tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Few Good Girls Ch. 01-03

A Few Good Girls Ch. 01-03


"Just don't make me eat any more 'dip,'" Wanda stuck out her tongue, slipping her red hair back behind her ears as we walked aimlessly through the theme park. It was getting darker now, so her bra-less D cups weren't really visible at all any more through her fairly thin dress.

"Maybe I'll just make her open some buttons now, and keep it that way." I looked at Jess for approval, my eyes again darting to the bottom of her dress. Much thicker than Wanda's, Jess's dress was still fairly damp and clung tightly to her tan little body.

I'd seen her naked plenty of times before, but for some reason this dare game we were playing made it so much more... intriguing. I just wondered if she was thinking the same about my short mini-hoodie and matching mini-skirt. I mean, for being Asian, I filled out the top fairly well with my C cups. I didn't look half-bad at all.

"Maybe all but one," Jess smiled, "Starting from the bottom?" For being the youngest of us, her freshly 18 year old mind was rather mischievous.

"Um... maybe just the top three," I replied. I looked over at Wanda's dress. The third button down was well below her tits, but they could still be fairly safe. As long as she was careful.

"Whoa, hey now, I can handle a little water, my dress isn't that transparent, but that's a bit much," She shook her head at this, "My tits would totally fall out!"

"I think it's pretty tame compared to me showing literally everything to the maze guy." Jess pointed back where we'd just come.

"Ya, it's not too much, I think that's what you should do," I nodded. "Alright, undo'em. The top three."

"I don't think..." Wanda started.

"It could be the bottom three," Jess suggested. "Or five."

"No, I pick the top. And three." I shook my head. "It's all precarious-like." We looked at Wanda and waited.

"Um, no, I'm not doing it." She looked defiantly at me, then at Jess. Jess held out her hand.

"Give'em here then." Jess smiled. Wanda looked around, but the park was fairly empty and the only people nearby were walking away from us. She quickly lifted her dress up and slid her panties down her legs. She stepped out of them and handed'em to Jess, fixing her dress back down quickly. "That wasn't so hard, was it?" Jess packed the panties into her already over-flowing purse. "I hope I can fit more clothes in here," she said, squeezing it closed.

"It's not like we have much more to give up," Wanda said, trying to see if her pussy hair was visible through her dress. It was. She had a cute little landing strip of fiery red pretty clearly visible through the fabric.

"Oh, I'm sure someone'll be taking off something else..." Jess smiled at me, as it was now Wanda's turn to pick my thing to do.

"Well, now that I'm undies-free, I won't feel bad at all for my idea. Let's go back to 'Dave,'" Wanda replied, turning back toward the part of the park with the snack bar where we'd started the game. "I'm gonna use both my dares."

We walked back to Dave, passing a few clock-watching attendants on the way, and only one or two remaining guests. I noticed that Wanda got a few more looks than Jess or I, all at her fairly visible bright strip of fur. It was surprising how well it stood out when even her nipples barely showed, but I guess the bottom of her dress stayed wet longer from the log ride. Gravity and such.

"Well, what's your plan?" Jess asked as we came up to the snack bar. Dave noticeably brightened up at our arrival and Jess smiled at him, waving her fingers.

"Make out with each other," Wanda said, crossing her arms.

"Make out?" I looked at Jess and bit my lip again. My thoughts rushed to Jess's sexy little bald beaver peaking out back at the maze.

"Make out? That's all you got? That's pretty weak." Jess raised an eyebrow at her, putting her hands on her hips.

"Um, no, it's good," I smiled, looking over at Jess.

"Good?" She gave me an appraising look, "Maybe... maybe we can make it good," She glanced over at Dave and smiled, then looked back at me. I looked over and saw that we most definitely had his full attention already.

"Well?" Wanda tapped a foot, "Are you gonna get to it or are you gonna try to fit a hoodie and a dress in that purse?"

I smiled, enjoying the mental image of Jess stripping out of her dress right here, in the park, and stepped up to her. She put her hand on my waist and pulled me close. First just a gentle peck, then a bit more. I slid my arms around her back, grabbing her dress, and she slid her tongue into my mouth. It felt so good.

I let my hand drift down to her ass, and gave it a light squeeze. surprising us both. I felt her smile with our lips pressed together, and her hand came up my side. She lifted my arm over her shoulder, and then slid the bottom of my mini-hoodie from just below my breasts to just above, softly squeezing my newly exposed flesh with her fingers. It felt so, so good.

My mind was racing with thoughts of Jess and her smooth-shaven little pussy, out here, in the theme park. Still locked in our passionate kiss, I pulled her dress up in back and squeezed her taut, smooth, bare butt. She giggled at this and gently bit my lower lip with a smile. I shivered. It felt great.

She pulled back a little, and we kissed lightly again. She smiled at me and licked my lips, her hand still on my tit, my hand still on her ass.

"Um..." Wanda started, "Alright then..." I turned my eyes from Jess and glanced at Wanda. She was stunned and I started giggling.

I looked over at our other audience member. He smiled broadly, his eyes darting from my tits to Jess's bare ass. He wasn't what I cared about right now. I looked back to Jess, running my fingers across her smooth butt cheek with a smile.

"Well, that was fun!" Jess stepped away from me, leaving my tits on display as she pointed her bare behind at Dave. She toyingly searched for the back hem of her dress by running her fingers up and down her butt cheek a few times before finally covering back up.

"Ya, this game is pretty awesome." I grinned at Jess, suddenly aware of my heart racing as I slid my titties back into my top and caught my breath.

"So, Wanda, let's have those buttons open." Jess looked up, hands on her hips again.

"Wait, what?" She shook off her stunned surprise at our little show and glared over at Jess. "You can't make me do something I've already refused. I've, like, bought immunity."

"Um, no. You either do the dare, or strip. That's the game. There's no immunity." Jess looked at me, "Right?"

"Right," I sighed softly, my heart still fast, then thought for a second. "Wanda makes sense, though." I said, "I mean, you could just say the same outrageous things over and over and force her to strip completely." It did make sense. "That wouldn't be fair." My heart was starting to pound less now.

"See?" Wanda stepped over next to me, "Not fair at all."

"Well, I guess I'll make it fair then..." Jess looked at me, "I want you to undo your hoodie again as well. To stay." She smiled.

"Whoa, hey now!" I stepped back, "I can't keep this unzipped, it'll totally fall apart, it's too small for that." I gestured over to Dave, "Showing them to you and your little boy-toy there is one thing, but I can hardly walk around with my tits out."

"Fair's fair, though." Jess smiled and looked at Wanda, "Would that be a fair deal?"

To my horror, Wanda actually considered this idea, "Um, I guess that's fair, since you're doing it to both of us." She nodded. "Besides, if you don't think it's fair, Cindy, you can just take your hoodie off." Apparently overcoming her dislike of Jess's idea, she was grinning at me, evily.

I gave her a dirty look as she undid her top button. Just that one button extended her cleavage most of the way down her tits, and when she undid the second it looked like enough to let them spill out right there. She undid the third and they were almost actively trying to escape, but she tugged at her dress and trapped them in for the time being.

"Your turn," Jess said, looking to me. I screwed up my lips and slid my hoodie's zipper down halfway. The mini-hoodie only covered to just under my tits. So, much further and it would come totally open anyway. If it was gonna stay like this -- I figured she wouldn't want me to open it as much as earlier.

"That's not far enough!" Wanda cried, pointing at her own tits, "Look how far I had to go, make her do more, Jess!"

"You're right, not far enough at all. It hasta be fair!" Jess reached out and pulled at the zipper. I defensively grabbed at her hand and jumped back, saving my tits from her with a snapping sound, but not by very much. She did manage to unzip the hoodie almost to the bottom, leaving less than half an inch together now.

Then I noticed Jess was grinning like mad and I realized why there had been a snapping sound. The cheap zipper had broken when I jumped back and now my hoodie was stuck like this. The zipper teeth still together were held out from touching my skin by the tension from my tits. The top was split wide, showing even more of my breasts than Wanda was of hers, and I feared for the stability of my poor broken zipper under that stress. There were only five or six zipper teeth holding my tits in, and they didn't look too strong.

"There we go." Jess held up the broken off zipper piece -- "Won't be needing this..." She plopped it into her purse.

"Very nice," Wanda said happily. "That's fair." She seemed to relish my exposure.

I realized Dave had been watching this entire exchange and I looked over at him. He smiled, noticeably staring at my cleavage. I twisted my lips to one side and got an idea. He'd seen my tits fairly plainly. It'd be fun for him to see more. Anyway, he wasn't what really I cared about right now. Or, at least, not so much who.

I turned my back to him an set my legs apart, bending over forward. I was never a cheerleader like Jess had been, so I couldn't bend over far enough to pull my skirt all the way up my ass, but I could feel it had gone far enough for my purpose. I slid my hand between my legs and pushed a finger into my exposed pussy. I was very wet already from what we'd been doing, and it slid in easily. I bit my lip with the sensation, my heart starting to pound.

I slid my finger in and out slowly, spreading my juices around. I bit down hard as my kiss with Jess flashed into my mind and I let out a quiet murmur. Holding back the feeling in my chest, I pulled my finger out, practically dripping. Standing up, my skirt slid back down my ass and I offered the soaking finger to Jess. She raised an eyebrow and I said, "Or would you rather take off your dress?"

She looked over at Dave, who was awestruck, and she grew a big grin. She leaned forward, still looking over at Dave, and curved her tongue out, licking my finger. Then she slid the whole thing into her mouth and I felt her tongue swish around it. She was clearly more experienced at these kinds of things than me. I wondered just how much experience she had and suddenly felt that feeling in my chest again.

"Mmm..." She said as she stood back up, "You're delicious!" She looked to Wanda, "I wonder what she has in store for you?"

"I just did that because you made me eat his cum earlier, it only seemed fair," I nodded toward Dave.

"Hey, I ate some too," She giggled, "So what did you have in mind for Wanda?"

"Ya, I mean, I don't want to eat you out or anything, but I'd like to keep my dress on," She said, a little nonplussed at my show.

"Just do a bit of bouncing for Dave," I nodded toward our captive audience, "Just lean over to ask him how long until the park closes or something and kind of stand up too fast."

"That's, ah, pretty weak, you know, compared to the show you just gave him," Jess licked the last of my juices off her lips. Another incredible image frozen in my mind.

"Sure, but I think it's pretty good," I said, turning back to Wanda, "You haven't shown anyone your bare titties yet."

"He would be the first at the park to see'em bare," Jess nodded, agreeing and looking to Wanda. "Well? Do we get your dress or what?"

"Um, alright, I'll see what I can do. It's still less than you guys have shown him, I guess." She headed over to the snack bar.

Jess and I sat down at the table facing Dave. I sat with my legs together at first, but Jess was bouncing hers open and shut like earlier. She knocked me rather meaningfully with her knees a few times and I started swinging mine apart too. It was actually really fun to have him desperately trying to look up my skirt. Who knew? Jess, I guess.

Wanda was bent over talking to Dave for a while. I imagined trying to look up her dress from here, but her hem didn't ride up far enough at this angle. He said something to her and she practically jumped up. His eyes went wide again. You'd think he'd've gotten used to it by this time.

She looked down and was clearly surprised at how successful the attempt had been, then quickly stuffed her tits back in. She turned around and came over to us, already repacked.

"Yer guys' turn. Let's go back to the fun house!" she said bluntly and started off. Jess spread her legs to stand up and bent way over, giving Dave incredible views up and down her dress.

I decided to do the same, but as I leaned over I heard a snap from my hoodie. I guess the action strained the zipper a little more and it popped open another tooth. I reflexively grabbed at it, but it was okay, it hadn't popped totally open. I looked up to see Dave smiling at my chest and realized that by grabbing the bottom of my breasts so quickly I had shoved them almost entirely out of my strained top. My dark nipples were peeking out of the wide opening. My heart was a little more fearful in its racing this time.

I stood up and tried to carefully tuck them back in, not wanting to push too hard against the zipper. I was slipping the first nipple back in when another tooth popped open and I stopped, feeling panic in my shoulders. It was too much of a risk, I had to leave my nipples out. I looked up at Dave, then back at Jess and Wanda, who were already a bit away.

"They don't show too much, do they?" I asked him, my completely unbiased observer.

"No, very subtle." He nodded, not very reassuringly.

"Thanks!" I paused for a second as a much more pleasant emotion washed over me, noticing that he'd been staring at my tits throughout our short but casual exchange. Biting my lip once more, I turned and hurried after the others. I didn't want to hurry too fast, for fear of further endangering my zipper, but I managed to catch up before the fun house.

Jess looked over at me. "Oh my, you know, you're not really covered by that top at all anymore," She licked a finger and softly slid it over my exposed nipple.

I shivered slightly with her touch, another wave pouring over me, "I know, but I can't tuck'em back in without bursting the zipper." I started to put my arms across my chest in modesty, but decided that the risk of discouraging further gentle touches from Jess wasn't worth the saved embarrasment. The park was pretty empty now, anyway, so no one had even seen them yet besides Dave.

"Ooh, tough break," Wanda said, her eyes flitting over my mostly exposed chest. "Alright, before we get to the fun house, here's my thing for you two: I want you to swap outfits inside it."

"Like, get naked and trade clothes?" I asked, looking at Jess's dress, which might be a bit tight on top for me, but would certainly be a beneficial move.

"Can you get that hoodie off without it breaking?" Jess asked. I hadn't even thought of that.

"That's the dare. Do it or strip," Wanda said as we rounded a corner.

"I guess we can do that," I said. "Jess can just hold the hoodie closed; it shouldn't be as tight on her, no offense." I motioned at Jess's smaller chest.

"Why would I be offended by your awesome tits?" She smiled, softly brushing her fingers across them. Not covering up: good choice. "Alright, I can do that. That seems like a pretty neat idea, actually." She seemed impressed with Wanda now. "We agree."

"It is a neat idea," I said, nodding, "Ya, we agree." We rounded a last corner and got to the fun house. The operator was on his cell phone and nodded and hung up when he saw us. We walked toward him.

"Sorry, this ride might be closing early." He held up his hand.

"Oh no!" Wanda faked shock. "I guess you guys can't do it." She shook her head in mock dissappointment. "Wait ... might be?" She looked over at the guy.

"Um, the park doesn't close for another half an hour," Jess said to him, "What the crap?"

"Sorry, this ride might be closing early." He looked at Wanda and coughed meaningfully, eyeing her tits.

"Oh well," Wanda exaggerated a shrug, "Whatever can we do? We'll hafta go." We turned and started off.

"Well, I mean, one more run won't hurt." He called to us. She awkwardly stumbled forward when he said that, and jerked upright a bit too quickly, freeing her tits of their tenuous cover.

"Really?" She spun around to face him, significantly jostling her large, exposed breasts, and he smiled. "Oh my gosh! My tits have popped right out!" She stuffed them back in unceremoniously.

"Well, no, I s'pose I could get in trouble for that, nevermind girls," He smiled at Wanda, "Sorry!"

She turned around and shrugged as we headed off. "It's too bad you'd already agreed," Wanda said, shaking her head after we'd gotten a ways away. "Now you'll hafta strip," She nodded sadly.

"Wait, what?" I stopped, that feeling seeping into my shoulders again. I mentally pictured the walk back to the car. Jess started laughing as they stopped with me.

"Haha, you've got us!" Jess laughed some more. "That was pretty good, you get Dave to do that?" She pointed back toward the maze.

"Let's just say, he was willing to offer something in return for seeing some super boobs." Wanda smiled as she said this, grasping her 'super' boobs.

"Oh my god, Wanda, you're terrible," I said, looking down at my tits, which were pretty well already falling out of my top already, "Well, I guess it isn't too much to ask of me at this point, really," I sighed, resigning to my fate.

"Here, I'll let you guys do it after we leave. No sense getting in trouble for being totally naked in the park. Flashing is one thing, streaking is another," Wanda said, being uncharacteristically reasonable.

We headed out to the car and Wanda got in first, locking us out. "Alright, we've left the park. Strip!" she ordered. Jess laughed again.

"I guess this is safe enough," she said, sliding the top of her dress over her tits, and shimmying it down her tight little body, bending over with her ass in the air to step out of it and pick it up. I'd seen her naked before, but suddenly it felt so different. I just wanted to kiss her again. The only thing she had was that dress, and she just slid right out of it and wanted to give it away, right here in the parking lot. She passed her dress through the window to Wanda, who let her in the car. She just sat down, brazenly naked in the passenger seat.

"Let's go, Cindy." Wanda said, nodding to me. Suddenly thoughts of Jess faded and the heart-pounding was switching to panic.

"C'mon, what's the difference, can't I take it off in there?" I begged.

"Exactly. What's the difference, you're showing your tits already anyway. Just take off your top," Wanda suggested. "You've shown everything to everyone. This is the same."

"Oh, this is so not the same." I looked around. The parking lot was pretty empty. As much as this helped, it also meant that there were fewer cars nearby to give me cover. "I guess no one's around..." I tried to pull the top off over my tits, but I could feel the zipper giving way. I panicked and stopped before another tooth came open. There were only three or four holding it together now.

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