A Family That Plays Together


When I began to make broad, flat tongue-strokes across her clitoris, she squirmed and twisted on the bed, groaning with pleasure at the sensations I was creating in her. Her movements made it difficult for me to keep my tongue engaged on her clit, but I did my best, and before long, she was writhing and moaning and bucking her hips against my face.

"Ohmigod!" she gasped. "Oh god, Mike. . . I'm gonna come! Don't stop! I'm. . . almost. . . OOOOOooooohhhhhh! Yesssssss! Oh, I'm coming, Mike! You're making me come!"

Orgasmic spasms wracked her body, and her feminine aroma and flavor permeated my nostrils and my tongue. I relaxed the pressure I was putting on her clit, and she continued rolling her cunt into my face for a few minutes after her climax had crested.

Then she pushed my face away from her pussy, and pulled me up on top of herself.

"I want you inside me," she said, urgently. "Put your cock in me, Mike." She gripped my cock with her feminine hands, and placed my cockhead against her wet, eager sex, nudging it between her labia in a sexy genital 'kiss'. Then, placing her hands on my ass, she slowly, gently pressed me into herself. I gasped as I slid into her -- my sister, and now my lover.

"Oh Mike," she moaned. "At last, you're in me; at last you're fucking me, my sweet brother! God, I love your cock!"

Her pussy was much tighter than Mom's, and I reveled in the wet, frictional sensations as my cock slid snugly in and out of her sultry channel. I felt myself bottom out inside her. Her eager pussy, no longer virginal, clung tightly to my cock. She clenched her cunt-muscles around my shaft, driving me wild at the sensation.

I looked down at her. "You picked that up from Mom?"

She grinned. "Uh-huh."

I had just fucked Mom an hour or so before, so I was in no hurry to come. My cock buzzed with a warm, frictional glow, as we settled into a comfortable rhythm, and fucked on and on.

"Oh god, Mikey," she breathed. "It feels so GOOD. Just keep fucking me, and don't stop. . ."

"I know," I gushed. "I just wanna fuck you all night long."

I don't know how long we fucked like that; it was a while. At last, I saw Molly roll her head back, and her groans became more urgent. Slowly, inexorably, she increased her tempo, and I matched her rhythm as best I could. Soon, she was groaning and writhing, and throwing her pussy up against me furiously.

"Oh god, Mike. . . I'm coming! Oh, my brother is fucking me, and I'm coming! OOOooohhh, YESSSSS!"

I watched her face as her orgasm overtook her. I never saw her so beautiful. My dear sister. . . I was overcome with love for her. We came into the world together, and now. . .

I couldn't hold it back. With a massive, tremulous shudder, I came, shooting great gobs of my cum into my sister, mingling with what Dad had left in her an hour before.

"Ohhhh, Mike, yesss! You're coming inside me! Yessss. . ."

By the time our orgasms subsided, we were both thoroughly spent, both physically and sexually. I lay on top of her for several minutes, still savoring the sensations of my slowly-softening cock nestled snugly inside her. At last, with a wet *plop* it slipped out of her, and I rolled off her.

We cuddled for a long time afterward. I fondled and caressed her delightful young breasts, and we drifted off, into a deep and happy sleep.


The following morning, I slowly drifted into consciousness. My 'morning wood' was nestled between Molly's ass cheeks. Lazily, I began to stroke her tits anew, and gently grind my cock into her ass-cleft.

Soon, Molly awakened. Sensing my erotic attentions, she rolled over to face me. Wrapping her top leg around my hip, she tugged on my cock and pulled me close to herself, placing my cockhead inside her opening. I pulled her close to myself with my hand on her ass, and soon we were lazily fucking again, lying on our sides. I kissed her, and she returned my kiss, eagerly and passionately.

It was so mellow, so comfortable, that we didn't even notice when the door cracked open, and Mom and Dad peeked in on us.

"God," Mom whispered, "They're just as horny as we were."

"What do you mean, 'were'?" Dad replied, "At least, they come by it honestly enough. . ."


Since that day, life at our house has changed a lot. For one thing, Mom and Dad are much more open about their sexuality around Molly and me. It hasn't been unusual for us to walk into the house to find them fucking away in their bedroom, with the door left ajar. Once, they were even going at it on the living room couch.

Shortly after our 'Initiation', I moved into Molly's room (it's bigger than mine), sharing her bed, with Mom and Dad's blessing. Even aside from the sex, she's a perfect roommate for me -- she knows me better than anyone else, and we just really like spending time together.

Don't get me wrong, though -- the sex has been incredible, and it hasn't gotten old. We've been like honeymooners, fucking two and three times a day. Once a week or so, we'll have a 'lesson' with Mom and Dad, either the four of us all together, or as separate couples in separate rooms. They know so much more than we do about sex, we learn something new every time we're with them. And Molly and I are still having fun learning about each other, besides.

I have no idea where all this is headed, long-term. But for now, we're all happy to leave tomorrow for tomorrow, and just enjoy being a family together. . .

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