tagIncest/TabooA Family's Story Ch. 03

A Family's Story Ch. 03


Chapter 03: The Pool Party

I wasn't sure what Jeremy meant by "sexy." I mean I obviously know what sexy is, just not how far he wanted me to go. I have a very hot little one piece that shows some tit, but I doubted that was what he had in mind. I have a couple of okay bikinis that show a lot more and half a dozen that are right on the border of outrageous. And then there are two that I've never worn and are absolutely, totally over the line. I decided I'd let him decide when he got home that afternoon.

"I've invited four guys over, Mom. Can you make them some lunch?" Jeremy asked as he came through the door early that afternoon. "And how about some beer?"

"Sure," I said. "How about some burgers on the grill? There's beer in the refrigerator in the pool house."

"That's great Mom. Everybody excited to come over and see you in a bikini," he laughed, winking at me. "Make me proud!"

"Oh my God, Jeremy. Like no pressure, right?!" I said with a little pout. "Do you want to pick out the bikini for me? Then if it's not 'hot' enough, it will be your fault, k!" I laughed.

"Sure, lead the way!"

I showed him the one piece first, and he just said, No! The "okay" bikinis were next, and he just made a face. But next couple I showed him brightened him up a little. They were both string bikinis that left very little to the imagination.

"Any other choices," he asked. "Maybe something with less cloth and more skin?"

I hesitated. There were, of course, the two "over-the-line" bikinis that I bought on a whim once. I still don't know why I bought them. I've never worn them, though I modeled them when I got them so I know exactly what I look like in them. I look naked. I hesitated a moment longer and then thought "what the hell. Why not." I reached to the back of the drawer and boldly pulled out the least outrageous of the two and held it up for Jeremy to see. "Ta Da!" I said, holding the teeny thing above my head and waving it in the air.

"That is fucking hot!" he said. "Come on, model it for me."

"Okay," I said. "Turn around and don't look until I say," I laughed and quickly slipped out of my shorts and tee and into what little there was of the outrageously daring bikini. Glancing in the mirror, I saw exactly what I'd remembered. The bra covered my nipples, and nothing else. The bottom was really no more than two inches of bright yellow ribbon hooked to a couple of strings. I looked very, very sexy and very, very available!

"Okay, you can look," I said sultrily.

"Holy shit, Mom. You look really fucking hot! I'd fuck you right now, but I want you really needing it when the guys come over," he said, walking over to grab my breast and hook a finger under the bikini and into my vagina. "I want you all sexed up when they get here!"

"Oh God, Jeremy," I said with a little moan. "You're going to make me very wet and very horny if you don't stop. I might have to seduce your friends," I said half way seriously.

"Yeah, well that's exactly what they're expecting. I might actually have you fuck one or two of them. We'll see. One for sure, though."

Puzzled, I just looked at him. "You're not serious, right?"

"Wrong. I am serious."

"I can't let your friends have sex with me, Jeremy. I could get in all kinds of trouble if they start spreading rumors about me."

We were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. Jeremy invited his friends in and escorted them back to the pool, yelling at me to come out and meet them. I was admittedly nervous not only by what Jeremy had just said but also by the way I was dressed. I thought for a second about changing into something less revealing, but knew that Jeremy would be disappointed and angry, so I just decided to let him at least have his show. I knew I was going to have to disappoint him about having sex with any of his friends, so I could at least give him this.

I could see his four friends were gathered around the pool through the bathroom window. I wanted to look attractive for Jeremy's buds, so I dabbed on some makeup before going out to greet them and adjusted the bikini for maximum effect. I had a reputation for being hot, so Jeremy told me, so I had some pressure to perform. That was my reputation! Finished with my makeup, I again adjusted the bikini to cover just enough and slowly walked out the backdoor and toward the pool to greet Jeremy's four friends.

Two of them, Tim and Derrick, had been here a number of times and I knew them very well. Danny, the oldest of the three and certainly the most mature, had come by occasionally but I didn't really know him as well as the others. The other boy was a complete mystery.

"Wow," Tim said. "You look great, Candy!"

"Thank you," Tim, I smiled and winked at Jeremy.

The two other boys I knew gave me similar compliments and I gave them flirtatious looks and sexy smiles in return. Only the mystery boy remained silent.

"Hi, I'm Candace, Jeremy's mom," I said, posing in front of him somewhat provocatively. "You can call me Candy."

The boy introduced himself as Troy, and casually looked me up and down.

"Anybody want a beer?" I asked, turning towards the rest of the guys. I was intrigued by the mystery boy.

Everybody wanted beer, of course. What teenage boy wouldn't? I collected five bottles, gave on to Jeremy with a wink, and distributed the rest among the boys, making sure to brush each guy with either my thigh or in the case of Danny, a very deliberate rub of my tit on his shoulder. I was feeling very mischievous.

"You're not having a beer?" Derrick asked.

"No, somebody has to be sober and keep an eye on you guys," I teased. "I might have to rescue somebody in the pool!"

All the guys except the mystery boy, Troy, openly looked me up and down. For some reason, I found myself suddenly attracted to Troy, probably because of all of the boys, he seemed the least interested initially. And I didn't like that at all! When I handed him his beer I carefully made sure he got a complete eyeful. And now for the first time he was looking intently. I felt much better about that. I was glad he got a glimpse of tit and nipple. I wondered if this was the guy Jeremy had planned for me.

After a couple of beers, Jeremy suggested we play some pool tag. The guys voted me to be "it" and I proceeded to chase after them, managing to let my tits bounce free of the teeny bra any number of times. I could see how happy that made Jeremy.

I finally managed to tag Tim, and he in turn tagged me again, squarely on my tit. I could see the erection in his trunks beneath the water. It was easier to tag the other boys when they learned what tagging me in return meant. With the exception of Troy, each boy managed to grab a whole handful of usually bare breast each time they tagged me. Troy would only tag me on the shoulder. It was infuriating!

As we grew tired, Jeremy got out to grill some burgers and replenish the beer supply. Tim and Derrick joined him, leaving Danny, Troy and me alone in the pool. Jeremy came back shortly with a couple of joints of very powerful Columbian. Fifteen minutes later we were all very, very mellow and relaxed. I was teasing Danny, who could not take his eyes off of my tits, but it was Troy who interested me because he seemed so cool and aloof. It was driving me crazy.

Jeremy came by a few minutes later to announce that we were out of beer and he and Tim were going to get another case.

"You can't by beer, Jeremy," I said. "You're only eighteen!"

"Mom, please. Everybody's got a fake I.D. and everybody knows who sells and who doesn't," he replied.

I just laughed and watched as my son, Tim and Derrick set out to score more beer. The marijuana had put me in a very mellow but sexy mood. I was teasing Danny and while playfully managing to elude his clumsy moves, I swam over to Troy and asked him to "save me." I turned my back to him and mischievously splashed water at Danny while backing into Troy.

I felt his hands encircle my waist and I assumed he was going to play my protector, but he was pulling me hard into his belly and didn't seem too eager to let me go.

I was thrilled. "Finally," I thought, "It's about time you noticed!" And I gently pushed my butt into his belly, rubbing ever so slowly against him. I knew I should stop when I felt him hardening beneath me, but I thought that he deserved to be teased for ignoring me and I continued to press myself against his young cock. Plus, the marijuana was making me very, very amorous.

I felt his hands slide down my hips and grab the two bows on the sides of my bikini thong. "What would happen if I pulled these?" he whispered in my ear.

"I don't know," I said naughtily over my shoulder. "Maybe you should find out!"

With no hesitation, he pulled the thong from my body and pressed himself hard against my bare butt. Holding me with one hand, his other hand quickly untied my bikini top and dropped it in the water beside me. Danny just stared at the totally nude body Troy was holding against him. "Holy shit," he said. "That is so fucking hot!"

Troy must have somehow pulled his trunks down because his cock was now fully erect between my legs. This was not at all what I had planned. All I wanted was to tease him for being so distant. I know how to tease, but just as I was about to push him away, his cock found the entrance to my vagina and an instant later had penetrated it. He was holding me hard against him by my tits and his cock was inching its way inside me.

Danny continued to stare. "Are you going to fuck her?" he asked in a raspy voice. "You should man! Fuck her!"

Troy was fully inside me now and stroking carefully. He seemed very accomplished. This was obviously not his first time. "I thought you might be easy," he murmured in my ear, and continued his slow strokes deep into my cunt.

"You should fuck her, man," Danny repeated. "Come on, fuck her!"

I looked at Danny and shushed him. "Just be quiet for a while, Danny, okay" I said softly. "He's fucking me right now." "Oh shit, man. That is so fucking hot! I want some when he's done!"

I smiled at him and opened myself wider to accommodate Troy's young cock. There was simply no point in resisting now.

Troy fucked me quietly and easily. It wasn't great sex by any means. Troy was eighteen and like most young boys, way too fast, but knowing that Danny intended to take me next alleviated some of the distress I felt when I felt Troy's cock ejaculate inside me way too soon. When Troy pulled out, Danny immediately turned me toward him, and cupping my tits in his hands, drove hard into my cum-filled cunt. The sex was better with Danny because Troy had primed me so well, but unfortunately Danny was equally fast.

Both boys had deposited their loads in me in less than ten minutes and left me nearly crazy for sex. Unfortunately, sex with them had turned out to be great foreplay, but that's all! They both said wanted more later, and I smiled broadly at them and said "Good! So do I!"

I made Danny dive down to the bottom of the pool to retrieve my bikini and let him put it back on me. He tied it very loose, which was just perfect for me. I was so totally unsatisfied. It was really important now that I look available. I was burning with desire.

I got out of the pool, dried myself, and lay down on the chaise lounge. I noticed my top was so loose now that any movement at all would expose me entirely. I liked that. I even thought about simply taking it off, but thought better of it a moment later. It would be better if one of the boys did it.

By the time Jeremy had come back with the beer, I had calmed down a little. He announced that he had scored some "X" while he was out and passed it around. I'd only tried Ecstasy once, and that was with Bill early last year. The sex had been terrific, the best we'd ever had together. It was perfect for the mood I was in now, so I took a hit, when Jeremy offered it, and a beer from Danny. Why not, I thought. I helped Jeremy put the burgers on the grill and I told him what fun his party was. I said that I hoped I looked hot enough for him and that I wanted his friends to be proud of him for what he had. The Ecstasy was quickly taking effect. I took a long, nervous pull on my beer.

He told me that all the guys thought I was "smoking" hot and that all of them wanted me. That pleased me a great deal. I asked him if he wanted any of them to have me, and he just smiled and said that he'd see how things go and kissed me hard on the lips.

I told him again how I adored looking hot for him. He smiled and said I'd look even hotter without my top. Exactly what I had thought earlier.

"Do you think that would make your friends even happier," I cooed, shaking my tits in front of him. "Should I be your friends' topless waitress?" I said sultrily. "I like the way the "X" is affecting me!" I added seriously.

It was more than the X, though. It was more than the beer and joints of Columbian. It was most definitely being fucked in the pool. But mostly it was the intensity of the moment.

"I'm glad you like the X because I saw Danny slip at least one tab in the beer he handed you. Maybe more!"

I glanced down at the empty bottle in my hand.

"You're probably loaded with that shit now," he laughed, grabbing my tits in his hands. "I charged them all $50 for this party tonight and told them if they could get you to agree to it, they could fuck you. It's $50 to get in the door, $100 if they score. That's probably why Danny doped you up. Make you easier!"

"You charged them money?" I asked flabbergasted. "You really do want me to be your whore, don't you."

"Yeah, I do."

"Why, Jeremy? Isn't it enough to just be able to fuck me when you want?"

"That's great. I love that. But I want to own you, too."

"You do own me, Honey. You really do," I said seductively. "You really, really do. You're the one who fucks me now, not your father. That means I'm yours, right?" The Ecstasy was making me crazy.

"I want you to show me that," he said simply. "You haven't fucked anybody since I fucked you have you?"

"No," I lied. "You know I won't have sex with anyone without your permission, right?"

"Great, 'cause I want your first fuck to be because I told you to, okay," he said pulling my ass into his belly. "I'm telling you to."

"Okay," I said. "Who do you want me to fuck?"

The Ecstasy was thoroughly engulfing me. I felt warm and desirous. I wanted to be looked at and touched. I wanted to please Jeremy desperately. "You think I should just take my top off entirely?" I asked. "Would that be hot?"

"Yeah, I think that would be way hot!" he answered, putting his hand between my legs. "Maybe topless and bottomless!" His hand between my legs rekindled the fire Danny and Troy had started. "It's up to you, Sweetie. I said I want to be what you want. You own me. I'm your property, right? So you decide."

"Topless for now. Bottomless later."

"Untie me," I said. "You're sure not bottomless, too?" I added, like the whore I needed to be for him now.

He looked me up and down a second. "Yeah, all of it, I guess. Why the fuck not."

"I think everybody is going to owe you $100," I giggled. "Who do you want to fuck me first?"

"Doesn't matter," he said. "All of them eventually."

He had me nude a second later, and that's how I delivered the beer and burgers to his friends. They were very, very appreciative!

"Jesus, you are so fucking hot, Candy," Tim said, his erection totally evident.

"Why thank you, Tim," I said and offered him a burger while dangling my naked breasts in his face. "Anything else you'd like?"

Tim blushed beet red.

That wonderful feeling of euphoria and arousal that Ecstasy produces was now flooding my body. I was feeling very sexy, very aroused, and very, very available! I would be easy. Exceptionally easy!

When I offered the same to Derrick, he immediately grabbed my boobs in both hands and stuck my left nipple in his mouth. "I want some of this," he mumbled. Everyone laughed. I put the burgers down and pushed my tits into his face. Derrick sucked my nipple into his mouth and I moaned slightly. I felt hands on my ass. Derrick pulled my head down to his lap to meet his exposed and rigid cock. I pulled his delicious erection quickly to the back of my throat and then completely down it. He groaned in pleasure.

"Can your girlfriend do that?" I asked with a wicked grin. His answer was to pull my head back down onto his engorged cock. He began to fuck my mouth vigorously.

I felt hands on my hips and a knee spreading my legs apart. A very excited penis slipped into my wet and willing pussy. Jeremy had just earned his first $100! From whom, I didn't know.

Troy offered me his cock, which I greedily sucked down my throat. I reached over to begin stroking Tim's cock, by far the smallest of the four. He ejaculated in my hand almost immediately. I felt sorry for him.

I figured the cock in my pussy must belong to Danny. It was his second go round, and he seemed a little more patient this time. I worked my cunt into his cock.

I heard Jeremy behind me somewhere laughing at the commotion around me. Everyone was trying to get his cock into me some way or another, and I was very willing to accommodate them. By evening, I had accommodated all of Jeremy's friends a number of times, and he had made a good little bundle of money. It was an extra $25 for repeats, he said, and I know there were a number of them.

And so Jeremy got what he wanted. He made me his whore. Oddly, I'm not unhappy about it. Not at all really. I feel like I belong to him. It's what he wants. And it's what I want.

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