tagGroup SexA Fantasy Realized Ch. 02

A Fantasy Realized Ch. 02


The final part to Jim's fantasy. Thanks for the pleasure of writing for you. I hope it is all you imagined. Thank you to VillageWordsmith, and hope the water wasn't too cold. Red

Diane woke up feeling a soft body pressed against her. She closed her eyes and thought back over the evening. Pictures of Cher and her flooded her mind, and she felt a flutter in her abdomen. Pressing her palm against it, she shivered. Cher's hand moved tighter against her waist. The warm body eased the morning chill, and Diane snuggled in closer.

She had learned something about her friend that she had not realized, or had been too blind to see. Over yesterday afternoon, they had opened up and reflected on the past. Touching Cher's hand, she curled her fingers around it; she felt the hair on her neck rise, when a kiss was placed on her back.

"Good morning," Cher whispered, as she licked across Diane's shoulder. Diane felt a hum in the center of her sex. She rolled into her friend's arms, and felt her lip tremble in renewed desire.

"Good morning," she whispered back, all ready hearing her voice take on a huskier tone. Her fingers skimmed up Cher's arm and then back again.

Cher smiled and brought her hand over to Di's waist. "No regrets?"

Diane looked at her friend, her fingers resting on the top of her arm; she moved them to her neck and pressed her fingers against the sensitive flesh. Diane pulled Cher's head down to hers and pressed their lips together. Her tongue slipped in and the two women kissed gently, easing their tongues together, tasting each other.

"None," she sighed into Cher's mouth. She felt a new sense of who she was, and she wanted to experience it. Diane stroked her hand down Cher's arm and rested it on her hip, before sliding it back up her smooth skin, to cup her breasts.

She wedged her legs between Cher's and pushed her friend back. Diane looked down on her friend, as she straddled over her. "I would like to try this now," she mumbled.

"I want you to do what you're comfortable with." Lust-filled eyes looked back at Diane, as Cher moaned her answer. Her own sex was throbbing with hunger. Diane's ass rested on Cher's pussy, and Cher was getting wetter as she thought of her friend's sweet cunt. She ached for Diane's bald pussy to slide smoothly with hers.

Diane smiled down, "I may be awkward, but I'll try to pleasure you, like you did me."

She moved her hair from her face, and lowered her mouth to Cher's. Her tongue swept inside, stroking against the edge of her teeth, before their tongues began to stroke each other. Diane felt the moisture of her sex increase, as her kiss took her closer to exploration. She traced the shape of Cher's teeth and gums, before she slid her tongue free and traced the shape of her friend's lips.

Cher rested on her back, welcoming Diane's kisses and licks. She kept her hands at her side, allowing Di the freedom to move at her own pace. Her hands itched to run over Diane's back and down her hips. She longed to push their pussies together but she held back, her desire building to new lust filled heights. Her body felt each touch of her friend's gentle hands, and each slide of her tongue upon her skin. Cher moaned and gasped when she felt Diane move her body further down.

Their sexes were so close, the heat from each one reaching to mix with the other. Diane slipped her tongue down Cher's neck, over to its center, and then down her chest. Her hand cupped Cher's right breast, and she licked the rosy center. Using her teeth, Diane teased the nub and then bit it gently. Her sex was hot, and needed more. Diane knew what her body craved, and, as she sucked greedily on her lover's tit, she pushed her sex down.

Cher arched upward as Diane's bald cunt ground into hers. The pussies lay tight against each other, the lips pressing hard and the juices mingling. Diane shuddered as she felt Cher's moist cunt, and she began grinding her sex against her friend's. She left the nipple, and arched her own back, bringing their bodies even tighter together. Each of the women felt the temperature of their bodies, each loving the feeling and begging for more.

Giving into the need, Cher moved her hands to Diane's hips and started to move her friend's cunt up and down her sex. The two women moaned in ecstasy as they pushed and pulled. Cher heard a noise and was distracted by the clearing of a throat. She looked over, her face flushed, and saw Jim standing there. He had his hand around his cock stroking it as he watched his wife fuck her best friend.

Diane heard him also. She spun around and climbed off her friend. Her face was sheet white, then rosy red. Her eyes traveled over his body and rested on his cock. She felt her pussy react to him, and she knew he wanted this. This was his fantasy now; she turned to look at Cher. "If you'd like to continue, we can. I know you and Jim have talked about it."

Cher reached out and took some of the slick juices from Diane's pussy. "Yes, baby, I want to continue."

Jim watched his wife climb back onto the bed. He gazed upon her well-sculpted ass, and his cock leaped toward it. Jim had heard the sounds from the bedroom, and he knew instantly what was happening. He had left the trip early, after one of the guys had been called away and another had gotten ill. He decided to come home and just relax; now, looking at the skin that was fucking on his bed, relaxing was far from his mind.

He temporarily released his cock, so he could get his slacks and boxers off. His shirt soon followed. Jim pulled up one of the small chairs that rested against the wall and he sat back. With his hand wrapped around his thick rod, he watched his wife slide her tongue down Cher's stomach. He'd get all the details later; right now, this was all he wanted. Jim almost fell out of his chair when he saw his wife spread Cher's cunt with her fingers. The head of his cock swelled more as he watched her tongue lap up the sweet juices.

Diane had lost all thoughts of Jim, for the moment. She pushed her tongue against Cher's engorged clit and sucked on it rapidly. Her teeth teased the nub before her tongue licked over the edge of it. Her mouth covered the sensitive piece and suckled greedily from her lover's body. Diane felt her own pussy, wet and wanting to be fucked. She looked to her husband, and told him to fuck her cunt.

Jim removed his hand from his cock, and positioned himself behind his wife. Instead of fucking her with the swollen rod, he slid underneath her. Diane's feet rested on the floor as her head moved over Cher's bald pussy. Jim's cock throbbed and his balls tightened as he stared at his wife's perfect lips. They dripped with juice, and Jim wanted every drop. He pushed himself up on his hands and dived into her pussy, his mouth sucking the nectar from her body. Using his tongue, he swept in between the two swollen lips. The honey spilled onto his mouth and he ran his face over his wife's sex, enjoying the moistness that covered him.

Diane moaned over the pussy that rested underneath her. Her tongue dipped inside the hot hole that her fingers were helping to fuck. She rammed one long digit into Cher's sex. The fingernail stroked the walls of Cher's body, gathered slickness, and brought it out to be consumed by her mouth. Diane began to run her tongue faster and her fingers deeper. Her ears picked up the sounds of Jim sucking her clean and of Cher's moaning frenzy.

Cher moved her hips up; her fingers pulled and twisted her nipples. She felt Diane's tongue diving into her cunt and her free hand pushed into Diane's hair and held her there. Cher came against her friend's mouth, her cum flowing fast and free. Each shake of her body, each tremor she felt, released more liquid silk from the caverns of her being.

Lapping up the juices that now covered her tongue and fingers, Diane inhaled the aroma of her lover, and then felt her husband cover her pussy with firm strokes of his own tongue. She climaxed against him, and each of her moaning cries released heat upon Cher's wet and sticky cunt. Diane squeezed her thighs, locking her husband's head against her baldness. As she felt the sucking of her clit, she came even more, and gasped for air. "Oh yes! Fuck, oh god!" she screamed, her whimpers growing less as she came down from her high.

Jim moved away from his wife's pussy and looked at her ass. He took his cock in his hand and pulled a bottle of lube from his dresser. Coating his shaft and his wife's perfect hole, he pushed the head of his cock deep inside her. He moved slowly at first, knowing his own release would be quick this first time; he didn't take too long in being gentle. As Jim fucked his wife's ass, he watched Cher turn and face Diane.

Cher licked Diane's face clean, then cupped her tits and offered them to Diane. Diane licked each one, then sucked on them. Her body, beginning its hum and its call for more, began to regain its hunger. Jim fucked her faster, his balls slapping against his wife's butt. He drove his cock in deep, taking her ass and giving her all of his cock.

Diane bit her lover's tit, and then pushed the nipple with her tongue, before sucking it hard. She could see the rise and fall of Cher's breath, and she groaned when she saw Cher's hand push against her cunt. Diane rammed her ass against her husband, and cried out her lust as Jim came inside her. Feeling the heat of his seed fill up her ass, she squeezed her muscles around him, milking more fire from his balls.

Jim felt the explosion of cum and closed his eyes. Clenching them tightly he continued to pound his cock into his wife. He pushed deeper, emptying all of his seed inside her, fucking her until he no longer shook inside. Jim leaned down and kissed his wife's back, then licked the small of it. He placed small bites on each cheek after he had eased out of her. His hands went to her hips and he turned her around, his lips covered hers and their tongues tasted the juices of her body as well as the nectar from Cher's.

Cher moved from the bed, and walked behind Jim. She ran her fingers down his back and across his shoulders. Leaning upward, she whispered against his ear, "Thank you." Diane smiled up at her husband and repeated the same meaning, but used her eyes and her tongue to speak for her.

Taking both women's hands, he led them back to the bed. He watched them lie down, and he gazed upon them. His hand moved up his wife's leg, then over to Cher's. Jim could feel his arousal begin its journey back. Pressing his palms into each pussy, he moved toward them.

Jim wedged one leg between Diane's and the other between Cher's. The two women pressed their legs and hips together. Bending down, Jim ran his tongue over his wife's pussy, licking the soft, bald skin. Then he lapped at Cher's cunt. He blew air against her sex, while he pushed his finger deep into his wife's slick covered walls. As he moved his finger in and out of her hot, juice filled heaven, his tongue dived between the lips of Cher's arousal.

Moving with matched tempo, he finger-fucked his wife and fucked her best friend with his tongue. His cock now was stretched once more, and he wanted to fuck both women all night. Moving his mouth from Cher he slid his tongue into his wife's sex. Then his fingers found the warm welcoming of Cher's cunt. Once more he lavished attention on the twin, bald pussies underneath him. The musky scent sent shock waves through his body, and his balls tightened further under his shaft.

Diane shook as she watched her husband move from one pussy to the other. Cher's juices dripped from his chin, and she longed to lap it up. The thoughts of doubt that she had voiced just the morning before no longer even entered her mind. Only lust, desire, and passion mixed heavily with love were the items that she craved. "Oh god, Jim," she cried out, as his teeth claimed the lips of her cunt.

Cher's eyes were clenched tight as Jim rammed his fingers deep inside her. She pushed her muscles together, and locked his stroking digits inside her hot hole. Cher began to buck against him, forcing him to push his fingers in deeper. She felt each driving fuck, and she welcomed it. She looked over to Diane, and rammed her fingers against Di's swollen clit.

"Shit, yes!" Diane balked, as she felt Cher's fingers, and Jim's tongue work her pussy. Her back arched and her hips lifted high. Her body collapsed as her orgasm ripped through her. Jim sucked her juices again, cleaning her walls. His fingers slowed on Cher's pussy, but they held a promise for her release as well. Jim licked, and fucked his wife clean, as she shivered the last of her juices out for him. Cher took her fingers and sucked off the flavorful cunt juice that had spread all over her lover's clit.

After he had licked his wife's bald pussy clean, he moved back to Cher's. His tongue joined his fingers, thrusting long deep strokes against the lips and the walls. Thick liquid came to him, as he coaxed it from its hiding place. His eyes looked up the woman's body, and he watched his wife's mouth claim Cher's tit. Her pearly, white teeth bit on the nipple while his strong tongue filled her cunt. They worked fire from Cher's body, one she wanted only to feel burn.

Cher bucked against Jim's face and her fingers again dug into Diane's hair. She screamed as she came against the man's face. His sucking increased as did his finger speed. Cher thrashed and lifted her hips. Her legs wrapped around his shoulders and locked his head to her pussy. Her face was a burning flame as he cleaned her juices from her body. "Oh, fuck yes, oh baby!" Cher climaxed again, and covered his chin with more cum. Jim's cock hurt: he wanted to fuck someone, to ram it hard into the luscious pussy beneath him.

He watched Diane move over Cher's face; her pussy hovered over her lips. With his cock in his hand, he straddled Cher's hips and guided his thick rod into her cunt. Cher shuddered again, and grabbed onto Diane's hips. She pushed her friend's pussy to her mouth as Jim pushed his cock deep inside Cher's slick hole. Diane began to rub her swollen lips over Cher's mouth, feeling her teeth on her clit.

Jim watched his wife's pussy being eaten by Cher and he stroked his cock harder into Cher's cunt. His hands clasped his wife's breasts, and he pulled on her nipples. "Wonderful, baby," he whispered to her. She smiled back, and continued to ride the face of the woman beneath her. Jim watched the passion on his wife's face, as he slammed hard into the same woman that was eating out his wife.

Soon the boiling cum was rising again and it forced its way into Cher's overused pussy. Diane released her own orgasm as Cher bit the inner wall of her swollen lips. "Yes!" she cried out as she collapsed to the side and enjoyed the rippling waves that moved through her body.

Jim felt Cher's orgasm cover his cock and he pushed deep, easing more of her lust from her. Their juices mingled, and he soon felt the final tremors from both of their sexes. "Shit," he muttered as he moved out of Cher's pussy and over to his wife. He pulled her to him and slid up to the head of the bed, bringing her along.

Diane lay on top of her husband's body, and rested her head on his chest. Cher stroked Diane's back and they each stayed quiet, regaining their breath. Cher was the first to move. She kissed Diane's lips then Jim's. Moving from the bed she slipped on a robe that had been discarded sometime earlier in the week. She moved towards the bathroom, and ran a bath. As she soaked her sex-spent body, she heard the slow tender loving of Diane and Jim. Her hand moved to her own pussy, and she stroked it with a slow rhythm.

Thoughts of future surprises and fantasies carried all three to their own plains of desires.

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