tagErotic CouplingsA Father Must Do His Best Ch. 02

A Father Must Do His Best Ch. 02


(Again to reiterate this story is NOT an incest story, and it will not become one - it is about parental love between a father and daughter after she turns 18, and the romantic relationship of the father with another female character to be introduced. I will not turn this into a seedy, vulgar story about the father and daughter. This introduction is to set the situation, and the parental love the pair have for one another, which adds focus for the romantic relationship he later has with a woman. All characters are 18 years old, or older.)


Saturday Evening, 6:55PM, Outside Tina's Residence

As the door buzzed open, I pushed through the big Oak door and in front of me was a staircase, I knew Tina's flat was on the top floor so I began to climb the stairs. Eventually I reached the top floor, and the door to her flat was open and she was standing there, waiting for me with a smile on her face. She like her daughter had dreadlocks, that stopped just under her earlobes, a few inches. She was beautiful, with alluring hazel eyes, and smooth skin. She was gorgeous, standing there. She looked like she was about 5'5, very petite but with a beautiful body. She had curves, and very voluptuous. She was beaming standing there, she was wearing a nice black dress, that looked loose in places, but tight around her waist and chest. I wasn't one to complain as she looked like she was a very womanly, busty woman.

I assumed she had stockings or pantyhose on, as the tone of her legs were darker to her beautiful arms and neck. She looked shy, as she lowered her gaze from me.

"You look, beautiful Tina." I said, not watching my words - I winced as I thought I sounded too forward for her liking.

She smiled, and closed the door behind her so we were now alone standing in the corridor.

"You don't look too bad yourself, James." She said slowly walking towards me.

"You ready?" I asked her with a smile.

She just nodded, humming in a general positive tone.

She walked towards me more, and I turned to go back down the stairs. We were both soon out on the pavement outside the building. As we stepped out, she almost fell into me so I put out my arms to steady her, and she let me almost fully wrap them around her waist.

"Hey it's OK, I've got you." I said with a smile.

"I'm so sorry." She laughed gently, correcting her balance.

"I'm not used to these heels, I don't usually wear any." She added.

I gently slid my arms from around her, and to my sides as I smiled.

"It's alright, you didn't need to wear anything like this - you would have looked amazing in anything." I said gently.

She must have liked the compliment, and smiled as she dropped her gaze from me briefly.

"Thank you." She said, as we both turned to the car.

I unlocked the doors, and opened the passenger door for her, and she slid in effortlessly.

I closed her door safely, I didn't want to hurt my date within minutes of meeting her. I moved around the car to my side, and got inside. I started the engine and slowly pulled out into the street, and began to drive towards the restaurant I was taking her to. There was silence for a few minutes as I drove us towards the restaurant, but I broke the silence.

"You look lovely, tonight." I said smiling sideways to her.

"You said that already." She laughed gently. I smiled as I kept my hands on the steering wheel.

"So no work, tonight and tomorrow?" She asked me, striking a match to the conversation.

"Nah, rest days as they're called. But Monday it's back to normal, four days on and three days off. Two of them are nights, and the other two are day shifts. It's tiring at times." I explained with a weaker smile.

"It must be hard at times, bringing up Aisha whilst being a Copper." She said with a sweet tone to her voice.

I didn't usually talk about this stuff with strangers, but Tina was being nice and inviting for me to talk about it - and a date is generally about getting to know one another.

"Yeah I guess it was, I mean I may have been a Cop but it never changed anything at home with Aisha. I still got up every morning when I wasn't working early, woke her up for school and made sure she was dressed and fed properly. If I was working early, then my mother or sister would come and help out. But I made an effort, to be there for her whenever I could. I never tried to avoid being a father to her, if I wasn't working I'd be at home with her; and if she needed me to be there, I called in favors at work, to get off to be there for her." I explained, as I turned right at a set of traffic lights into another street.

"Was it hard, I mean you must have had people really hate you for bringing up a black girl as your own?" She asked me, very carefully as every word was spaced out.

I nodded, and we stopped at some more traffic lights that were red.

"Almost all of my family; except my mother and sister made the usual vulgar, derogate remarks and such when I took Aisha around to see them, as she was growing up. They would say them when she was out of the room, and expect me to agree with them. How could they expect me to go along with those remarks, and sick jokes - she was my bloody daughter, I loved her. I hit my cousin one day, in front of most of my family including my mother and sister. After he made a crude joke about Aisha, while she was in the room; she was too young to understand it, but I still punched him one. Since then I haven't spoken to them, or anyone else at the party that day. I don't need them in mine, or Aisha's lives." I said gently, trying to sound calm as I drove.

Tina nodded, and gently pushed her hair from her face.

"Sounds like it was hard, bringing her up on your own really. I'm sorry." She said gently.

"Yeah, at times it was." I said as I finally found the car park ahead of us, that was adjacent to the restaurant.

I pulled the car up into one of the empty spaces, and parked up the car. We were parked only a few yards away from the restaurant. I pulled on the hand brake, and turned off the engine. Tina was smiling, I hoped it was for real - I didn't want to make her uncomfortable with my life story, and her smiling to hide her discomfort.

"I thought we would try an Italian restaurant, they do great pasta and have good wine." I said with a smile.

"Sounds great, I like Italian food." Tina laughed gently with her hands in her lap.

I got out of the car, and went around to open her door and she stepped out both gracefully, and sensually. I closed the door behind her, and locked the car - she was shy around me, so I gently took her arm and we walked over to the restaurant main doors. It felt nice to hold a woman so close to me, one that actually wanted to be held. Her body felt warm, pressed slightly against my side, and we entered the restaurant together.

The waiter saw us, and smiled. He was a young man with blonde hair, he directed us to a table for the two of us. I thanked him as we sat down together, across from each other. We were given two menu's, and one between us just for the wine selection. We quietly ordered Chicken Pasta each, with garlic bread and a bottle of Red Wine between us both.

"So do you come here, often?" Tina asked me, the candle between us in the center of the table illuminating her beautiful face, and features.

"I came here once, I remembered how good the pasta was and the wine. It's a nice restaurant, but not always busy, just nice and quiet for something like this." I said smiling over the candle light. She smiled and sat across from me, watching me.

"So how long have you fancied me?" She asked me with a cute grin on her face.

That was forward, exactly what I was afraid of asking her. I smiled, and grinned.

"Since I met you a while back, at a school function for Aisha and Sara." I answered.

The waiter returned a second later, with the wine and glasses. He opened it, with a pop and began pouring into the two glasses. He smiled and left us. Tina picked up her glass and sipped at the wine inside it.

"So come on, what made you fancy me? Did I do anything in particular?" She asked me grinning once again.

Was this a trick question, because I remembered exactly what she did that was so sexy that made me fancy her from that point on-wards.

"You don't want to know." I said with a laugh.

"Uh uh, I do. Tell me." She said with a sexy glint in her eyes.

I leaned forwards into the glint of the candle light, and my breathing was heavy and my heart was thumping like a machine.

"You dropped the forms you were given by their teacher, and you bent over in front of me." I said as calmly, yet as flirtatiously as I could.

"Go on." She said leaning forward, our faces were inches away from each other.

"And when you bent down to get it, I saw you had a black thong on. I could see your arse, and I got so fucking hard. I had to hide it with my own forms." I said grinning, like an animal.

Tina grinned back, and slid back away from the candle light.

"Hmm maybe I should have stayed bent over, and seen how long it would have taken you to mount me right there and then." She teased me with a wink. I laughed, and had to lower my volume as it caught the attention of people eating nearby.

"Don't tempt fate, I would have if I could have got away with." I teased her back.

Tina leaned back in her chair, with her wine in hand and sipped at it, watching me.

"Who said I would have tried, to wriggle free from you?" She asked me, flirting away.

I smiled, and I was about to flirt back when our food arrived. The waiter placed the plates of steaming, hot pasta in front us both and placed the plate of garlic bread in the center for us, before leaving.

"Saved by food, that's a first." Tina laughed with a grin.

I smiled back, as we both tucked into our pasta, and shared the garlic bread pieces. We talked about our own home lives, she told me that she had been bringing up Sara on her own even before she left her husband, he was never around or when he was he was too busy beating Tina up to be any good of a dad to Sara. Not only that, he seemed intent on getting involved in Sara and Tina's lives now that Sara had turned eighteen. She made it clear to him, that she wasn't interested and had applied for another injunction against him, if he chose to try and contact them.

As we talked over all of this, we finally finished off the food and had also finished another bottle of wine. By this time also, the candle was almost burnt out and I looked at my wristwatch - it was also 11pm. The waiters were watching us, and it turned out we were the last customers to be left in the restaurant and it was clear they wanted to lock up for the evening.

"I guess they're making it clear, they want us to go." I said with a smile.

Tina smiled, and stood from her chair slowly.

"I guess we better go then." She said with a smile.

I stood with her, and grabbed my jacket and we moved together to the counter to pay for our meal. The waiter took my card, and put it through to pay for the meal and handed it back to me. Tina took my arm gently, and held onto me as we walked out of the restaurant together. We walked together, as I felt her hand squeeze mine as we moved to car park. I knew it was stupid to drive like this, with two bottles of wine in us both and I was about to decide against it, and call down a cab. All of a sudden, Tina pressed into me, and I hit the car door, and she leaned in and pressed her lips against mine hard. We kissed deeply, it was more like a mouth to mouth on her part, as she slid her tongue against mine and we open-mouth-smooched together. Her body pressed into mine, as if like two pieces of a Tetris puzzle.

Her pelvis pressed into mine, and already having a partial hard-on it grew into a fully on bulge, and she pressed against it like a cat or dog in heat. She was moaning, and breathing like a machine running on oil, as her hands slowly ran down my chest to my bulge and she grabbed it hard.

"I've wanted you for so fucking long James, even when I was with Ryan." She said gasping.

Ryan was her ex-husband, and we had met when she was still married to her brute of a husband. I may have tried to be a good man, but my hands were thinking otherwise and I grabbed her firm, large bottom through her dress and it made her wince yet moan at the same time.

"Kiss me, James." She moaned, her eyes glazed and her body felt like a furnace against me.

I leaned in and pressed my wet mouth open against hers, and she gasped but shoved her tongue hard against my own. My hands moved down, and scooped up the bottom of her dress and hiked it up over her waist. My hands felt around, and I knew now she was wearing tights. My hands rubbed, and squeezed her big arse through the nylon pantyhose, every inch of her bum felt amazing in my hands, and I even lifted it up and dropped it, making a small clapping sound. I felt Tina press her pelvis into my own harder, grinding as we kissed - my hands pulled her in further, my hands gripping her cheeks and pressing her into me.

All of a sudden a Police car drove past, and they lit up their sirens as they past us, a clear sign for us to stop this quite public display. My hands dropped instinctively, and Tina pulled down her dress to cover her arse that was on show to the Police car. I knew this drill, we used it to move on the crowds of youths at time, and even those doing exactly what me and Tina were just doing. We both turned, and looked like a guilty pair to the Police car, that drove on after the officers inside were sure we would be stopping our fondling. As they drove off, I turned to Tina who's hair was everywhere, and she smiled like a naughty school girl.

"You had your hands all over my arse, you dirty bastard." She said with a grin, wiping her lips with her hand.

I smiled, and rearranged my trousers so my hard-on wasn't as visible.

"I'm sorry." I said really meaning it, as I did grope her like a rowdy prison inmate would.

"Don't apologize, it's been too long since a man grabbed me like that." She giggled, and I smiled back.

We agreed it was about time I got her home, as Sara would be home soon and Tina was parent like me, always wanted to be home for our kids. I think if we both had our way, we both would have been fucking like rabbits on the bonnet of my car, had the my colleagues not driven past, and made us stop. We decided to call a taxi, for us both as I could not drive with Wine in my system, I didn't want to risk my career. We waited outside the restaurant for the taxi we had called, and began to talk about what we wanted in a relationship and stuff, and good news for me she didn't want me to give up my job or Aisha. Eventually the taxi arrived, and we got inside. I decided to give Tina's address first, and he drove us there. In the back of the taxi as he drove, we both talked more about each other and what we wanted in a relationship together. We kissed some-more, but it was only pecks on the lips and one deep kiss. We soon arrived outside Tina's building. I told the driver to wait for me, and I would pay whatever it cost for him to wait for me.

Me and Tina got out of the taxi and I walked her to the front door of her building. I expected she would say her goodbye to me and go inside, but she opened the door and ushered me in. As I stepped in, Tina closed the door over but didn't shut it fully. She leaned in and kissed me hard, putting her arm around my neck and pulling me into her. My hand was meant to go for her arse again, but with the quick motions my hand ended up between her legs, inside her dress and cupping her mound through her tights. The action made Tina literally purred into my ear, as she kissed me manically. I rubbed my palm against her fiery hot mound, knowing her pussy was under the nylon. I moved my other hand to the waistband of her tights, and began to roll them down, as my other hand joined the job. I rolled them down to just above her knees.

I found her underwear, and it was a pair of lace panties, the size was a womanly one, that covered her curves and squeezed her arse into them. I wasted now time, and rolled down her panties also to around above her knees, and began to unbuckle my jeans, and as they dropped around my own knees my hard-on in my boxers pointed up like a tent towards her bare pussy, it only had a wisp of black hair above her slit.

"Oh my god, right here - you're going to do this right here, right now?" She asked between gasps, and moans as I fished my thick, hard cock out into the open and pressed it against her mound.

I wasn't going to fuck her yet, I wanted to make her purred again in pleasure, into my ears. I slid my erect cock under her pussy, and slid it along making her feel the shaft. This grinding along her pussy was making her gasp, pant and of course she purred into my ears, as I sped up my thrusts. Her entire body was rocking, shaking and I was about to ram my cock home inside her when I heard Sara's voice upstairs calling down - she must have seen the taxi drop us off.

"Mom, you down there?" She asked loudly, down the stairwell.

"Shit." Tina grunted, and she began to pull her panties and tights up, effectively pushing my hard cock between her legs out and I began to pull my own jeans up.

"Mom!" Sara called down again.

"I'm coming love, be up in a minute - I'm just saying goodbye to James." She said now with her tights awkwardly up around her waist, rolled over a few times from the speed of her rushing to pull them back up.

It went quiet, so we both assumed Sara had gone back inside the flat.

"God we were so close to getting caught." She giggled in a low voice.

"I know, I shouldn't have gone that far - Sara could have caught us." I laughed back.

Tina leaned in and kissed me passionately, and deeply once again.

"I wouldn't have stopped you, I would have let you ram that thing in me and make me scream like a fucking animal right here, right now if you just did it." She said in a teasing voice.

"Fuck." Was all I could say, with a sly grin on my lips.

We both laughed gently, still holding each other slightly, following her latest kiss.

"I better go up and see Sara, before she comes down and see us both like this." She said smiling.

"Right, course." I said grinning, as I let go of her waist and stepped back.

"I'm gonna call you tomorrow." She said grinning, like a Persian Cat.

I smiled, and she began to mount and climb the stairs to her flat and I couldn't take my eyes off her swaying arse, beneath her silk, thin dress.

"Oh you'll get this eventually, all of it - don't worry about that pal. It's practically yours already. Just not tonight, apparently." She said with a grin squeezing her arse through her dress for my notice, before disappearing behind the corner of the staircase.

I breathed hard, and took a few moments to calm my body. I stepped out into the street, and made for the taxi. I got back into the back of the taxi, and told the driver to take me to my home - and gave him the address. The taxi drive was long, I thought over everything that had happened tonight, how close I came to actually fucking Tina both in the car park and the hallway of her building. Eventually we arrived at my house, and I got out and paid the driver the £55 I owed him, extra for waiting for me at Tina's place. I went inside my house and made for the couch, and saw that it was almost midnight on the clock on the wall above the television.

I assumed that Aisha had heard me, as I heard her come down the stairs quickly from her room.

"Hey you're back from your big date, how did it go?" She said with as smile, jumping on the couch with me. She was wearing her PJ's, and slippers.

"Hey, what you still doing up?" I asked her with a smile.

"I waited up for you, Sara called me about ten minutes ago and told me Tina had come home, seemed quite happy even." Aisha smiled.

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