tagBDSMA Fantasy, Two Parts

A Fantasy, Two Parts


I feel your hands on my body, but my hands are tied to the corners of the bed. You kiss me, first gently, then intensely, as you slip a blindfold over my eyes and I fall into the darkness. The sensations intensify. You kiss me again, then you lick my nipples and I can feel the sparks flying all through my body; I tense up as I sense you move away, but I can feel your hands again as you spread my legs wide and give a few licks to my already wet pussy. I shudder.

I can sense you move away again, then you come back and start playing with my pussy. You slide a couple of fingers in and it is dripping by now, I want you so much. I feel your finger up my ass and I tighten around it, but you take it right out as I do and then I feel something much bigger on the tip of my asshole. I try to move away but you're no longer gentle, you hold me down and force what feels like a massive butt plug into my tight ass. I now feel sparks of pain as I'm stretched out, struggling. You order me to keep it in and I can hear you move around the bed and bring your hard cock near my mouth. I try to reach for it but you tease me, with just the tip on my lips and my eager tongue. You kiss me softly but then grab my head hard by the hair, with your other hand on my throat you put your cock into my eager waiting mouth and slide it all the way down, then keep it there,

holding me so I can't move. The pleasure of having your cock inside my mouth clashes with the pain from my ass as you take your cock out and let me get a breath of air, before forcing it down again, and again, and again as I am aching for every stroke. You finally take it out and let me run my tongue over your balls before moving away, again.

Your hands are on my breasts and you're about to enter my pussy, I am so happy when I can feel you inside me but you remind me to keep holding onto the butt plug, else there will be some punishment. You fuck me long and slow, then fast and hard and it doesn't take long for me to near orgasm, I can feel myself falling deeper as my pussy tightens around your cock; I'm begging you to keep going. You let me come but I can't hold on to the butt plug, you sense that and quickly pull it out of my ass and put it into my mouth, stifling my moans. You fuck me some more until my orgasm is finished, then take my ankles and tie them to my wrists, so that I'm wide open and unable to move. You remind me that there's punishment to be had, I can't say much because the big butt plug is still in my mouth. You slap my wet pussy, first gently, then harder, and harder still, as I struggle but I'm unable to move away at all. You finally stop and move away, leaving me there,restrained, wide open and exposed, with feelings of pleasure and pain washing all over my body.

I'm not sure how long you're gone for, I'm still in the dark but I can hear some voices, yours and someone else's. Suddenly I can sense there is more light, and it is you with someone else in the room, another man. I feel embarrassed and turned on at the same time, with my legs spread out and my pussy and asshole fully exposed. You take the butt plug out of my mouth but I can't say anything because your tongue fills me with a kiss straight away. Suddenly I can feel two sets of hands on me, two tongues taking turns in my mouth, on my nipples, different fingers in both of my holes. Yet it is your hands that hold my throat as a stranger's cock enters my mouth, going deeper and deeper with every stroke. Then it's you, going down my throat straight away yet only for a few moments before you pull it out and move my head to the other side to suck the stranger's cock again. You take turns, I'm stupidly turned on again and eager for every moment, yet I don't know what you have planned for me next.

It is your hands again on my ass, spreading my cheeks, showing me off to the other guy, sliding a finger in and out a few times but it's not you who is about to enter me there. I'm not in a position to object as your hand is covering my mouth, the same fingers that were just inside me, so I lick them clean as I struggle not to scream out in pain. Once you're satisfied that I'm not resisting, you let me suck your cock again and lick your balls; the pleasure overtakes me as the pain recedes to the back of my mind and dissipates there. You position yourself so that you're sitting on my face, your asshole right over my mouth so I lick all over it, around it, and put my tongue inside it as your fingers are on my pussy, playing with the clit hood piercing, intensifying the sensations and I'm close again, I'm moaning hard but no one can hear me, with your ass in my face and the stranger's cock in my ass. I explode into a mind blowing orgasm and so do you, I can feel you cum all over my tits, and my wide open mouth, eager for every drop, I want to taste you. At the same time the other guy pulls out of my ass and comes onto my tits and mouth as well. Your kiss, you untie my arms and legs but leave the blindfold on for the time being, I am completely overwhelmed and curl into a ball as you walk the other man out and come back, lie down beside me and hold me in your arms until I fall asleep.

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