tagLoving WivesA Fantasy Cum True

A Fantasy Cum True


My wife and I have been married for 10 years and things have been pretty good sexually but lately things have waned a bit so we have spiced things up a little bit. She has always enjoyed me telling her stories. She also enjoys watching porno's when it is a threesome involving two men and a woman. Over the years I have told her stories that involve her and other men. She has always been a bit prudish and it takes a lot to get her to admit when things turn her on. The stories have always involved her dressing sexy and us going to a bar, pretending not to know each other, and then her meeting a man and one things lead to another and the story usually doesn't get finished if you know what I mean.

We were planning a trip and I thought this would be a good time to get her to live out some of the fantasy, not the sexual endings however. When we were packing I told her I wanted her to pack the following: A sexy short dress, thigh highs, pumps, corset, thongs and a choker...all black of course. She thought they were just for me.

During our vacation she offered to wear the sexy outfit and I made up one excuse or another about not doing it, we still fooled around but let the outfit slide. We packed up and started our drive home. We planned a couple of nights stopover at an upscale resort after spending the week with family.

We had a great dinner at one of the 5-star restaurants and went back to the room to change and go out for drinks at the resort bar. She started to change into something she had picked out and I stopped her. I told her now was the time that I wanted her to wear the outfit I picked out. She looked confused and said that she thought we were going out for drinks. I told her that I had a surprise for her. She smiled and collected the outfit and went into the bathroom to change. I told her she needed to go all out, makeup, hair and all.

She came out of the bathroom 15 minutes later looking as sexy as I have ever seen her. She strutted up to me in those sexy pumps and stood in front of me. I told her to sit on the edge of the chair. She did and I got on my knees in front of her and slowly spread her legs apart. I slid my hands up her thighs feeling those sexy hose. I found the top of her hose and was working closer to her pussy. She was getting very excited, I could tell by her breathing. I found her thongs and slowly slid them down and off. I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to the edge of the chair. I dipped my head and began to lick her clit. She was already very wet. She tasted great.

After about 10 minutes she was getting very close to cumming. I told her it was now time to go out for our drinks. She looked confused and maybe a bit disappointed but did not object. She got up and said she would be just a few minutes while she changed. I told her no, that I wanted her to go out looking as sexy as she was. She looked at me like I was crazy. I told her that we had lived out this story in the bedroom many times and now it was time to live it out in real life. I told her I did not want anything but the fun of pretending, not to let anything happen but for her to experience some stud coming on to her and wanting to take her to his room and fuck her hard. She blushed and said she didn't know. I made her a strong drink, and one for myself, and sat her back down on the chair. I spread her legs again and put my tongue back to work while she downed her drink. When she was done with her drink I stopped and stood her up. She was pretty buzzed and a bit wobbly on her 6 inch heels. She reached for her thongs and I grabbed them and threw them on the bed and smiled.

We arranged a signal that she would use when she was ready to leave the bar and head back to the room. I would leave first and she would leave a minute or so later. We would get into the elevator together and make sure no one was following her.

I went into the bar first and found a seat with a good view. She strutted in a few minutes later. I could tell she was quite buzzed by the glow on her face. She went right to bar and ordered another drink. That surprised me, she wasn't much of a drinker. She looked at me and winked. She sat at the other end of the bar. It took all of 3 minutes for some guy to ask her to dance. I saw her smile and shake her head no politely and he retreated. She snuck a peak at me and winked again. I saw her reach a hand under her dress and then bring her hand to her mouth. She slipped two fingers into her mouth and licked them, all the time looking at me. I became instantly hard. What a slut she was acting like. It was beyond my wildest fantasies what we here doing.

Another man approached her. He was at least 6 feet tall and built like a stud. The song on the juke box had just changed to a slow song. He said something to her and they got up together and headed for the dance floor. Her sexy 5'5" frame dwarfed by him. It was clear that he was taller than 6 feet. They began to dance together, him holder her by her waist, lower than is appropriate for strangers. I was still hard as a rock. The lights were low but I could still make them out on the dance floor. I watched as he slipped a second hand on her back, sliding them down to her ass. I looked at the bar where she had been sitting and noticed she had finished her drink before she had gotten up to dance. I looked back at the dance floor and noticed his hands were on her ass, caressing it, pulling hard at her cheeks. I am sure at this point he knew she had no panties on. She had laid her head on his chest and her arms around his neck. I am quite sure her pussy was very wet at this point. I couldn't believe what I was watching. I had mixed emotions but was still very excited. The song ended and they went back to the bar where she was sitting. She looked flushed. He ordered her a drink while she was in the restroom. When she returned she sat close to him and they flirted. She finished her drink and gave me the signal. It was time to go. I was certainly ready to head back to the room and slip inside her....

I stepped into the elevator and held the door as I saw her approaching. He stood next to me as the door closed. As soon as it closed she turned and faced me, grabbed the back of my head by the hair with one hand and with the other she grabbed my cock through my pants. She said nothing and shoved her tongue down my throat. We didn't come up for air until we reached our floor. We quickly made our way down to our room and inside. She grabbed me and walked me over to the chair she was in earlier and sat me down. I tried to speak and she kissed me hard, her tongue deep in my mouth. She stood up and walked to my suitcase and pulled out a few ties that I had taken on the trip. She walked back to me and secured my arms to the chair and then my legs to the chair. She kneeled down and unzipped my pants. She looked me in the eyes and simply said thank you.

She took my cock out of my pants and began to clean the pre-cum off that had been oozing for the last hour or so. She then took my cock deep into her throat and expertly sucked it. I told her how turned on I was and hoped that she also enjoyed herself. She just shook her head with my cock in her mouth. She looked up at me, let my cock pop out of her mouth and said the night was till young...

She told me how hard the guys cock was as it pressed against her as they danced. She told me that she thought it was a large cock and that turned her more. She wanted to reach down and feel it but didn't.

A knock at the door startled me. My wife didn't seem surprised. She stood up, took another tie out of my bag and gagged me with it. I was shocked but certainly could not do much about it tied up and gagged. Did it want to?

She went to door, opened it and let in the man she was dancing with. She walked him over to close to where I was sitting. He seemed as shocked as I was. She told him not to say a word. She looked at me and told me that she invited him up. She told him that she didn't want to know his name, and as a matter of fact she didn't want him to say a word. She ordered him to shower and return only wearing a towel. He went into the bathroom and I heard the shower start.

She sat on the edge of the bed in front of me and spread her legs. She slipped her fingers under her skirt and began to fuck herself with her fingers, first one then two then three. She looked at me and asked me if I thought his cock would be as big as three fingers. She laughed and said it probably was if it was near as big as what she thought. She took just a minute or two and had a huge orgasm. She laid back and sighed.

He came out of the bathroom with a towel on and stood near us. She told him to come to the edge of the bed and please her with his tongue. I had a view of this from the side. He spread her hose clad legs and went to work on her clit and pussy. She began to moan loudly as he pleased her. After a while she told him to stand up and drop the towel. As he dropped the towel his cock sprang out. It was huge. Her glazed eyes grew wide. She grabbed his ass and pulled him towards her as she sat on the edge of the bed. She reached her tongue out and began to lick the pre-cum off his huge cock. She then sucked it into her mouth, barely getting it past her lips. She spent ten minutes pleasing him while also finger fucking herself. She sensed he was getting close to cumming and stopped.

She stood up and walked over to me. She faced me and just stared into my eyes not breaking the stare. She spoke to him and told him to get behind her. He moved behind her and grabbed her waist per her instructions. She told him that she wanted him to bend her over and place his cock at the entrance to her pussy. When he did this her face was only inches from my face. She took the gag off and put her finger to her lips indicating I was not to say a word. She reached between her legs and slipped her fingers in her cunt. She removed them and slipped four fingers into my mouth so that I could taste her. I licked her fingers clean. She then moved closer and whispered into my ear. She told me that she wanted to watch her face as she took the huge cock into her pussy.

As soon as she said that she turned to him and told him to enter her and slowly fuck her. She turned back and looked me in the eyes. I knew that moment that he began to enter her by the look on her face, one of both great pleasure and a little pain. She then grabbed my head and kissed me with her tongue. She stopped for just a moment to tell him to fuck her deeper, as deep as he was long. She began to kiss me again as he drove as deep as he could. She winced and bit my lips as he fucked my little wife. She came two or three times as he slowly fucked her in that position. She told him to take his dick out of her after a while. She made him walk over to the bed and sit on the edge. She followed him and sat on his cock facing away from him, her legs and supporting her on the floor and her hands digging into his legs as she rode him deep. She came again. She told him that she wanted me to watch her take the missionary position as she was fucked by another man. She pulled off her dress, laid on her back and spread her legs. She was now just wearing her pumps, hose, corset and choker. She looked so sexy as she directed him to mount and fuck her. He got on the bed, kneeled in front of her and guided his cock deep into her pussy. She spread her legs wider and wrapped them around his back.

She dug her painted nails deep into his back and told him to fill her with his cum. He quickened his pace and I could tell that he was ready to fill her. She sensed it as well. She grabbed his ass and told him to cum deep inside her. I watched as his ass clenched and he grunted as he spilled his seed into her. He kept pumping for what seemed minutes. My cock was throbbing and cum was seeping out onto my boxer-briefs and pants. A wet stain was showing thru my pants I was so wet. He laid on top of her for a minute or two, occasionally pumping into her. She told him to get off. He got up and off the bed. She said thank you and told him to leave. He did.

She laid there for what seemed forever. She scooted to the end of the bed and stood up in front of me. She spread her legs and bent over a little to look at her pussy. She told me to look closely. We both watched as his cum began to slowly drip out of her and run down her legs. She walked over to me and took my cock out of my pants. She asked me if I wanted to be fucked. She turned around and squatted down and slipped my cock inside her. It felt great. I came in a matter of minutes, just adding to what was left of his load....she got up, turned around and told me that she was glad that we were staying two nights....

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