a fourth finger jammed into his asshole. John grunted hard at four fingers, but when the cock finally entered him he cried tears because of the pain. At first the pain was very intense, but it eased as his ass became more accustom to the length and girth invading his bowels.

Tammy loved John in a way that was not allowed, but now she saw an “acceptable” opportunity to partake of her illicit love. She moved in front of John, rolled onto her back, then wiggled underneath him to suck his dick into her mouth. From this position she was able to see Festus’ humongous cock reaming her beloved John’s ass. It also put positioned for John to eat her pussy; something no man had ever done. Tammy placed emphasis on the phrase no man, because more than a few females, including her sister Mary, and a few cousins had licked her clit. Cunt eating was something John liked to do under normal circumstances, but at the moment his entire focus was on the prick stroking in and out of his anus. At first, the pain was almost unbearable, but that was lessening and a new sensation was alive in his body. An emergent pleasure caused by two things; the large, throbbing donkey dong sliding past his ass lips to massage his prostate, and the mouth of his young sister as it applied pressure all along the shaft and head of his cock. As the pleasure increased, John lowered is head into Tammy’s clean-shaven cunt; the only totally shaved cunt among the women. Even though his own pleasure was on the rise, he gave to Tammy as good as he got from her and Festus. The pleasures rose, and rose, and rose, and just before he climaxed his bowels were flooded with hot semen from the end of Festus’ cock.

Tammy watched as the frequency of strokes by Festus increased, and she noted when he made that final push into an ejaculatory haze. What excited her most was when he pulled out and his drippings leaked from John’s ass onto her face. She had never thought shit-tinged things would excite her, but this did. The other thing that excited her was John, with the absence of Festus, could now focus on her. He could focus on eating her cunt with full abandon, and she could concentrate on devouring his throbbing cock and balls.

Their cums were very close to each other, and for both of them it was extremely intense; an intensity as much mental and physical. John shot wad after wad of creamy cum into his sister’s mouth and down her throat. At the same time Tammy’s body rejoiced at the work done by John’s mouth; she pumped her pelvis as if fucking the sky. When all was done they collapsed on to each other, and John used his last strength to turn them head to head.

John whispered into Tammy’s ear; “I love you Tammy. I love you, and not the way I should.”

“I know what your feeling. I’ve known for ages how you feel about me. I know what you feel, because I feel the same way. Right this moment I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I love you and want to be with you. We’ll worry about other things later.”

Homer spoke up; “That was nice of you Festus. You got the piece of ass you wanted, and you put those two incestuous siblings together. Don’t they look sweet? Look at the dad. His boner is so hard he could drive nails, and the mom and daughter are so horny they would gladly fuck and elephant. Should we leave them like that, or give them a break?”

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