tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Fantasy Realized Ch. 03

A Fantasy Realized Ch. 03


Author's Note: Enjoy another fantasy that Jim, a reader asked me to add to the fantasies he asked me to write about in the "A Fantasy Realized" collection. Thanks to jushorny and blueyedlvr for helping with editing and flow. ~ Red

The water churned in the hot tub and the cool night breeze stirred the various potted plants that were littered about the deck. Cher was helping Diane carry food back inside from the cookout that Diane and Jim had thrown that day. Most everyone was gone so it was becoming a more quiet and intimate affair, something they all were looking forward to. The afternoon had been full of family and friends, as well as laughter, drinking, games, and loud music.

Jim winked at his wife, patted her ass when she went by and treated Cher to the same treatment. Both women rolled their eyes at the green eyed, brown haired, pervert and laughed. Jim joined them and returned to the small group of friends that were still enjoying the evening.

Cher's husband Ray, had once again opted to stay home and not participate in the activities his wife and the others enjoyed, instead telling her to enjoy herself and have a good time. Cher had. She'd met quite a few new people and several of them she found attractive and easy to talk to. There were several couples at the party, two had stayed and were enjoying drinks with Jim. A young woman and her girlfriend were hanging out and enjoying the music that was still playing outside, and Cher was happy to stay later into the evening when Diane suggested it. After all her bed was empty, she and Ray had long given up sharing the same bed.

Diane's brown bangs fell in her eyes and she brushed them out of her way and grinned over at Cher, "Did you want to watch that video I was telling you about?"

Cher tucked a loose strand of her brown locks behind her hair and made a funny expression. "You mean the porn tape?" she asked.

Diane and Jim both told her the video was top quality and the scenes were some of the hottest they'd both ever seen. It was the only video she could think of that Diane was talking about and the idea that she wanted her to watch it now was shocking. "With everyone here?" she asked. A chuckle followed her look of surprise.

Jim happened to walk in just as Diane was about to answer. "Hey Di," he said. "I've got the video in. You ladies planning on joining us?" He looked over to Cher and grinned.

He was lost for a moment in the memory of the three of them having sex together for the first time. A weekend away from the guys that went sour was what led him to discover his wife and her best friend in bed together while he was away. He didn't mind. The morning before he was encouraging his wife to see if there were underlying feelings for Cher and there obviously was. The three had been partners ever since. Ray, however didn't mind what Cher was doing and so he never voiced a complaint about her new lovers or how much time she spent with them.

"You're serious, aren't you?" Cher asked. Her teeth came out and she chewed on her bottom lip. A wicked gleam appeared in her eyes and she grinned wide. "Diane . . . You're sure?" she asked.

Diane had only been with Cher and she wondered why her best friend was suddenly interested in joining a group event. She'd attended plenty of parties like these back when Ray was into the scene, but she didn't think Diane was ready for that yet.

"I'm sure. Jim's sure. They're sure," Diane asked and winked at her friend.

"I'm game," Cher said, her grin grew wider.

The three friends return to the main room where the others have found comfortable places to sit. The two girlfriends have a quiet place on a love seat. The married couple Cher had talked with at length were sharing a recliner and the other couple, a man and a woman - long time lovers - were sitting on the floor in front of the love seat the girlfriends were sharing. Diane, Jim and Cher took refuge on the sofa. The TV was already playing and the opening credits were ending.


It wasn't long before the couple on the recliner were enjoying themselves and the movie was forgotten. Their moans and whimpers were easily heard over the actors and actresses. Those sounds soon were mingling with the sounds of pleasure coming from the group that was sitting around the love seat. Diane watched everything as did Jim and Cher. Diane leaned over to her husband and whispered, "Honey . . . I want to . . . but," she took a deep breath. He smiled and curled his hand in hers.

"No problem, sweets," he told her.

Cher smiled softly and watched her friends disappear. She was left alone, but she really didn't mind. She was enjoying everything around her. The scents, sounds, the skin upon skin, everything was intoxicating and though Cher didn't know these people well she knew that Jim did and that meant he'd introduced them to Diane sometime over the past year. Cher found the whole night erotic. As she watched the group of lovers in various positions, her fingers slowly moved over her skin.

Jim and Diane slipped outside, but before closing the sliding glass door and stepping onto the deck, Diane looked back and got an "okay" wink from Cher that they could leave her alone with the group. The door closed behind them and they made their way to the hot tub. Jim moved behind his wife and eased her T-shirt from her shorts. He slowly lifted the blouse higher. His fingers skimmed her sides. He kissed his way up her spine until he had to pull the shirt over her head. Her brown hair fell free from the material and he tossed it to the ground.

"You need to be quick," Diane hissed. Her sex was slick with moisture and she could feel her pulse running through her veins.

Jim laughed and pulled his shirt off and stepped free of his sandals. Diane too removed hers and she turned around to face her husband. She grinned and eased her shorts off her hips, over her ass and down her thighs. She slipped her hands to Jim's waist and eased his shorts off as well. Her fingers rested for a short time on his cock and she danced across a few feathery touches with her fingertips. His shaft jerked and she stepped back, a look of pleasure on her face.

Jim helped Diane into the hot tub and followed after her. His fingers moved over her ass seconds before she sat down on the small raised seat that was hidden in the bubbling water. Jim settled beside her and pulled her onto his lap. She slipped her arm around his neck and turned her body sideways. The water swirled around them and the bubbles tickled their sexes. "Mmm . . . ," Diane moaned. "Thank you," she said.

He leaned in and nuzzled her neck. His lips pressed softly against the pulse that was rapidly growing more frenzied with each caressing touch of his fingers on her skin. "I told you . . . no problem."

As his fingers began roaming into more delectable places, a pair of chocolate brown eyes watched from the window.


Cher had brought herself to orgasm once watching the six naked bodies withering all over the floor and chairs. Her head had been thrown back and she was savoring the climax that had torched her system, when her eyes caught sight of Jim and Diane's naked bodies climbing into the hot tub. Now she watched the couple begin to search out those special places that Cher knew would arouse them both to the heated bliss that she was often a party of.

She looked at the two figures. She watched Diane turn so she was facing away from Jim, her ass was firmly planted on her husband's lap. Cher's eyes grew glazed as her fingers moved over her nipples and tweaked one then the other, just like Jim was doing to his wife's. As she watched the man's big hands lift and toy with the firm globes Cher treated hers with the same respect. Her clothes had long been shed when she realized she would be playing alone and enjoying it too.

Her fingers slipped down her stomach. Her eyes watched Jim lift his wife up slightly. Cher placed two fingers against her pussy, rubbed it gently, and saw Diane's hand move beneath the watery surface. "Ohh," Cher hissed. She had just seen Diane's lips part as Jim lowered his wife down onto the hard cock that Cher could easily picture in her mind.

Cher began to stroke her pussy while she watched her two best friends and lovers make love right before her eyes.


Diane gasped as her husband's cock slipped inside her. The warm water from the hot tub was pushed from inside the hot cunt that was already slick and full of nectar. Her muscles clenched around his shaft and she bit her lip at the pleasure of it.

"Jim," she muttered as he started to lift her up and down on his swollen dick.

"Yes," he whispered against her ear as he took her higher. He dragged her forward and backward on his cock. His mouth slid from her ear, to her neck, to her shoulder. As his lips and tongue traveled the imaginary path he created in his mind he nipped and sucked on her flesh. The spray of the water bubbled and splashed around them; he licked at the droplets, quenching two kinds of thirsts.

"Faster baby," Diane moaned as she pushed her fingers against her clit and rubbed with more energy. She also clenched and unclenched his cock as he fucked her. Diane's other hand grabbed her breast and she kneaded it. The soft skin was pushed into her body and squeezed tight. She moaned and felt the waters lap at her sex and her nipples. The heat rolling around them only added to the heat of their thrusting.

Her glazed eyes were barely open, the lids fluttering up and down. She gasped for more. Jim lifted her up to the head of his cock and slammed her back down. Over and over he fucked her. His fingers digging into her hips while his mouth sucked and bit her shoulders and neck.

"Di . . . ohhh fuck baby," he hissed. His balls were tightening. His cock jerked and leaped against her fleshy sex.

Diane pushed a finger into her cunt along with Jim's dick. She used his firm cock and her slim digit to help bring herself closer to climax. Her head came up from where it'd been resting on his shoulder and she locked her passion-glazed eyes on a pair of chocolate ones. Her body tightened and she smiled as she saw Cher's mouth open in what Diane knew to be a sign of her release.


Cher cried out as her body let loose a wave of sticky hot fluid. She shook uncontrollably as the rivers of come rolled past her sex and splashed against her fingers and hand. The couch was soaked by the time she was shivering and gasping for breath, little rivers of come slipped down her arm and dried on her hot flesh.

She stopped watching her best friends fuck and went searching out a toy that she knew the couple kept in their bedroom. Once she found the vibrator she slipped outside and wasn't surprised at all to see Jim and Di out of the hot tub and Jim burying his face into Diane's hot pussy. Diane lay with her legs spread wide and her hips thrusting up, the plastic patio chair's arms were held tight in her grasp.

"Fuck, baby," Jim was moaning as he slid his tongue up and down the moist cunt. He drank her come, his and the hot water that had collected on her sex. She'd climaxed just as Cher had and now he was relishing the joys of eating her out.

"Cher," Diane moaned, barely aware her friend was now with them.

"Di," she answered back, her voice laced with desire and lust.

Jim never stopped. His tongue plunged deep into his wife's bare cunt. He rolled her nectar to the back of his throat, saved it, and then let it slide down to warm his belly. His fingers began a steady screw inside her. Pulling in and out, pressing against the fleshy sides, and then he curled one digit and scrapped along the upper ridge.

"Jim . . . oh fuck," Diane moaned as she was finger-fucked by her husband. She opened her eyes and stared at Cher who was now sitting with her legs spread wide and a vibrator teasing her swollen cunt.

The lights from the Tiki torches that were scattered about the deck added to the moonlight that was glistening on the come soaked lips of both ladies. Diane watched Cher slip the fake cock into her slick pussy and she hissed as Cher began the steady rhythm that mimicked her husband's finger fuck.

Jim's caught sight of Cher's hard vibe running in and out of her slick mound and he increased the tempo of his fingers on his wife perfect pussy. He pushed in deeper, screwed harder, fucked faster. His tongue moved from sharing the space with his fingers and instead went to her clit. His teeth began to softly chew on the perfect pedal.

"Mmm . . . ohhh. Bite her tits Jim," Cher ordered. Jim released his wife's cunt and kept his hand against her pussy. Diane raised up slightly and offered her breast to her husband. He bit down on the succulent bead and pulled it back with his teeth. When Diane cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, he released the tip and watched her boob bounce and sway.

"Nice. She needs your cock Jim," Cher said next.

Jim grinned and pulled his fingers out of Diane's cunt. It dripped with creamy liquid. Diane swung her legs over the arms of the chair and Jim rammed his cock into her slick pussy. "Fuck yes," he moaned.

Diane gasped with renewed pleasure when her husband's cock slammed home. She gripped him tight and began to equal his thrusting. Her hips rose high as his dick continued to scrape along the sides of her sex. The tip traveled up to move across the fleshy surface. She watched Cher slip her vibrator from her moist lips, the tip dripping with nectar. Diane growled with lust when Cher lifted her hips and ran the tip of the toy against the puckered entrance of her ass.

"Oh fuck Cher . . . take it up the ass," she groaned out. Jim heard his wife and he paused. His cock stayed hard as he watched Cher tease the opening of her ass with the toy.

Cher felt the wet head of the vibe and inserted it into the juice-covered entrance. Her body was slick with honey, the slippery substance having found its way along the seam of her precious ass. She grinned and maintained eye contact with her friends as she inserted the cock into her tight hole.

"Yes," she muttered. Slowly and gently she eased the rod in. Her other hand supported her weight and she gasped and pleaded for her friends to continue their fucking. Cher sighed, the rod snug inside bringing a content smile to her lips. Jim smiled back and returned his attentions to his wife.

Each person was lost in not only their pleasure but the sights and sounds that filled the outdoors. Even the scents were staggering to their senses. As Jim impaled his wife, Cher impaled her ass. Diane watched both cocks disappear. The tool Cher used was buried continuously to the hilt and Jim would treat her to strokes that would only allow her part of his cock for a few seconds before he'd plunge all of it into her.

When Cher added her fingers to the pleasure and began to fuck her pussy and her ass, Diane gave up her offering to her husband and screamed out his name. Her cunt covered his cock with juice. Her muscles constricted around his dick and locked him tightly inside. "Oh Jim " she screamed as she felt the waves of desire slam into her, retreat, and slam back.

Jim felt her orgasm and his followed. His cock seemed to jerk forward, plunging itself a bit deeper, and he shot his seed into her warm cavern. "Fuck . . . Ohh yes Di. Ohhh," he groaned as he pumped a second, third, and finally a fourth wad of fluids into his wife's sweet box.

"Ohhh . . . " Cher shouted as she felt her body give in to her climax. Her fingers were showered with her juices once more. The vibe was pulled from her ass and she bucked her hips up and down until she was quivering in small spasms, each one releasing a stream of syrup.

A collective sigh seemed to come from the three friends. When they were all breathing somewhat normal again, Jim eased his softened cock from his wife's pussy and helped her to her feet. He walked over and took Cher's slippery fingers into his mouth, washing them gently with his tongue as he held her hand in his.

They all made their way back to the other room, where for the most part the other couples were stroking their mates either gently, or teasingly loving on new partners. The three friends grinned and opted to move into the Master Bedroom where they could enjoy more stimulating conversations in softer surroundings.

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