A Family Affair


With one swift thrust he was in me. The pain was so acute, the octave of my scream must have been so high pitched only a dog could hear...the only one responding was Pepper! And he was licking my face!

It was such a relief when he withdrew. I really thought he finally had come to his senses.

"Oh god," I moaned. "Thank god."

That's when he entered me again...deeper, furiously. The physical pain wasn't near as excruciating as the loss of respect for my life long hero...and the mutual respect I thought we shared. As he rammed his huge cock up into me, I made a decision not to fight and scream. I would let him have his way with me...let him deal with his own shame when it was over.

"Oh god, baby," he hissed in my ear. So tight, so fucking tight...young, sweet pussy...daddy's sweet little girl. Fuck daddy punkin... Goddamnit, you little cunt, fuck your daddy."

His grunting and moaning was obscene. The very thought of him doing this sickened me. I hated him!

Then it happened. He buried it. It was so far up in me I thought it must surely be in my stomach! But wherever it was, god forgive me, it ignited something in me that was both sick and exciting.

My nipples felt like they were on fire...I wanted to rip off my bra...bite them, pinch, twist them. And my hips...I tried, I tried stopping their hunger for his every thrust...and my thighs becoming a gaping welcome as if they had a mind of their own. For the first time in my life, fucking wasn't a bore any more.

We grunted in unison, like the sexual pig he was, and I was becoming. I found myself babbling, babbling like a school girl when a teacher left her class alone..

"Oh god daddy...so big, so fucking big. Fuck me...goddamn, fuck me...sweet jesus...deeper daddy, deeeperrrr..."

I was half out of my mind with lust...A meaty cock in me up to my womb...daddy's cock...sick sick...daddy's cock...

"I'm going to fuck your brains out you little cunt," he hissed in my ear. "Daddy's going to fuck you till...god, such a nice ass. You like it don't you baby...just like your mother, fucking cunt...fill you up you little bitch...want me to fuck you up the ass too, punkin. Oh god, I bet you have a nice tight asshole...just like your mothers...huh...am I right baby girl..."

His grunting became more pronounced...rapid...gasping. He was going to cum in me! I felt bloated...I wanted to piss, shit...I wanted to explode...to empty myself...

"Oh shit...something's happening to me daddy...something...Oh god, I'm going to cum daddddy...ohhhh fuck meeeee... ARRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH"

I could feel the veins in his cock throbbing, and with each throb a torrent of cream, warming to my womb...

Thru glassy eyes I peered thru the dark at mom and Inga's lewd display, I watched as mom thrust her hips in abandonment, Inga's finger fucking was clearly bringing her close to an orgasm. And I began to cum again! I was consumed with pleasure... a pleasure so exquisite I ached to milk it to its final quiver...massage it to a greasy bliss...

Dad's strokes were still long and hard, and he was clearly enjoying his debut back into the world of sex. And the sick part of it was...was the most exciting part of it all!

Thru the still of the night I heard my mom moan as she cum, and the voice of Inga calling her a slut bitch...ordering her to lick her fingers clean of her own slimy cream.

Dad's lungs sucked for air. His throbbing cock, buried in my tight cunt, was about to explode again. Flooding his own daughter's womb twice; it must have felt like his finest hour...

As for me...my leg's buckled from the sheer intensity of my orgasm. Daddy's strong arms held me up, his cock exploding in my cunt again and again. I was convinced experiencing sexual pleasure with your own father must be a terrible, terrible sin...an unforgivable, unforgiving sin.

Even after emptying his balls in me, dad's cock remained rock hard. Once he caught his breath, he tried to fuck me again. This time I managed to pull away, my conscience getting the better of me.

That's when he seemed to go crazy. He began running for the house, his cock still hanging out of his pants. Inga, spotting him, ran for her car as if in fear for her life. She quickly drove away.

Mom ran back into the house with dad right behind her. By the time I gathered up the dog and reached the back door, dad had mom on the kitchen floor, fucking her like a stallion in heat. Mom was on all fours, whimpering something unintelligible, but meeting each and every thrust of dad's huge cock.

This was not an image a daughter should ever have of her parents. I ran to my room and began packing my clothes. I wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible. I realized I may have lost normal forever, but I certainly didn't have to stay exposed to the the abnormal.

Once packed, I stripped and climbed into the shower. I had a lot of washing off...and serious thinking to do. Like where in the hell could I go at this time of night? And what was I going to use for money? It was too depressing to think about. Finishing my shower, I crawled into bed, promising myself I would pursue moving away from this home of depravity tomorrow.


In the morning my common sense prevailed. Without a substantial amount of money, I was trapped in this abusive, decadent situation until I could return to college in the fall.

Downstairs, the kitchen was empty. That, in itself, was very unusual. Dad was a big breakfast eater. I downed a quick bowl of cereal and left for work.

Arriving at my desk, I found a note requesting I report to Mrs Richard's office as soon as possible. I became apprehensive, thinking the worse. What would I do if they were to let me go?

I knocked before entering. She was on the phone but directed me to have a seat. Five nerve racking minutes later she finally got around to me.

"Listen, Bethany, I had a call today from some woman who wanted to give me some very interesting information. Do you know a woman by the name of Inga?"

I literally froze in my chair. For the longest moment I couldn't find my voice to speak. Stuttering, I finally answered; "Yes...uh...yes, I sort of know her. Why?"

"Well," Mrs Richards spoke slowly, "She claims that the day you phoned in sick you were actually...uh...not sick, at least not in a medical sense. She said I should ask you about your sex life. I tried to tell her this was none of my business."

She hesitated for a moment as if collecting her thoughts. At first glance, she appeared to be agitated. I realized, however, she wasn't angry, she was nervous.

She continued: "I realize everyone lies and calls in sick once in awhile. I've done it myself a time or two. But...and believe me when I say, I really don't care to delve into an employee's private affairs. Unfortunately, this woman insisted on filling me in on every sordid detail of your day of absence."

I was completely bewildered by all of this, not to mentioned totally embarrassed. I couldn't imagine why Inga would feel compelled to screw up my employment!

"I'm so sorry, Mrs Richards. I don't know this woman that well. She's sort of an acquaintance of my mother. I haven't any idea how she could possibly know anything about my day off. What exactly did she say?"

"Hmmm" Mrs Richards mused. "I don't feel comfortable repeating it. Suffice to say, If what she told me was true, you certainly must lead a very interesting life. Mind you, your sex life is your own business. However, someone calling me during business hours and vividly describing it to me, makes it mine."

"Yes ma'am," I mumbled.

"Can I ask you a question?" Mrs Richards whispered as if our conversation might be overheard.

"Uh...I guess," I whispered back.

"Is it possible that any part of what she described to me over the phone may be true?"

"And if I say yes...what then?" I asked hesitantly. "Will I be fired? Are you intending on firing me anyway?"

"Oh heavens no," she answered. "I was just curious. After all, I live in a pretty bland, narrow world where something like this could never occur."

I immediately recognized the look she was giving me. I could take it one of two ways: Flattering...or disgusting. A little bit of spice had been sprinkled into her mundane work day and she was intrigued by it. I was sure it was beyond her comprehension, that she could actually be talking to someone who dabbled in such depravity and perversion.

"Well, I don't know what this woman actually told you," I said in a calm and measured tone. "But, if she told you what I think she told you, probably all of it was true."

There it was! I knew it...the trembling hands, her fidgeting in her chair. Not to mention the flush, red tone of her face. Her excitement was so readable...I was sure her panties were soaking wet, and equally sure wet panties would be an uncommon occurrence for a lady in her position in life.

Her phone rang. As she answered it I made a hasty retreat from her office. As angry and upset as I was, our conversation appeared to solidify my employment for the remainder of the summer. She wasn't about to fire me now...she would want to know more later...to try to re-capture that moment, the moment I told her the truth...that moment she experienced that shameful sexual sensation she was unaccustomed to feeling, the pounding of her heart when she was first exposed to a forbidden fantasy, a fantasy she could never create on her own.

The first chance I got I called my mother. The phone rang at least ten times before she answered. She sounded like she just crawled out of bed.

She became extremely upset when I told her what had happened. She couldn't explain it...acted as if she was at a total loss as to why Inga would do something so cruel. I told her, in no uncertain terms, that she had better take care of it.

When I arrived home after work, no one was around. Going to my room, I heard voices coming from my parents bedroom. With my ear to the door, I could hear moaning. I assumed dad was picking up where he left off the previous night.

Suddenly I heard what sounded like Inga's voice inside the room. I became so angry I burst into the room without knocking. And I was right...it was Inga. But she wasn't with mother...she was with my dad!

The odor in the room almost nauseated me. Dad was on the bed on all fours, Inga behind him, fucking him up the ass with a large, thick black rubber cock. It was thoroughly disgusting. Dad, moaning in what can only be described as unmanly, was taking the huge rubber cock up the ass as he whacked himself off. They didn't even notice I had entered the room.

Backing out of the room, I proceeded down to hall to change. I had to get out of the house and jogging seemed to be the most logical way to vent my disgust.

Running thru the park I came across mom sitting on a bench. She had Pepper with her. Her face was drawn, the sadness in her eyes like I had never seen before. "I pulled up next to her and sat down.

"Hey, mom. What are you doing out here?"

"I had to get out of the house for awhile," she exclaimed. "I'm not sure what's happening, but I know it isn't healthy. I'm sorry for what happened to you last night. Your dad blabbed about it...It must have been awful for you. I'm so ashamed of him, of myself. Sometimes the pleasures of the flesh are exceeded by the sadness of the soul."

I was blown away. For a non-intellectual like my mother, that was an extremely insightful, profound statement. At least it was to a first year Psychology major like me.

I put my arms around her and held her for awhile. She didn't cry...not even a whimper. Just sitting, lost for a moment in her own little world of pain.

She gently pulled away from me and stood up. Taking me by my hand, she began leading me towards home.

"I have something for you," she declared proudly. "If I never do anything else in my life, this is something I want...I have to do."

We walked swiftly, as if on a mission. Little did I know that's exactly what it was for her.

Once inside the house, she led me to my father's den. She proceeded straight to a wall safe behind a large hanging print, a safe unused for years because my dad could never remember the combination. Apparently mother never revealed to him she knew what the combination was...giving her access to her own private hiding place.

Once opened, she pulled out a small metal case and a tan manila folder. Her eyes were blazing with purpose...it was almost scary!

She began speaking in a low, serious voice. "Your dad has been extremely fortunate since starting his law practive twenty years ago. He's made a lot of money, some of it questionable."

I had no idea where this was leading. She continued. "To your dad it was all about winning. He was never much of a money person. So long as he could buy what he wanted and live comfortably he never paid much attention to his finances."

"Mom, what the hell are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about the money, Bethany. The money."

She opened the metal box. It was stuffed with cash. She removed several bound bundles and place them in a cloth sack lying on the desk.

"This is fifty thousand cash," she said excitedly. "It's yours. No tax...don't report it. Put it in a safe deposit box at the bank where you have your checking account. Use it when you need it."

I stared at her in awe. I was in total shock. She opened the folder, removing and handing me a check. A cashiers check. A cashiers check made out to me. A cashiers check made out to me for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars!

"What the hell is this mom. A quarter of a million dollars. You can't give me a quarter of a million dollars. Plus the fifty thousand...that's like...uh like..."

"Like three hundred thousand dollars," she said with a big beaming smile. "I'm sorry, but you'll have to declare this as gift and pay taxes on it. I couldn't hide it all. But this is what I want you do. Listen carefully. I've made arrangements for you to meet with Jim Fuller. You remember Jim don't you, the guy that hated your father for screwing him on some deal. Jim always liked me though and you can trust him. He's a very smart Financial Planner. I've explained everything to him. He can make sure you pay the least amount of taxes. You'll have the money to pay for your college as well as live on for awhile. If you really watch your money, you might be able to live on it for...Oh hell, you do what you think best, okay."

"You hid this from dad all these years and now your giving it to me? Why? No, don't even tell me why. I can't take your money. It's yours."

"Don't you worry honey. I have more than enough for myself. This is for your start in life. I owe you that much. I know the bond between us is pretty shaky right now, maybe unrepairable. I'm sure your not holding your dad in such high esteem either. Your father and I have, well we've made our bed..."

At that moment I loved her more than anything...but she was right. What we had a month ago, what every child cherishes, the long standing bond of family, was gone. They would always be my parents but...

"Now take the bag, and the check, up to your room. You call in sick tomorrow and move out while your dad is at work, okay. When, and if you're ever ready to see us again, you call. I'm sorry for everything that has happened but you have to believe me, I really love you honey."

She gathered her things up and placed them back in the safe. Locking it, she quietly strode out of the room. She looked beautiful again.

A few minutes later I passed their bedroom door again. I could hear them inside. Inga, the bitch, was still there. I should have went straight to my room. As before though, I put my ear to the door.

I could hear Inga speaking to mom: "How's your asshole Jesse...ready for that big cock reaming again? Jack, get over here. Either you're going to fuck this cunt bitch or I am."

And then my father's voice...meek and submissive, saying; "Why can't both of us fuck her...you know, like before."

I vomited on the floor right outside their door.

I moved out the next day. Mom left a note on the kitchen table telling me to take her new SUV. She explained why...It had four times the cargo space as my little compact car. She even made a joke; She didn't want me looking like the "Grapes of Wrath" as I drove away in my little car, clothes hanging out of the windows. She even left the title in the glove compartment...It was signed over to me.

I really wanted to talk to her before I left. She was no where around...purposely I assumed. Not that it mattered now, but I was still curious as to why Inga had tried to make so much trouble for me at work.

And dad...how the hell did he get involved with Inga so quickly? I wanted to tell her I thought Inga was dangerous and to be careful.

I was still amazed that a family could practically disintegrate in such a short period of time. Mom's betrayal of dad...dad's betrayal of me. I couldn't forget how I was caught up in their ugliness. Especially when dad raped me. Viagra may have been the gun but dad pulled the trigger. He fucked me because he could...It was as simple as that in my mind. That I actually received such pleasure from it...That I became a willing participant...I may never comprehend. Maybe I was destined to be just like them.

My new SUV was nice. It felt safe and secure, completely unlike the little death trap I'd been driving. And mom was right...I could never have fitted all of my belongings in my little car.

I drove around trying to get used to my new vehicle. Pulling into a familiar haunt, Denny's, I purchased a local paper to scan apartments for rent. I certainly didn't want to take up a lot of time looking for something. I would be returning to school in a couple of months. And I didn't want to miss any more work. I now had money, thanks to mom, and didn't have to work. It was important to me though that I finish out the summer. After all, they were kind enough to employ me, I felt I should complete my obligation.

It suddenly dawned on me...I was traveling around with fifty thousand dollars cash! I quickly paid for my coffee and rushed to my bank. As mom had suggested, I rented a safe deposit to hide the cash she so generously gave to me. While at the bank, I deposited the two hundred and fifty thousand in a savings account. I knew this probably wasn't shrewd investing but I didn't trust going to the man mom had suggested. I just wanted it safe for now...maybe something else would present itself later.

By six that evening I was moved into a small efficiency apartment. It was cheap...exactly what I wanted. A clean break from my family finally felt complete.


For the next two weeks I fell into a comfortable routine. Work, home in the evening and an occasional movie. I liked my independence...I especially liked the secure feeling that only money can give you. An occasional emptiness would overcome me...wondering why dad never called to see if I was alright, or to apologize. It sadden me.

It was during one of my down times when Mrs Richards, my supervisor, invited me to dinner at her home. I had informed her earlier in the week that I moved away from my parents and was living on my own. I thought she was being kind...maybe thinking I needed a good home cooked meal. I readily accepted.

I knew Mrs Richards was married and had a sixteen year old daughter. Imagine my surprise when, upon arriving at her home, she casually informed me her husband was out of town on business, and her daughter was staying overnight with a friend. My gut feeling was her invitation for a home cooked meal was more than just being kind to me. I became extremely wary.

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