A Family Affair


As she tried to explain herself, I watched how alive and vibrant she became. Her large breast were heaving with each deep breath, and her nipples, obviously growing hard and erect.

She continued. "Inga phoned me a few days later and I met her at a hotel. We did things I could never imagine. And it just went on from there. Once a week, sometimes twice. I just couldn't resist her...I craved the pleasure honey. I needed it. I still do. Are you going to tell your father about this?"

"Are you going to stop?" I asked. "If you're going to stop seeing her, there's no reason for dad to know."

"I can't promise that," she said. "I need her. I need something."

"Do you love this woman?" I asked. "Do you love her like you loved dad?"

"No, oh no...it's not about love honey. It's all about the sex. I love the sex...and believe it or not, I think it's the perversion that's most alluring. Just thinking about doing something abnormal arouses me. I know how wicked and despicable that sounds...how sick. I'm surprised I can even admit it to you."

"The perversion turns you on!" I said in disgust. "Do you know how depraved you sound? I guess if I asked you to masturbate right here, in front of me, you'd do it, huh? That would arouse you because it's...it's perverted."

I thought she would, at the very least, humor me and say that was to degrading to contemplate. She didn't. She murmured something I didn't understand.

"What was that mom," I spat out at her. "I didn't hear you."

"I said yessss."

At that moment I knew our conversation had taken on a new meaning. We weren't talking about her cheating on dad any more. We were talking about some sort of deep rooted corruption...a demented behaviour that had to be possessing her.

I thought back to the last time I had sex. Two months ago...a boy at college. It was only the third time in my life. I remember it not being very meaningful...in fact it was downright boring. I got nothing from it. Now, while having a complicated conversation with my own mother, I was becoming so sexually stimulated it frightened me!

I fidgeted in my chair, my panties becoming damp and sticky. This mother-daughter conversation was sick and knew it. Either my body didn't agree or I was quickly becoming as depraved as her. My dad's suffering, at the moment, seemed unimportant.

"Was Inga supposed to come here today Mom? Is that why you called her? To let her know not to come?"

"Yes," she whispered. "She was supposed to be here by noon."

"Well, don't let me interfere any more. It's your life. I shouldn't have further complicated it for you. If you want, call her back...tell her to come on over."

"I don't understand honey. You want me to..."

"Yes, call her. I shouldn't be interfering with your life. This is between you and dad and I should have stayed out of it. You do what you want. And if dad's not holding up his end...well, what the hell. I guess that's his problem."

"I'm so glad you're so understanding honey. I'm sorry it seems so ugly to you. Just please don't think less of me."

"Just call her before I change my mind," I exclaimed. "Go ahead, call her."

She quickly went back to the phone. I wasn't sure why or how I came to this conclusion. I did know I wanted to meet Inga. Curiosity I guess.

I thought of my life's ambitions, and the eventuality of marriage, kids, and the white picket fence. What an illusion. This was the real world. A forty two year old father who couldn't fuck any more...and a mother who was a pussy licking slut.

And me, sitting in my parents living room willing to meet my mother's lover just because I happened to be curious. I had an overpowering urge to run upstairs and masturbate. I had no idea why. I knew that after I met mom's new friend, I was going to excuse myself, change into my jogging clothes and run till I dropped.

As mom and I waited for Inga to arrive, we talked, and our conversation was unlike any we ever had before. It was not a typical mother/daughter conversation...

"What's wrong with dad?" I asked. "I know he still loves you...does he have a medical problem?"

"I don't know," mom responded. "If it is medical he's never mentioned it to me. Maybe he can't get it up any more. I don't know. For awhile I even thought he was cheating on me!"

"Do you remember, mom, my Junior and Senior year in high school. Remember when my dates would come by the house and pick me up."

"Yes, I remember," she sighed. "There was some good looking boys hanging around here then. Bobby Flowers...remember Bobby. He was a dreamboat. I was so proud of you, the way you seemed to attract the most handsome boys."

"Well, you'll like this," I said. "Every one of those boys couldn't get over how sexy and beautiful you were. They would have just as soon been dating you as me. They all had the hots for you."

"Really," she said. "Well, that wasn't that long ago. I wonder if they'd still be interested." She giggled nervously.

Inga finally arrived. I was sitting on the sofa in the living room when mom opened the door and invited her in. I was surprised how stunning she was...beautiful. There was a sexy dominance about her...confidence. Your thoughts immediately became sexual when you were in her presence.

"Inga, this is my daughter Bethany. Bethany, Inga, my tennis instructor."

"What is she doing here?" Inga demanded to know. "I thought she was supposed to be gone by the time I arrived."

"No Inga, my mom explained. "It's alright. She knows about us. It's not a problem. "

"What does she know," Inga stated. "That you like to lick my pussy...and I let you!"

"I couldn't believe my ears. Inga was a real bitch. Mom noticed I wasn't very impressed by Inga's demeanor.

"It's alright Bethany. Inga is just a little upset. Don't worry about it, okay."

"Well, let's see if your ready for me," Inga said to my mother. "You'd better be."

She approached my mother. Slowly and deliberately, she slipped her hand under mom's skirt, running her hand right up between her thighs. She was checking her panties right in front of me!

"My my, you are wet aren't you Jesse. Were you fooling around before I arrived? Have you been messing around with your own daughter? Does your little girl turn you on?"

I jumped to my feet. "Who the hell do you think you are?" I said sternly. "You better show some respect in this house. If you can't, you can leave. Is that understood?"

She never blinked. "Listen to her, Jesse," she said with mock surprise. "Your daughter talking about respect. Why don't we show her what respect is all about. Want to? Sure you do. Get on your knees," she demanded of my mother. "Get on your knees...right here."

"Please Inga," mom pleaded. "Let's go upstairs. We shouldn't do this down here. Pleaseeee..."

My mother tried to take her by the hand and lead her up to the bedroom. Inga pulled her hand away.

"On your knees you goddamn bitch. NOW!"

My mother glanced at me as if to say she was sorry. She immediately did as she was told. Inga slowly lifted the hem of her own skirt and nudged her large mound up against my mother's mouth. I could see my mother's tongue flicking out, licking. I wanted to run this terrible woman right out of our house! But...but I was frozen...my eyes glued to my submissive mother as her body trembled in anticipation. She was going to lick this woman's pussy right in front of me!

I fell back onto the sofa...my eyes riveted to the scene in front of me...dealing with my own anticipation. I had a ring side seat to the most perverted act I could ever imagine...

Inga draped the hem of her skirt over my mother's head. She stood there, legs spread, my mother's head hidden from view. It was obvious my mother was servicing her, down on her knees between the tall blonde's legs.

I was startled when Inga spoke: "So, you're a college girl, huh. What do you think college girl...what's it like to find out your own mother is a cunt licking slut?"

I didn't answer. I stared at her beautiful face, her full soft lips, her long pink tongue licking her soft lips suggestively...and all for my benefit!

"Have you ever been with another girl Bethany? Ever licked another girls cunt...have her cum in your mouth?"

"No," I whispered like a little girl.

In total control she boldly spoke; "That's what your mother wants me to do, you know. Cum in her mouth. She loves my cum. Sometimes she licks me till I'm sore...so sore, my cunt swells. You noticed my huge mound didn't you. Well, when it swells, I love to put on a pair of tight jeans and show it off. Especially at the club. It almost looks like I have a large cock. I strut around the club driving the men crazy...and the women, god the women...they adore me."

She stopped for a moment to admonish my mother: "Lick faster you fucking cunt." She continued talking to me. "Some of the women are envious, others follow me to the ladies room wanting to clean me after I take a piss. Those soft tongues are better than toilet tissue any day..." She smiled at me.

I couldn't remember to breath...I inhaled, gasping for air... I could hear my mother moaning...Inga slowly humping her hips against the hidden face beneath her skirt.

"You know Bethany...I do have another hole that could use some attention. Are you interested? I played two sets of tennis this morning. God only knows what you might find back there. That long dark crack has secrets yet discovered, if you know what I mean. Especially after a long sweaty work-out."

I must have had a shortage of oxygen to my brain. What was she suggesting...Oh my god! She was offering to let me lick her ass!

I jumped from the sofa and ran into the kitchen. I was completely sickened by her suggestion. But I didn't run because I was sickened...I ran...I ran because of the temptation! My right hand pawed at my pussy. For the first time in my young life, I needed to have an orgasm. This wasn't casual sex...this was all consuming...

Even in my aroused state, my better judgement told me to stay in the kitchen. But, there I was, walking back into the living room. Slowly, so slowly, I found myself standing in her presence again. Close enough to smell her perfume, her sex.

I stood there like a guilty schoolgirl, staring down at the floor. That's when I realized I still had my hand up under my skirt between my legs.

"I'm so close," Inga whispered. "Your mother is becoming a very good cunt licker. Are you here to help your mother baby...Are you here to make it better for Inga? Go ahead little girl...my ass is so sweet..."

I knelt down behind her. I hesitated. She reached behind her, lifting the hem of her skirt, exposing her firm, round ass...The white string of her thong, starting at her waist, disappeared down into the cavernous crack.

She spread her cheeks, just for me. I buried my face, my tongue slithering out between my lips in search of the source of the musky odor...the odor that was further inflaming my already weeping pussy.

I could hear my mother's slurping, her tongue buried in Inga's cunt. My tongue licked up her salty sweat, pieces of lint as well as a hint of feces. Finding her brown button hole, I stiffened my tongue, a sudden obsession to enter her from behind.

The movement of Inga's hips increased. "That's it, college girl...that's it...lick my ass you sick bitch...you like it don't you, you shit eating cunt...oohhhhh...yes, that's it...yesssssssss"

Each movement of her body drove my tongue deeper...the aroma changed, the taste becoming more bitter. My own fingers were pawing at my cunt, stroking for relief. It felt so degrading to lick another females asshole...and that was the mystery...the degradation fanned the flames of lust burning in me. I thought it possible to die of shame...but my body was awash in so much pleasure...shameful pleasure...I knew an orgasm of all orgasms was coming...I could feel a growing explosion between my thighs...

Inga came...Her scream was undeniable pleasure...her body rocked from her intense orgasm, and I could hear my mother's gulping as she sucked the tepid cream from Inga's body, swallowing it down into her gurgling throat.

"ARRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG," I screamed out in unison with Inga. My pussy cream spilled out on the carpet,,,I couldn't control it...my orgasm so intense the juice spewed from me. I wrapped my arms around Inga's leg, holding onto her till my trembling subsided...the reality of my asshole worshipping burning in my brain.

And then the loudest scream of all. Between Inga's legs I could see my mother, falling back on her haunches, her hand buried in her cunt up past her thumb. She was in full throes of cumming...a gravy like substance shooting out of her like lava...her body convulsing uncontrollably. Suddenly she fell backwards, passing out from an excess of intense, tantalizing pleasure...

Thursday night, after dinner, dad once again requested my presence in his dog walking duties. If Pepper could talk, our family would surely be the focal point of the neighborhood. He had overheard every one of our conversations.

We were barely out of the house when he pulled from his pocket a bottle of Viagra pills. "Okay, I got them. Now it's your turn...who is he?"

"Have you taken one yet?" I asked.

"Yes. In fact I've taken two of them. Nothing."

"Nothing?. Surely something must have happened."

"I'm telling you Punkin...nothing. They don't work for me. But the real point is, I filled the prescription. You promised to tell me what I wanted to know. Now who is it? I've kept my part of the deal."

Well, he had me there. Unfortunately it wasn't turning out like I thought it would. I really thought the pills would work, he and mom would get together and everything would be alright again. I wasn't naive enough to think everything would be back to normal, but maybe the abnormal would be behind us.

We were approaching a park bench. I sat down. "Okay, sit here," I said, "and I'll tell you. Promise you won't yell or get all crazy?"

"Okay," he said. I could see the anxiety in his eyes.

"Do you know the tennis pro at the club?" I asked.

"You mean to tell me she's been having an affair with that fucking mexican?" his voice rising. "I'll kick his goddamn ass from here to..."

"Not him dad. The other tennis pro."

"What other tennis pro?" he asked, perplexed. "He's the only pro there."

"No, he's not. Think about it for a minute dad. It'll come to you."

"Goddamnit," he said, the frustration with my little game beginning to show. "There isn't any other tennis pro, other than that blonde bitch, the one that gives lessons to some of the wives. But...but I don't recall any other...wait a minute. Are you saying...my god, you are aren't you. You mean to tell me...your mother...and...and Inga?"

I watched his facial expressions as he tried to absorb this titillating information. He rolled his eyes, ran his fingers thru his hair, then glared at me in disbelief.

"At least it's not another man," I offered up with a consoling air.

Suddenly his eyes averted from me down to his crotch. My eyes, following his, were greeted with a bulge that was obvious. He was getting a hard-on!

He glanced back up at me, catching me staring. I quickly looked away, embarrassed at being caught looking at his private parts.

"Looks like those pills are beginning to work," he said as he leaned back on the bench, closing his eyes. "And just when I find out my wife is a goddamn lesbian slut. How's that for irony."

I didn't know what to say. It was certainly a curiosity; why would those pills suddenly have an effect now? I wondered if the image of mom with another woman triggered it.

As he sat there, eyes closed and deep in his own thoughts, I quickly took advantage by giving his crotch another look. I was in awe. If I thought the bulge was large before, it was now ungodly huge!

My god, I thought to myself. Was if possible for a man to have a cock that large? I wasn't very knowledgable about the sizes of men's penises, but I recognized unusual...abnormal. I was even more amazed that mom could ever accommodate such a monstrous thing. Who would want to fuck something like that!

"I finally broke the silence. "What are you going to do now, dad?" I was still staring at his bulge.

"I don't have any idea," he said. "Jesus, can you imagine your mom and that...that beautiful woman together...kissing...naked..."

I certainly couldn't tell him that I had a ring side seat at one of their sexcapades. I was feeling bad for him. He had an erection for the first time in over a year and he had no where to put it!

"Let's go home dad. C'mon." I had this sense of urgency...if he could keep it up till we got home, he and mom... maybe...I could only hope.

As he stood up he seemed ambivalent about his condition...sorry he couldn't hide it, glad that he could finally get it up. As we walked up the darkened street I continually glanced down at it. I couldn't help it. And it hadn't decreased a bit!

As we approached the back of the house I could see mom standing on the back porch. She was talking to someone. It was Inga!

It was all I could do to hold in my anger. She had every day to meet with her lover...why the hell would she tempt fate and meet in the evening when dad was at home. She knew we could return from walking the dog at any time. It was like she didn't care.

I stopped, quickly stooping down behind a large bush. Dad followed me, apparently sensing something was wrong.

"Is that mom..and Inga?" he asked incredulously. "What the hell are they doing?"

"I don't know," I whispered, "but let's wait till she leaves. There isn't any reason to have a scene and embarrass everyone." The everyone I was thinking of was me.

As we crouched in the darkness, my anger increased. All I could think of was the valuable time being wasted...dad losing his erection and having to begin the process all over again. And that was assuming there would ever be a second chance.

We could hear them talking but couldn't make out what they were saying. When the talking stopped, they began kissing! Plain as day, aided by the light thru the kitchen window, we could see Inga's hands under mom's dress, fingering her. You could make out mom's undulating hips as that blonde bitch finger fucked her right there on the back porch!

Dad was pressing against me from behind, his rapid breathing indicated one thing to me; he was turned on by mom and Inga's blatant display. I could feel his huge cock pressing against my buttocks as he leaned forward to get a better look. I wanted to believe he was unaware he was touching me so inappropriately, but, not leaving anything to chance, I quietly whispered to him to back off of me.

"Oh christ, Bethany," he muttered as he pressed even more firmly.

"Please...don't...get off of me dad," I repeated, barely above a whisper.

I was relieved when he moved back...until I heard him zipping down his pants. I suddenly had this disturbing vision of my own dad masturbating in front of me! Didn't he realize how offensive, not to mention how disrespectful that would be!

Surprisingly, it still didn't stop me from trying to turn my head and look. That's when it happened...his body weight on my back physically forcing me to my knees.

When I felt the cool night air on my ass cheeks I really became frightened. He had pushed my skirt up above my waist, exposing me, his own daughter, for his own pleasure. Even after all this, I still didn't expect him to try to fuck me.

Try as I might, I was no match in removing him from atop of me. His large hands held me by my shoulders, pinning me in a vulnerable position. When his cock's bulbous head touched the lips of my pussy. I began to cry.

"Shut the fuck up," he growled in my ear. "Gotta fuck somebody...gotta fuck...hold still goddamn it...hold still."

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