tagLoving WivesA Few Beers Lead To My Humiliation

A Few Beers Lead To My Humiliation


I really had no idea I would find humiliation so exciting, nor did I ever think I would submit so easily. But I was wrong on both counts.

I should start by saying she had been my wife for only a couple of years. I was in my mid 20's, and while I enjoyed sex as much as any 20 something, she was five years my senior and had a lot more experience. I learned much about how to please a woman from her, and slowly but surely, she controlled our sex life.

The one fetish I had was to see her in stockings and high heels. I was not fond of pantyhose or even bare legs. But when she wore stockings or thigh highs with heels, I became very aroused. Soon that arousal gave her the upper hand, and she took advantage. In bed, she enjoyed talking about fantasies, and I learned to enjoy it too. We often shared fantasy stories about bringing another into our bed. And, we learned how aroused I would become when we spoke of my seeing her with another man. Of course, that was just fantasy. Then she started telling me how she would control me, and even make me do things in front of her friend Mary. And the funny thing was, the more she talked about it, and the hornier she made me, the more I believed I would do what she told me.

One night, I came home from work to find her and Mary enjoying a cold beer. They had come straight from work, and both were still dressed for the office. I grabbed a beer and joined them. One became three, then four, and then the surprise. When Mary went to the bathroom, my wife slid up her skirt to reveal that she had worn a garter belt to work that day. I became instantly hard when I saw the sheer stocking top attached to her garter. She told me she thought her boss might have seen the tops of her stockings, and she knew that aroused me. But then Mary returned and the conversation returned to normal for just a few minutes. Mary complained that her former boyfriend was a wimp, but that she enjoyed controlling him. With that, my wife told Mary she controlled me. I felt myself blush as she went on, explaining that if she wore stockings and heels, I became weak to her instructions and would do anything I was told.

It was clear the beer had kicked in. She had never done anything sexual in my presence before, but now Mary slid up her skirt to reveal the tops of her thigh highs, and remarked that this could be a bad night for me, as she smiled. With that, my wife stood up, dropped her skirt, and told me to come to her. I was shocked, but also hornier than I could ever remember. I walked across the room and just stood there. She asked if I wanted to run my hands up her legs and feel her stockings, to which I eagerly agreed. "Want to let him feel yours, too?" she asked Mary. Again, Mary laughed and said "Why not." So I sat between them, with one hand rubbing up and down on each of their thighs. I was in heaven.

"What else can you get him to do?" Mary asked, to which my wife replied, "Oh, when he's this horny, just about anything."

"Then let's make him jerk off," she said. "And we'll tell him when he can cum."

I should tell you that seeing me masturbate was one of my wife's great pleasures. She would often get me all worked up and make me jerk off in front of her. It really made her hot, so I was not surprised when she agreed.

Not surprised, but horrified. Playing with my dick in front of my wife was one thing. But Mary was a friend of hers who was a couple of years younger, very attractive, and it was just humiliating.

"That's a good idea," my wife replied, and turned to me and said "strip naked for me now and lie on the floor. And before you even think about protesting, if you say no, our fantasy games are over. I warned you this was coming sooner or later and you agreed, so DO IT!"

She was right. Our fantasy sharing had become intense. Several times she said she would display me in front of her friends, saying she knew I chicken out. Each time I assured her I would love it and would do as I was told. It's amazing what you'll say when you are worked up and your wife is stroking your dick. Now, it was time to put up or shut up, and she knew it.

And, I was so horny from seeing them both in stockings and heels that I was about to explode anyway.

"Oh, nice balls," Mary said as I slid my pants down.

"Help yourself," my wife said, "Play with them a minute and make him crazy."

And with that, Mary stood over me, allowing me a view up her skirt of her thigh highs and thong. As she stood over my head, she bent over toward my dick and took my balls ever so gently in her hand. "These are big" she said. "And they feel very full."

Mary changed positions to kneel by my side, but never took her hands off my balls.

My dick was standing straight up at attention, and I was horrified that I might cum just from Mary touching me while I looked at her stockings and heels.

My wife stood up, walked over and said "Ok, start playing with yourself while we get comfortable."

That's when I knew they had talked about this before I got home. Both of them undressed completely, standing there in nothing but hose and heels.

"See, I told you so," my wife said to Mary. As she prompted me to keep playing with myself, she confirmed that this was all the subject of a bet. She bet Mary twenty bucks she could make me jerk off in front of them if Mary would just show off her thigh highs and heels. Now, they were laughing at me, and I was more humiliated then ever. The thought that she had told Mary of her ability to control me, and was so sure of herself that she bet money on it was more than I could handle. But it was at this moment that I also realized I was, indeed, under her control. Because I was lying there, stroking my dick and loving it.

And then I got the surprise of my life. "We want to give you some motivation," Mary said. And with that, the two started touching each others tits. "We'll do this to keep you interested," my wife said.

I was about to bust...."I'm ready to cum right now!" I said.

Now it was Mary giving the orders, which was even more humiliating. "Don't you cum before we say it's ok," she said, "or we'll make you eat your own cum."

I continued to jack off ever so slightly as the two beautiful women in front of me continued to enjoy each other's breasts. I had started stoking myself very lightly to keep from coming while I enjoyed watching them. But without notice, Mary took the pointy end of her high heel, and gently nudged my balls. Then she stopped and my wife did it. Back and forth they went.... touching my balls with their heels, bending over and running their hands up and down my thighs, and even removing their shoes and rubbing their stocking feet on my legs and chest.

What I was feeling now was the pending explosion in my dick. "Please, please," I said. "I've got to cum."

All they did was laugh.

Before I knew the, they separated, and my wife knelt down closer to me. "Don't you cum yet," she said, knowing I was close.

"Please...please," I begged, as Mary returned to playing ever so lightly with my balls.

"I'll tell you what," Mary promised. "If you can hold off, I'll let you watch your wife fuck me with one of her toys. But if you come, we will feed you your own cum."

But it was too late. Just the thought of seeing my wife use a dildo on Mary sent me over the edge. My wife quickly scooped it off my stomach and seemed to take delight in putting in my mouth. Then Mary took the remainder and did the same. I can tell you this, my cum didn't taste anything like I expected it too. And they enjoyed feeding it too me.

But that wasn't the worst of it. The worst part was when my wife took Mary by the hand and led her to our bedroom, but locked me out so I couldn't watch.

There are more stories about Mary and my wife to come in the future.

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His wife clearly demonstrates she has no love or respect for him. The next morning he left early and went to the bank. There he closed all the accounts, cancelled all their credit cards and cleaned outmore...

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My wife and her friends have been doing similar for two years now. The difference is they tie me up and wank me off, but they don't stop, they keep wanking my dick until I cum again, and again, the recordmore...

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