tagMind ControlA Few Minor Adjustments Ch. 04

A Few Minor Adjustments Ch. 04


There are two things to know about my sister in law Nicole. The first is that she's a complete knockout. She could have been a model if she were a little taller. She is still an inch taller than Stephanie, but where Stephanie is curvy, Nicole is long and toned. Stephanie's breasts are big enough to fill a wine glass or the palms of your hands; Nicole is smaller on top. Nicole is two years older than Stephanie, but because she's small, her breasts and ass are as perky as they were when she was nineteen. A year ago she started doing yoga, and she really took to it. The exercises didn't make her body sinewy in the way that it does for some women. The practices defined her more. Her face is more classically beautiful, with a small straight nose and dark eyes that match her dark brown hair. She's more fair-skinned than even Stephanie is.

The second thing to know about Nicole is that she's a complete bitch. Her family says it with love but as a truth, as well. She doesn't accept conflict or broach disagreement, and she'll walk away if she isn't going to get what she wants. Her outlook is almost always negative--even her felt compliments come out sounding backhanded. This turns off a lot of guys who would probably otherwise pursue her. She hadn't had a boyfriend to anyone's knowledge in seven years. Her parents wondered if she might be a lesbian. But her sister loves her and would make sure she got out from behind her computer and from her house by inviting her over for dinner a couple of times a month.

While Stephanie was cleaning herself up, I put a frozen loaf of bread in the oven to refresh and did my best to compose myself. The kitchen smelled musky from our fucking, and I wanted to ensure that Nicole had no idea what we'd been up to. In the meantime, I prepared a little salad of spinach, goat cheese, and bacon that I thought would satisfy the three of us. The side effect of making the kitchen smell like fried pork and not porking was a side benefit. Once I plated our dinners I opened a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white and scrubbed down all the counters.

Even though Nicole had been over to our house dozens of times, she still rang the doorbell. Stephanie was still upstairs, so I went over and opened the door for her.

"People on the roads today are just fucking maniacs," Nicole said. She brushed past me into the living room.

"Good evening to you, too, Nikki," I said. "I'm just finishing dinner. There's wine on the dinner table." I went back into the kitchen and pulled the bread out of the oven. Through the pass-through I watched Nicole collapse into a chair and pour herself a glass of the red.

She looked good. She had clearly come straight over from work. She was wearing brown tailored slacks that stretched over her upper thighs and ass under a white knit top. It was a really fine material--Nicole worked in computers and treated herself to the finer things in life--nearly transparent in the light and showing a matching brown camisole underneath. She had on brown wedge heels that shaped her ass as it tumbled into her seat. Nicole was someone I liked to look at as much as I disliked listening to, but thankfully she was so oblivious that she never noticed. Or if she did, she never said anything.

She drank her first glass silently staring into space waiting for her sister to come downstairs. I cut the bread and wiped the plates and set the table.

Finally Stephanie flounced downstairs. She'd tossed on a blue sundress and white canvas tennis shoes and tied her hair up in a white ribbon. She still looked a little flushed and winked at me as she reached the last step.

"Hey, sis!" Stephanie said, and finally Nicole stood up. They embraced lightly. "How are you doing?"

"Well, you know. My car has a little knock in the engine and the mechanic tells me it's nothing. I think he just wants it to break so I'll have to spend more on the repair."

Stephanie poured herself a tall glass of the white as I put the plates on the table with the bread.

I poured myself a glass of wine also, and raise my glass for a toast. "To lucky husbands," I said. My wife blushed a little bit as we clinked glasses and dug in to our plates.

The dinner itself was uneventful. Nicole went through her litany of complaints while Stephanie listened and I watched the thin lips of her mouth--how different than her sister's full pout--and her long, thin arms and neck.

As I was picking up the plates and taking them into the kitchen, Nicole said, "You look a lot better than you did the last time I saw you, Steph. Are you doing something different?"

"No!" Stephanie said. "My wonderful husband hypnotized me, and I lost 6 pounds in a week! I feel amazing, and I didn't have to do anything. I swear, he's like magic." She grabbed at me as I walked around the table. I made a weak feint at getting out of the way of her hands.

"Magic, huh? I'm still having trouble sleeping. I get maybe five hours of sleep a night. Do you think he could help with that?" Of course, I was still standing in the same room with her.

"You should ask him," she said.

"Well?" Nicole said, finally turning to me.

"I can give it a shot. It works for people who really try. Stephanie did all the work," I said. I knew that it was important that a subject be willing, and it wouldn't happen if Nicole wasn't committed.

"All right. Do you need a pocket watch or something? Don't make me bark like a dog."

Nicole laid down on the couch just like Stephanie had. Stephanie sat behind me and watched enraputred as I talked her sister into a trance. She was a lot more difficult a subject than Stephanie was. I had to push her down until I felt like Nicole was deep enough that I could work on her.

"Can you hear me, Nicole?" I asked. Sometimes with difficult subjects they can actually fall asleep in the process of going into a trance.


"Good. It's important that you're completely honest with me when you're relaxed like this. I want you to picture your mind as a series of doors in a long hallway. When I ask you a question, I want you to go to a door and open it, and tell me what's inside. Do you understand?"


"Good. Why are you having trouble sleeping?"

Her hands moved for a moment like she was grasping a doorknob and opening it. "I can't let go of the day. I get stressed out thinking about what's going to happen next." I could see the tension in her shoulders just thinking about having to sleep.

"All right. Good. Now, Nicole, when you go to sleep at night, I want you to release something that stresses you with every action. When you brush your teeth, one worry will fall away. Each time you brush your hair, you'll release one more concern. When you take off each article of clothing, you'll leave a worry behind until the next morning. Do you understand?"

"I understand."

"Excellent. I want you to practice. When I say, 'Open your eyes,' you'll sit up and you'll be in your bedroom preparing for bed. Tell me what you're releasing. Open your eyes."

Nicole's eyes snapped open and she sat up on the couch. She leaned over and took off one shoe. "Driving home." She took off the other shoe. "Dealing with Amy." She lifted her arms over her head and took off her shirt, leaving only her camisole. "Credit card bills."

"I think she's got it," said Stephanie from behind me. I'd almost forgotten she was there. There was something in her voice that was husky, almost breathless. I was a little surprised.

"All right, Nicole. When I say 'sleep,' you'll return to my living room and go back into your trance, but you'll still hear my voice and be as relaxed as you are now. Do you understand?"

She'd begun loosening her belt, and I heard Stephanie shifting in her seat next to me. "I understand."

"Sleep." Casually, Nicole laid herself back down on the couch, her hands folded back in her lap.

I turned to Stephanie. I wasn't quite finished with Nicole, but I didn't need Stephanie in the room for what was nest. "Sleep, babe."

She collapsed into her chair, deep into her trance. I was a little surprised that the post-hypnotic suggestion I'd given her still worked. My wife never ceases to amaze me sometimes. "Stephanie, I want you to go upstairs and put yourself to bed. When you wake up, you'll be relaxed and refreshed. You'll remember saying good night to your sister and going to bed early. Do you understand?"

"Yes." She opened her eyes, stood up, and went to bed. Now Nicole and I were alone, and I wondered what I should do with her. If Stephanie hadn't so thoroughly worn me out earlier that evening, I might have played with her a little bit. That seemed like too big of a risk, though. Still, I wondered if I could make a few changes that would at least make our dinners more pleasurable. I wanted to answer some questions first, though.

"Nicole, can you hear me?"


"Imagine yourself back in that hallway with closed doors. When I ask you a question, you'll open the door and tell me the truth when you answer. Do you understand?"


"When was the last time you had sex?"

"Five years ago. I met a guy at a conference and took him back to my room."

"That's a long time. Do you like sex?"

"Very much." She squirmed into the couch a little bit. "I'm not sure I want to talk about this with you."

"That's okay, Nicole. When I say 'open your eyes,' you'll be back at home getting ready for bed. I want you to take off all your clothes, and with each article you take off, I want you to become more and more relaxed, until you're completely relaxed and open. Then you'll sit down on the couch again and be completely honest with me and trust me completely. Do you understand?"

"I understand."

"Open your eyes." My cock twitched when Nicole did so. She stood up and undid her belt, flinging it onto the floor. She pulled her camisole over her head, exposing her flat stomach and her small, perky breasts. Nicole's nipples were smaller than Stephanie's, coming to tips smaller than the head of a pencil eraser. With each movement she slowed down a little as her body and mind became more and more relaxed. She unclasped her belt and unbuttoned her slacks, pushing them over her narrow hips and exposing a blue thong underneath. It was clearly expensive, with fine lace across the waist and down the front.

Nicole isn't more of an exhibitionist than her sister, but she's less concerned with what other people see--perhaps because she's more naturally beautiful. I knew that she wore thongs almost exclusively, to the point that it wasn't exciting anymore to see her bend over for something and expose the "whale tail." But it was always nice to see it. I wanted her to have a little more variety.

Nicole was moving achingly slowly as she hooked her thumbs under the sides of her thong and lowered them down. She'd discarded almost all of her defenses to that point, and was maybe more relaxed then she'd ever been in in her life. Despite everything, I was rock hard by the time she stepped out of her panties and seated herself on the couch again. She was looking straight ahead.

"Nicole, can you hear me?"

"Yes, I can hear you."

"Do you trust me?"


"Good." I almost didn't know what to do next. I was doing my best to focus on what my goals were instead of the perfect body perched on my couch. My wife was upstairs and out of commission--I could hear her shut the bedroom door after brushing her teeth--and I had a woman here who trusted me completely. Still...

"Nicole, whenever you hear me say 'Sleep, Cosette,' you'll return to this state of compete relaxation and trust. Do you understand?"


I thought of something I had read somewhere about improving a person's attitude through force of will. I figured that I could try something small to make my sister in law a little more pleasant for everyone. "Also, when you see someone, I want you to smile at them. When they smile back, you'll feel good. Do you understand?"

"I understand."

"Good. I want you to get some new underwear, too. No more thongs. Find something else you like--something that makes you feel sexy and attractive. Do you understand?"


"Are you aroused right now?"


"Why not?"

"Because I masturbated in the car on the way over here." I thought I was hard before, but now I was the one shifting in my seat uncomfortably.

"How often do you masturbate?"

"Four or five times a week, usually."


"I have a dildo and a vibrator that I use."

She was being as open and honest as I could imagine, so I thought I'd take a risk. "Do you ever think about me when you pleasure yourself?"

"Sometimes, yes."


"I feel your eyes on me sometimes. It makes me feel desired and wanted. When you and Stephanie started dating, she would tell me about when you fucked her. She said that you were really big--that she was afraid that you were going to break her in two."

"Do you want to fuck me?"

"Yes. But I can't do that to Stephanie."

"How often do you fantasize about me?"

"A few times a month. I'm starting to get aroused now," she said. That was clear; she'd begun rubbing the insides of her thighs.

"That's okay, Nicole. I want you to start fantasizing about me more. When you masturbate, I want you to think about me once a week or more. Do you understand?"


I didn't see Nicole every week. I wanted a way to make sure that she was doing what I was telling her. "When you do, I want you e-mail me a picture of yourself. You'll want to impress me, so you'll want to take and send a sexy picture of yourself. Do you understand?"

"Yes... master." That was new. I didn't tell her to do that.

"Good. Turn to me."

She did, looking me right in the eye. She looked still completely relaxed and trusting, but there was something else in her expression. Something that I'd never seen from her before, but could recognize: desire. I turned my chair so that we were directly in front of each other. I regretted putting Stephanie to sleep so quickly--if I ended our session right now I would have a very hard time going to sleep.

"I want you to tell me one of your fantasies about me, Nicole."

"Which one, master?" I wasn't quite comfortable with her calling me this, but there was a part of me that really liked it.

"Your favorite one. You may touch yourself as you tell me, and you can watch me touch myself." I was pretty sure that this wasn't exactly cheating; it's probably what would've happened later that night, anyway, just much further apart. A part of me had already decided that I was going to fuck Nicole, but I didn't want to do it like this. Partly that would be too easy, but also it wouldn't be as exciting.

I undressed in front of her. She watched me dumbly, patiently. Here eyes grew large when I unzipped my pants--still stained from fucking her sister earlier in the evening--and my cock fell in front of her face. Her hands twitched in her lap, and she licked her lips, but she didn't move forward. I sat back down she slouched forward so that her ass perched on the edge of the couch and spread her legs apart. She was aroused; I could see her labia blossomed in front of me, and slick with her own desire. Her pussy wasn't shaved--for whom would she shave it? But it was trimmed close.

"You may begin," I said.

"Yes, master."

As she began talking, one of her hands moved to stroke her pussy, and the other rested lightly on her breast.

"It's late at night. I've gone to bed and am on the edge of sleep--that part where you can't really be sure what is real and what is a dream. I'm wearing one of my nightgowns--a black one that falls against my upper thighs. I hear a key in my front door. The lock turns and the door opens. The hallway light comes on.

"I'm worried and scared. I grab my phone to dial 9-1-1 when there's a soft knock on my door. It opens before I can ask who it is. I see your silhouette against the doorway. I put the phone back on my bedside table.

"'What are you doing here?' I ask.

"'Don't worry. Relax. I used Steph's key,' you say. You come into my room and close the door behind you. My eyes were dazzled by the light, and I'm blinded when the room goes dark. Before my eyes adjust I feel you sitting on my bed next to me.

"'Where is Stephanie? Is everything all right?' I ask. I hear the rustling of fabric in the darkness. I see the outline of you against the bedroom window. Your body is right next to mine.

"'She's fine. She's sleeping. Don't worry,' you say. I reach to you as my eyes adjust, finally seeing you. My hands touch your arms, which are bare. Then your shoulders, which are, also. Finally I touch your chest, and I feel your skin and the muscles beneath it. You've taken off your shirt.

"'You shouldn't be here,' I say. 'You need to go home.' I try to sit up, but you push me back down--but not roughly. You have climbed into bed next to me. I feel the soft denim of your jeans through my sheets.

"'I will--in a little while. Just relax. Everything's fine,' you say. You're face is right up against mine now. I can smell liquor on your breath. It's not sharp and stale from beer. It's dark and sweet. You were drinking bourbon, or maybe cognac. One of your hands runs along the side of my body over the sheet. I can see your eyes shining in the moonlight. I can see your hair spilling across your forehead.

"You lean in to kiss me. I close my eyes and put my hands against your chest. When your lips touch mine a surge runs through me telling me that this is wrong. I didn't invite you here. You're my brother in law. I'm betraying my sister. I push you away, but you wrap your arms around me. You pull me to you. The bed sheet between us falls away. I feel the heat of your body against mine.

"You open your mouth to mine and I do the same. I taste your tongue and it's warm and wet and intoxicating. My head swims--I know this is wrong, but--Oh, yes--it feels good. It feels good to be touched this way. I feel myself becoming aroused, and that makes me feel worse.

"Your hands are under my nightgown, caressing my stomach, rubbing my back. Your hands find my breasts and play roughly with them, and my nipples become hard under your touch--Mmm..."

She bit her lip and closed her eyes. She pulled her nipples and had two fingers buried in her pussy. I rubbed my cock and waited for her to continue. She opened her eyes and focused her gaze on me again.

"I break our kiss and turn my head away from you. Your hot, sweet breath is on my neck and ears. You're pushing your body into mine. I press my hands back against your chest and finally put a small bit of space between us. I try to catch my breath.

"'Don't do this--please,' I say. 'We can't. Stephanie is your wife and my sister. You have to go. Stop.' I'm trying to pull the sheet between us, and my fingers touch the waist of your jeans.

"I feel the sharp intake of your breath against my skin. 'Nicole, don't worry. Everything's fine.'

"I know that's not true, but my hands are unbuttoning your pants. I turn my mouth to yours and offer you my tongue. Ah... You push the hem of my nightgown over my hips, my back, my breasts. I lift my arms and break our kiss and you toss it on the floor. I pull you on top of me. I wrap my legs around your body. Your hands are on my back, pushing our bodies closer together. My head is swimming with your heat, your smell, your taste.

"Oh, fuck. I hook my feet along the waistband of your underwear and pull your pants down. The soles of my feet settle into the backs of your knees. Your hard cock is pressing against my pussy. It's even bigger than Stephanie had told me. I feel like I'm burning from the inside out.

"Your hands move from my shoulders to my back then back to my waist. Your thumbs hook the band of my panties, but when start to pull them down I lift up my hips and grind them against you. I want to feel your cock so bad. I need it inside me, but I don't want to stop touching it.

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