tagInterracial LoveA Faithful Wife Ch. 02

A Faithful Wife Ch. 02


Notes to readers: Thanks for all the comments both positive and negative. As Abraham Lincoln said, "You can please some of the people some of the time, and fuck the rest," of course, I'm paraphrasing a bit.

Bottom Line: If you like stories of young/innocent/married damsels being seduced into doing naughty things, please read and enjoy. If you don't, just skip this whole series. If you do choose to read, please remember, these are all fictional fantasies of mine. I'm just sharing them with you for fun. I hope you like them, but I certainly understand if you don't. I know it's not at all realistic, but I'm just having fun - so try not to take it too seriously.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The next day at work, Tina met Jane as she came in the door. Tina was totally excited, which left Jane wondering what crazy new thing Mike had subjected her friend to that she would soon be hearing about, in every intimate detail, during the girls' break.

"Mike really liked you when he met you," she exclaimed.

"Oh really? I don't see how he could have even noticed that I was even here the way he was sucking face & groping you!" Jane laughingly answered.

"Sorry. It's not like I can help it," laughed Tina.

"Yeah, I could see how you were bravely resisting his advances for my benefit!"

"Ha, ha, you are just too funny! Listen hun, I did something, and I'm hoping you won't be mad at me about it."

"Let me guess, it has something to do with crazy sex?" laughed Jane.

"No, I'm serious," answered Tina.

"Well what is it?" asked Jane, beginning to be a bit concerned by her friends' seriousness.

"Well, you know that barbeque you guys are having?" asked Tina.


"I asked Mike if he would like to come to it".

"Oh, that's all?" asked Jane, feeling a bit relieved.

"Oh thank God. I was so worried you'd be mad about me asking him without checking with you first," breathed Tina.

"Don't be silly. Remember, you are supposed to bring a date. For you, that would be Mike, silly."

"Yeah, well he jokingly asked me if blacks were allowed," said Tina.

"Well, as long as he doesn't mind being the only one there. As far as I know, all of our friends, as well as their dates are as white as Wonder Bread! And, considering we'll be partying in the backyard, and maybe even hitting the pool, be sure to tell him to bring his trunks!" exclaimed Jane.

"Oh you evil little wench!" erupted Tina. "I know what you're up to. You're hoping to catch sight of his monstrosity!"

"ME?!?" laughed the young wife, trying to brush it off, and at the same time hoping her friend wouldn't be offended or angry her.

"That's OK baby, I understand. If I were still married to a little white guy, I'd be trying the same tactics!" she joked. "I could tell you were checking him out the other day," she continued.

"ME?!?" Repeated Jane again, not able to really think of anything better to say.

"Look, I understand you being a tad curious. What's more, you're welcome to look all you want! As long as there's no touching!" Tina smiled at Jane.

"No need to worry about me. Looking is about all I'm brave enough to do. I will have to let Jem know that we will be having another guest. He'll be thrilled."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jane felt like a school girl getting ready for the prom on the big day of the barbeque! Except, instead of donning a formal gown, she was putting on the sexiest clothes she owned, according to her husband Jem. Today she was feeling bold and flirtatious. Today she would wear the two-piece yellow bikini that totally accentuated her best feature – her tits. (Again, Jem's words).

Jane stood in front of the mirror, checking herself out in her hot bikini, as she curled her hair and brushed her teeth – the last finishing touches before the guests would arrive. As Jane prepared, she felt a wave of self-doubt overtake her.

"You don't think this is a bit too much do you Jem?" asked Jane, suddenly panicking as she stared at the ample cleavage staring back at her in the mirror.

Unlike any of her other suits, this bikini top held her breasts firmly, pushing them together and lifting them up. The result was an amazing showcasing of Jane's breasts.

Jem grinned wickedly. "You'll definitely be the talk of the office come Monday morning!"

"Maybe I should change into my one-piece?" asked Jane, doubtfully.

"That would be the sensible thing to do," conceded Jem. "Of course, it would also be the more BORING thing to do!"

Jane turned and punched him on the arm, as he laughed and tried to duck. Just then, she heard Tina's voice calling from the front, "Yooo-whooo-"

It was too late to back down now. The guests were starting to arrive!

Jane literally ran to the front door to greet her guests (noting with a bit of satisfaction her ample tits literally bouncing in her loose bikini top as she ran). She threw open the front door, and there were Tina and Mike.

Tina also had on a two-piece bikini, bright blue spandex that looked almost as hot as Jane's. She was tan, blonde, and looked five years younger than she normally did at work.

It was Mike, however, that drew her eyes like a magnet toward metal. Standing tall and chiseled in his red spandex suit, he looked like he came directly from some professional sporting event, with his intimidating height, bulging muscles, and tight, rock hard abs. Jane's eyes went up and down her guest quickly and nonchalantly as she ushered them in. His massive manhood looked as if it could burst through the thin suit's confines at any moment. He truly looked like he should be a male model in a swimsuit catalog. He looked damn sexy, and it was fairly obvious – he knew it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Hi!" called Tina to her friend, breaking her out of her spell as they stood in the living room and she stared at the couple without saying anything.

"Hey sweetie!" answered Jane, throwing her arms around her best friend and embracing her in a hug. She couldn't help thinking to herself that it felt somewhat odd hugging another girl when they were both in bikinis. She could feel her ample breasts mashing against her friends somewhat smaller yet extremely firm breasts. There was no doubt, she had her friend completely beat in this department, she thought with a touch of smugness.

Jane ushered her guests to the backyard where they had setup a beach volleyball net, there were lawn chairs set all about, a couple of kegs, as well as an open bar with all kinds of harder alcohol to be flowing the whole night long. Jem was busy at the grill cooking up the burgers already, and Mike strolled over and introduced himself.

"You must be Tina's famous new boyfriend that I keep hearing so much about," joked Jem.

"If it's good stuff you are hearing it's all true. If it's bad, it's all lies," countered Mike. And the small talk continued from there, centering around grilling, then turning to sports, and eventually moving to cars. Jem found Mike amiable enough, though his size was certainly intimidating. He didn't seem to be the type you would want to be on the wrong side of.

Many of the other guests began arriving at that very moment. It was the perfect night for a barbeque, and everyone who had been invited had made it. There were a dozen couples in all, not including Raquel who came without a date.

The alcohol started flowing immediately, with the majority of the party guests becoming moderately tipsy fairly early on as the music was turned up and the party started jumping a bit. Couples were scattered about here and there, drinking, dancing, talking, and singing.

Mike and Tina were definitely the center of attention wherever they wandered to. It seemed that like Jane, nobody seemed able to take their eyes off of Mike's ebony skin contrasted against his striking red suit. Guys and girls alike found their eyes glued to the fabric that scarcely seemed able to contain his obvious enormous manhood.

Soon the meat was cooked, and Jem set it on a picnic table along with all the other food items. The guests lined up to get their plates and grab burgers and hot dogs, potato salads, chips, etc. The whole spread was laid out, and the guests descended upon it like vultures, filling their plates, then finding their places to sit at the various patio furniture arranged for the event.

Tina, Raquel, and Jane shared a table, and their husbands all eventually joined them. The couples ate and made small-talk for the next half hour. As various couples finished eating, they continued to consume large quantities of alcohol and many went from tips to just plain drunk.

As the hot part of the day came to an end, as the sun passed over, and there were longer shadows on the backyard scene, many couples began to gather at the beach volleyball setup, and a small game began.

Tina's table finished, and joined the others. Two teams were made up, and a friendly game started up. Tina and Mike were on an opposite team of Jem, Jane, and Raquel.

As the game commenced, it became rather obvious that the team which Mike and Tina had gone to was considerably more athletic than Jane's team. In fact, Jane became painstakingly aware that her husband had absolutely NO skill at the game of volleyball whatsoever as each time a ball was hit to him, he would wildly smack the ball out of play, if he managed to make contact with it at all.

Pretty much the opposite could be said of both Tina and Mike. They both moved like seasoned athletes, returning anything their opponents managed to get over the net (which wasn't much). Jane's team was getting their asses handed to them, and as they became more & more drunk, it became more and more comical!

AS the game wore on it also became more and more evident that Mike was seriously checking Jane out in her yellow bikini. The bikini top definitely accentuated 'her best assets', as Jem liked to say. The young wife's large tits protruded very nicely from her petite frame, making them hard to miss. And evidently, Mike didn't miss them.

During one round, Jane found herself in the front row, standing directly in front of Mike. As her team was serving, and she was waiting for the serve, she rested by bending over and placing her hands on her knees – crouching, waiting for the serve. When she glanced up, she noticed Mike staring directly down at the young wife's ample cleavage. Without looking up at him, she glanced down and could see that she was presenting him with the best view possible – with only her hardening nipples hidden from view.

When her teammate served the ball, it went straight to Mike, who wasn't paying attention at all. The ball literally hit him right in the head.

This gave Tina a really good laugh. "No fair," she chided, "No fair distracting our players Jane!"

"Hey, I gotta do what I can when I can," laughed Jane. As she glanced back at Mike, she could see that his tight red Speedo trunks appeared to be getting a bit tighter. They were already straining to hold what was inside, and Jane wondered if he got a hardon if the whole thing might not tear away. She got an image in her mind of this huge black hard cock, tearing away cloth – like the Incredible Hulk. Suddenly the alcohol seemed to be getting to her, and she found herself getting giggly. She also found herself becoming extremely aroused.

Jane turned her back on Mike to watch her teammate fire up the next serve. As she turned, she bent down again, this time giving Mike a great view of how her tight bikini bottoms clung to her perfect ass. There was no doubt about it, Jane was probably the best looking lady at the party, and she seemed to capture and keep Mike's attention. All this attention the young wife found extremely flattering, and a more than just a little bit exciting.

The game came to an abrupt end when Mike went up to spike the ball, and Jem jumped up and abruptly blocked the spike – with his face! Before he knew what had happened, Jem found himself laying flat on his back, all sprawled out, and hearing strange sounds – that could only be strangers voices, all around him.

"I think his nose is bleeding," he heard his wife say.

"Oh my God Jem, are you OK?" asked Tina with true concern in her voice.

"Dude, I am so sorry," continued Mike.

Jem sat up. "No, I'm fine," he lied. "It barely touched me." He continued as he whipped the blood from his face and tried to hide it from the others.

His wife had run over to the table and grabbed a napkin. "Here you go Tiger," she said, handing him the tissue. "Maybe we should sit out the rest of this particular game!" Jane crouched down to her husband, holding a napkin to his nose which was still bleeding profusely, and began to apply pressure in an attempt to slow the bleeding.

Once again, she was presenting everyone – but most especially Mike, with a great cleavage view as she bent over her husband doing her best to administer First Aid to her husband.

Mike stood right in front of her, riveted to the view. She glanced up, noticing him staring, but pretending that she didn't notice and not making any move to conceal her self as the huge black man feasted his eyes on her.

"OH, but we were just about to mount a comeback," joked Jem, causing everyone to laugh.

"I don't think you'll be mounting much of anything," returned Tina as she winked at Raquel who was standing next to her attempting not to be too obvious as she kept stealing glances down at Mike's tight red trunks as he openly gaped at Jane's tits.

His cock was visibly growing inside his tight little trunks, and it was beginning to look like it might pop right out the top of the waistband if it grew anymore. If this happened, Raquel did not want to miss it, so she covertly positioned herself to get the best advantage on it she could without being too obvious! Of course, Mike knew exactly what she was doing. She wasn't the first little white girl to play this game with him, so he did her a favor, and simply pretended not to notice.

"I think we need to make up some new teams," said someone else from Jem & Jane's team. Everyone agreed, and the group attempted to make more even teams.

"You sure there's nothing I can do to help you," asked Mike, as he continued to openly stare directly at the young wife's nearly naked breasts.

"NO, I think I have this under control. But thanks for offering," the young wife smiled innocently up at him. "I think your team needs you anyway." Jane beckoned to the new game that was about to begin. "Aren't you going to join them?" she asked, doing her best to tear her eyes away from his straining bulge.

"Can't let my teammates down! Sorry again little man! You sure you're ok?" laughed Mike, reluctantly taking his eyes away from Jane and running back to the sand volleyball game.

"ME? Oh yeah, I'm fine. You go ahead and go back and have fun while the sunshine lasts," answered Jem, feeling a bit emasculated.

Jane helped her husband over to a nearby picnic table where they were they decided to sit out the remaining volleyball games. Even though it was exciting teasing Mike, it was also a relief getting away from the volleyball game.

"Jane you look positively amazing today," complimented Jem.

"Why thank you good sir. You do know that flattery will get you everywhere," teased Jane in her best English school girl accent.

"I don't think your hot outfit's lost on our guests either," continued Jem.

"Huh?" asked Jane.

"Mike is having a hard time tearing his eyes off those amazing tits of yours!"

"Oh come on Jem. You have a pretty active imagination! I haven't seen him looking at me. Besides, Tina will keep him in line!"

"Me thinks the lady doth protest too much," answered Jem, taking up the English accent where his wife had left off with it.

They both laughed, continuing to watch the game.

"I don't think Tina has too overly much control over WHAT he does or doesn't do," said Jem as they both watched Mike staring at Raquel's ass, which was conveniently bent over directly in front of him as they all awaited their own team to serve.

"That Raquel, what a tease," noticed Jane.

"Oh and you have SO much room to talk," kidded Jem.

Jane reached over & smacked her husband on the back of the head. "You better watch it Mister! I can make that nose bleed all over again," she answered.

"Husband abuse!" laughed Jem.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The sun starting setting, and it was fast becoming too dark for the volleyball contests to continue. As the game had gone on, everyone continued to drink, so pretty much no one was feeling any pain as the games wore to a completion.

Everyone was singing, laughing, and talking a bit louder than necessary. They were also all pretty hot & sweaty from playing, so when one person dared another to jump in the pool, it didn't take long for nearly everyone to jump in.

Jane continued sitting with Jem, the young couple enjoying watching their guests having such a great time. Pretty soon Tina and Mike came over and sat down with them. Mike sat directly next to Jane on the picnic table, and Tina sat next to Jem.

"You guys having a good time?" Jane asked Tina.

"You bet! Thank you guys so much for asking us!" answered Tina.

"I hope I didn't hurt you, did I?" Mike asked Jem.

"Oh no, I'm totally fine-"replied Jem. And the conversation between the men continued on. However, Jane felt herself very distracted. As she tried to carry on a civilized conversation with her friend, she found herself having the strongest urge to glance down at the straining fibers of the red trunks containing Mike's crotch. She had to force her eyes to remain instead on his handsome face.

Sitting close to him, she found that he had typical negro features: flat nose, somewhat large lips that fit his face perfectly. He stood approximately 6'4" tall, so he pretty much towered over Jane and Jem as if he were a giant in the land of munchkins!

He also wore very short hair, almost a buzz. His abs were tight and hard looking, and Jane couldn't believe the overwhelming urge she had to see the man's penis! This urge was so unlike her. It was completely contradictory to her personality. She had a hard time understanding it. It must be due to all that talking and bragging Tina had been doing, she rationalized to herself. All that personal talk and explicit description must be taking its toll on her. Her curiosity had been awakened, fed, flamed, and was now completely peaked-as was her arousal!

Jane knew that her love for Jem was eternal and non-ending. It wasn't like she wanted to have sex with Mike – she just wanted to see what his cock looked like. She wanted to see if all this fuss Tina was making about it was really warranted. She would give anything to see the man's cock – completely hard! Standing at full mast, in all its glory!

"Are you even listening to me?!?" demanded Tina, after she had repeated the same question to her friend for the third time.

Jane snapped out of her daydream and blushed as she, and the entire table, realized she had been staring directly at Mike as she fantasized about his cock! Mike just smiled a knowing smile and continued his conversation with Jem.

"I'm sorry Tina, I'm kinda spacey today," confided Jane.

"Uh-huh. I think I understand why," she smiled.

"Hey Mike, can you help me move that grill back into the garage?" asked Jem.

"Sure, no problem," answered Mike, as the two men got up, excusing themselves.

As soon as they were alone, Tina asked, "So, what do you think?"

"About what?" asked Jane, teasing her.

"About what?!? Come on, you know very well! What do you think about Mike? You must be somewhat impressed with him, you've been staring at him all evening!" exclaimed Tina.

"Oh I have not, you little brat!" laughed Jane. "But he is amazing. He's a very handsome man."

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